Getting the YouTube Game On and a Resource to Help You Get It Done!

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Do you struggle taking on just one more initiative to get even more visible to your niche market?

Join the club!

When I find myself in that situation, do you know what I do?

I bring in the reinforcements!

I’ve known for a while that setting up a YouTube channel for Life Goes on Roadmap™ would be a good idea.

This week, I hired someone to help bring the channel alive and tend to the technical details that are absolutely not my jam.

Her name is Sue Ferriera of Wisdom to Wealth Mastery. Sue’s expertise is guiding women on the other side of 40 to push that red record button on their smartphones to bring their wisdom to the world.

Even if technology is not your thing, she can help make the tech piece so simple.

If you need more hand holding, she can provide it. That’s the option I chose.

Now, Life Goes on Roadmap has its very own YouTube channel where videos, webinars, video news releases, and EXPERT INTERVIEWS reside (and more are soon to come!)  The latest two interviews with me and Love Your Life to Death Author and Speaker Yvonne Heath are packed with insights and action steps.

I’d love for you to take a look at what we’ve cooked up there and click on the RED SUBSCRIBE button so you can be alerted when new videos post to guide you to get ahead of ‘God  Forbid’ and ‘What If” situations before they become hardships. I’d love to welcome 75 new subscribers so we can change the URL to a branded channel, and you can help me get to my goal and benefit from some great interviews and insights when you subscribe today!

Oh by the way, we’ve got a special promotion running through 10-13-18 on Life Goes on Roadmap so you can get ahead of God Forbid and What If situations before they become hardships.

You and your family are cordially invited to join us for the next Life Goes on Roadmap™ Virtual Road Trip if you have not signed up already.

We’re going to hold your feet to the fire to get your personal financial information and documents organized so everything you need is where you can find it quickly and easily when life serves up a bump in the road.

This is among the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and those you care the most about, and you’ll never regret getting this done.

Say YES and use this PROMO CODE to save $100, provided you take action by 10-13-18:

JPFP VIP 10-13-18p

when you visit

You’ll get the digital AND the physical version shipped direct to the doorstep, including the encrypted thumb drive that will come in handy to safely store your crucial information off of your computer.

Your modest fee for everything is just $97 plus shipping. That is peanuts compared to the lost wages, missed revenue opportunities, drama, trauma and chaos that can result when life happens and you or loved ones aren’t prepared. I can’t wait for you to join us and invite your friends, too!

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America’s Leading Small Business Optimizer Melanie Benson Strick and Nancy Juetten Dish about Better Bios, Time Saving Systems, Tough Lessons, and More

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Want to create Know-Like-Trust at first glance, find out about two systems that help me make the most of my time, and hear tough lessons I’ve overcome to step forward big time in my business? I even dish a bit about Oprah and other luminaries who have inspired me along the way. This video interview covers it all.  Post your comments to the YouTube page and share this with others who can benefit.

Thank you America’s Leading Small Business Optimizer Melanie Benson Strick.

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Do You Suffer from “They Loved Me, But They Didn’t Buy From Me” Disease?

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Truth be told, I suffered from this ailment for quite a while.

I accepted invitations to speak, spent hours to create original material, and rehearsed my presentations for hours before showing up live or by webinar to deliver them.

With high hopes and even higher expectations, I would show up and deliver the best content I knew how to deliver. 

And, sad to say, my results were disappointing.

What I wanted was to welcome a rush to the back of the room or to my online shopping cart to invest in the products or programs I was promoting.  Instead, I’d welcome warm applause, new fans and friends, and go home with a basket of business cards and disappointing sales.

Not only did they love me and not buy from me, I was guilty of a number of sins as a presenter.

== I over delivered on content and went “over the arc” way too often. That didn’t invite sales and created exhaustion for me.

== I needed to rethink the value of structure and shift my thinking to believe that “structure is friend not foe.” For an artist like me, that was BIG.

== My program descriptions needed a booster shot of results based titles to be even more action inducing.  This was a “duh moment” for sure.

== Being a student of the structure and the template is one thing. Learning to put ME in the presentation was another thing entirely.  I was fighting that tooth and nail.

It was maddening to tell you the truth.  For as hard as I was working, my results were just not good enough.

At the end of 2013, I got to that “now or never” point where something had to change.

I got serious about finding a teacher to guide my transformation as a virtual workshop leader and speaker.  Master Workshop Leader and Trainer Callan Rush offered many of her best content for free last November to help ease my pain. I quickly consumed her book, event filling blue print, and special report and got serious about improving my results. 

So impressed I was with the quality of her free materials that I invested in her Magnetize, Monetize, and Mesmerize training. 

I declared 2014 to be my year to significantly improve the design and delivery of my offerings for BIG results.

My results have been specific, terrific, and they keep getting better. 

