2nd Annual Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit Rocked! Plus a Gift to Anyone in the World Who Missed It

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Oh, the thrill of producing and executing an event that earns raves all around.  My Publici-Tea™ cup runneth over.

Yesterday’s 2nd Annual Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit at Seattle Design Center was brimming with amazing people, quality content, and the spirit of giving.   Our fabulous guests in the house — about 75 in all — contributed $432 to Rise N Shine, along with an abundance of incidental camp items to make this summer even more fun for kids whose lives are affected by HIV and AIDS.   And, additional sales have been flowing to my DIY Publicity Store that are bringing this total still higher every day.   Thanks so much to everyone who contributed their small change to make a big difference for these worthy kids.

Everyone posed for photos and shared wonderful video testimonials.   Gina O Daniel of O’Daniel Designs and Brad Tollefson of VLST Media are fast at work to create amazing work that will most certainly put our guests in the spotlight.  We should have the first round of images to share by Wed., Dec. 15, so stay tuned.

Patrick Snow delighted the audience with his insights, stories, and invitation to guide guests to step up and get their books out of their heads and onto paper to one day welcome new streams of income.

I shared the Rock Star Status Reality Check to help everyone realize the importance of getting ready for their moment in the spotlight, along with plenty of useful tips, suggestions, and success stories to inspire everyone into action.  It’s one thing to say you want to be known as the expert.  It is another thing entirely to be truly ready to rock.  This quiz offers that timely reality check so many need to get dressed and ready to go to the show as the experts they are.

The Twitter love is flowing, and so are the raves on Facebook.  If you were “in the house” please keep the love flowing by referencing #publicitea in your posts.  I’d love to see your photos and learn your observations.  What were your “aha” moments and take-aways?  Please share!

And,  here is the holiday gift to anyone in the world who wasn’t able to join us. Simply opt-in at www.publicitea.com between now and Christmas Day 2010, and you’ll gain access to all these goodies as my holiday gift to you:

  • MP3 audio files of all the great content
  • The PowerPoint presentation that makes it easy to follow along
  • The Rock Start Status Reality Check
  • Access to the event-day video
  • And more!

And, if you decide to treat yourself to anything at the DIY Publicity Store between now and then, I’ll donate 5% of profits right back to Rise N Shine.

Popular selections include Bye-Bye Boring Bio, the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshop, and the Build YOUR Buzz Strategy Session/Power Hour with Nancy.

Based on the great feedback flowing, this is truly content not to be missed!   It’s a big deal to produce an event like this, so treat yourself and don’t miss it.  And tell all your friends from here and beyond to check out what we brewed up at the 2nd Annual Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit.

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Use BizNik to Promote Your Fee-Based Events. It Works!

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So many consultants and experts are offering seminars and workshops to promote their events, and everyone is looking for high-value, high-impact ways to invite the right guests without breaking the bank.  As a publicist, I know plenty of ways to do that, and I am always on the lookout for new ways to get the job done for my own events and those of my clients.  Social media marketing is all the rage these days, so I do my share of experimenting to deliver results where I need them in my business.

To that end, this month I am putting BizNik to the test to promote my upcoming May 15 Publici-Tea™  Half-Day Workshop.  These Bellevue events typically serve up to 14 guests who pay a $297 fee to benefit from a half-day of DIY publicity tips, resources, ideas, and inspiration.  Today, a guest registered for the workshop at my BizNik event page.

Biznik attaches a $5 registration fee to event fees prices at $49 and below. Once the event fee hits $50 and above, there’s an additional 3% transaction fee applied to the gross fee collected.  Bottom line – I’ll keep $284.06 after Biznik applies this transaction fee.

Since Biznik is a very robust online social network and many of the members may not yet know about the training I offer, I know new potential event guests are reading about my events on this site beyond those who read this blog.  The site even tells me how many people have visited.  Guest by guest, buzz will continue to build, and it’s a beautiful thing.  After all, few things delight me quite as much as sharing the Publici-Tea™ workshop information with perfect, qualified guests.

