What Makes One Press Release More Successful Than Another? Denise Perez of PR Newswire Weighs In

1:02 pm Media Savvy 101

For the answer and to join the conversation or spread the good news, check out this article from Denise Perez, manager of release monitoring and measurement for PR Newswire.

As for me, I try to combine quality content and good keywords to tell a story that breaks through the clutter to reach the intended audience with impact.  And, since I work alone most of the time, I find the free Press Release Grader tool — www.pressreleasegrader.com — very helpful.  Just “cut and paste” your press release into the grader, hit “enter” and learn your “grade.”  The closer your score reaches 100, the better.

Earlier this week, I entered a press release draft through this grader only to find a disappointing score of 37.  With some thoughtful editing, the score rose to 90.   Even those of us who work full time in the business of sharing news need to take a careful look at how we prepare and share our stories so they deliver the best possible result.   We are never done “sharpening the saw.”

Read Denise’s post.  You will learn a lot, and your press releases will be better for it.

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