The Flag is Up on the Dec. 10 Publici-Tea and Book Publishing Summit; Free to Attend, Park, and Enjoy

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With 2010 fast coming to a close, I know I am not the only one who is saying, “Hurray.”   How about saying a fond farewell to 2010 by joining with me and my good friend and colleague Patrick Snow at a special and FREE event we have planned for December 10.  It’s free to attend, free to park, and free to enjoy.  What a concept!

It’s the Second Annual Publici-Tea™  and Book Publishing Summit at Seattle Design Center.  We’ll be talking about how to prepare and share your stories so you can start the new year ready for the media spotlight and to attract the clients and speaking gigs you crave.  Best of all, there will be plenty of free time before and after the two content-rich presentations to network, enjoy, reflect on this year and share plans for what 2011 will bring.  And, if you are in the mood to deck the halls, you can linger and shop at Seattle Design Center for treasures that will make your home stand out and shine at holiday time and every day.

You can register at this link. All we ask is that you bring a camp item to donate to Rise ‘N Shine to make summer camp in 2011 even more safe and fun for kids whose lives are touched by HIV and AIDS.  Flashlights, bandaids, suntan lotion, marshmallows, backpacks, and other items are gladly welcomed, and all are tax deductible donations.

Since 1988, Rise n’ Shine, has been providing emotional support programs, stability, advocacy, and AIDS education for children and teens affected by HIV/AIDS. This includes children and teens who have been orphaned by the disease, children and teens who live with a parent or other close family member with HIV/AIDS, and those who are infected themselves.

Special thanks to the quality organizations who are joining with Patrick and I to spread the good news about what we have brewing for you on December 10,  including Seattle Design Center, the Puget Sound Business Journal, SpeakerPublisher, The Alternative Board (TAB), and Win the Click. Together, we are going to invite the most amazing group of business owners to enjoy this event, and I can’t wait.

We have room to welcome 130 amazing guests.  Please be among them.  Register here to claim your place.

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David Bromstad’s Comments about Celebrity – Refreshing

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I had the opportunity to share lunch with David Bromstad during a break from the action at Saturday’s Eye on Design 2010 event at Seattle Design Center.   It should come as no surprise that David is an likable and engaging in person as he appears as host of Color Splash on HGTV.

One of the questions I was most eager to ask him is how he has stepped into celebrity since winning the HGTV Design Star competition in 2006.   His answer was refreshing.   David said that he never sought out to be a celebrity.  He just wanted to do what he loves to do every day.  While his schedule is crazy busy, he is still the same guy he was before stepping into the spotlight.

He said that some people want desperately to earn fame and fortune.  That intense desire may be what prevents them from attaining it.   In his case, he has been on a path to express his creative talents in many ways.  The HGTV Design Star competition was the vehicle.  He got on board, did his best, and won.  Now, great new opportunities are unfolding every day, including the opportunity to share his story with over 900 appreciative audience members who attended Eye on Design 2010 on Saturday.   David got a standing ovation before he spoke his first word, and he earned a second standing ovation after sharing his journey.   He was very patient and gracious while posing for what seemed like hundreds of photos with event guests, including this photo of Diane Bridgewater. Diane won a ticket to Saturday’s event by posting a question for David on this blog.

Of course,  while enjoying sandwiches during the lunch break, raving fans were peering through the windows of the Ralph Hays Contemporary Designs Showroom where we were chatting, hoping to capture a photo of this celebrity.    It didn’t phase him one bit.    He is who he is, no matter who is watching or how many.  Oh, by the way, you can follow Bromstad on Twitter. Join the over 5,000 who are among his followers.   And while David refused  requests to take off his shirt during Saturday’s event, you can certainly see him shirtless on his Twitter profile.

David, it was a pleasure to spend time with you.  Thanks much, and all the best for your continued success!

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day:  How do you envision YOUR life changing when you achieve the expert or celebrity status you seek?  Will you just step into your heightened visibility with ease and authenticity, or will you struggle to step into the new circumstances that await?  Consider that food for thought as you take action to get known for how you contribute to the world today.

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Eye on Design 2010 with David Bromstad a Big Success at Seattle Design Center

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What a great time was had by all at yesterday’s Eye on Design 2010 event at Seattle Design Center featuring special guest speaker David Bromstad, HGTV Design Star and Color Splash Host.    Over 900 guests attended, which is twice as many as last year.   Bromstad delivered a powerful message about following your passion and stepping into your life’s work.   He was as engaging in person as he appears on TV, and the fans were excited to have their photos taken with him and watch him paint two custom canvases to be donated at the upcoming auction for Rise ‘n Shine.   If you were among the 900 raving fans in attendance, post your comments about the event for others to see.  Would love to hear from you!