Since it’s free to post the events to this site — aside from a few minutes of posting the event details — it’s a good return on investment to have a guest sign up.  I just “cut and pasted” my event information from my DIY publicity store to my event page, and that was it.  How easy is that?

Now, lots of folks use BizNik to promote FREE events just for BizNik members, and that is certainly one way to use the service, connect with event guests, and build buzz for your offering.   Using BizNik to promote a fee workshop that is open to BizNik members and others is still another way. If you are a member of BizNik, take the event posting option out for a spin to invite the perfect guests to benefit from what you have to offer.

I’ve offered plenty of free workshops over the years, and I always enjoy connecting with great event guests and sharing tips and information from which they can profit.  What I’ve found is that event guests who invest time and a fee to benefit from course material, on-the-spot laser coaching, and other abundant and well-prepared resources are very likely to engage with the material, apply it to their benefit, and win in the marketplace.  That’s the kind of event guest I want at my workshops because telling their Publici-Tea™ graduate success stories makes me proud, and their collective success fuels my own.

Here is the link to learn more about the May 15 Publici-Tea™ event I have posted to BizNik.  Only three seats are still open for this Friday’s workshop, so act quickly to confirm your place.  I look forward to meeting you.

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Want an Inspiring Prosperi-Tea Cup as a Bonus Gift? Make Your Media-Savvy-to-Go Publicity Toolkit or Publici-Tea™ Workshop Purchase Before Midnight

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The special offer to include the Prosperi-Tea cup with your Authentic Visibility Publicity Toolkit or Publici-Tea™ Workshop registration expires at midnight tonight. Act now so you can benefit and kick-start your DIY publicity activities into high gear.  Great free publicity rewards await.  If you crave lasting, buzz-building benefits for your business, now is a delicious time to get into action. Prosperi-Tea Anyone?

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Hear Nancy Speak about DIY Publicity – Mark These Dates and Cities

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If you’ve been wanting to hear me speak about DIY publicity, I’ve got a number of dates coming up to make it easy for you in both Portland, Oregon and the Puget Sound region. 2008 will come to a close faster than you can imagine, and won’t it be a bonanza for your business to finally earn the media attention you deserve to realize the growth and buzz building you have been dreaming of? I can’t wait to meet you at one of these upcoming events.

September 9 – Dinner presentation at WEO in Portland, Oregon. Learn more and register at this link.

September 10 – Portland, OR Publici-Tea™ – 9 – 2 p.m. at Pacific USA Mortgage Conference Room, 1125 NW 9th, Corner Conference Room, Portland, OR 97209. Learn more and register at this link.

September 11 – Marketplace Ministries Luncheon at the Auburn Golf and Country Club. Learn more and register at this link.

September 12 – Bellevue, WA Publici-Tea – 9 – 2 p.m. at The Village Bellevue. Learn more and register at this link.

September 25 – Women Business Owners Luncheon, Washington Athletic Club, Seattle, WA. Learn more and register at this link.

October 17 VIP Event for Publici-Tea™ Graduates Only – 9 – 11 a.m., Mercer Island.  If you are a graduate, you’ve received the invitation, and I can’t wait to receive your RSVP!  Get in touch with me directly if you have any questions at nancy@nsjmktg.com.

October 17 – Grande Sized Publici-Tea™ with Special Guest “Get Booked on Oprah” Expert Susan Harrow. Learn more and register for this Mercer Island, WA event at this link.

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Zookhooks Gets ANOTHER Story in Hometown Newspaper

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I am a big fan of inviting interest in your evolving business success story in your community newspaper. First of all, getting seen, heard, and celebrated in your own backyard is thrilling. Second of all, your neighbors and friends are most likely to support you. And, finally, chatting with your hometown media is a great way to get your interviewing skills in shape so when it is time to meet Oprah some day, you are practiced and ready.

