Hail to “Free” at Jack-in-the-Box and Well Beyond!

2:20 pm Event Promotion

In today’s demanding economic times, who doesn’t love a deal?    Jack in the Box restaurants is offering a one-day-only sale today in which you can enjoy a free grilled sandwich with the purchase of a large drink.  Here is the link with all the details, and no coupon is required.  (Oh, by the way, I was employed by JIB as a regional marketing manager from 1989 – 1993, so the company’s activities still capture my attention. )   No doubt, folks are bound to be talking about this offer, and plenty more are going to act upon it.  That means new restaurant visits, new product trial, and the opportunity to be of service to many more people as a result of the quality experience the restaurants deliver to their guests during today’s one-day-only sale.

With that as an introduction, I am going to take a ride on the FREE express and deliver the benefit to you  with the first ever “Buy One Really Great DIY Publicity Tool, Get the Second Really Great DIY Publicity Tool FREE” business anniversary sale.   For a full week — from March 1 – 7 — when you buy the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide for $49, you ALSO get the Publici-Tea™ Digital Workshop as a high value bonus gift.  That’s $97 in audio and print products that will deliver priceless visiblity for your business in the media and in your future book, provided you act on the information within.

I want people the world over to banish boring bios forever and to have the nitty-gritty information and resources they need to tell their stores via publicity and book publishing so they are never hungry for publicity again.   And,  besides, it’s my nine-year business anniversary, and I feel like celebrating with a valuable gift for you.

And, if after enjoying the quality packed within these audio and print materials, you still find that you need someone like me to guide your journey to publicity success by renting my PR brain by the hour, OR you just want me to do the work for you, you’ll be in excellent position to know if I am the right talent for the job.

The sale starts March 1.  Tell your friends!

And for those of you heading over the Jack-in-the-Box today, enjoy your free sandwich.

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