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4:33 pm Bye-Bye Boring Bio Success Story

I have, and the results have been decisive and immediate in the shopping cart and via ezine sign ups.

Today, I ran an ad in the business/finance segmented list to bring some attention to the newly updated sales page for Bye-Bye Boring Bio PLUS!  Sales are flowing in, ezine opt-ins are flowing, and I’m feeling pretty good about this so far.  Here is the text of the ad that ran today.

Is your BORING “blah, blah, blah” BIO standing in the way of
media placements, expert status, and revenue generation? Do you
need to get to YES a whole lot faster and open the floodgates to
revenue generation now? Check out Nancy Juetten’s Bye-Bye Boring
Bio PLUS! so you can attract clients, speaking gigs, and media
interviews by telling a story all your own. With this popular
and road-tested toolkit as your guide, you will never again
suffer from message point SOS, the 11th hour bio scramble, or
lost media opportunities. Bye-Bye Boring Bio PLUS! makes it a
whole lot faster and easier to broadcast YOUR brilliance and
monetize YOUR message. Visit https://bit.ly/3vRd5o to get yours
today. HARO Bonus: Mention HARO when you buy and receive
Nancy’s 32 Articles to Unleash the Power of Publicity to Your
Expert Advantage as a bonus gift to guide you to broadcast your
brilliance. Why wait a moment longer? Start today.

Within the first 24 hours, almost 500 people visited the link and sales and ezine opt-in are flowing, too.

If you have a product or service that meets the needs of people who are serious about earning expert status, advertising within HARO is definitely an option to consider.  Check it out.

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