Free Publicity Saves the Day — and the Life of Daisy Mae

7:33 am Local PR Success

itsallaboutdaisy.jpgI am a sucker for a good dog story, and I was moved to tears when I heard the story of Daisy Mae. This pup was born with a spinal problem that made it tough for her to use her hind legs. She was abandoned and later taken in by Rescue Pup, a relief agency. A few days ago, I received a desperate email from Rescue Pup that Daily Mae needed a new home or donations to sustain her special care. The letter asked for people to alert the local media to bring Daisy Mae’s plight to greater attention.

When you ask, you get. KOMO TV 4 did a news feature about Daisy Mae that aired the other night. Today, I received a letter with much better news.

Hi everyone. I wanted to say thank you to all of you for writing in to the TV stations with our plea. It worked! Daisy was on Channel 4 as most of you know, and we had an amazing response. Daisy met a wonderful family today…..has two families meeting her tomorrow….and two more on Sat. Then we move on to the next 15 who would LOVE to adopt her! I just knew if we could just get her on TV the public would respond…..and they did. I am so thrilled for her. Daisy will finally get the loving family she so deserves. She is such a “people” dog that she so needs that one on one attention. A sanctuary (though they are a great resource) just wasn’t a good fit for her. In her new family, her spirit will thrive. I will update everyone when her new family is chosen. What a great problem to have — so many families who would adore to adopt her. When I went over to be with her tonight, I told her all about what’s in store for her soon. Every night when I tucked her in bed it broke my heart. It was a long and exhausting five months while she was being boarded, but I would do it again in a heart beat. She was a champ and hung in there. So with a sad heart that we will so miss her. My heart is full that Daisy will finally have that family who will spoil her and give her all she so deserves. Thanks to all of you and all your support.”

Now, I am reaching for the Kleenex for happy tears. A good dog story with a happy ending will do that for me every time. And free publicity is the hero in this case, along with the many generous, loving families who have stepped up to the plate to invite Daisy Mae into their homes.  Love that.


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