Serving without Selling — The Replay Link to Serve You — Thank You Therese Skelly

9:45 am New Audio File to Support Your DIY Publicity Success

Last week’s interview with Therese Skelly about the secrets to serving without selling so you can reach more people, have more fun, and make a good living was packed with useful tips to do exactly that.   If you can’t master the ability to sell what you do COMFORTABLY, you will not be able to achieve the level of success you deserve. Period. Selling is the back bone of any business, yet most of us shy away or don’t have the mindset, a system, or structure to be able to pull it off. 

Therese  is one of the most engaging, authentic and delightful experts I’ve had the pleasure to interview. The five-step process she guided us through  to make mindset and inner game shifts to rock the bottom line is really important to learn and master.

After all, it’s the journey we travel between our ears with our mindset that has the biggest potential and power to change our lives and businesses for the better in ways we can count at the balance sheet and beyond. This I know for sure from my own experience.

Therese offered a 30-minute coaching session to guide you to blast through any “messed up selling mindset” challenges standing in the way to the first eight people to enroll, and two more of those spots are still open, just for people in the Nancy Juetten tribe.  If that is exactly what you need, take inspired action and enroll so you can benefit from that private session and a whole lot more.

Here’s the link to listen in.

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