Introducing Quantity Discounts for Life Goes on Roadmap™

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Life Goes on Roadmap™ is a simple, empowering and complete system that helps families and homeowners get their households and crucial financial information organized so they  know who to call in an emergency, how to turn off the water, gas, and power at their new place, and how to access other crucial documents, investments, and accounts, especially when the rubber meets the road in life.

Now, consumers or companies can benefit from volume discounts.

Co-Founder Nancy Juetten says, “Families appreciate a gift that gets them talking about important, nitty-gritty household and money matters before any of the Big D’s – disaster, disease, disability, diminished mental capacity, divorce, or death – cross their paths.”

The system can serve as a great ‘welcome home’ gift to share when families move into new homes or transition to senior housing.  It can also be a value added benefit that professional service providers (estate planning attorneys, retirement coaches, etc.) bundle into their existing service offerings without having to create a similar system of their own.

The three-ring binder includes a game board, guidebook, and digital organizer, digital versions of these powerful, proven tools that have guided hundreds of families to get their acts together so far, plus anytime/anywhere access to replays from the virtual Get It Done Day check in calls hosted by the co-founders of Life Goes on Roadmap™.  These replays hold clients accountable for completing their Life Goes on Roadmap™ systems, while inviting families to start important conversations that may have been delayed for years. Membership in a client-only Facebook community to give members additional expert access and support is also included.

Juetten explains, “This is a gift that families will keep forever. They’ll always remember who gave it to them and be grateful for it. Best of all, gift givers can show up as innovators who go the extra mile to demonstrate care for their clients and their families after the sale. They’ll exceed expectations, set their company’s apart in a winning way, get clients talking to family and friends, and welcome referrals to new business.”

Juetten says that companies can implement this new benefit for clients with their next scheduled price increase or add the cost to current current scope of work so it’s seamless, easy to implement, and cost neutral.”

Quantity   Price*             Discount        

1-50              $197                 N/A

51-99            $167.45            15%

100-199        $157.60            20%

200+          Ask about licensing for significant cost savings and to benefit from customizing the product with company name and contact information.

*Prices are plus shipping and applicable state sales tax. Shipping costs per system are about $10, depending upon each client’s U.S.A. destination.

Next Step:

About Life Goes on Roadmap™

Life Goes on Roadmap™ is an affordable, empowering, and complete toolkit to organize personal finance information so families ahd homeowners  have power, access, and control, before disease, disability or death get in the way. Users welcome peace of mind when they organize important contacts, service providers, insurance information, bank or credit union accounts, investments, credit cards, and more so the information is accessible when and where it is needed. Life Goes on Roadmap™ elevates the process of getting organized to be a game to win instead of an administrative task to put off until later. The co-founders guide users to get to completion during a series of live or recorded Get It Done calls that users can access, no matter where they live, work or play around the nation.

Favorably reviewed by hundreds of clients and heralded by many as the answer to a prayer, Life Goes on Roadmap™ has been showcased on, the Seattle NBC Morning News, and via a host of regional magazines, podcasts,and radio shows. Visit the company’s YouTube channel or to learn more.


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5 Personal Finance Blind Spots that Get Families in Trouble When The Rubber Meets the Road in Life

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June 3, 2019 — Bellingham, WA –  Life Goes on Roadmap™ Co-Founders Nancy Juetten and Steve Juetten — a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ Professional — share 5 personal finance blind spots that get families in trouble when the rubber meets the road in life via a content rich webinar that can be viewed anytime and anywhere.

The Juetten duo supports families in getting their personal finances organized so they can take control and drive their lives forward in the event of any of the Big D’s — disease, disability, diminished mental capacity, divorce, dis-empowerment, or death. They want couples and families to get on equal footing for those occasions when life serves up a bump in the road.

“Many people fear leaving a big mess for their family to clean up later, should something random or crazy happen to them.  Life Goes on Roadmap™ solves this problem in an engaging, empowering, and practical way,” Juetten says.

Among the top mistakes families make are as follows:

  1. No central safe place to save information.
  2. Missing key information.
  3. Not keeping information current.
  4. Keeping family members in the dark or choosing to stay there.
  5. Not making time and paying the consequences.

“It’s striking to see how many women we hear from who tell us that they are managing the finances and their husbands are reluctant to get involved,” Juetten said. “We want couples to gain equal access, power and control so either can step up when it counts,” she said.

