Check Out This Time Magazine Article Offering the 25 Things I Didn’t Want to Know about You

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Social networking is all the rage, and that means that folks are putting all kinds of personal information in their online profiles at Facebook and beyond.  Some of that information is good information that helps engage readers and invite the right kinds of opportunities your way.   Some information certainly falls under the “too much information” category.

Check out this 2-05-09 article from TIME that offers “25 Things I Didn’t Want to Know About You.” Remember, potential employers may stumble upon posts you make to social networks.  Other people of influence — such as potential clients — may find that information, too.  Is the information you share in this way going to make you a more attractive candidate or the alternative?   When in doubt, exercise caution with the information you share.   This is common sense, but if the information isn’t clean enough for you to share with your mother, you probably don’t want to post it online or anywhere else for that matter.

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