Reply to a ProfNet Lead Brings “Getting Known” Expertise to a Much Wider Audience

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Two days ago, I replied to a media query from ProfNet by offering one of my media relations articles for editorial consideration. Today, I received a “Google Alert” and an email from the publisher that my article had been posted to the “Making the News” blog. I love that. Now more people will have access to the information so they can get into action to grow the buzz about their business. Read the article and be inspired to act to build the buzz about your business.

Are you a newbie and unsure how to write a pitch in the first place? Here is the text I shared to make my pitch:

Hi Michael,

I am a “Media Savvy” newspaper columnist for the Puget Sound Business Journal — one of the most prestigious business journals that actually boasts growing circulation. I have prior served as a “Media Savvy” columnist for the Snohomish County Business Journal. Business owners rave about the quality of the practical information I provide to help them negotiate the media to earn attention for their winning ways. Below my signature is an article offering tips to get known as an expert in your field resonates, given today’s challenging economic times.

You can learn more about me at /about. You can access a number of my articles at /press-room/print-press-room. Here is a link to make it easy for you to preview a number of articles I’ve written about how to earn free publicity for

Of course, I’d be happy to edit any of these submissions to 500 words to meet your editorial requirements. Most are in the 750-800 word range now. Tell me which topics resonate most powerfully for you, and I’ll get started! Thank you for your consideration.

You can reply to similar media queries by following the same format. The key is to be responsive to the pitch at hand, make it easy for the decision maker to value your qualifications, and provide winning content that is on target for the venue at hand.

As an agency owner, I can subscribe to ProfNet — which brings me hundreds of media queries to review every week. As an independent business person, you can subscribe to PR Leads. It’s essentially the same service and just about the same price. And boy it is worth it. To have my guidance travel far and wide with a reply to a pitch is a beautiful thing — for readers who get into action to follow the tips and for me!

And, if you want to hear even more about building the buzz about your business, be sure to sign up for the noon teleseminar on June 26 with me and Stacy Karacostas. Here is the link to make signing up a breeze.

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