Millennials and their Parents

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This is such a useful article about talking to your parents about their financial plans …

Life Goes on Roadmap is a great way to start this conversation and get everyone on the same page before life hits a bump in the road. for those mother’s day and father’s day gifts that keep on giving in ways that save everyone drama, trauma and chaos when the moments matter the most.

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Elizabeth Venturini ‘has the social and publicity media moves’ like Jagger

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This just in THIS MORNING. College and Career Strategist Elizabeth Venturini ‘has the social and publicity media moves’ like Jagger. Read how a social media post delivered a win beyond her wildest dreams. Click on the link to watch the video news release.

I’ll be talking about common press release potholes to sidestep this morning at 10 a.m. Pacific for the 2015 Transformational Author Experience.  Join us.



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This Reply to a HARO Query Landed This Business Bio Expert on

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When you take action on the right media queries that can put your expertise front and center, good results can flow.  For example, when I saw this Help a Reporter Query in my inbox, I replied right away.

Summary: Ideas, tools and technology for midlife professionals going back to work: Seeking fresh ideas, tools and technology that will assist midlife professionals who are going back to work, starting a business, reinventing their career, or planning a “working” retirement. Authors, experts and research welcome. 

Name: Victoria Stefanakos Category: Business and Finance

Deadline: 12:00 PM EST – 25 September

This was my reply:

Subject Line: Bye-Bye Boring Bio for Mid-Life Professionals Starting New Businesses

Hi Victoria,

My particular brand of WOW is guiding aspiring speakers, authors, coaches, experts – and career reinventioneers — to transform their boring stories from wallpaper to wow to attract speaking gigs, media interviews, and clients now. As a contributing author to the National Speaker Association (NSA) book Speak More, my chapter is entitled Author-Speaker-Coach-Snooze: Set Your Profile Apart to Attract Clients Now. I am also the author of Bye-Bye Boring Bio: The Solopreneur’s Ultimate Action Guide to Get Seen, Heard, Celebrated and Compen$ated for Expert Status. I spoke at the NSA Anaheim Conference about this topic and earned rave reviews.

One of the most effective ways I make my own impact is by leading the Worldwide VIRTUAL Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Workshop.  This VIRTUAL workshop guides participants to prepare their materials with my expert guidance and to share the experience and the abundant and practical resources with a colleague. In doing so, they can reflect back their brilliance to each other, enjoy the experience, and also share the very modest fee while being guided to their desired outcome by my expert advice. The next workshop is September 25 from noon – 3 p.m. Pacific. I’ll be offering it again in January of 2014. Here is a link to make it easy for you to read about the Worldwide Virtual Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Workshop and view and read what happy participants say about it:


While you are there, you can listen to my breakout session audio, download the PowerPoint presentation, and access the Get Ready, Get Known, Get Paid Workbook that I offer to sample my engaging style and useful, results-generating content. I know your readers can be inspired by the actionable content provided – even if the Worldwide Virtual Get Your Story Done Workshop is not in their immediate plans.

I am happy to chat with you if this idea is a fit for your story.


Nancy Juetten, 425-641-5214

The result?  The reporter replied with warm words about my pitch and asked for an interview.  I went the extra mile to suggest upgrades to her own story to showcase how my advice could pay off for her immediately.  We had a wonderful telephone conversation.  And today the story debuted at

Bottom Line

You really can get seen, heard, and celebrated as the expert you are today.  For me, responding to reporter queries and using the power of the media are among my own best ways. I love the credibility associated with having my perspectives showcased in prestigious media outlets. And the invitations to deliver my message to more of the right clients, audiences, and workshop participants absolutely bring about the compensation.

What are YOUR best ways to get known for your winning ways. Choose the top five and make them a well formed habit.  Pretty soon, you’ll get seen, heard, celebrated, and compensated, too.

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Easy-Breezy Coaching Business Your Desire? Coaches Console is the Answer

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If you have been searching for a way to create an Easy-Breezy Coaching Business with a smooth and sleek back-end that meets all your needs for communicating with clients and keeping all your information organized to create success at a value that makes great sense and is easy and intuitive to use, look no further that The Coaches Console.  Listen to this call replay to learn how the system works and how it can work for you!

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Virtual Worldwide Get Your Story Done Workshop Replay Now Available for Purchase

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If you missed the three-hour Worldwide Virtual LIVE Get Your Client Attracting Story Done LIVE Workshop from July 17, we are making the REPLAY and supporting materials available for purchase at the same low price of $97. Go here to read all about it and access the training in perfect timing — especially for all those transformational authors scrambling to get their contest entries submitted in time for Christine Kloser’s contest deadline.

The next LIVE workshop is set for Wed. September 25 from noon – 3 p.m. Pacific. We’re making it an even more complete experience with additional resources to support your success and even more messaging magic support.  Read all about it and claim your place now.  Get started on your virtual homework now so you are ready to rock on workshop day!

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Auditioning My Way to Make a Big Dream Come True, and Now It’s Real

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Auditioning.   It seems we are always auditioning for that next big moment to take us to the next level of our success.


In 2007, I got invited to do a radio interview on eWomenNetwork Founder Sandra Yancey’s ABC Radio Network Show. We laughed until we cried as I shared some of the do’s and don’ts around making the most of your media appearances.