“‘Head in the Sand-Itus’ can have serious consequences when a spouse dies unexpectedly and leaves the other spouse dis-empowered to manage the day to day details of life like bill paying, turning off the water, power and gas in an emergency, knowing where to find the passports, and even how to access and manage investment accounts. It’s a serious problem that causes families a lot of drama, trauma and chaos at the worst possible times,” Nancy Juetten says.

Access the free webinar via this link.

About Life Goes on Roadmap™

Life Goes on Roadmap is an affordable and empowering toolkit to organize personal finance information  so family members have power, access, and control, before any of the Big  D’s — disease, disability, diminished mental capacity, divorce, dis-empowerment, or death get in the way. Users welcome peace of mind when they organize important contacts, service providers, insurance information, bank or credit union accounts, investments, credit cards, and more so the information is accessible when and where it is needed, while starting important conversations that may have been delayed for years. Life Goes on Roadmap elevates the process of getting organized to be a game to win instead of an administrative task to put off until later, while bringing families together to have important conversations. The co-founders lead live virtual Get It Done days to hold clients accountable for completing their roadmaps, and the next one is coming up on June 15, 2019. Replays are always provided so customers can complete their roadmaps with expert support on a schedule that works for their busy lives.

About the Co-Founders:

Steve Juetten is principal of Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC. He’s a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional. Nancy Juetten is the Get It Done Guide who won’t let procrastination prevent her clients from getting ahead of what what life may serve up along the way so they gain power, access, and control when it really counts. This is a company that guides families to organize their crucial personal financial information so they can keep driving, even after a bump in the road. Their mission is to touch one million families, and it is going to happen one webinar and one live virtual Get It Done Day at a time.  Register for the anytime/anywhere webinar via this link.

Make purchases of Life Goes on Roadmap for yourself and family members at

Reach Nancy by phone or email at 425 641 5214 or



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Need a sassy cover for your book? Check out this awesome resource!

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So you’ve worked for months (or longer) to create your next book to elevate your expert status and boost your authority factor.

Now it’s time to have the front cover designed.

My husband Steve and his team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals just wrote a book called Smart Money Moves: Get On Track and Stay on Track Early in Your Career with These Tips, Hacks, and Strategies.

He wanted an awesome front cover.

What did he do?

He used a service called 99  Designs, and within a few days, he had 175 designs to choose from created by graphic designers all around the world for $299.

Steve first created a brief to describe what he was looking for. Then designers from a global community responded with their awesome ideas. We were astounded by the speed, variety, and creativity. We were delighted by our choices.

We were able to create polls for our team to help narrow down the abundant choices to the favorite options.

Then, Steve was able to connect with the designers who made the final cut to make suggestions to refine them to be absolutely what he wanted.

Steve said the designers were incredibly responsive, courteous, and of service.

So within a few days from start to finish, Steve solved an important problem.   He wanted a rock star cover for his latest book project, and he got one.

Curious about the winner?

Here it is!

Now he’ll engage that designer to create the interior of the book so the interior matches the awesome cover.

Professional book cover & magazine design from 99Designs

By the way, Steve’s book will be available for purchase starting in late January 2019. I’ll be sure to keep you updated about that.  This is definitely a great gift item for the young professionals with important money goals for the New Year!

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CFP® Steve Juetten offers timely personal finance organizing tips for baby boomer married women and those who love them

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Certified Financial Planner Professional™ Steve Juetten’s wife Nancy asked an important question over the holiday season.

“What if you were hit by a truck tomorrow? What would I need to do to keep our household, finances, and assets moving forward, no matter what?”

Juetten responded by organizing their financial lives built over 30 years of marriage in a few sheets of paper and a password protected thumb drive that is now safely stored in the couple’s safe deposit box.

Today, he makes a portion of his system of personal finance organization available to Baby Boomer married women and those who love them as a free digital download so families across the nation can do the same thing.

Juetten’s clients often ask him to look after the financial welfare of their surviving spouses, should something happen to them. That is what fueled his creativity to come up with a solution that could be of service to families everywhere.

Juetten encourages users to follow the R.O.A.D.M.A.P. to achieve power and control, no matter what life dishes up next.

He says that organization offers peace of mind, while saving precious time and resources. Those are powerful benefits worthy of timely attention right now.

