Editorial Placements Pack a Powerful Punch

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Editorial placements are both effective and affordable ways to build awareness for products and services. David Ogilvy of Ogilvy & Mather pointed out: “Roughly six times as many people read the average article as read the average advertisement. Very few advertisements are read by more than one reader in 20.”

This suggests that a marketer would have to purchase six paid print ads to get the same impact of one editorial placement. Let’s put some hard numbers to that equation with a local print advertising example.

• The cost of one ¼ page ad in the Puget Sound Business Journal, excluding production/design costs, runs about $2000.
• Multiply that amount by six, and you’ve got an ad budget that would give any budget conscious business owner pause.

Awareness is one thing. Results are another. If getting the most from the marketing budget is priority one, editorial placements are among the most cost effective ways to deliver the marketing message.

For a fraction of that five-figure ad budget in the Puget Sound Business Journal example, articles and features garner awareness, influence buyers with expertise, and give marketers the opportunity to re-use article reprints to lend additional credibility to their marketing and sales efforts. Is it any wonder that savvy marketers are shifting dollars to the art of being newsworthy?

If you want to capture the ink without spending a fortune, follow these proven steps to earn credible editorial placements:

Planning Stage

1. Identify timely, relevant, newsworthy, or trend-worthy topics to enhance lead generation prospects.
2. Research and prioritize target publications.
3. Source and study relevant editorial calendars for article placement opportunities.
4. Identify the names and contact information for the appropriate editors at each publication.
5. Craft compelling story pitches and a credibility-enhancing author biography to capture the attention of targeted publication editors.

Placement Stage

6. Initiate targeted and customized article pitches to selected editors.
7. Secure editor commitment to run the article or feature and confirm article deadline and word-count specifications.
8. Research the Internet and other sources for relevant information and quotes to support the article.
9. Write article.
10. Secure a professional head shot of the client to accompany the finished article.
11. Submit article to publication with the photo.

Promotion Stage

12. Monitor media for placements and the response client enjoys as a result of the coverage.
13. Order professional article reprints or branded PDF files depending upon each client’s preference and budget.*
14. Write keep-in-touch letter to accompany online story link, compelling prospects and referral sources to initiate new business conversations with the author/expert.
15. Post PDF file of article or an active media link to the client’s Web site so the information lives on forever and continues to merchandise the author’s expertise to clients and prospects.
16. Perpetuate the process to secure an ongoing pattern of quality media placements in targeted publications over time.

If you follow these same proven steps, you can achieve winning results for your own brand, reputation, and business. Try it, and you’ll see.

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