Selling a Home in 2010 Blog Series Ends Happily Today

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I was inspired to start a blog to share our home selling journey by my friend and colleague Betsy Talbot, who blogs at

Betsy just moved into temporary quarters on Queen Anne before leaving the USA in a few months with her husband Warren to travel the world for three years.   She and Warren did all the right things to sell their Fremont townhome within three weeks of listing it for sale.

Did they use the power of social media?  Yes!   Read more about this here.

Betsy even set up a Twitter account, and her series of Tweets is really engaging.  That Fremont house has some serious personality!

Given the challenging times the economy has dished up, I followed Betsy’s lead and launched a category on this blog to chronicle our journey. Here is a link to a series of blog posts I prepared since February 27 to share our experience of selling our home in today’s market. In the world of small worlds, both our home and Betsy and Warren’s home will close on the same day — TODAY!  We plan to get together over dinner to celebrate.

I asked Betsy about what role social networking played in the sale of her home, and here is what she said:

“Our buyers did not come through the social networking as far as we know, but they did tell our realtor that they connected with the house as soon as they read our letter about why we were selling because they are long-term travelers, too. You just never know which of your marketing efforts is going to pay off, so you can’t really slack on any of them. I also think having the buzz out there from your entire network – in person, on FB/Twitter, searching through Linked In, blogging and emailing – helps in creating excitement around the sale of your home. Especially when you can tie it to something positive – in your case that you moved up to a home that better suits your needs.  In our case, we sold our home to pursue a dream of travel.”

When Betsy told me that the letter she shared with open house guests was inviting some favorable feedback, I posted a similar letter to my blog and to the refrigerator door at our home for sale.   That same day, while watering the plants after the most recent open house had concluded, a real estate agent came by with buyers to offer a private showing of the home.  I took the opportunity to answer their questions while sitting on the sofa in our nicely staged living room.  We were two moms talking about the schools, the neighbors, and the paint colors.  A few days later, these buyers made an offer.   Did that personal connection between buyer and seller make a difference?  I think so.

When we were in the negotiation phase, I took the extra step of writing a personal letter to the buyers to set the stage of cordial and respectful negotiations. That seemed to contribute to a quality process from my perspective.

So often, in my media relations work, I hear people speaking about social media and the role in plays in creating results that matter.  For us, we used every tool we could to invite a winning parade of potential buyers to consider purchasing our Somerset home.  My community at Facebook has certainly been supportive as I’ve dealt with the highs and lows of selling a home in 2010.   Having a chance, personal encounter with our buyers played a role.

Our agents Mary Lee and Jeff Shaffer from Windemere worked tirelessly and with great attention to detail to stage and market the property in the traditional and online media, host open houses, and more.  Oh, by the way,  Mary and Jeff are among the most attentive to detail, professional, hard working real estate professionals I have ever been in contact with.    The business of real estate is not for the faint of heart.  Mary and Jeff bend and sway with the challenges with professionalism at every turn.

The good news, of course, is that houses are selling in our Bellevue backyard and well beyond.  In fact, just last weekend, the neighbor’s house came to mutual acceptance after just a little over one week on the market.

All this is to say that things are getting better.  And social media can play a part in influencing good results that matter and generating support and encouragement for those who are in the trenches trying to get to the winning results they seek.  That is welcome in the best and the more demanding of times.

As for me and my husband Steve and our son Kyle, we are thrilled to be able to shift our focus away from the business of real estate and just be happy forever in the lovely house we now call home.   Thanks for following this home selling journey that has now come to a close.  Onward we go!

If you have anecdotes to share about how social media has played a role in helping you buy or sell your home, please share.   I can’t wait to hear all about it, and the readers will most definitely benefit from the wisdom of your experience.  Who knows.  Maybe the media will even take interest!

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We Sold Our Somerset House! Thank You Windemere Agents Mary Lee and Jeff Shaffer

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When we put our Bellevue, WA home in the Somerset neighborhood on the market on February 28, 2010, we set a very specific intention.

The perfect, qualified, respectful, and motivated buyer will soon emerge to offer a market appropriate price to love the home as we did for 20 years as they raise their family and close by May 19, 2010 or sooner.

