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Here are just a few of the testimonials that came in DURING last night’s call with Master of Enrollment Coach Bill Baren to compel your interest:

Nancy, I really enjoyed the call with Bill Baren today. You really pulled out some juicy morsels from him! The “closing the gap” and raising the possibilities for your reader/prospect was the best piece of info for me. So often I try to meet them where they are instead of wave them on from the destination. I can see where that can make a big difference. I’ll keep you posted on how this little piece of advice works out for me. Thanks again for hosting the free call.

Betsy Talbot | | Twitter @betsytalbot

I’m really enjoying it tremendously. I like his approach…it’s in alignment with my spiritual philosophy…laws of attraction and being authentic! Thank you for this. One question: is this 6 training program monthly or weekly? Thank you,

Jackie Foskett, CH

Wow, can I just say that this has been a super rich call! Fantastic content, great executable items that I can take action on right away. And, a great reframe on enrollment for me, and hahaha, I thought I did that pretty darn well! Great job Nancy, you did a fantastic job facilitating.

Tammy Redmon, ICF, PCC
Business Growth Strategist | Executive Coach | Motivating Speaker |

I too thank you, Nancy, for hosting this and encouraging our participation. I am going to sign up my receptionist to assist her in mastering the art of enrollment and grow the practice! I can’t wait to get her started!! You’re the best!!

Dr Larry

Dr. Larry Greenblatt
“Concierge healthcare that’s all about you! “

I received your e-mail through a friend. This has been a great call. Thank you,

Arlene Arnold
Empower Your Life with Color
my blog–
radio show

Nancy, My meeting was cancelled. Thank Goodness! I jumped on the teleclass. Wow! I so appreciate your tenacity in having me join on this program. I’ve been focused on attracting a coach that has the integrity, standards and heartfelt service as Bill Baren. I’ve already signed up for the Master Enrollment Program. I can’t even put into words the encouragement, support and excitement in learning these Masterful skills. The areas that Bill was covering in this call are the areas that are the last challenges to have me get to my goals. Huge thanks & appreciation,

Mara Davidson

Hi Nancy –

Mara Davidson turned me onto this call at 1pm today. Oh my gosh – Bill and you are so wonderful and quite a great team 🙂 I signed up for Bill’s course AS SOON as he gave the website! This is going to make the difference I’ve been wanting for so long! You both rock!

Nancy Ericksen

The audio file from last night’s rock star teleclass with Master of Enrollment Coach Bill Baren is now available. Click here to gain access to it. Share it with everyone you know who needs to close more of the right clients now.

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