Life Goes on Roadmap™ is taking off after a moment of inspiration in the airport!

12:23 pm Life Goes on Roadmap

It’s crazy how ideas come to us and what can happen in a short period of time when you believe in what you are doing and take inspired action every day.

For Christmas 2017, I asked my husband to help me get on the same page with him regarding our personal financial information. It was a blind spot for me, and I wanted to feel empowered to look after him or drive my own life forward if life served up a bump in the road.

We got our act together, and the process was so profound for both of us. Not long after, it occurred to me that couples everywhere could benefit from the same important conversation. My mind was racing about how to serve families across the nation who could benefit.

On January 11, 2018 while Steve and I were waiting to board a flight from Orange County, CA to Seattle, WA , I started scribbling potential domain names we could buy to give this new idea a place to live online. Life Goes on Roadmap dot com came to mind.  I had a gut feeling we were onto something.

Since then, Steve and I have been on purpose and on fire with action to bring our product to market.

  • We’ve used Facebook Advertising to create thousands of opt in subscribers to benefit from our free gift and get inspired to get their acts together.
  • We’ve sought out and welcomed a fair amount of good press for our offering.
  • We are super easy to find in a Google search.

  • We’ve served scores and scores of happy clients who are singing our praises to their friends.
  • We’ve welcomed new licensees to our system who are now excited to use it as a benefit for their financial planning clients.
  • We’ve consistently been ‘sending out ships’ every day to have new conversations that can lead to new and exciting outcomes.
  • As a result, we’ve earned the endorsement of Garrett Planning Network Founder Sheryl Garrett for our product.
  • We have dozens of conversations in play with estate planning attorneys, financial institutions, podcast hosts, and others to explore how our product can serve, how our story can inspire, and so much more.
  • It’s been such a thrilling ride to land on an idea, practice singular focus to bring it to market, and the bend and sway as we’ve traveled to learn from our efforts, course correct as necessary, and keep driving forward to bring about results that are worthy of celebration.

We know we’ve only just begun to make our best impact.

This all started when I got present to something very important and personal to me. The more people I’ve talked to about it, the more convinced I am that Life Goes on Roadmap™ can fill a need for millions of families who need to get on the same page with regard to having power, access and control over the important documents and accounts that hold the bounty of our lives.

It’s crazy how ideas come to us and what can happen in a short period of time when you believe in what you are doing and take inspired action every day. I can’t wait to see what happens next!




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