== I attended the Magnetize training in January of 2014.  En route home from Canada to Bellevue, I wrote an email to serve my tribe with powerful education and sent it when I arrived home.  To my delight, I earned back my full tuition in the three programs within 48 hours with paid enrollments in my own Worldwide Virtual Get Your Story Done Workshop.

== Clients, fans, and followers have noticed the change in my presentations and voted with their purchases at the shopping cart and in th back of the room when I speak.

== Year to date for 2014, my sales are up 30%.

== Now that I have a proven way to structure and deliver my presentations, I spend significantly less time preparing new material so my focus can be on delivering the material I create with impact, authenticity, and PRESENCE.

== I think the biggest lesson I have learned from participating in the training is to bring my full self to every talk — in all my colors.  The more REAL I am, the better my results. 



When this student was ready, the right teacher appeared, and my business is so much better today as a result.

So, if you are sick and tired of suffering from “They Loved Me, But They Didn’t Buy From Me” disease and it is time to bring in the relief, take a close look at the free training Callan Rush is offering to open your eyes to a better way to design and deliver your programs.   It absolutely paid off for me.

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Learn 3 Blunders to Avoid In 3 Minutes To Accelerate Your Journey to Get Known & Paid

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Here are 3 blunders I have made that I hope you’ll avoid along your journey to get known and paid. Here is a timely solution, too. Join JV Insider Circle by Sunday, April 6. Thanks Milana Leshinsky and Rich German for creating a thriving community to lift us all as we climb.

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Entrepreneurs: Is Your Bio Ready for a Makeover? A Video Invitation for You

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New Year.  New You.

You want more clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews.

And your bio is not telling your best most client attracting story.

Let’s solve that problem once and for all — this Wednesday, Jan. 22 from noon to 3 p.m. PST at the Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Virtual Worldwide Workshop. (And replays are provided for all who register!)

== If you love to read, visit for all the juicy details.

== And if you love to watch video, let me make that easy for you.

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Have You Explored Automating Your Webinars? This One Guides You to a Better Bio Now

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After hearing folks I like, trust and respect speak so highly of the impact they are making and the results they are welcoming in their businesses through the use of automated webinars, I decided to jump in and create one of my own. 

Thanks to the good folks at Stealth Webinars, my first automated webinar is ready to share with the world. 

It was so much easier than I thought it would be. I shared the video and general direction through a “support ticket” less than 24 hours ago, and it is ready to share already.  And I didn’t have to deal with the technology piece. They did it for me. What a revelation!

The goal of my first automated webinar is to accelerate the healing of boring business bios in time for the New Year. It’s an “all of the help, none of the hype” presentation. 

Would you like to Beta Test it and share your user experience?   Let me make it easy.

Here is the link to visit.  Opt in, watch, download the PowerPoint, enjoy, and share with others if you are so moved.

I’ll stay tuned to receive your comments about the webinar experience here at the blog, and I promise to respond quickly to your comments because getting this right is of service to you, to me, and potentially many others.  Thank you.


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Authentic Video Marketing: What Does That Mean? Today’s Webinar is Today at 1 p.m. PST

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Is it just another gobbeldy-gook statement? Not at all. It’s nothing less than the key to getting everything you can out of video. It’s the secret to connecting with your ideal prospects. And it’s the cure for the common video.  Authentic video marketing means being yourself, but it means much more than this. In this video, you’ll go down the winding path that leads to clarity in what you’re doing on video and how you’re doing it.   Along the way you may recognize a few characters. One of them may even be yourself.   Authentic video marketing is not just a nice-sounding statement. It’s going to be a major element of your success in 2013 and beyond!

 To register for TODAY’s Steve and Nancy’s free webinar, go here.


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Are You a Violet or a Tall, Proud Daffodil – The Choice is Yours to Stand Out and Shine — or Hide

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More Inspiring Videos of Business Lessons to Learn to Get Faster on Your Path to Success

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Today, I am sharing access to the videos of 6 and 7 figure earners who are sharing THEIR most powerful business lessons (and the one I previewed for you from me is among them.)    Here you can also take advantage of over $5000 in signature coaching programs for $197, but you must take action by August 26 to benefit.   This event is part of Milana Leshinsky’s “Coming to America” sale.  She went from food stamps to mid-six figure business owner, and her story will inspire you to have the heart and courage to make your own dreams come true.


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My Most Powerful Business Lesson So Far — In a Sassy Video

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Brad Tollefson of VLST Media Strikes Again.   I reached out to tap his video talents to create a short video to showcase my most powerful business lesson learned to date.  I think he hit the ball out of the park.

I’d love for you to take a look and comment about the video.  Does this lesson resonate?   What is your most powerful business lesson to date?  Would love to hear.

And, if you need video magic, Brad gets my highest recommendation.

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