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Good News Spreads about HGTV Design Star David Bromstad and Eye on Design 2010 at Seattle Design Center

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With just under two weeks until event day, word continues to spread about Eye on Design 2010 with HGTV Design Star and Color Splash Host David Bromstad and Seattle Design Center.

To follow is a sampling of the online story links that have debuted since we started building the buzz about this Saturday, April 24 event that promises to inspire every guest about the high impact color and art can make to transform any space without breaking the bank.

From Robin “Paint Princess” Daily’s “Design Files” column in the Journal newspaper to the Seattle Homes & Lifestyles Blog to Kelley Moore’s Lifestyle Blog, word is spreading, and tickets are selling.

We look forward to welcoming  400-600 guests to attend and enjoy the visual banquet Seattle Design Center and HGTV Color Splash Host David Bromstad are preparing to delight your senses and inspire your spaces.   We hope you are among them.

Oh, by the way, a number of these links offer avenues for you to enter to win free event tickets.   It’s always fun to win, so why not put your hat in the ring?  Or, just make sure your place is set at the table and purchase your tickets here.

Authentic Visibility Tip of the Day: Most of these media placements were secured by extending personal invitations to a number of well targeted bloggers and columnists who reach extended tribes of people who love interior design.   I started that work in early March — a full month before issuing the press release over PRWeb.  That gave each blogger the opportunity to jump on the opportunity before the rest of the world knew about it.   In my experience, that approach works pretty well.   So far, so good.  Try it!

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Do You Love HGTV Color Splash Host David Bromstad? Want to See Him “Live” at Seattle Design Center?

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If “YES” is your answer, tell me why you’d like to meet him in person on Saturday, April 24 at Eye on Design 2010, and you could win a free ticket to attend! Better yet, share a design question about how best to use color and art to transform your home and your question could be among those to be answered “live” on event day. Post your comment here on this blog so you can be entered into this contest for your high value and free event ticket. The most compelling 10 comments will be selected to win, so go deep and tell us what you want to know. Comments must be posted by Friday, April 16 in order to qualify.  Read all about the event via the PRWeb press release.

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3 Publici-Tea™ Express “Live” Events Added for Fall DIY Publicity & Social Media Marketing Inspiration

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The Publici-Tea™ Express “Live” Event in Tacoma last month was such a hit that I’ve decided to take it on the road to serve even more publicity-seeking business owners.   Folks tell me that the shorter event format — just two hours — and the lower price point — $97 —  are exactly what they need right now, so I am delivering.   The new dates and cities so far are as follows from 9:30 a.m. to noon:

  • Friday, September 11 in Seattle
  • Friday, October 16 in Olympia
  • Friday, November 6 on Mercer Island

You can read all about this well reviewed, high value event and register at this link.

And, if you live outside of the Seattle area and still want all the benefit of this event without having to travel, check out the “Anytime, Anywhere” Publici-Tea™ Express. This is a digital download bundle of audio and printed materials that is the next best thing to being there.  You can add your own tea and chocolate and be in DIY publicity inspiration with one click.  At just $49 through July 31, 2009, this is an extraordinary value that also includes a review copy of the new Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action eGuide.

And, if you’d like me to bring the Publici-Tea™ Express to your club, organization, association, or other publicity-seeking group, let me know.  This event can empower people with essentials that truly pack a punch for building the buzz in the traditional, social, and online media, and there is no time like the present to get into the game.

Hope to see many of you at Seattle Design Center tomorrow for the “How to Pitch an Article the Media Can’t Resist and Why You Should” presentation.   Lots of good information to be shared.    Visit the “Third Thursday” link to learn more. See you at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow!

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Meet me at Seattle Design Center on July 16 – I’ll Teach You How to Pitch an Article the Media Can’t Resist!

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Join me this Thursday at Seattle Design Center for a presentation at the Conference Center, Suite 370.  I’ll be talking about how to pitch an article the media can’t resist and why you should.  My presentation takes place from 10:30 a.m.  to noon.

And, while you are at Seattle Design Center, plan to arrive early or stay late to see all the beauty and and bounty that this top quality, regional design center has to offer.  Parking is free and plentiful.   If you are not a member of the design trade, just call Nancy Knowlton at 206-957-7018 to arrange your complimentary event registration.  Seats are limited and 54 of them are already claimed by members of the design trade.  We have room for a 46 more.

Speaking of which, If you’ve been hoping to meet the ideal interior designer to help you bring your dreams to life, this is certainly a fabulous opportunity to do that.   You can read all about this the “Third Thursday” event at the home page at this link.