In 2008, I wrote the first edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio with high hopes this book would put me on the map in a new way. I invested in myself by attending the 2008 eWomenNetwork International Conference and Expo. I watched my colleague and friend Jill Lublin present to a standing room only room about the power of publicity.   


And, I started to dream about what it might be like to earn an invitation to speak at that conference as an expert one day. 

In 2009, I debuted the second edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio and make it better than ever.

 BBBB Web 2011 

 And, I coincidentally ran into Kym and Sandra Yancey at a live event in Las Vegas. It was the Ali Brown SHINE event that was a pre-curser to her Millionaire Protege Club that I joined to learn best practices around online marketing.  Again, it was an investment I made in my success.   

That chance meeting with Kym and Sandra invited an opportunity to speak during their new expert teleconference series debuting for eWomenNetwork later that year. 

In 2010 and 2011, I worked on my business model and got my offerings in much better gear, while continuing to invest in powerful training to understand and apply best practices to grow my business. I started on the road to becoming a “rock star” joint venture partner and make big progress growing my list, my influence, and my impact. 

In October of 2012, I cooked up “The Bio Doc” as a way to serve people and make another approach to the eWomenNetwork to present to their members during their new and improved Tele Success Institute. By December 12, I was on the air again, sharing my particular brand of WOW with an appreciative audience of members who loved the content I shared enough to send love notes by email to me and to the decision makers at eWomenNetwork.




I was invited to makeover Sandra Yancey’s bio.

I was referred to a new client by Kym Yancey and did everything within my power to deliver a fabulous experience and result.

Every touch point and every invitation is just another opportunity to audition. 

And now, I am proud to report that I am among the 17 speakers presenting at the 2013 eWomenNetwork International Conference and Business Expo in Dallas, Texas.

It is a huge honor to be selected to address fellow members and guests about how to transform those boring bios from wallpaper to wow to attract clients now. And to be in the company of the other fine experts … well, that’s a distinct honor, too. 

It was a dream I imagined for myself when I attended my first eWomenNetwork International Conference and Business Expo, and now it is coming true.  

Jill Lublin was among the first people to email and extend heartfelt congratulations. What a class act. She and I are chatting on the phone this week because she has offered to share tips from the trenches to make my speaking engagement at the conference the best it can be.  

Mine has been a five-year step by step journey to realize this dream. I’ve auditioned every step of the way. And I am so proud to have stayed the course.   

I am reminded of wise words Best-Selling Author Marci Shimoff shared with me as we shared an elevator ride up the tower at the Dallas hotel where the 2008 eWn Conference took place. I complimented her on her amazing keynote and remarked that she seemed so young to have achieved so much success.

She looked me right in the eye, and she said, “You know Nancy, mine has been an overnight success that has taken ten years to build.” She winked and added, “And you know what?  I’ll bet that is your story, too.”  Those words hit me right between the eyes.   And as I think about them, I feel tears welling up because they are so true. 

Success is not an overnight thing.  It happens in fits and starts and sometimes by leaps and bounds.  You just have to enjoy the journey as well as the destination, even when it is hard.  

So, with all that said, here is my short and sassy music video invitation to join me at my session in Dallas.

And here is a useful tool to help you assess how ready you are to step into the spotlight — and it includes a very high value gift from yours truly besides.!   

Please enjoy and share both generously with aspiring experts you know who are pondering the process of getting ready, known and paid.

And, as you move about in the world auditioning for the big opportunities of which YOUR expertise is so worthy, may you have the tenacity, grit, and desire to stick with it to make your dream come true — eye on the prize.

I hope to see YOU in Dallas for yet another audition to step onto a bigger stage and make an even bigger difference for the wonderful aspiring experts on the planet that I am on Earth to serve.

And to Sandra and Kym Yancey, thank you SO much for this wonderful opportunity. 


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How to Use Your Bio and Authentic Story to Grow Your List and Attract Massive Visibility

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There are some pretty major players contributing to Vrinda Normand’s List Building Summit.  Truth be told, I am among the contributors with the smallest lists.  And, I still got invited to play.   I’ve learned a thing or two about how to get noticed by bigger players.  I want to share what I’ve learned so you can get noticed, too, and share YOUR message with a much wider audience of the right people to benefit.

Join me and Vrinda Normand today during the List Building Summit at 10 a.m. Pacific.

Key Points We’ll Cover — Based on My Own Experience

  • Powerfully share your personal story to magnetize clients and stand out from the crowd
  • Savvy strategies to boost your visibility with your “bio box,” press releases, guest blog posts, and more…
  • How to get noticed by bigger players, even if your list isn’t super-sized yet
  • How to be prepared for big opportunities and connections that rapidly grow your list

Join us LIVE for what promised to be a very revealing and practical conversation.

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New Year, New Healthy You — Dr. Oz Wants to Know More

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For those of you who have put health at the top of your list or who help people achieve that ideal, consider sharing your story with Dr. Mehmet Oz for consideration on his daytime talk show.  Here is the link to learn what he has brewing for this year so you can make your pitch.

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NW Jobs Columnist Paul Anderson Posts Tips to Say Bye-Bye to Your Boring Bio

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A big thank you to Paul Anderson, NW Jobs columnist for the Seattle Times, who interviewed me about tips to say bye-bye to that boring bio, just in time for the New Year.   Read the full interview at this link.

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