Oprah — Three More Treasured Days

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There are three more Oprah shows to go, and I am feeling misty.  For 25 years, Oprah has guided me through every major milestone of my life — from starting my career, getting married, having a baby, launching a business, and taking steps along my own journey to live my best life.  Over the years, I’ve written more than a few letters to the show to express my gratitude for the guidance. I even have ten years of O magazines neatly stored in my home office.  And, with all the “ultimate viewer” celebrations that have been hosted, I still scratch my head that my name hasn’t yet been called.

Nevertheless, I am among her ultimate viewers and lifelong fans.  I celebrate Oprah for who she is, the lives she has touched, and the good that she’s done by showing up every day with a mission to guide people worldwide to live their best lives.   She has often said that everyone has a story, and she and her team of producers are among the best storytellers on the planet.   The bar is high, and we can all do well to reach toward the standards they have set as we tell our own.

If you try to reach me this week by phone, email or otherwise at 4 p.m. PST, you won’t reach me.  I’ll be perched in front of my television, Kleenex box in hand, taking in every last moment.  I can feel the sting of tears already.  How about you?

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Finding Your Sweet Spot with Video Tips from Viva Visibility Blogger Nancy Marmolejo, Plus One More Video Clip From Master of Enrollment Coach Bill Baren

Business Success, Trend Watching, Video PR Comments Off on Finding Your Sweet Spot with Video Tips from Viva Visibility Blogger Nancy Marmolejo, Plus One More Video Clip From Master of Enrollment Coach Bill Baren

Viva Visibility Blogger Nancy Marmolejo debuted the first of four videos today to guide heart and soul driven business owners to find their sweet spot.   Tune in and get the the heart of your message so you can be in even better position to invite more of the right engagements.   Nancy is hosting the I Heart My Biz event in Anaheim on December 2-4, 2010.  I’ll be there and would love to meet up with you face-to-face.   Nancy M. will have more to say about that event  in future webisodes, so stay tuned.

And in other useful and client-attracting video news, don’t miss the third is a series of videos from Master of Enrollment Coach Bill Baren.  I am a graduate of Bill’s “Master of Enrollment” teleseminar training, and the lessons I learned and the specific support materials he provided within this training have been decisive in changing things far for the better in my business this year.  That is why I want you to know about his program and benefit from it.  I sure have.

By the way, have you noticed how powerful and prevalent video content has fast become in today’s Internet age?  I have read that video will represent 91% of all web traffic by the year 2014.   Thought leaders like Nancy Marmolejo and Bill Baren are earlier to get on this bandwagon than others.   Clearly, video offers them the opportunity to leverage their content over much wider audiences, and that is a beautiful and very powerful thing.

Before you jump on the video bandwagon, make sure you take heed of the steps James Roche spoke about in our teleclass last night about the Entrepreneur’s Journey.  (The audio file from that event is available in the prior blog post.) Specifically, make sure you have a specific strategy in place before you chase the next shiny bright object.   We all have to make every move we make count for something special.  Starting with the right strategy is always a good place to begin.

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Check Out This Time Magazine Article Offering the 25 Things I Didn’t Want to Know about You

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Social networking is all the rage, and that means that folks are putting all kinds of personal information in their online profiles at Facebook and beyond.  Some of that information is good information that helps engage readers and invite the right kinds of opportunities your way.   Some information certainly falls under the “too much information” category.

Check out this 2-05-09 article from TIME that offers “25 Things I Didn’t Want to Know About You.” Remember, potential employers may stumble upon posts you make to social networks.  Other people of influence — such as potential clients — may find that information, too.  Is the information you share in this way going to make you a more attractive candidate or the alternative?   When in doubt, exercise caution with the information you share.   This is common sense, but if the information isn’t clean enough for you to share with your mother, you probably don’t want to post it online or anywhere else for that matter.

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Affordable Luxury is a Trend Gathering Speed. Seattle Chocolate Company Offers Perfect Fit Gifts for Valentine’s Day and Every Day

Seattle Chocolate Company, Trend Watching Comments Off on Affordable Luxury is a Trend Gathering Speed. Seattle Chocolate Company Offers Perfect Fit Gifts for Valentine’s Day and Every Day

I wrote about trends gathering speed a couple days ago, so it seems timely to highlight another local company in the center of the affordable luxury trend.  Seattle Post Intelligencer Food Writer Rebekah Denn offers some insights in this column that looks back at food trends for 2008.  She writes, “Even in hard times, economists say chocolate remains a manageable luxury.” Seattle Chocolate Company is right in the mix and ready to delight with beautifully packaged Valentine’s Day (and other) gift items that deliver “What Happiness Tastes Like™” to a chocolate loving nation.  Whether gift givers have $5.85 or $14.65 in the gift giving budget, there is something perfectly delicious and stunning to give and receive at the online store.  Pictured at left is the Terrazzo Heart and the Te Amo Heart at right.  These are the company’s newest items that are part of a seven-item Valentine’s Day gift line.  Of course, there is plenty more to enjoy for occasions all year long, and the convenience of online shopping certainly makes life easier.  Anyone out there want more ease?  Editors, reporters, and bloggers interested in recommending these items to their readers are welcome to connect with me by email to request samples and discuss other details.  Connect at nancy@nsjmtkg.com, or comment here if that is easier.

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Forecasting What is “Out” and “In” for 2009 with a Little Help from My Friends

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Trends.  Every reporter, editor, blogger, business owner, and consumer wants to know what they are and what they mean for the New Year.  When you put your product, service, idea, or cause in the context of a trend gathering speed, you are one step closer to inviting media interest in your story and having the opportunity for your story to carry far and wide through the power and impact of do-it-yourself publicity.

I asked a few of my influential colleagues and friends to join with me in an email brainstorm about upcoming trends, and the result of that effort is here for your reading pleasure.  If there are major trends missing that need to be added, post a comment to this blog so your ideas will be heard.  And if you have a blog of your own, why not invite your readers to chime into this conversation.  It could help us all!

What’s out and what’s in according to Kathie Nelson of Connectworks:

Trial and error – Proven processes and systems

Multi tasking – Strengths and focus

Re-creating the wheel – Duplicating what works

Going it alone – Working with mentors or a mastermind group

Pride/arrogance – Humility

What’s  out and what’s in according to Lori Richardson:

Business with a little thought – Business planning

Selling – Solving

Some follow up – Consistent follow up

Good intentions – Accountability partner

Same old business – Creativity in business

Value – Crystal clear value

Computer – iPhone

What’s out and what’s in according to Betsy Talbot:

Being a maverick – working together

Preaching – Teaching

Generalist – Specialist

Plastic bags – Canvas totes

Material gifts – Shared experiences

Spending wildly – Spending wisely

TV entertainment – Online entertainment

Maintaining – Training

Watching your money grow – Watching your money

What’s out and what’s in according to Whitney Keyes:

Advertising – Communication

Customer service – Customer connection

Email – Phone calls

Blogs – Podcasts

High End – Mid Range

Competition – Collaboration

Niche – Integration

Price – Value

And here are a few suggestions of my own:

Bling – Bling without too much ka-ching

Borrow – Boot Strap

Bush – Barack Obama

Conspicuous consumption – Cheap chic

Dining out – Dining in

Extravagance – Essential

Full service – Self service/DIY

Gourmet – Pot luck

Luxury – Affordable luxury

More is better – Less is more

On the town – In the house/cocooning

Vacation – Staycation

Again, post your ideas and comments to this blog, and let’s have some fun putting our own stories in the context of all the trends that are gathering speed in what promises to be a most interesting year for us all.

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