What If You Could Grow Your Expert Speaker Business So Fast (And So Vast) That It Would Literally Force You To Become The Trusted, Go-To Authority You Want To Be?

From the desk of Nancy Juetten

This heartfelt letter is important. And it’s a result of countless conversations with smart, action-oriented business owners with big messages that could change the world, but who are frustrated that their voices are just “too quiet” right now.

Maybe you too can relate to what they privately confide in me…

- They are ready to share their messages with bigger audiences and want to be invited to speak at influential conferences and get on stages that can thrust them in front of their perfect audiences and instantly turn them into industry thought leaders.

- They listen to popular advice and “hustle” and “grind it out” and do their best to “get themselves out there” trying to get booked and be seen… But they keep coming up short in the results column.

- They are successful. Not afraid of doing the work. They not looking for shortcuts, or a four-hour work-week, but they just don’t want to waste their time working hard doing the wrong things.

What they want is TRACTION and MOMENTUM. They want more of the right opportunities showing up for them instead of having to chase them. And it’s not just about building a great business.

Their deep desire is to make a difference that impacts thousands. They want to create a lasting legacy, and they want to live it now.

 Are You Looking For A Way To Make A Big Leap?


If you relate to any of what I just shared, there’s a good chance you too are tired of watching as others, perhaps not even as talented, dedicated and passionate as you, seem to get all the breaks and are already members of the ‘cool kids club.’

It’s frustrating to watch them speak on highly leveraged, boldly promoted platforms where they get to be the star, influence targeted audiences and walk away with hundreds of new fans, lucrative new clients, and spin-off speaking engagements every time they open their mouths.

And perhaps you wonder:

“How can I make that happen for me?”

Because the truth is… you’ve got a message that needs to be heard.

It’s a message that can change lives in so many positive ways.

And while you’ve already been doing so much to get where you are, you know that to make the impact and income you desire, you want to - actually need to - make a big leap to a new level of visibility, recognition, income and legacy building.

So… how do you do that?

That’s what this letter is really about. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Because in order to understand the path I could help you take, I need to share with you the path I already traveled…

How The Great Recession Became My Catalyst For
Stepping Into The Authority Spotlight I Enjoy Today…

Before the Great Recession, I ran a very successful boutique public relations and marketing communications agency. I did the behind-the-scenes work to get my clients seen and heard in the media that mattered for their messages.

Using my media savvy, influence, finesse, and communications skills, I served as a trumpet for clients who were hungry for visibility, credibility, notoriety – and the new clients and other exciting opportunities they could welcome as a result.

They got what they came for.

But the more success I created for my clients, the louder I was hearing that quiet voice inside me that kept saying: “Nancy, you could be an expert, too!” And slowly something happened that surprised me. 

I started to have ‘publicity envy.’ I wanted to BE THAT EXPERT instead of hiding behind the expertise of others and started making moves in that direction. But…

I Didn’t Think I Was Ready!

Fortunately, when you drag your feet, sometimes the Universe gives you the push you need. And that’s exactly what happened to me.

It was divine timing because The Great Recession served up huge challenges to invite me to step up in a huge way.

My public relations agency fell on hard times at the same time that we had bought our dream home and couldn’t sell the house we left.

Without rich relatives or deep pockets, I had to get super resourceful to figure out a way to pay the mortgage. Otherwise, we would have been forced to sell our dream house and let the entire neighborhood where we had lived for 20 years know we couldn’t make it.

Want to know the real truth?

The fear of public embarrassment in my own backyard forced
me to find a whole new gear called “rapid results”!

Now building my expert platform and getting visibility became urgent!

That’s when I decided to get serious about growing my impact and authority – and most importantly – my income to create a thriving business that would offer control over my destiny, no matter what the economy had in store.

What did I do?

I wrote a book that made the most of my Bye-Bye Boring Bio expertise. I used my publicity skills to get known very well for it, and started talking about it to anyone who would listen – on podcasts, media interviews, teleclasses, webinars, and radio shows.

By using my own systems to make my own star rise,
I got known as the expert I wanted to be
and started getting paid for it.

That set the stage for me to make the leap from being a trumpet for others to being a trumpet for own expertise.

I started hosting my own intimate events and speaking on neighborhood stages where my Get Known Get Paid expertise could add value.

Then, invitations to share my expertise online from industry luminaries with big names started coming my way.

