If you are a 'mover and shaker' who is serious about giving and receiving big value and connecting with like-minded experts and speakers up to big things, this is a personal nudge for you to claim your place.

Magic always unfolds at these events, which is why I want you to join us.

Nancy Juetten is so impressive as a thought leader because she really walks the talk. She models how to become more visible not by forcing the spotlight on herself but by being the loudest, pushiest or most aggressive. Instead, her light radiates from the inside out. She 100% stands in her power and knows her own value, and then invites others to do the same not only through her amazing content: more importantly, she models this by how she's being. Nancy Juetten is the real deal. Thank you again, it was an honor to be in he room with such an impressive individuals, and it's an honor to know you.

Jeany Park
Compass Rose Video

Carrie Roldan

Dan Wingard Loved taking a deeper dive, getting clarity of message, methods ...and music with exceptional leaders in their area of expertise led by the incomparable Nancy Juetten! Magic happens when you have a room full of heart-centered leaders committed to making a difference in the world and sharing nuggets with each other. Nancy you have a gift of drawing out our best and challenging us to take the best next step (not the next best one). So appreciated the opportunity to learn, grow and develop relationships. Thank you!!

Dan Wingard

When you say YES, you get to break bread and talk shop with thought leaders, experts, and speakers up to big things.

You also get to:

  • Be part of a deep and juicy conversation around raising your voice and making big impact that is shaped by the experiences and insights of every expert and speaker in the room!
  • Take the Get Ready, Get Known, Get Paid QUIZ to know where you stand so you can plot your best next steps forward;
  • Get introduced to the "Get Known in Your Own Backyard and Beyond" System to guide you to the visibility, credibility, authority, and opportunities you most desire;
  • Be inspired to craft a 'virtual cocktail napkin' of awesomeness that makes it easy for your ideal clients to say YES to your most compelling offers; 
  • Learn how to use the 'Signature Talk Delivery Cheat Sheet' to give you confidence to deliver your message right every time, even in the clutch moments; and;
  • Learn to create and deliver an offer than converts from the live or virtual stage.

In addition, you'll get "Raise Your Voice - Make Your Impact" inspiration instantly.


Because you'll receive your digital copy of the ever-popular and super useful Bye-Bye Boring Bio Workbook plus a bundle of 5 audio masterclasses to support  you in boosting your credibility, authority, Bio Wow Factor, visibility, and improving your skills as a master of new client enrollment.

This is a $297 bundle of awesomeness that delivers instantly to your inbox in exchange for your $97 reservation.

With so much bounty to be shared and just a few seats to offer at each event, this is for serious guests who are eager to give, receive and show up fully to benefit big time.

January 11, 2018 Newport Beach

If you have questions, give me a call at 425 641 5214.

And if this event is ideal for a ‘mover and shaker’ you know, please share it.

"Your selections, from the Board Room at the Bellevue Club to the speakers you attracted and from your intention to create magic and the very 'real' ways you shared your authenticity, was an evening to remember. I’m so glad that part of what your 'bucket list' is to create a marvelous group close to your home. And I’m grateful to have met you in person. Thank you for putting this together."

Deborah Olive
Business/Life Coach - Transformational Expert - Speaker
Olive Global SOULutions, LLC

"If you have the opportunity to attend one of Nancy Juetten’s ‘Raise Your Voice Make Your Impact’ dinner mastermind events, I highly recommend you do so! Nancy is one of the most genuine, generous, and personable people I know. Plus, she knows her stuff! You will meet other like-minded entrepreneurs, and Nancy leads a thoughtful conversation designed to generate ideas, focus on solutions that several attendees may be seeking, and spark new revelations for your business. And – it’s a lot of fun! We had tableside entertainment provided by some of our dinner-mates, took fun photos, and made new connections. I’m still going over all of the information I learned that I can apply to grow my coaching practice in a way that works for me.”

Margo Myers
Executive and Communications Coach

"If you are ready to raise your voice and make a BIG impact in the world then you can’t miss an evening of mastermind conversations, shared by regional thought leaders and facilitated by the one and only Nancy Juetten.

Nancy has a way of bringing together influencers of integrity who focus on collaboration over competition and bring their best insights and suggestions to these events. Her own generosity of thought, wisdom and insight will leave you furiously scribbling notes as her sparks of genius light up the room. You’ll get so much more than your own big aha.