Alexis Meisel, founder of Zookhooks Inc., lives in Newcastle. I pitched the story about her fashionable and functional purse hooks to the reporter who writes for Newcastle News and enlisted interest. The better news is that Alexis’ story ran in the more widely circulated Issaquah Press, bringing her story to neighbors beyond her own backyard. Here is the story link so you can read all about her and her very useful and fashionable products that make sure your purse never touches the ground. If you can hardly wait to purchase your own collection of Zookhooks for your wardrobe of purses, here is the link to make that easy for you.

If you’ve been dreaming of earning Oprah’s attention for your story or your products, here is breaking news. The Grande Sized Publici-Tea is taking place on October 17 from 12:30 – 5 p.m. at the Mercer Island Community Center. My co-presenter for this extra large session that can accommodate up to 49 guests is Susan Harrow. She literally wrote the book on how to invite Oprah’s attention, and she is flying to Seattle for the first time ever to share her knowledge and tips with Grande Sized Publici-Tea™ guests. The link to register for this very special event should be “live” a bit later today, so check your calendar and save October 17 for this very special, empowering session that has the potential to rock your business to an entirely new level of media awareness! We’ve got plenty of high value bonuses to share to make the $397 tuition more than worth your while, and the opportunity to connect personally with Susan Harrow herself over tea and premium chocolate is just priceless.

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Chime in on Today’s Noon (PST) Call and Learn to Be an Expert in Your Field through the Power of DIY Publicity

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Hey everyone, there is still time to chime in on today’s teleseminar with Stacy Karacostas and me at noon today (PST). I’ll be sharing time tested and proven tips to get known as an expert in your field through the power of free publicity. Don’t miss out. Here is the link to sign up for the call.

And, oh by the way, I got a call this morning at 8 a.m. from O Magazine. The Extreme Dark Truffle Bar from Seattle Chocolates is a finalist for consideration for a special breast cancer feature page in O magazine. The tasting occurs today at 1 p.m. If you have an extra 17 seconds in your schedule and your heart to wish the client luck, please do. Everyone dreams of earning Oprah’s attention. Getting this close is very exciting. Getting even closer would be even better!

“See” you on the call at noon today!

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Tammy Redmon Jumps in to Pick the Low Hanging Media Fruit Right Away, Plus a Good Reason to Plan Now for the August 15 Publici-Tea™

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tammyredman.jpgI love it when folks get into action after hearing me speak about the power of free publicity. Coach and Business Growth Strategist Tammy Redmon of Redmon and Associates was among the guests in the audience when I spoke at the North Seattle Community College Network Breakfast about how to pick the low hanging media fruit to create a fabulous local publicity basket. As a direct result of hearing that presentation, Tammy sprung into action. Now she has proudly posted her first article entitled, “Online Networking — Leading at the Speed of Whoosh!” to www.ezinearticles.com, and here is the link. It’s a great read, so do check it out. And, she’s create a social networking profile to start building buzz in that way. She is really thrilled to be spreading her message far and beyond.

Here is what Tammy had to say about my approach to empowering her with this useful information:

“Your information does make a difference, and here is why. You make the notion that I can get published, or get someone to write about me, or attack a blog, seem doable and non-threatening. You told me what worked and took the fear right out of it by giving me the steps to results. Your energy and enthusiasm for what you do and the success that you and others are having as a result is what I personally caught hold of. It said to me, ‘You too can do this and get noticed in a new and different way.’ Oh and did I mention it is pretty cool that it is at low to no cost??? Simply perfect. So thank you for showing up in your true essence as a bold and enthusiastic woman on a mission to get people noticed.”

With feedback like this, is it any wonder that I wake up smiling with anticipation about the difference for others I can make today. If you were not able to attend the presentation and want to listen in after the fact, you can purchase the audio file for a song. Here is the link to make it easy for you to read about and purchase Audio Presentation #6.

publici-tea_md5.jpgAnd, if you want to jump in with both feet and immerse yourself in a half-day of do-it-yourself publicity information and inspiration, sign up for the August 15 Publici-Tea™. Because this event will be held at a fabulous historic home in Tacoma and all the 400 guests at Jazzy June are going to receive the invitation to attend, don’t delay in securing your space. Seats are most definitely limited. Here is the link to make it easy. SBA 2008 Women in Business Advocate Rachael Costner will be my very special guest, and she’ll share small business marketing tips and resources to catapult your business to a higher level of fabulous.

