Trying to Decide about Becoming a Columnist at Here are Links to Help You Decide.

6:25 pm Blogging Basics, Seattle Chocolate Company

If you have been pondering making your pitch to become a new columnist/blogger for, check out this article I stumbled upon that offers one reporter’s view of the opportunity.  Be sure to read the reader comments in response to this post to appreciate the more complete picture.

For my two cents, consider if posting on a widely viewed platform like Examiner is going to deliver the right readers to build the buzz about your particular expertise or if you would be better served to launch a blog of your own.   When you join an existing platform, you save yourself the task, trouble, and expense of setting up your own blog. You join an established and fast growing community.  However, you may be precluded from using affiliate links and actively promoting your own products or services.  You may not be able to deploy revenue generating tools like Google Adsense or paid advertising on your own behalf as an Examiner.   These are all factors to consider as you make the moves that serve your interests best.

As for me, I’ve been blogging here for 18 months and appreciate the freedom I have to say what I want and build my readership and my business as an independent blogger.  Blogging has been the single most powerful tool I’ve deployed to build the buzz about my do-it-yourself (DIY) publicity expertise.  Of that, I have no doubt.

By the way, a story about Seattle Chocolate Company CEO Jean Thompson ran in Betsy Talbot’s Women in Business Examiner Blog yesterday.  Today, the Smart Brief for the National Confectionery Association picked up that story, bringing the message to Jean’s industry.  You never know how far and wide a story will travel, thanks to the power and impact of internet links.

Best-Selling Author of “What Would Google Do?” Jeff Jarvis says, “The link changes everything.”  He also says, “Do what you do best and link to the rest.”   Right on.

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3 Responses

  1. Rosa St.Claire Says:

    I love the freedom of writing, whatever, whenever, or about whomever. I was always the nosy reporter in my school papers. I created gossip columns like “Snoopy Says..” which were eagerly waited for by my fellow students, and feared by some for the information I laid out. It was fun to hide in the trenches and find out who was really with whom, and who was doing what, although some of my stories’ stars did not quite agree. Oh, yes! I was very snoopy, allowing curiosity to lead me on the wildest adventures.
    I morphed into an even bigger busybody with the passing of time. I wrote speeches, helped writers with their books, clued in the clueless, and pointed the finger at what would later become big exposes.
    Now I am writing a suspense novel about Cuban-Americans, which is steamed in intrigue, power, and more..

  2. Rosa St.Claire Says:

    I love coffee. I have been drinking coffee since the age of twelve, when my Dad would take me with him to his business meetings. I learned to discern good quality coffee within those first months. Folger’s was my favorite. It had that special flavor that just simply tasted great. I love a good cup of coffee. If it’s Folger’s, it is even better.

  3. John Says:

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    I do not know if I will be selected, but I have been impressed with the quality of Examiner articles I have read. The Examiners are not only good experts, but the articles are concise and practical.

    In my online research more and more Examiner articles are returned in search results. Frequently, the best material (well organized, direct, relevant to a complete understanding) is in the Examiner articles. has crafted an excellent Internet model, if you are interested in providing information online, I suggest spending time at their web site and reading articles — it may be for you (and I hope for me!)

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