With the home inspection complete and buyers who have pre-qualified for financing from a reputable lender,  we signed around a deal that delivers exactly what we asked for.  The deal is scheduled to close on May 18, 2010.

To make this even more wonderful, my Good Timing Guide reports that April 20 is a good day for final results.  Getting signed around to sell our home  certainly qualifies in my book as a stellar final result.

There are still a few hoops for the parties to jump through as we await the home appraisal and tend to a few housekeeping items to satisfy the buyer.  Still, this deal is on its way to a successful closing, and my husband and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Here’s to the power of setting specific, powerful intentions with gratitude to the Universe for providing exactly what we dreamed of in perfect timing.

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10 Things to LOVE About This Home for Sale

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Someone came forward today with one of those low ball offers to which you can’t possibly give serious consideration.   We declined to respond.

We remain committed to the belief that the perfect, qualified respectful buyer will soon come forward to make a market competitive offer to enjoy the home we nurtured and loved for 20 years.

Here are 10 things to LOVE about this home for sale:

1.    The best private education you can buy for your kids with a public dollar – Somerset Elementary, Tyee Middle, and Newport High School

2.    It is move-in ready. The “honey do” list is complete. There is nothing to do but enjoy, relax, and make yourself at home.

3.    Fabulous kitchen/great room, making it easy and comfortable for the family to gather and make wonderful memories.

4.    Close-in Location – Enjoy easy access to I-90, I- 405, shops, restaurants, businesses, and so much more.  Save time and money on gas with everything you need so close at hand.

5.    Access to a fabulous neighborhood park with grass you don’t have to mow and well-maintained, safe play equipment to delight your kids. Plus, you can stay in shape by walking around the 1/6 mile walking path as you watch your kids play.   This park is a great place to meet and greet considerate neighbors with school aged children and pets, offering built-in playmates for you and your kids.

6.    An amazing, blooming garden that is easy to enjoy, a breeze to maintain, and a delight to watch change with the seasons.

7.    A corner lot that offers plenty of privacy from the neighbors, easy access to the garage from the flat driveway, and plenty of easy parking for your guests in the driveway, in front of, and around the side of the house.

8.    Abundant storage for all your seasonal items, keepsakes, garden tools, and so much more.

9.    A water feature in the backyard, offering a lovely view and additional tranquility for warm, long summer days.

10.Fabulous private outdoor eating area that is perfect for the Bar-B-Que and entertaining friends and family during warm, long summer evenings.

Make Yourself at Home and Stay for the Rest of Your Life

Can’t wait to meet you.

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Manifesting the Perfect Buyer for Our Somerset Home for Sale

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We continue to get good feedback about our home for sale.   Here is my wish from the buying pool:

Please, Universe, manifest the perfect  qualified, motivated, respectful family with kids that are old enough to walk to the neighborhood park one block away, smart enough not to play in the street, and big enough not to drown in the circulating pond in the beautifully and professionally landscaped backyard with parents that want to be in the Somerset, Tyee, Newport school district.  It’s a tall order, but I know you’ll deliver in perfect timing!

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Two Weeks on the Market and a Price Reduction Today in Time for Open House Tomorrow from 1 – 4 p.m.

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We want to sell our Bellevue, WA home in the Somerset neighborhood, so we decided to drop the price from $650,000 to $630,000.   Nothing would make us happier than for one of those motivated first-time buyers to come on in and purchase this home in time to benefit from the new home buyer tax credit that expires on April 30.

There have been a number of homes in our neighborhood that have sold at around this price point in the last couple of weeks, and we heard that at least one of them received more than one offer.   That means there are definitely buyers out there.  If you are one of them, this home is a peach.  It is lovingly cared for, tastefully updated, and in move-in condition.     The “honey do” list is beyond complete!  Check it out. The open house is tomorrow from 1 – 4 p.m.   Come on by and set the intention that THIS is your new dream home to set the stage for many happy family memories still to come.   And, wouldn’t you want to surrender in this gracious master bath at the end of a great day?

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Three Repeat Visits to the Home For Sale Today, Lots of Traffic, and Lots of Warm Feedback

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We had the second open house for our Bellevue, WA home for sale in the Somerset neighborhood today.  We had 22 couples come through.  Three of them were folks who came back again to take a second look.  The feedback on the home is very positive.   That is heartening.

