I Love What I Do

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There is a lot of instant gratification that goes with being a publicist. You find a great editorial opportunity. You pitch it in a winning way. You enlist the interest of a writer or editor. You earn commitments to bring stories far and wide to contribute to prosperity for all. And you make friends here and beyond in doing so. How cool is that?

Today I heard from a producer for a TV program that runs in 13 markets that one of my client’s products is on the short list to be featured. Just imagine the potential upside this client will enjoy at the cash register when this potential media opportunity becomes a real media opportunity. It’s just intoxicating to consider.

Think big as you consider the media avenues that are fabulous for your product, service, and expertise. Make a list of the ideal media placements you’d love to earn, and start pitching. If you are confused and overwhelmed at this prospect, take a trip to your local bookstore and browse the magazine rack. You’ll have an immediate, gut level reaction to the publications that are a perfect fit for what you offer to the world. Buy the magazine(s), read them, and visit their websites to view the editorial calendars and figure out the best reporters to pitch your story. Then, start pitching.

The thrill is in the hunt, and the wins are very sweet. I love that.

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