Here’s a game-changing digital system you can share with YOUR most important clients, team members, and community as you guide them to get their acts together before something random or crazy can stop them.

Best of all, your own star can rise as you serve more deeply in the best and worst of times … without having to create a system of your own.

  • Life Goes on Roadmap® elevates the process of getting your personal financial information and most crucial documents organized to be a game to win instead of an administrative task to put off until later.
  • Life Goes on Roadmap® is an affordable and empowering DIGITAL toolkit to organize personal financial information and crucial documents for today’s digital age so you and your clients, team members, and other most important community members have power, access, and control, before something random or crazy can stop them.
  • Users welcome calm, peace of mind, and absence of chaos when they organize important contacts, service providers, insurance information, bank or credit union accounts, investments, credit cards, and more so the information is accessible when and where it is needed.

When you make quantity purchases of this digital system for your use:

  • You’re provided with a digital cover letter you can brand and share with your most important clients, team members, and community members to share a personal message to surprise, delight, and serve your most important network in a way that will bring gratitude, appreciation, and referrals back to you.
  • You provide a list of clients (including email address, address, name, etc.) so our team can fulfill the gift for you.
  • You can enhance your gift by shipping a 3-ring-binder of the system to the doorsteps of your most valuable clients for even greater impact and include a gift note, too. Quantity buyers enjoy preferred pricing.

Quantity Purchases – Digital Version of Life Goes On Roadmap®

This digital system for personal financial information organization sells on an a la carte basis to consumers from our website for $97.

Organizations can make purchases to serve the right number of team members and renew their access to downloads as needed for the relevant fee.

Our team will fulfill the gift for you.

Price per Download
Cost for Digital Downloads
When Purchased in Quantity
The 3-Ring-Binder Adds Value
and Impact as a Lasting Gift
25 copies $55 $1,375 $100 plus shipping
26-50 copies $50 $2,500 $100 plus shipping
51-100 copies $45 $4,500 $100 plus shipping
101 – 200 copies $40 $8,000 $100 plus shipping
201-300 copies $35 $10,500 $100 plus shipping
301 – 400 copies $30 $12,000 $100 plus shipping
401 – 500 copies $25 $12,500 $100 plus shipping
Custom Orders
501 or more* N/A $15,000 + $100 plus shipping


*Let’s explore co-branding, customization, and other desired benefits.  Larger organizations may wish to consider LICENSING AGREEMENTS.

Let’s get a call on the calendar to explore how a quantity purchases of the digital version of Life Goes on Roadmap® can serve your most valuable team members and clients in an even deeper way.

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Read on for more background …

Created by a fee-only fiduciary who is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional and his wife Nancy, Life Goes on Roadmap® starts powerful conversations now with family members to shift roles and responsibilities as needed to ensure a smoother journey, no matter what happens next.

Unlike old fashioned paper systems, Life Goes on Roadmap® is suitable for today’s digital age. It offers a safe and secure way to enter, save, update, and share the information that covers 16 important pages of crucial information with the right people who have a need to know.

In today’s online and electronic world in which people have hundreds of online accounts and subscriptions, a safety deposit box with insurance papers and a short letter no longer do the job.

Users can get life and finances organized now to avoid drama, conflict, and chaos later when life serves up a bump in the road.

The benefits of getting organized now before a major life event happens are:

  1. The ability to quickly and effectively take control of personal finances when a dramatic life event happens.
  2. Live more confidently with increased peace of mind having control of personal finances.
  3. Feel great knowing that personal information is safe, secure, current and accessible to those who have a need to know.
  4. The opportunity to open up conversations about money issues and course correct for even better things to come.

This system — including all the elements of this powerful digital toolkit — can guide your most important clients, team members, and community members to welcome these outcomes, too.  Professional service providers get the benefit of done-for-you tools and resources without having to invest the time, effort, or resources to create their own.

No need to get bogged down with content creation as we have done it all for you.

3 Tools Light the Way

Life Goes on Roadmap® GUIDEBOOK – the GPS to success!


