Jean Keener, Keener Financial Planning, in the Spotlight for Life Goes on Roadmap™

11:59 am Life Goes on Roadmap

Since August of 2018, Jean Keener of Keener Financial Planning has been sharing Life Goes on Roadmap™ with her clients.  To date, she has ordered 50 Life Goes on Roadmap 3-ring binders. She and her team members are sharing them with retainer clients only during the first half of the year. Her intention is to create more sticky client relationships as she and her team deliver holistic planning. She has integrated Life Goes on Roadmap into each client’s planning process. Each of her team members cover the importance of creating a financial directive during each client’s semiannual review during which estate planning is discussed. They also share an email with clients before that meeting so they are warmly introduced to Life Goes on Roadmap™. During that meeting, the team shares the value of the tool. She says that clients are overwhelmingly positive about the system and grateful to receive it.

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