Here is what I believe.  The perfect, qualified, respectful, and motivated buyer will soon emerge to offer a market appropriate price to love the home as we did for 20 years as they raise their family and close by May 19, 2010 or sooner.  That is my affirmation.  I believe it.  And I keep repeating it.

What we think about manifests three months from now.  Plenty of success experts share this advice, and I believe them.  And this advice applies to everything in life and business.

What do you want to manifest three months from now?  Describe it in specific detail.  Believe it.  And act to make it so.

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Good Things are Unfolding with the House Sale

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I can’t say much more at this point, but stay tuned for updates as they become available.  You can check out our house for sale at this link.

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First Open House, 48 Couples, and Plenty of Fabulous Feedback – Wonder What Will Happen Next

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Today the parade started at our home for sale in the Somerset neighborhood of Bellevue, WA.  Our real estate agent reported that 48 couples toured the property, and six more checked it out since the house went on the market last Friday.  Interest is high, feedback is favorable, and hopes are high that offers will be forthcoming.  There have been strong expressions of interest in these first few days, and that is good news.  Mother Nature even cooperated and delivered a sunny day.  Gotta love that.

I visited the property this evening to vacuum myself out of every room for those who elect to visit again tomorrow or in the days ahead.   We’ve done right by this house.    We have cared for it lovingly.   It is ready to welcome the perfect, qualified, respectful buyers who will love it as we have and make their own wonderful memories.

As we prepared our home for sale, our real estate agents suggested that we have the home professionally inspected and that we attend to any items on the “honey do” list before bringing it to market.  We did that.   The house is truly in move in condition.  Heck, if we didn’t love our current home as much as we do, we’d be tempted to move back in.

But we won’t. We’ve moved on just in time for someone perfect to move in.  Still, it is an odd feeling to be wishing and hoping and wondering about what will happen next.   We shall soon see.

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2010 Residential Real Estate Case Study – Selling a Bellevue Family Home in a Recovering Market

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Today I add a new category to the blog that will tell the story of how the recovering marketplace responds to a home for sale in the Somerset neighborhood of Bellevue, WA.   With so much media attention being paid to this topic, it certainly seems timely, relevant, and newsworthy to share the journey.  And it is a very personal journey, as well, which lends itself well to blogging and social media.  Since this blog is all about helping others use the power of the media to get seen, heard, and celebrated, this series of posts will make the most of social media to explore how to spread the good news to invite a stunning, decisive result that takes shape in the form of a perfect sale.

Married with Luggage Lifestyle Blogger Betsy Talbot has been getting creative as she prepares to sell her Fremont townhome.  The house is now Tweeting regularly, and messages about it are showing up on her Facebook page and blog.   Her townhome has plenty of personality, and it’s quite lovely and well appointed, I might add.

Last night, our beautiful family home of 20 years was listed for sale.  (We moved to a new home that we love in July of 2008, and we are very happy living and working in our new home.)

We have high hopes and high expectations for a perfect sale.  And for good reason.  In the “Dwell on This” column written by Sam Anderson for the New Homes section of the Seattle Times, Anderson  writes, “…I agree with the many real estate experts who say there’s scarely been a better time to buy a home.”   Here, here!

So, now you can take a look at the home my husband and I are selling.  This home is ready to welcome the perfect, qualified buyer who will love and nurture this home as we did for 20 years.   If you know of anyone looking to enroll their children in the world-class Bellevue, WA school system and move into a lovely, specious, family home that is truly in “move in” condition, this is it.  The first open house takes place tomorrow from 1 – 4 p.m.  You can source the address at the active link above.   Mother Nature has a beautiful, sunny day planned to put our home in the perfect light to welcome potential buyers.   We hope a parade of fabulous people make plans to visit and ponder if our home is perfect for them.

Right now, we are full of anticipation and high hopes.  No doubt, there will a range of emotions still to come as we wait to see what the marketplace has to say.   I’ll share the journey with equally high hopes that a fabulous outcome is at the ready for all in perfect timing.  Stay tuned.

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