Steve Juetten CFP™ Offers Timely Blog Post about Personal Finance, Plus a Blog Traffic-Building Tip

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After President Obama’s speech to the nation earlier in the week, my sense of optimism about what is possible got a much needed jolt.  I know better days are coming, and — like everyone else — I am making mindful choices about how to navigate the challenging economy to achieve my goals.   Certified Financial Planner™ Professional Steve Juetten ( my husband and a tireless and much appreciated Publici-Tea™ Graduate) is the personal finance blogger for  His post for today is well worth reading because of the parallels he draws from Obama’s speech as they relate to personal finance.

And here is another useful tip for the bloggers out there who are serious about being seen, heard, and celebrated through the power of  do-it-yourself publicity.  If you visit, you can find the most commonly searched terms on the Internet for any given day.  Steve visits that site daily to find relevant inspiration to guide his blog posts for  If he leads with often-searched words in his headlines, readership of his posts escalates dramatically.  The key is to make the actual post extremely relevant to the readers of his personal finance blog.   If you blog, consider this tip, watch your traffic grow, and report back to me your successs.  I’ll gladly blog about it.

And, finally, another Publici-Tea™ graduate and a frequent reader of this blog was inspired to learn about Steve’s success earning his own column at  She called me yesterday to report that she’s been selected to write a column of her own for Seattle.  She is holding off on the Seattle column, however, because there is a chance she’ll be selected to be a NATIONAL Examiner instead.  I can’t wait to report her identity and showcase her first post when this is a done deal.

People are reading these blog posts, getting into action, and making magic manifest in their businesses.  That is the way we can all dig ourselves out of this economic mess … by taking action, taking personal responsibility, and being of service.  God Bless America.

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