Master Trainer to Virtual Trainers Alex Mandossian, Bill Stainton of the National Speakers Association, and eWomenNetwork Founder and CEO Sandra Yancey were calling me by name!

Step by step, interview by interview, and talk by talk, I grew my list, my influence, and my income.

And I started teaching my clients my methods
so they could have what I was having.

With my support, experts were stepping into their great work in the world with confidence and conviction. They were taking their place on bigger stages, writing columns for industry publications that could bring their expertise to the right potential clients, and sharing their perspectives on podcasts and broadcasts that helped their stars rise even more.

Best of all, they were making big impact to live their legacy work now.

✔ By leveraging their expertise, they became recognized around the world as the pre-eminent experts in their industries.

✔ By creating real relationships instead of short term transactions, they started asking for and getting the gigs they wanted.

✔ By following up on powerful introductions, they set the stage to take their places in a position of authority and influence to perfect audiences and clients across the nation.

✔ With graceful and often tenacious follow up, they welcomed invitations to share their expertise and message on the hottest podcasts, prestigious stages in their niche markets and even events with a global reach.

Doing my own great work and seeing clients step up to do theirs delivered a double-shot of joy and reward.

And now I was hungry for more!

The trouble was, there was a lot I didn’t yet know – especially about doing business online.

Going it alone wasn’t getting me where I wanted to be - creating even bigger and bolder results - fast enough. And I knew what I needed to do next…

It was time for the expert to get expert help!

I was hungry for expert advice and savvy guidance from a mentor who had ‘been there and done that’ so I could accelerate my success so my own work with my clients could be even more powerful and well informed.

So, to create more momentum in my business, I joined an intimate group of ‘movers and shakers’ led by a no nonsense mentor and did everything I was advised.

Writing that check made me sick to my stomach…

I still remember how it felt to write that big checkIt was worth months of hard work and sacrifices… But I knew I couldn’t get where I wanted to go without support.

But joining an intimate group of experts on
the rise was my biggest GAME CHANGER!

    I loved being guided by an someone with years of experience and big success. I trusted his expertise and followed his advice to the letter to welcome big results in my business. It was a combination of strategy and savvy practical tactics that just made sense to me.

    It was great to be in a safe place to ask the big questions and the nitty-gritty questions and get good answers. Even if I sat silent during a live call or in-person session, I could benefit from the questions fellow members were brave to ask and get answers that would serve me, too.

    The other members of the group became powerful champions of my skills and unfolding success. It was such a joy to become a part of a community of like-minded, forward-looking brave action takers.

    We each had something special to offer to others in the group. Invitations, joint venture partnerships, introductions, and – most importantly – support when the going got tough (because it sometimes does.)

    ➤ When we met in person or virtually, I was inspired by their big successes.

    I was called forward to think differently and get out of my own way.

    ➤ My competitive spirit got stirred up, and I found myself pushing beyond my self-imposed limitations to reach for goals bigger than I had dreamed before.

    ➤ Focusing on the right revenue generating activities became an obsession.

    Every move I made was fueled by the dual intention to serve clients powerfully and succeed without excuses.

    ➤ I challenged myself, stretched, and pushed beyond what I thought I could do and created results fast and vast that gave me AND my clients a LOT to celebrate.

So what BIG RESULTS have unfolded for me since?

>> Last year I doubled my annual revenue in just the last 90 days of the year. And I now consistently enjoy high revenue months.

>> I now welcome three or more new speaking invitations every week for podcasts, telesummits, and stage swaps with experts with big names with big stages with huge followings.

>> One of my recent live presentations resulted in 93% of guests saying YES to my paid invitation. Aspiring speakers rushed to the back of the room with their credit cards in hand, and most of them hugged me and asked to pose for pictures with me, right then and there.

>> I effortlessly attract more industry influencers and connect with amazing people who ask to attend my sold-out dinner events.

>> I consistently achieve the high goals I set for myself when doing speaking engagements, hosting my own webinars, or running special sale events resulting in welcoming a lot of new happy clients and big pay days for me.

>> My latest mini launch for my popular Attract Ideal Clients and Speaking Gigs at HELLO Success Training delivered a fast $30,000 in new business within a few short weeks of deciding to do it. Showing up in my own best way to deliver my content and invitation made all the difference and easily attracted just the right JV partners who wanted to support me.

