Olympic Hot Tub Co-Owner Reports DIY Publicity Success — Some Really Do Like It Hot in a Finnleo Sauna!

1:26 am PR Success Stories, Publici-Tea™ Graduate Success Story

I love it when my clients get into action to earn media attention that delivers sales.  Here is a compelling and very recent success story shared by Alice Cunningham, co-owner of Olympic Hot Tub Company.

“Now, I want to say that the blog idea of YOURS is still really cooking along and I love it.  It has improved my writing and customers love it!! So, THANK YOU again for encouraging me to do it.  On the PR front, you taught me well I ran an ad on KING-FM for saunas.  This was the only station or medium I used. I ran the ad about a month.  It was a very inexpensive radio buy.  The results were amazing. People actually called, came in & bought!  I’m not sure why exactly. Maybe the weather; maybe the product is hot; maybe they trusted my voice or knew of Olympic.  At any rate, they bought.  So, thinking of you, I volunteered to do a testimonial for KING about my experience with the station.  I wrote it in 20 minutes & it took two takes to record.  So far they’ve played it 57 times! And, we sold one today from the ad which is running at no charge. FREE!  I highly recommend that anyone who has had success with an advertising medium ‘volunteer’ to do a testimonial.  It works and makes you look good.”

Listen to Alice’s testimonial ad by clicking on the play button right here:


Thank you Alice for getting into action and setting a wondeful example to inspire other DIY publicists and marketers to follow your lead.   You all can enjoy Alice’s blog at www.hottubbliss.com.

And, of course, if Santa is looking for a bit of inspiration to warm up the holiday, a hot tub or sauna could be just the ticket to make everyone in the family very happy.  This photo at right is of the three cheerful Olympic delivery team members who happily shared a cup of tea at my home two years ago after successfully delivering my holiday hot tub.   Ah, bliss.   Ho, ho ho and go to Olympic Hot Tub Company.  Why wait another minute?

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