Nancy Juetten and the Warren Buffet of the Internet Alex Mandossian – Friday at noon PST

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I’m so excited my hands are shaking…


This Friday at 11:55am PT/2:55pm ET

I’m being publicly challenged about how well my bio makeovers work. Who is my challenger?


Alex Mandossian – the Warren Buffet of the Internet

Alex is the World’s Leading Master Trainer to Virtual Trainers who are 100% Committed to Growing their Skillsets, Heart-Sets, Mindsets, and Balance Sheets to Millions … Faster, Better, and Easier

“Caring is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

Virtual trainers the world over turn to Master Trainer Alex Mandossian to expose and get more marketing reach for their clear, compelling, and consistent marketing messages … faster, better, and easier. By demystifying for millions the power within electronic broadcast media such as teleseminars, webinars, podcasts and most recently, Google Hangouts, his followers learn to earn millions on their own terms. Alex’s lifetime goal is to become the world’s 1st “work-at-home” billionaire by creating over one thousand other Internet marketing millionaires before his 77th birthday. So far. So good.

Since 1993, Alex has generated almost $400 million in sales and profits for his marketing students, clients, and strategic alliance partners on five continents. His colleagues acknowledge him the Warren Buffet of the Internet because of his unique ability to make money for his partners, clients and students. Clients and luminaries alike say that his training and principles cause greater return on investment and also point of inflection that create legacy. His expertise has been showcased on ABC, NBC, and Fox television, National Achiever’s Congress, Speaker, and Billionaire Mentor Magazine.

Alex is known as the “Larry King” of Google Hangouts. He is among my most amazing, game-changing clients.

I’m inviting you now to be my guest at:

Build a Better Bio to Boost Your Business

RSVP while it’s still fresh on your mind and forward this to a friend because access is complimentary, and all you need is Internet access.

Mark your calendar and join us at: Build a Better Bio to Boost Your Business

This is going to be a juicy conversation. This Google Hangout is perfect for aspiring thought leaders, experts going bigger in their
work, and YOU most of all!

Come cheer me on and enjoy the “pack your bag moments” and “sassy sound bites” in service to your big success.

See you tomorrow!

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