>> Today money flows to my mailbox in ever increasing amounts because of my strategic support of tools and resources that make a big difference for others.

And that’s a small part of what making the decision (well, being forced to make it, really) to step into the spotlight, to be a part of a community that can support me, and to have a successful mentor to guide me helped me a achieve.

Which brings me to a question for you: 

What if you could have similar support?

What would be possible to accomplish for you if there you were part of a community designed to help you find the right growth path for you? Created for the sole purpose of helping you amplify your voice and make your message reach more people?

Can you imagine the massive increase in impact and income you could welcome in your life and work if YOU had access to a community of forward thinking business leaders and the support of an expert mentor?

And that’s what I created what I’m about to share with you.

THIS IS THE HOW you can create growth so fast (and vast) that it will literally force you to step into your greatness, thrust you into bigger and brighter spotlight, and enable you to rapidly affirm your trusted go-to authority brand you deserve.

Raise Your Voice Icon (2).jpg
YOUR IMPACT Inner Circle


This is an intimate community of current game changers and thought leaders in the making. It’s a “family” of rapid implementers, ‘get it done’ rock stars, and inspired action takers who come together to share and receive strategic insight, expert guidance, big ideas, and powerful introductions.

The energy and commitment that lives within this group calls each member to dig deeper, reach higher, and go the extra mile to succeed.

As you can imagine, access to such group is not for everyone. But before I tell you what it takes to be accepted, let me share with you how each of valued members is deeply supported.


The value of the group comes from 4 places:


  1. EXPERT ACCESS TO ME – including my know-how and who I know so you can hasten your path to the success you seek with YOUR INSPIRED ACTIONS with fewer detours, while saving valuable time and money!
  1. CONNECTION -- The connections and inside information that gets shared within the group as we work to accelerate our business results in measurable, specific ways.
  1. ACCOUNTABILITY -- The constant kick in the pants to think bigger and to take everything beyond what you are currently doing.
  1. UNWAVERING GIVING AND RECEIVING OF SUPPORT AND CHAMPIONSHIP of each member’s vision of BIG, BOLD SUCCESS from every member to the other.

It comes down to learning from and collaborating with a talented mentor who will show you what to do to hasten your path to the visibility, credibility, clients, and cash you desire. And access to a small tribe of other savvy business leaders all eager to learn from and support each other.

If this is a fit for you, you will take bold, inspired, and imperfect actions forward, you will welcome even more impact, influence, and income in your business.

Here’s a Sample of the Kinds of BIG RESULTS
You Can Expect As a Member…

    ➤ You WILL get booked to speak on more live and virtual stages.

    ➤ You WILL wow the crowds with your own results-getting talk that converts to new leads, strategy sessions, and cash.

    ➤ You WILL build your thought leader status in credible, sustainable and visible ways.

    ➤ You WILL step into and share your crisp clear message that stands out with a voice all your own.

    ➤ You WILL grow your list so you have the influence to make big impact.

    ➤ You WILL accelerate your business growth, while making the most of your valuable time.


You Will Get My Tested and Proven
System For Achieving More Success

I’ll teach you what has worked for me since 2001 to create a multiple-six-figure business while working from a lovely home office with my dog at my feet.

It’s the Get Known to G.E.T. P.A.I.D. System spelled out right here:

  • Grow your influence among your ideal audience and grab attention.
  • Enlist action to grow your tribe.
  • Treat to treasures to build know-like-trust.
  • Promote signature products, and services you love to deliver and your ideal clients gladly buy.
  • Access leverage through speaking, the power of publicity, and thoughtful, strategic partnerships with perfect match colleagues with whom you can connect and lift up each other’s results as you climb.
  • Influence and invite your ideal client to invest in perfect fit offerings that meet urgent needs.
  • Deliver value, delegate, and ditch distractions to delight clients and keep focus on what you love to do that no one does better!

What Makes the Raise Your Voice –
Make Your Impact Inner Circle Different?

When you’re a member of this intimate Inner Circle, you’re not just a name on my client roster. You own a slice of my heart.

Your commitment to succeed ignites my commitment to supporting you as you reach high to achieve the success you seek.

This Group Is Not About a Transaction,
It’s About Your Transformation!

No matter what your challenge, issue, or goal, I’ve got your back. I’ll hold your vision and do whatever I can to support your success.

