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In June, I hosted a Great Gals Gathering at my home to bring my favorite gals together with an equally great group of gals I had never met before.  The purpose was to help all of us expand our network of great gals with whom we could be friends, do business, and have fun.   Everyone was invited to bring a tasty treat or a bottle of wine to share, and we just let the magic happen.

I invited Kirsty Ellison and Jean Thompson to attend.  Jean is CEO of Seattle Chocolate Company, and Kirsty is VP of  Marketing.   My good friend Tammy Redmon invited her Great Gal Bri Seely to attend.   Tammy is a coach, and Bri is an up-and-coming fashion designer.   Well, one good thing led to another as these great gals gathered.

The executives from Seattle Chocolate Company engaged Bri Seely to create a suite of one-of-a-kind gowns to match the contemporary packaging of their most popular and delicious truffle bars.  Yesterday, I visited the new retail store for Seattle Chocolates at their Tukwila, WA headquarters and saw the dresses for the first time.  I couldn’t stop myself from posing for a photo with the hot pink dress, contemporary art, and the Extreme Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar for which the dress was made to match.

All this is to say that you never know who you are going to meet at the next networking event or what magic might manifest, so show up at your best and be prepared for something delightful and unexpected.   If you live in the Seattle area, be sure to visit the new retail store for Seattle Chocolate Company.

And, consider hosting a Great Gals Gathering of your own.   It’s a delicious way to bring abundance of all kinds into your life.

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2 Responses

  1. Lori Richardson Says:

    Nancy, this is such a great example of the magic that can happen when people get out of their “box” of what they would think to be a conventional connection and into thinking bigger.

    I was witness to this introduction at your event, while I was trying on my OWN Bri Seeley jacket for a quick fitting (in a corner away from everyone). When the connection was made, I just KNEW something amazing would happen – it always does when amazing people get together!

    Thanks for your ongoing championing of business owners sharing their passions!

  2. Nancy Juetten Says:

    Hi Lori,

    I was so glad you were “in the house” to see the magic manifest. You were a big part of the magic that night.

    Thank you! And so good to hear from you. Are you loving your new life in a new city?

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