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Here is a Working Link to Help You Sign Up for the “Get Known as an Expert” Teleseminar

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toolkit_bookgraphic5.jpgstacyk_headshot2-web.jpg The link I shared in an earlier post didn’t work. Here is the correct link to make it easy for you to learn 15 proven ways to get known as an expert in your field through the power of free publicity at noon (PST) on June 26, 2008. Apologies for the error. Sign up now to secure your place. “See” you on the call!

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Upcoming DIY Publicity Events to Empower YOUR Success This Summer. Act Now To Reserve Your Place.

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In Seattle, we’ve been enduring “Junuary” — which is that time of year when the Universe can’t quite decide that summer has arrived. But something shifted yesterday, and the weather was warm, bright and glorious. Hurray. Now that the dog days of summer are almost here, why not make plans to get your DIY publicity machine in good order.

One of the most essential elements of your DIY publicity toolkit is your online press room, including your bio. If yours is boring, non-existent, or lost in cyberspace, make the commitment now to address that. After all, when the media come to call and ask for your photo, bio, and other background information to learn more about you and your company, it’s just plain awkward to say that you haven’t yet gotten around to it. Let me ease that pain for you this summer.

No More Boring Bios!

I’ll be teaching three Winning Bio Writing Workshops this summer. Each session is limited to five business owners so I can provide plenty of personal attention. We’ll cover the importance of an online press kit, and you’ll leave the session with a business building website bio that will make you beam with pride and make it easier than ever to attract more of the right clients with greater ease. I’ll listen carefully to your story and do just about all the heavy lifting with the pen for you. Prior event guests have marveled at my ability to get to the essence of what makes them special in the marketplace. Many have struggled for years to get to the point that would matter most to their customers and the media. Let me make it easy for you. The upcoming dates are June 27, July 25, and August 29. Sign up today.

stacyk_headshot2-web.jpgAnd, I’ll be collaborating with Stacy Karacastas — the Marketing Junkie herself — to present a teleseminar about how to get known as the expert in your field on Thursday, June 26 during the noon hour (PST). I’ll talk about the 15 ways you can get known as an expert in your field. I’ll share real examples of how these methods have paid off for my clients and for me. And, I’ll make it so easy for you to get started and realize results that you’ll wonder why you waited so long! You won’t want to miss this! Here is the link to make it easy to sign up. “See” you on the call!

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Publici-Tea™ in Seattle Anyone? Plus, One Spot Remains Open for June 13 Event. Claim It as Your Own!

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I’ve been hosting these popular Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshops in Bellevue for seven months, and I am curious if folks would be happy to have me host events in Seattle. I’d be happy to bring the Publici-Tea™ to Seattle if there is enough interest among buzz seeking business owners who have learned to trust this blog for all things do-it-yourself publicity related. Can you chime in with a comment to the blog or send an email my way at nancy@nsjmktg.com to share your interest in enjoying Publici-Tea™ and do-it-yourself publicity conversation over tea and Seattle Chocolates at a location on the other side of the I-90 bridge? I’d sure appreciate it.

By the way, there was a capacity crowd at the North Seattle Community College Network Breakfast last Friday as I shared my “How to Pick the Low Hanging Media Fruit to Create a Fabulous Local Publicity Basket” presentation. This was just the content small business owners in attendance were hungry to receive. And, the better news for you is that I captured the presentation on audio file and will be making available for your purchase very shortly. Stay tuned as you won’t want to miss out on this very practical, actionable information to catapult your story from darkness to the spotlight in short order.

Finally, I have one spot left for the June 13 Publici-Tea™ taking place at The Village Bellevue from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Claim this final spot for your own by registering at this link right now!

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