Business is personal to me. It’s not just a transaction or an exchange of ideas. It’s a relationship. It’s one that I treasure and take seriously.

Some of my best and most trusted friends in life and business are people I met
when I invested in a program much like what I am bringing to you now. Those people are Jewels in the Crown in my network today.

Because When You’re a Member of THIS Inner Circle
You Are Not Just a Client — You Are Family!

Let me be clear. I am not just seeking clients to benefit from the ‘features and benefits” of this powerful program. I am looking to link arms with amazing co-collaborators who can become Jewels in the Crown in my life.

That’s WHY It’s Important That We’re a GREAT Fit…

So before we talk about the program details, let’s make sure this is for you. Because choosing the right clients to join me is essential.

The RAISE YOUR VOICE – MAKE YOUR IMPACT Inner Circle is perfect for you if…

    You’ve already succeeded in a prior or current business and are earning $50,000 - $100,000 or more right now.

    You’re a FINISHER. You’re the kind of person who makes things happen enough to stay with it to get the result and the return on your time and investment.

    ➤ You feel that now is your time to raise your voice and make your impact as a thought leader, content expert, or speaker.

    Legacy, contribution, and cash are among the rewards that inspire you most in the combination that excites you.

    ➤ You don’t let setbacks or prior disappointments get in your way.

    You leave your drama at the door.

    ➤ You will not rest until your message is heard, and you want to hang out with other smart, no nonsense entrepreneurs who feel the same way.

    ➤ You are someone who is ready to take serious action and be relentless in the pursuit of the influence, impact, and income and to make a contribution and live your legacy today.

    And you know in your heart, head, and gut that doing things on your own without the leadership of an expert mentor who has been where you are and succeeded isn’t going to get you where you want to go.

Fair Warning: This invitation isn't for everyone.

I am waving the flag for a results revolution. That’s why you can't just join simply because you've got the money to pay for your tuition.

Newbies, excuse makers, hobbyists, blamers, or tire kickers without cash to wisely invest in their success are not a fit.

It's important to have each person in this program experience success. If I don't feel you can really benefit, I’ll let you know. It doesn't make you a bad person – it just means, for right now, we are not a good fit to work together in this way.

And I must tell you that, while I am looking for certain skills in our members, what I’m ultimately evaluating is your level of desire to help people and your hunger to take your place on more live and virtual stages to make the income that you want. 

Let me be blunt and abundantly clear:  When you’re member of my Inner Circle you won’t have to deal with people who are still struggling with niche drama, have old stories around worthiness to charge their full value, and generally are not ready to show up and stand out. 

I don’t mean to be harsh, but no matter how much I WISH it were NOT true, the fact is there is no magic bullet to getting known and paid big time without breaking a sweat and learning enough about technology to have it not stand in your way. 

But You’re a Great Fit…

That’s why I am looking for those who are ready to invest their time, effort, and money to get to the next level of success.

If the following describes you well, we’re probably a great fit:

  • You love to speak and feel called to connect with decision makers who can open big doors.
  • You have your own website.  If you have been doing business for a while, having your own website tells us you're serious about your business.
  • You are building your list of contacts. I’ll show you which strategies worked for me and how to start building your own list of clients and subscribers. And while you don't need to have a list of 20,000 contacts, if you've been building your database, it will definitely give you a running start in accelerating your own business growth.
  • You have a way to keep in touch with your clients, prospects, and subscribers. You publish an ezine, blog, send occasional tips or quotes to your subscribers. That means you already have the power and influence to make compelling invitations to enroll perfect clients into your own great work!


Logistics, Investment and Next Steps…

By now you should have a pretty good feel if this is for you or not. Here are a few more details you still need.

SIZE OF THE GROUP:  Intimate and Connected – No more than 8 members


    ➤ We start in early 2018 and dig deep and take bold action together for six months, including getting together in person for a “VIP Dinner and a Day Raise Your Voice – Make Your Impact Inner Circle Retreat.” There is no substitute for breaking bread and talking shop as you take your place in the ‘profit seat’ to get laser focus on your business and the most productive ways to move it forward!



    ➤ We’ll meet virtually twice a month so you get laser business coaching to consistently call you forward.

    ➤ We’ll vote at the start of our work together on the hot topics that will serve you best and make sure we cover them so you get what you need to take action to welcome BIG, MEASURABLE RESULTS.


