The Y.A.W.N. System — “Oh boy, I can’t wait to buy another product, book, program or tele-series.”

9:51 am Rants

How is that for sarcasm? It’s the nature of my work that I hear from business owners who want to sell more books, programs, products or teleclasses. So often, folks talk about what they are creating in generic, snooze-inducing terms. And, truth be told, I don’t think anyone on the planet is palpitating at the prospect of buying another product, book, program or tele-series.

Clients buy because they want a result.  It’s just that simple.   As one of my long-time friends and mentors Henry DeVries has often said, “Pain killers sell better than vitamins.”

Here are some of the commonly used conversation starters and email subject lines that have me reaching for the No Doze:

— Get your free ebook today

— Come to the next workshop

— Hurry to register for the teleclass

All this is about delivery methods for generic information. There is no WOW in any of this for me or for you or for whomever these programs are intended.

This reminds me of my days writing brochures and annual reports for business banks. All the banks talked about the same things — experience, client service, and tenured staff who cared about your success. It was if you could put you hand over each bank logo, and all the banks would sound the same. Those were challenging days with the pen for me. That is for darn sure.

I was ranting about this to the members of one of my Facebook groups. One of my friends and colleagues replied in a way that made me grin.  That is why I am sharing our exchange here on the blog.

  • I reply, “That could be a new system for someone — with a wink and a grin.  The Y.A.W.N. System to Repel New Business. Let me spell it out. Y – ou A -bsolutely W – ill N -ot get the business when all you talk about is your generic program, delivery method, or book.”
  • Dani retorts, “Fantastic… it’s a FOOL proof way to irritate and annoy people with four proven and simple steps.
  1. Be signed up for annoying email spam
  2. Get enrolled for an online training after selling it like it was custom 1 on 1
  3. Try to up-sell them when the client states the service was overpriced – and finally…
  4. Alienate professionals left & right.

Let’s all take a fresh look at how we talk and write about our products, books, and programs.  And let’s have an EYES WIDE OPEN moment and wake up. No one is palpitating at the prospect of adding a generic product, book, program, or teleclass to their shopping cart today. People are seeking solutions to serious problems that bring in the relief or the benefit.

Intoxicate us with possibility.  Paint a picture of a brighter future with terrific specifics.  And deliver what you promise and more.  It’s a tall order, and it will pay off.

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