One Great Story Leads to Speaking Gig and More

6:10 pm Networking PR

That great story in the Reflections Magazine compelled several influential people to connect with me by email, resulting  so far in at least one speaking invitation to a very influential audience, one invitation to an exclusive holiday celebration, and several very warm compliments from people I like, trust and respect.

And, I attended Ali Brown’s SHINE – Discover Your True Wealth event in Las Vegas this past week with color article reprints and other support materials in hand. As luck and timing would have it, I met up with two more very influential business owners who lead a large, international organization.   The conversation went something like this:

  • What are you up to?
  • What does your new book deliver for readers?
  • What is YOUR story?
  • What is your business model?
  • What topics do you typically speak about?
  • Do you own your content?
  • What are your affiliate/joint venture arrangements?

In short order, I was able to share a reprint of the Reflections Magazine story, a schematic of my business model, a gift copy of Bye-Bye Boring Bio, my affiliate joint venture arrangements, and a compelling description of the topic I speak about most often — “Transform your boring bio from wallpaper to wow to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews now.”  As a direct result, I’ve been invited to do a success series interview, and there is strong interest in advocating for Bye-Bye Boring Bio to the entire membership in a joint venture arrangement.

Being prepared plays a big part in being able to respond to opportunities that show up when you least expect them.  Boy oh boy, was I glad to have been prepared for this chance encounter, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Speaking of SHINE, here are a couple fun photos taken with me and my SHINE buddies shown from left to right — Gina O’Daniel, me,  Kammie Lisenby, Diane Bridgwater, Stacy Karacostas (wearing the blue top) and one more fabulous gal whose name I didn’t catch.   Those round bubbles on the SHINE sign represent the big intentions every SHINE guest shared for the big things she intends to achieve in her business in the coming year.  What a wonderful way to seal a great event with bubbles of inspired possibilities for each and every guest!  I loved every minute and will write more about my “aha” moments in the days to come.

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  1. Tammy Redmon Says:

    So excited for the amazing results you co-created and produced at SHINE. I know the event was fantastic because you were there.

    Congratulations on the brilliant things you are sharing with the world. Continue to go big and shine Nancy!

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