    ➤ We’ll have our own members-only private Facebook group to deepen our connection and lend additional support among and between every member of the group. My expectation is that members are generous in giving and receiving of support for each other.


Some Done-For-You Gold? Go ELITE!


    ➤ Choose the ‘ELITE’ option to add 6 private one-on-one coaching sessions to supplement that magic that happens within the group and give you that extra hand holding you may need to make BIG progress.

    ➤ There is a level of hand-holding and ‘rolling up sleeves to get things done’ in the ELITE option that will surprise, delight, and serve you.

For example:

    Need help with a pitch to the industry or business publication or influential podcast that is right for your message? I’ll show you how and support you in creating yours so you get showcased in a powerful, credible way.

    Want to be showcased in a done for you video news release that positions you as the go-to expert in your field? I’ll work with you to get yours done, dialed, and broadcast to hundreds of media outlets to make it easy for your ideal clients to find you.

    Need guidance to create the ideal strategic alliance that can bring you huge rewards with speed and impact?  I’ll show you how based on five years of creating dozens of these fruitful, lasting relationships.



    ➤ When you achieve stunning, decisive success, I’ll give you an instant and massive visibility boost by proudly sharing your story to an engaged audience of 20,000 business owners who subscribe to my email list.


OK, Nancy, I Want IN… What’s The Investment?

At this point you probably want to know the investment for six months of access to me and this support structure.

It’s a lot of information, so I put together a convenient way to see it all at a glance so you can decide which level of engaging in my Inner Circle is a better fit for you.

Here’s Everything You Get When You Join My
Raise Your Voice Inner Circle At A Glance


Renew at the six-month mark at Client Preferred Rates.

Plus, You Get Additional Access
and Unprecedented Support

I want to surprise and delight you with value.

That’s why you’ll gain access to supplemental training I have created to support your success valued at least $9,994.

The practical, tactical value packed within can fill in any missing pieces in your skill set will blow your mind and boost your business big time.

HelloIcon_1.png GKGPSS without Speak More $3000.jpg  jvsecrets


You get these courses:

    ➤ Attract Ideal Clients and Speaking Gigs at HELLO Success Training - $997 value

    ➤ Get Known Get Paid Success System -- $3000 value

    ➤ JV Leaderboard Secrets Virtual Mastermind: Insider Strategies to Get Fat Commission Checks, Massive Prizes, and Make a Huge Impact - Even If Your List Is Small! -- $997 value

    ➤ Get Known Get Paid Online Success Library -- $5000

Facebook Banner with Books.jpg

Plus, you get a signed copies of all three of my books!

Taking Action Is Hard (And Can Be Scary),
But Doing Nothing Is Expensive!

Let’s explore this for a moment… What if this invitation really resonates with you, but you do nothing?

Fact #1:  If you continue doing what you're doing now, you'll have the same results as you have now.

You know the popular quote, “The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.”

If you don't love the state of your current expert/speaker business, this isn't a pleasant reminder.  But, it's true.

Fact #2:  There are only 24 hours in a day. 

We all get to choose how to spend our allotted 24 hours each day. Will you continue to go it alone, or will you join forces with an intimate team who will call you forward to even greater results with the accountability to keep you in the game?

Fact #3: If you’re standing still, you’re going backwards.

Most people believe that if they just “wait and see what happens” they are holding the same position. In reality, they are going backwards because the world isn’t waiting for them. It’s a very costly mistake!

So What Happens Next?

At this point you have two options.

    ➤ After reading this, you do nothing. That’s fine. I’m not interested in selling anyone into this very intimate and special group. I simply wish you all the best.

    ➤ You want in. If that’s the case you simply email me at Nancy@getknowngetpaid.com. Make sure the subject line says: “I want In” Or call me at 425 641 5214 we’ll get this party started right now.

When we connect for a brief conversation, there is no selling! The purpose is to completely ensure a mutual fit.

During our chat, we’ll coordinate your payment and welcome you to the RAISE YOUR VOICE – MAKE YOUR IMPACT Inner Circle.

I’d love to support you as you raise your voice and make your best impact – all the way to the bank!

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Nancy Juetten
Get Known Get Paid Mentor

P.S. If you skipped to this point just to see what this is all about - well, it's about gaining access to a group that will change how you do business. But if after my personal invitation you aren't willing to take a moment to read through it, that's probably a good sign it's not for you.

Raise Your Voice Icon (2).jpg