This Know-Like-Trust Audio Interview with Me and Bill Baren is Yours to Enjoy and Share

3:28 pm Good News, New Audio File to Support Your DIY Publicity Success

Have you ever set an intention for something big to happen in your business and have it happen in real time, right then and there?   In December of 2010, my husband Steve Juetten and I were sharing a festive holiday lunch to reflect back on the year and look ahead to the New Year.

He asked me what I most wanted to happen in my business.  I said, “I want someone like Bill Baren to invite me to share my content with his extended community.  He is the kind of expert, tribe leader, and success influencer who has the magic to bring my expertise and offerings to the perfect potential business owners to benefit.”

As the waiter was bringing us coffee and dessert, I took a quick look at my phone to check messages.  At that very moment, I had received an invitation from Bill Baren’s organization to contribute to his Know-Like-Trust Factor Online Event.

Right then and there, I burst into tears of joy.  Not long after that, Bill interviewed me.   This conversation was probably the best interview I’ve given to date.  As a direct result, blog traffic grew by four times the typical volume, new ezine subscribers opted in by the hundreds, and ‘thank you’ emails and Twitter and Facebook love immediately followed.   (Sales came in, too!)

I share this story because it proves that if you give voice to what you want to happen, the Universe does provide.

This interview about the Rock Star Status Reality Check is one that is packed with content, quality examples, great stories that are steeped in authenticity and value to anyone who wants to tell a better story now.

The ultimate results I want for you are to be seen, heard, celebrated and compensated for your expertise.   If you follow the guidance generously shared via this audio file, you will get what you want.   Listen in, enjoy, and share with others who can benefit: kltwithnancyjuetten.

If you have comment or success story to share about how these tips have worked to your advantage, please share!

Bill Baren, thank you so much for this opportunity.    You’ve opened a world of new opportunity for me to serve, and am so grateful.  Can’t wait to see you at the end of the month at the Big Shift Experience!

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2 Responses

  1. Beverly Boston Says:

    Listening to this for the second time, I realized how you teach us how to get everything that we want– in our business success faster than we ever dreamed.

    You provide a simple, yet powerful, and effective 8 point system for setting and achieving our know, like and trust factor. Most importantly, it is proven system that you can use for the rest of your life.

  2. NancyJ Says:

    Hi Beverly,

    So glad you enjoyed this interview and took time to listen a second time. The Rock Star Status Reality Check is a fun teaching tool that is opening eyes to the importance of being prepared to welcome opportunities to share our messages with even more people. And it sure pays off in my experience. How about you?

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