Clever Idea to Capitalize on Your Name for Publicity, Product Trial, and Sales

7:11 am Personal Branding

Sarah Roller owns Buchanan Chocolates. She told me yesterday that she did a search of other companies with “Buchanan” in their name and made a pitch for holiday gift giving. This resulted in a number of appointments and quite a large quantity order. Hopes are high that the holiday gift giving season will extend through Valentines Day as corporate clients share the chocolate love with their best customers, many of whom share the Buchanan name.

Stacy Karacostas, the owner of Success Stream Sales and Marketing Solutions, told me she received a sample bag of Stacy’s Pita Chips as a gift in the mail from this company that had a small marketing budget and keen intentions to earn fans right away among those who shared the name “Stacy.” Check out the press release in the “about us” section to learn  more about this clever campaign that got people snacking and talking about these tasty treats all over the country just in time for the Super Bowl.

My sister’s husband’s last name is Hansen. I couldn’t help but notice during a recent visit to her home that Hansen’s soda is one of the beverages her family enjoys on a regular basis.

These examples get to the essence of the “get seen, heard, and celebrated” idea. Your own name carries a lot of weight with others who share it, and it certainly invites folks to consider making your product a mainstay in their pantries.

What clever ways can you use your name to appeal to others who share it and also find a new audience for your products and services through your publicity efforts? Share your stories with me, and I’ll post them here to inspire others.

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