Two Examiner Blogs Share HGTV Designer Vern Yip Tips Prior to 4-25 Seattle Design Center Event

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Citizen journalism sites such as those you can find at can prove to be powerful partners in sharing your event news with well targeted communities.  You can search the categories to find the perfect avenue to share just about any message with the right people.   Then, you simply connect with the blogger by email to suggest a winning story idea that is on target to serve the readers.   You have to read the blog first to know that it is a fit.  When you do, good results await for your message.

Case in point.  Here are two blog interviews with HGTV Designer Vern Yip that offer useful tips to organize your home office and create an eco-friendly space from an expert who is coming to Seattle this Saturday, April 25 for Eye on Design 2009 at Seattle Design Center.

Thank you Seattle Women and Business Examiner Karen Rosenzweig and Eco-Friendly Design Examiner Amy Woidke for sharing useful tips to inspire others to life their most organized and eco-friendly lives through the power of interior design tips from Vern Yip.

And, here are even more tips from Vern to inspire your interior design efforts:

How can I get  organized and still be stylish?

Organization can seamlessly go hand-in-hand with being stylish. Look for pieces that offer  you storage opportunities such as end tables that have drawers and doors,  large ottomans that have storage inside in lieu of coffee tables, and  bookcases and cabinets that have doors that allow for useful closed  storage instead of open storage solely for display. Culling through your  things to determine what you really love and need versus what has  outlasted its purpose or usefulness can also reduce clutter and get you  organized. Having fewer things…that have meaning, impact and style…will  take you farther than having lots of things that lack meaning and purpose  in your life.

Small spaces can  be made to seem larger through monochromatic color schemes that reduce the amount of contrast  in a space. By staying within a defined color  palette, you can expand the visual plan by creating less visual  breaks. Additionally, buying fewer but larger pieces instead of many  smaller items will create a sense of more space. Painting your ceiling a  slightly lighter version of your wall color will help diminish the  separation between your wall and ceiling planes…and hanging curtains all  the way up to the ceiling line will create a greater sense of height in  the room.

What is the  best way to decorate an open, multifunctional space? For instance, a great  room that is used as both a dining room and living room.

The  best way to decorate an open, multifunctional space is to stick to some defined consistencies that still allow you freedom to express personality.  For example, picking a common wood tone for furniture…whether it be maple,  cherry, wenge, walnut or some other color… allows you to have flow from one space to the next. Individual pieces do not need to be exact matches,  but if they are at least tonally similar, it will create a visual link  that will visually unite the separate functions. Sticking to one paint color and drapery material for the entire space creates a consistent envelope  that then allows differentiation with accents such as throw pillows and  decorative accessories. The key with an open, multifunctional space is to  have common visual threads that will also allow for areas of  experimentation, differentiation and lots of personality.

A common  color  palette in the  Northwest is “subdued neutrals.” How can we infuse our homes with some  color without going overboard?

Subdued neutrals  are great for people who like a lot of change because color can always be infused through easily changeable items such as art, drapery, throw  pillows and decorative  accents. All of these elements are opportunities to inject color in  concentrated amounts. The key to doing it successfully is to limit the infused color to one or two…allowing that color to have powerful impact and punch.

In Seattle,  we really appreciate green products and green design. What are some of  your favorite environmentally friendly pieces?

Being  environmentally friendly and stylish is easier than it’s ever been. Of  course low VOC or no VOC paints are becoming widely available through many paint  manufacturers. Additionally, Crate & Barrel has the majority of their  upholstered pieces now manufactured from hardwood frames certified as  coming from sustainable forests and cushion filler made from a soy-based  product. I also am a big fan of incorporating antiques into a home…even a  modern one. Design these days is not limited to one style in a house…or  even in a room…and antiques are a wonderful way to employ an existing  resource instead of buying a new one.

Thanks Vern for these timely and helpful design tips.  Even more tips await, thanks to the panel of Seattle-area interior design experts who will be contributing to the panel discussion.

By the way, did you buy your Eye on Design 2009 tickets yet?  Here is the link to make it easy.  See you there.

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2 Responses

  1. Amy Woidtke Says:

    Aw Nancy, thank you so much for the nice word out about my column and the article on Vern!

    Here is the direct link:

    It’s an honor to be attending the event in VIP status and I very much appreciate you contacting me with the interview opportunity.

    Nancy is ever as lovely in person as over the internet, for those of you who haven’t met her in person! I am excited to get to know her better and support her in her dynamic business!


    Bright blessings,
    Amy Woidtke
    eco-interior decorator/space therapist
    EcoKind Design
    Seattle, WA

  2. Amy Woidtke Says:

    Got so excited about leaving a comment I forgot the link – but you already got that taken care of above! 😉

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