Life Goes on Roadmap® ORGANIZER

 Divided into 16 sections, this is the simple DIGITAL tool is used to capture and update crucial  information. Data is entered and then saved offline to an encrypted thumb drive for maximum security and accessibility.

Life Goes on Roadmap® Gameboard

Our Big Mission

We want to kick procrastination to the curb and give families the tools, resources, and accountability so they are prepared before life happens. That’s why we want to make our system available to Employee Assistance Programs, large and mid-sized employers, non-profit and health care organizations, and professional service providers such as financial advisors, estate planning professionals, insurance professionals, real estate professionals, and other organizations that see the value in sharing this system with their clients and most important community members.


Sheryl Garrett, CFP®, AIF®

Award-winning author and Founder of the Garrett Planning Network

“Implement the ‘Life Goes On Roadmap®’!  Enable easy, secure access to all your documents, passwords, contacts – everything that matters – in one place, so your partner or loved ones will have the critical information when needed.  Give your loved ones and yourself this gift!”

“Financial planners and advisors are sharing these resources for their clients’ use.  What a wonderful, out of the ordinary, but extremely practical and affordable gift.  I’ve already recommended the Life Goes On Roadmap® and the recipient was very happy to learn these resources exist. I think it’ll be a holiday gift for my extended family this year. Wonderful resource!  Thanks, Nancy and Steve Juetten!”


 This is a proven system that fills an urgent, important, and unmet need among many clients who need to organize their most crucial personal financial information to enjoy power, access and control for those moments when life serves up a bump in the road.

It sets the firm apart from others who don’t offer this service. This is a fresh, fun, optimistic, engaging, and practical approach to guide couples in the prime of their lives to get their acts together for epic adventures still to come as opposed to a ‘gloom and doom’ end of life guide.

It opens the door for deeper service delivery to strengthen client relationships.

It can ignite quality referrals from happy clients who are inspired to refer their family and friends to benefit.

 Professional service providers can get ahead of panic calls from clients under duress because Life Goes on Roadmap® prepares clients in advance and protects them from some of the drama, trauma, and chaos that can unfold when life hits the fan.

 The founders offer live virtual training and convenient replays so your clients can be guided to get their information organized and their questions answered without you having to deliver the training yourself!

Our Approach:

By providing an optimistic and playful approach that mimics taking a road trip, families take on the important task of organizing their financial lives as an adventure of discovery.

They become “I’m Ready for Anything Road Trippers” who stop procrastinating, start powerful conversations, shift roles to get on equal footing, and then course correct if necessary.

As a result, when life happens to them — as it inevitably will —  clients suffer less aggravation or costly time away from jobs or businesses searching for essential information they need when it really counts. Most importantly, they can enjoy life today with peace of mind because they will be empowered to drive life forward and advocate for their partner, no matter what.


What Sets Life Goes on Roadmap® Apart:

This system is more about LIFE than the alternative.

Unlike boring and exhaustively detailed end of life informational resources that have a ‘gloom and doom’ message and end up being shelf help that goes unused, this is a system clients find easy to use and enthusiastically recommend to their friends.

It guides those in the prime of their lives to get ahead of life before life happens. Users take an upbeat adventure of discovery that ultimately saves them hours of trauma, drama and chaos — and big money — while empowering them to be more present in those moments when the moments matter the most.

They enjoy the flexibility to complete their journey on a schedule that suits their busy lifestyle.

They get to welcome the sense of joy and control  when they get this important job done.

Read the sales page to get an even more complete picture

of what we have created for happy clients across the USA.

HUNDREDS of families have completed their Life Goes On Roadmap to sing its praises so far.

We’ve only just begun to make our best impact!

Let’s get a call on the calendar to explore how Life Goes on Roadmap® can meet a need going unmet by your current benefits or services, boost your lead generation, improve client retention, fuel new client referrals, and serve your existing clients in an even deeper way.

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Looking forward to a great conversation!

Nancy Juetten, Co-Founder, Life Goes On Roadmap®
Steve Juetten, CFP®, Co-Founder, Life Goes On Roadmap®