Hope to see you there.   As always, I’ll have an abundant selection of my DIY publicity tools available for purchase.  Speaking of which, the “Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide” got a nice write-up today in the Bellevue Business Journal.  Read all about it at this link.

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The Vern Yip – Seattle Design Center Coverage for Eye on Design 2009 Keeps Coming

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I am happy to report that winning editorial coverage for the Vern Yip/Seattle Design Center Eye on Design 2009 event continues to roll in AFTER the event.  Here is the latest story by Yoon Park in ColorsNW magazine.

Seattle Design Center invested meaningfully in paid advertising to bring attention to Eye on Design 2009.  The modest investment in my publicity services has delivered prominent, compelling, accurate, and favorable coverage leading up to and following the event for a fraction of the price of paid advertising.  And the story links to all the great coverage will reside online indefinitely.  I love a good media mix as much as the next marketer, but you sure can’t beat the bang for the buck that publicity provides.

Speaking of which, are you interested in learning how to use free publicity to drive buzz for your business?  The next Publici-Tea™ Workshop in Bellevue takes place on May 15.  Four seats are still open at the table.  Shall we set one aside for you?  Read more and register at this link.

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Cat Box in the Living Room? Vern Yip has a Solution — and Lessons to Share

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HGTV Interior Designer Vern Yip told an engaging story during his keynote at Eye on Design 2009 at Seattle Design Center last Saturday.  As the child of Chinese parents, he knew his parents had high expectations for him.  In fact, his mother expected Vern to become a doctor.  Clearly, he took a different path that has landed him on the cover of the New York Times, as the host of “Deserving Design,” and so much more.  When a long time family friend saw Vern’s photo on the front page of the New York Times, she shared it with Vern’s mother.  Her reply, “But he could have been a doctor.”

We all have expectations of greatness for our children and ourselves.  The shape that takes is up to each individual person.  Vern has done well, and earning prominent and compelling free publicity in major media outlets has certainly opened a lot of doors.   He said earning a major design award was the ticket to his invitation to host “Trading Spaces.”

Hosting “Trading Spaces” was an opportunity to change rooms and lives in two days with a $1,000 budget at a time when people were standing in line for Vern to create award-winning designs for clients who could easily have spent that amount of money on a single lamp.  Vern’s message is that design is important to how we live, and there are answers to every dilemma, no matter what the budget.  In today’s demanding economic times, that message really resonates.

No matter the size or the scope of the problem, Vern is a true professional.  During the Q&A session immediately following his keynote, event guests asked a wide range of design questions.  One stood out as particularly memorable and repeatable.  A woman stood up to ask the best way to address a very specific design dilemma:  How to deal with a cat litter box in her living room.

The groans from the audience were audible. Without judgment, Vern asked a few probing questions.  He wondered if there was another location that would be better.  When the audience member said “no,” he went about the business of offering some practical, design suggestions to make the most of this situation.  He said something like, “How about placing the cat box under a coffee table and draping decorative fabric along three sides to hide it, while also allowing your cat access from one side?”  And, he added, be sure to address odor control so this room can be functional and livable for the people who gather there.

Another message that was just as powerful, yet unspoken is that the best professionals always take the clients where they are and guide them to where they want to go, given the resources available to get the job done.  That’s quality inspiration for professionals in every niche.

In addition to delivering an inspiring keynote and moderating a panel of local design experts, Vern gave four media interviews on event day, posed for hundreds of photos, and graciously signed autographs for many.  You can read some of the stories and photos that have debuted so far at these links.

Amy Woidke’s Eco-Friendly post

A Tinted Perspective’s Blog Post

Stacy Kendall’s Seattle Homes and Lifestyles interview – Part 1

Stacy Kendall’s Seattle Homes and Lifestyles inteview – Part 2

Den Design Studio Blog Post


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Vern Yip Cover Feature in NW Asian Weekly in Time to Drive Last-Minute Ticket Sales for Eye on Design 2009

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It lights me up to earn prominent, engaging, and timely coverage for my clients in the media that are right for their message.  Today, I logged on to to get some very good news in that regard.

HGTV Designer Vern Yip is on the front page.

Seattle Design Center Marketing Director Craig Cross reports that tickets are selling at a quick clip.  There has been a particular rush for tickets these last two days in particular.   This event promises to sell out at 600 tickets.

Thanks to Vern Yip for being so gracious and available to the media leading up to his April 25 appearance at Eye on Design 2009 at Seattle Design Center.  You can still buy tickets if you act fast.   Here is the link.

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