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What really happens when you agree to give away your newly launched product to a blog? I was eager to find out, so I responded to a media query I saw on Help a Reporter Out.  The blogger at Thrifty Jinxy was seeking fabulous and frugal holiday gift ideas, and I suggested the Publici-Tea™-TO-GO! Gift Bundle as a perfect fit gift idea to bring about more publicity success with greater ease in the New Year.  Thrifty Jinxy is a blog dedicated to offering “All the Best Info for Living on the Cheap.”  This seemed like a good avenue to share a gift item that helps business owners earn free publicity without spending a bundle.

I offered the item as a giveaway, provided readers would write in to share why this gift is perfect for their needs.  Like any new product creator, I am hungry to find out what consumers think about my offering, and a blog giveaways seemed like a great and affordable way to find out.

According to Webalizer statistics, 747 readers from Thrifty Jinxy visited my site as a direct result of this December promotion.   That is a good group of potential new readers I can serve now through my blog, ezine, and information products.  What readers said about the new gift item was equally meaningful and encouraging for me, and some of their comments are noted below.

Earning new buyers for this gift item is certainly on my list of priorities for the New Year.   However, this was a contest giveaway and not a sales promotion.  My intention was to build awareness for the gift item among a targeted group of potential buyers so that sales in the future can follow.  People need to gain familiarity with my expertise over time before they make a purchase.   Those who want more will certainly buy when the timing and opportunity are perfect, and I look forward to that.

Would I participate in another blog giveaway?  Absolutely.  Building an audience for the Publici-Tea™-TO-GO! Gift Bundle is going to happen by earning raving fans day by day.  Earning 747 potential new fans in a month lends some powerful fuel to the effort. HARO, ProfNet, and PR Leads are ripe with opportunities to share your products with the right audiences.  When will you jump into the pool and start pitching?  With a shiny New Year just ahead, now seems like perfect timing.

Congratulations to Kimberly Vetrano of Pomona, New York who won her very own Publici-Tea™-TO-GO! Gift Bundle in the Thrifty Jinxy contest.  She wrote:

“I have been in business for almost six years now (home business) and it just seems ‘stale’ and I feel so uninspired. Perhaps this wonderful kit will help me to renew my attitude towards my business and get me back on track.”

Here are some of the other entries from folks eager to win the Publici-Tea™-TO-GO! Gift Bundle:

It is bright and cheerful!

It contains ideas for promoting oneself and Biscot- tea™, truffles, tea and a cute mug does a lot for the soul.

Great inspiration.

While reading and listening to helpful ideas, I could be eating truffles and drinking tea in a new mug!

I am newly unemployed so this bundle may help me start up my own business.

Upbeat, motivating and cute.

I just moved to a new town because of my husband’s job and I am trying to start a CPA business.

We all need to have something to indulge in!

It is the perfect gift because it contains everything I need to get started.

I’m thinking about starting my own business but feeling very insecure, could use all the help I could get.

Tea and chocolate! Need I say more?

It is perfect for me because I am not very creative on my own.

My friend could really use this for her new business.

You can never ever have too many ideas or thoughts to help your business. Just picking up a small clue or point will inspire you to run with it and see what you can create. Then there is the cup of tea!

This will be educational and motivational. Great idea!

Tea makes me feel good and I can do a lot more to make my business grow.

I can do anything after a good cup of tea.

It would promote our business!

My wife has just started a bookkeeping business and this would be perfect for her to share with her clients.

As a therapist, this would be perfect for me to get my name out in a positive manner.

Motivation is a key to success – this bundle will give me the kick in the butt I need to succeed!

One could always use a fresh approach in business.

This is a beautiful gift that serves a worthy cause. Giving this gift would let your customers know you are concerned about worthy causes.

This is an innovative way for people to find out about my business, really cool~

It’s elegant, yet simple.

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