Here’s a Recipe for a Winning Pitch that You Can Adapt for Your Own Needs and Take for a Spin

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We all want to sell more products and services. But figuring out how to frame what we do in the context of what is timely, newsworthy, and relevant isn’t something that comes easily without practice. I practice a lot, so today I am going to share a recipe for a winning pitch that you can try to serve your own interests.

  • Watch the headlines in the local or national media for big trends that are gathering speed.
  • Find support for that trend from credible sources.
  • Combine the trend and the reference to credible sources into a powerful sentence that grabs attention.
  • Share how your own story fits in.

Let me bring this recipe to life, using one of my client’s products as an example.

logo_color3_tif.jpgThe Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday, July 26 that luxury goods — including purses — are still hot, even in today’s troubled economy. The report called attention to the Hermes Crocodile Kelly Bag, priced at $30,000. that is earning new buyers every day. Here is a link to that story. And, did you know that the Today Show reported that the bottoms of purses are among the “12 most germiest” places on Earth? Here is a link to the Today Show with this rather compelling information. Put both of those trends in focus, and you’ve got an opportunity to be of powerful service to holiday gift buyers with an elegant, affordable and functional solution.

Newcastle, WA resident and founder of ZookHooks Inc.Alexis Meisel is known among women who attend local networking events as “The Hook Lady.” She is a 35-year-old MBA who left her position working as an economist gathering data for the consumer price index to launch a company that adds theft and germ protection to handbags. The product? A little gadget from the 1950’s called a purse hanger that she sells under the ZookHooks name.

light-blue_bling.jpgAlexis’ vision is for every woman who carries a handbag to have a ZookHook to match every bag she has in every style, color, and design. Alexis is continually sourcing new designs that are multi-functional. For example, one of the most popular designs — the compact mirror –serves as a purse hook and a compact that makes it easy to check one’s lipstick at the dining table.One of her ZookHooks has a photo frame within which you can display a photo of your child, spouse, pet or other loved one. She has a line of coordinating key hooks, too.These really add a bit of bling to any handbag — and they are eye-catching, fun, and functional.

She is anticipating big business this holiday season as gift givers look for fashionable and affordable items with which to stuff stockings, share with personal service providers such as hair stylists, manicurists, massage therapists, teachers, and day care providers and offer as gifts to women at every age and life stage who just love purses and everything to do with them.

Prices for ZookHooks range from as low as $6.99 to a high of $17.99. Gift sets that include both purse and key hooks range from $12.99 to $19.99. While purse hangers are not new items, Alexis’ approach to doing business is refreshing. An animal lover at heart, Alexis donates 10% of her net profits to animal rescue organizations. She even has a line of Zookhooks for animal lovers.

I’d be delighted to share ZookHook samples to review as you consider how to proceed with this story idea for your holiday gift guide. Just share the perfect mailing address, and your wish for your own ZookHook will be my pleasure to grant.. Bring on the bling for your purse. It’s a beautiful thing! Thank you for your consideration.

It is any surprise that this pitch delivered an immediate and affirmative reply? Here is the words that came back minutes after replying to a media query:

Nancy –

GENIUS! I love this idea (and come across this issue multiple times a day – esp living in NYC!). It is PERFECT for my blog!! Please mail a press kit and a (non-returnable) sample at your convenience to the following location.

I share this to demonstrate that the recipe for a winning pitch really does work. I invite you to adapt this recipe for your own needs. Take it out for a spin as you reply to leads that come to you free of charge from Help a Reporter Out. And please share your successes. I can’t wait to hear from you.

And, if you are now motivated to add a little bling to your purse and protect your investment from dirt, grime, and more, order a bundle of ZookHooks for all the women in your life and the purses they love. Animal welfare organizations will benefit, and you will, too.

And, if you work in the media or write a blog that would benefit from featuring ZookHooks, the offer to send a sample for your editorial consideration is real. Get in touch with me at to make your request. Thank you.

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