Successful entrepreneurs can’t afford to miss Nancy’s Raise Your Voice Make Your Impact Dinner Mastermind. It will powerfully shift how you look at your business, give you a bounty of ideas, and inspire you to take action.”

Debbie Page
Business Coach for Women

"If you want to experience the ultimate VIP Mastermind meeting you won't find anything better than Nancy Juetten, do it now. Nancy is a genius in understanding where you are and how to get you to were you'd like to be. She's unlike anyone you've ever worked with.

Dedicated, sincere, crazy smart, ridiculously talented, fun and funny, genuinely interested in your well being and more connected then an amazing Rolodex on super powers.

Whether you start with a product or go all in with a private day session, or her mastermind, you can't lose.

Any investment you make will reap you a hundred-fold. And, you'll meet the greatest entrepreneurs along the way.

Nancy Juetten is where integrity meets intelligence and inspiration is born."

Dr. Kaz

"Attending Nancy Juetten’s VIP Bellevue Raise Your Voice and Make Your Impact Dinner Mastermind was truly amazing! Breaking bread and talking shop with Nancy Juetten was inspirational and motivational. Getting up close and personal with her created a space for me to really hone in on my message and delivery to get the best results quickly. I left her dinner with a sense of urgency to get to work and make things happen for me. It was an added benefit to be with other thought leaders that also have a messages to share with the world. I was able to listen to their questions and Nancy’s advice to them and connect it with what I was creating. I would highly recommend joining Nancy’s tribe and the wealth of experience and knowledge she has."

Tina Mitchell

"Incredible experience with these people last night at the Raise Your Voice-Make Your Impact mastermind group. Listened a lot and learned a lot. Thank you Nancy Juetten for creating this opportunity! It has truly made an impact and a difference for me! Can't wait to see what you all do next!"

Jennifer Schiefen Dodge

"It was a night/evening to be remembered for sure. Nancy Juetten is a maverick with words and we all had our big AHA moments. Together we will be going at an amazing speed. Our "business velocity" will be shocking to our friends and families. Watch us since we are taking off with new wings complements of Nancy."

Moriah Cretu

"I want to express my gratitude to Nancy for creating a wonderful evening for us all to connect & so generously sharing her expertise & wealth of experience. Nancy, I'm truly inspired with your success AND your word wizardry!"

Sue Clement

"What a great group of likeminded people. I so enjoyed spending time with you all. Hearing and sharing where you are on your life journey that gave me clarity of where I am and where I am going to go. I absolutely loved the evening. Receiving from Nancy Juetten all of the nuggets of wisdom from her journey that has brought to her life such great success. Thank you Nancy again I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to have met you and broke bread together. It was and is an evening of memories that I will carry and reflect on as I continue my journey."

Sharon Yonally

"Great group inspired and inspiring people. Wonderful to get to glimpse into everyone's world and what turns you on. Looking forward to dialing it up with everyone. Thanks Nancy, you are awesome!"

Steve Kiges

“I had the serendipitous fortune to be invited to Nancy’s VIP dinner, and had no idea what to expect nor had I ever even met Nancy. I was blown away at how quickly she is able to process who you are professionally and personally, then instantaneously provide on the spot golden advice, providing brilliant clarity. The power and connection in the room was palpable. There is no doubt that Nancy is shifting the energy of the universe through the clients she coaches and through the people that she meets."

Rebecca Zung, Esq.
Certified Coach, Attorney, Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker

"Incredible experience with an amazing group of people last night at the VIP Raise Your Voice-Make Your Impact Mastermind Dinner - led by the Marketing and PR Maven Nancy Juetten! Inspired me with so many "ah ha!" moments to move forward in my personal and professional development and take action and just GO for it! Thank you all for sharing a piece of yourselves, your encouragement, insights and ideas. Nancy, you rock! ❤"

Christine Jenkins

Nancy Juetten has earned #RockStarStatus.

After seeing Nancy speak at a luncheon, the VIP Mastermind Dinner was a must. Nancy delivers much more than massive value. Her realistic systems, resources and innovative strategies will help you build a solid foundation as a speaker. As you follow her strategies, your business mindset will reach alignment with your purpose.

My business completely changed after attending and my speaking opportunities have multiplied since following her guidance. If you are ready to Raise Your Voice and Make your Impact with your business, Nancy is a true #RockStar

Dawn Hartwell
VP of Marketing