When You Work the Success Principles, The Principles Work.

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[The Covid 19 Pandemic gives us all reasons to to get flexible, pivot, and reflect about how to do business better.  These are times to revisit my favorite business success book, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, for inspiration. Of all the personal development investments I’ve made over the years, the $20 I spent on this book has been among the very best. Here are some of my reflections about how the Success Principles work.]

In 2005, I owned a boutique public relations agency in Bellevue, Washington that served local and national clients. I was also taking steps to establish my expert status so I could one day make the leap to be the expert instead of the ‘wizard behind the curtain’ advocating for others.

That is when I first became familiar with Jack Canfield’s work. He was on a national book tour for the debut of The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to be that stopped in my town. I bought a ticket and stood in line after the inspiring keynote to get a signed copy.

Since then, my well-worn and coffee stained copy of The Success Principles has been on my bedside table to inspire me to take action, ask for what I want, and exceed expectations to make my dreams come true.

Just a year after purchasing Jack’s book, I created my first information product to guide experts and speakers to boost their businesses and their profits through the power of free publicity.

Putting the Ask! Ask! Ask! — Success Principle #17 to work, I asked for and secured two recurring Media Savvy columns for local business newspapers. I started contributing expert articles to audiences of speakers and experts including Speaker Match and the National Speakers Association.

The credibility, authority, and visibility achieved through those efforts helped drive new leads and clients to my business as well as new opportunities to share my message with more of the right people.

Business was good. In fact, my husband Steve and I purchased the dream home we had envisioned on a dream board – See What You Want, Get What You See – Success Principle #11 –– just in time for our son Kyle’s birthday.

The affirmation read, “We are happy and grateful to be living in our Bellevue, WA dream home. We will find it and buy it by May 19, 2008.”

Our offer was accepted on May 18, 2008, and we moved in on a sunny July 2, 2008 day as the pink plum trees were in full bloom in front of our new home.

Our happy young family was looking to the future with high hopes.

Then, the economy fell apart.

The Great Recession of 2008 caused my business to screech to a halt. Clients pulled out of their annual public relations contracts to navigate the challenges the economy served up in their businesses. I was having a hard time replacing the lost business.

I checked myself into ‘pity party hotel’ and had a good long cry with plenty of alligator tears. My greatest fear was embarrassment. I didn’t want to have to put a For Sale sign in front of the house just months after we bought it and let our neighbors of 20 years know we couldn’t make it.

In the depths of my despair, I had a moment of clarity. I realized that now was the time to Release the Brakes — Success Principle #10 and unleash my publicity skills on my own behalf.

On a dare from a friend and within three weeks, I wrote a workbook called Bye-Bye Boring Bio. I took my manuscript to the local quick print copy store and ordered 20 spiral-bound draft copies.

I took the workbooks to a do-it-yourself publicity workshop I was leading in Portland, Oregon and gifted them to my guests under one condition.

Within the next 10 days, read the book. Use the worksheets. Create a client attracting bio that will turn the heads of the clients you most want to serve. And, if you find any typographical errors or misspellings, please let me know.

Ten days later, my email inbox was full of glowing comments about the workbook. Several readers said they had attracted clients already as a result.

Encouraged, I decided to tell my 1085 e-zine newsletter subscribers about this affordable workbook that could help them attract ideal clients at first glance. I included a link to make a purchase within the newsletter, hit ‘send’ and took my dog for a walk.

Several hours later, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I returned to my computer. It was if I was looking at a slot machine in Las Vegas.

“You have an order” messages filled the screen several times over.

In disbelief, I bought my husband Steve into my office to show him.

He said, “What is that?”

I replied, “That is money in my shopping cart. It’s enough to pay the mortgage.”

We celebrated, and I cried happy tears of relief.

That’s when my fire was ignited to take even more massive action.

Since Jack Canfield spoke so highly about John Kremer’s book called 1001 Ways to Market Your Book, I used it as a resource to market my book, too.

By practicing The Rule of Five – Success Principle #23, I took five actions each day to get my book in the hands of readers and people of influence who could invite me to their radio shows, podcasts, tele summits, and live stages.

Leading with generosity, I offered to re-work the bios of luminaries whose work I admired – including eWomenNetwork Founder and CEO Sandra Yancey, Millionaire Maker Loral Langemeier, Big Impact Speaker Inc. CEO and COO Mark and Shannon Grainger, and the World’s Leading Relationship with Money Keynote Speaker Morgana Rae, among others. That invited opportunities to share my expertise with perfect tribes of experts and speakers who could benefit from my expertise and message.

Not everything I touched turned to gold. I wasn’t the best speaker. Not by a long shot.

I remember reading the evaluations from the talk I gave over lunch for the members of the Woman Business Owners of Seattle.

