New FREE Audio File to Empower Your DIY Publicity Success from Blog Talk Radio’s Koinonia Business Women

5:35 pm New Audio File to Support Your DIY Publicity Success

If you missed my Blog Talk Radio interview about DIY publicity with Koinonia Business Women, this is your lucky day.  Just click on the play button below.


You’ll hear my humble beginnings as a business owner and how I learned to narrow my niche to serve clients in the “comfort and joy” space.  You’ll also hear a few useful tips to guide your own DIY publicity success journey and make some quality results unfold for your business.

  • Do you have a story that is well worth telling?
  • Is your story timely, newsworthy, relevant or interesting right now?
  • Is your product or service solving a bigger problem than helping you sell more stuff?
  • If so, you’ve got the juice to earn free publicity.
  • Is your online press kit ready to support your storytelling efforts?
  • Do you have a head shot that puts your best face forward?
  • Listen in to the rest of the file so you can learn how the answers to these questions and other considerations can factor into your success in earning free publicity you crave for your business, product, cause or idea.   Let me know what you think!
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2 Responses

  1. Carolyn Matheson Says:


    thank you so much for the interview on DIY publicity. I got your name passed on so grateful.

    Just getting ready to go out in the big wide world with my stories hoping they will be compelling. Coping with a chronic illness great doctors but the headspace was the problem and I know it is for millions of others who suffer as well. using all my coaching expertise to help people get off the sofa, get confidence back and realise there is still a life when you get sick


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