Isn’t it true that the anonymous reviews are the hardest to take?

One woman wrote: “I didn’t pay $45 for the chicken lunch and $10 for parking to watch a speaker hold onto the podium for dear life, lean on PowerPoint like a crutch, and pray for the presentation to be over.”


Clearly, my delivery and stage presence needed serious improvement.

I decided to Use Feedback to My Advantage – Success Principle #19.

I committed to get better because I knew I could touch and empower thousands of lives if I could just take my place on more live and virtual stages to make my best impact.

Instead of quitting and spending more time with my pen — which was clearly within my comfort zone — I decided to Learn More to Earn More — Success Principle #26.

I invested in speaker training to improve my delivery. I watched TED talks. I practiced by recording my talks and listening back. I hosted local workshops. I learned to deliver teleclasses and webinars.

I also stepped forward to use new video platforms – Embrace Change – Success Principle #31 — such as Zoom and BeLive.TV, even though technology is not my favorite thing.

I did a lot of things badly in the beginning. Through a lot of practice, I got better.

In 2016, I took the stage to at Tiamo De Vettori’s Fearless Speaker Emergence LIVE Event in San Diego. He asked me to share stories with the 197 aspiring speakers about why getting ready for opportunity before it knocks pays off.

Speaking from my heart without PowerPoint, a podium, or notes, I shared memorable moments from my own Get Known to Get Paid journey. In my quirky, authentic way packed with actionable content and stories packed with memorable details, I inspired the audience to learn, laugh, and cheer.

Demand for my products and services was high on the last day of the event. In fact, I was stuffing thousands of dollars cash in my bra because I forgot to bring a cash box to my marketing table!

That single talk was the catalyst for me to create a sizzling speaker sheet gift template that I have since gifted to thousands of aspiring speakers and experts around the world.

I started speaking on live and virtual stages about the value of getting ready for opportunity before it knocks and welcomed almost 100 speaking gigs in 2016 and 2017 combined.

In 2016, while delivering a webinar of my own to 1250 viewers entitled “The 3 Best Ways to Booked on More Live and Virtual Stages – Even If No One Knows Your Name” inspired one author to invite me to be among the luminaries she featured in her 2017 book.

The title?

The World’s Greatest Speakers: Insider Secrets on How to Engage and Move Your Audience to Action.

My own perspectives are shared along with those of great speakers including Brian Tracy, Lisa Sasevich, Suze Orman, and Craig Valentine.

Today icons of influence reach out to me weekly to invite me to step up to contribute more from the live and virtual stage. I am in the company of very successful people who call me forward to think bigger and reach higher to make deeper contributions to others and achieve bolder dreams.

I guide speakers to transform from reluctant to confident marketers so they speak more to earn more. My keynotes and workshops focus on inspiring and educating my audiences to take their place on bigger stages by getting ready for big opportunity first. I also freely share my D.A.R.E. system from the stage:

D  Decide what you want to achieve.

A  Ask for what you want, while always aiming high.

R  Resist the temptation to quit.

E  Execute because nothing happens without action.






My husband and I just celebrated our 32th wedding anniversary. Our son Kyle will graduate this June as a Chemistry major at Western Washington University with funds we saved carefully and consistently, no matter how challenging our cash flow might have been in the darkest days of the Great Recession – Develop a Positive Money Consciousness – Success Principle #56.

We’ve saved for retirement and can easily afford the mortgage. Our health is good. Our hearts are full of gratitude for what is and what will be – Practice Uncommon Appreciation – Success Principle #53.

Back in 2009, I heard Marci Shimoff – co-author of Jack Canfield’s Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul — speak from the eWomenNetwork International Conference stage in Dallas, Texas. She spoke about her research in connection with her best-selling book titled “Happy for No Reason.”

I was in the thick of figuring out how I could be happy and successful while dealing with the challenges of creating an entirely new business in the aftermath of the Great Recession. Her talk came to me in perfect timing to create a serious mindset adjustment.

I met her briefly while waiting for the elevator. In a short ride to the top of the hotel tower, I complimented her on her inspiring keynote and asked her about the key to her success.

She laughed and said, “I am an overnight success story that took ten years to build. And I am sure you are, too.”

As she said that, she looked me right in the eye as if to speak to my soul.

Today I am happy for many reasons because I have worked so many of Jack Canfield’s Success Principles over the years. I have created a happy life and a successful business that is the source of joy, satisfaction and prosperity while serving experts and speakers around the world.

I have taken 100% responsibility for my life – Success Principle #1.

With tenacity, perseverance, and commitment to serving others, I have become a success story that took ten years to build. And why is that?

It’s simple but not easy.

When you work the success principles, the principles work.

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