The Life Goes On Roadmap is a simple checklist that can be downloaded for free at to start the process of getting one’s personal finance information in order.


About Steve Juetten, Certified Financial Planner Professional:

CFP® Steve Juetten is the Principal of Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC – a fee-only financial planning company that guides busy professional people to make the most of their money so they have more time to do what they love. One division serves baby boomers. Another division serves early career professionals who want to get a jumpstart on using their money wisely to achieve their goals in life. He invites families everywhere to download the Life Goes on Roadmap to start the process of organizing personal finances today at

For Media Interviews, Contact:

Nancy Juetten – 425 641 5214

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Common Questions about Press Releases and Their Results

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Clients ask me time and time again what actually happens with their visibility, credibility, and profitability when they issue press releases. Many good things often happen, and here is a partial list of what can and often does happen for those who are serious about getting known through the power of good press in the traditional or online media.

Even if it has been a long time since you actually held a real newspaper in your hands, do not underestimate the value of having your expertise showcased online. It makes it easier for your ideal prospective clients to find you and decide at first glance that you truly are the right expert to engage to solve their urgent problems.

Note: All Images are Clickable to Make It Easy to Read or Watch the Press Releases.

  • Clients who feel invisible to their ideal clients appreciate the visibility and credibility they welcome when their expertise is more easily found in a Google or other internet search engine investigation. The transformation from invisible to visible feels really empowering to experts who for one reason or another have been hiding out in obscurity for way too long.
  • Sometimes, one media placement invites others to fan the flames of visibility to create a firestorm of interest in the expert being featured.  For example, remember when the PBS series “Downton Abbey” was at the height of popularity? My husband — Bellevue, WA Certified Financial Planner Professional Steve Juetten —  and I crafted a press release about the financial lessons inspired from the halls of Downton Abbey. That press release  opened the door for follow up media placements on the PBS blog,,, and many other prestigious media outlets. This effort resulted in excellent and prestigious visibility and it also delivered 300 new opt in subscribers who were interested in the Smart Money Rules gift booklet he was offering at that time in exchange for their name and email address.  Steve says a number of those new opt in subscribers subsequently decided to invest in his personal financial planning and investment management services.

RSR BC ad with weblink

  • When using prREACH – a video news release service that is part of a Press Release Pizzazz done-for-you service I offer, placement reports demonstrate that 370 or more outlets run the news as presented. That is a lot of potential “eye balls” of potential clients who can make the wise choice to take the call to action noted within each release to learn more.
  • Often experts will welcome speaking gigs and invitations to contribute commentary to podcasts, teleseminars, and other high profile opportunities to share their expertise with more of their ideal clients. For example, Sara Harvey Yao — an expert on executive leadership and presence — took advantage of the epic win of the Seattle Seahawks in a championship game to bring her expertise to the top of the search engines fast.  When she shared the media coverage that resulted from this effort with her most important client, she was booked for two paid speaking engagements almost immediately.


  • New Author Dr. Susan O’Malley was excited to share her new book with the world, yet her own author platform had not yet grown to a size where an email to her list would make a lot of noise. She took the opportunity to debut her book about working hard for success around the St. Patrick’s Day holiday to make her point that success is not to be left to chance.  The visibility came at the perfect time to draw attention to a book signing event in her home town of Connecticut.  And the “cool quotient” associated with the video news release also made it easy and fast to share the good news across social media.


  • The World’s Leading Relationship with Money Coach Morgana Rae reached out to get press for her expertise. One of the most amusing results of that effort was that Siri — the voice of the i-phone — returns her website as the result when you ask “Who is the world’s leading relationship with money coach?” It’s hard to quantify the value of that, but when it is you who is showcased by Siri, you’ll immediately feel the impact.


  • Christine Kloser has seen fit to use press releases to promote the Transformational Author Experience.  Here is the release from the 2013 event.  The media placements earned as a direct result of this are now proudly posted to the home page for the 5th annual event.
  • Media logos from placements can be showcased visually as demonstrated by this image of yours truly. As a Facebook profile image, this clearly sets my profile apart in a credible way that reinforces my “media savvy” expertise.

nancy-2013-with-logos (3)

  • Clearly, my husband  of 28 years Steve is my longest standing client. I am a huge champion for his success.
  • In his business, the use of testimonials and the sharing of commissions is not allowed by the Certified Financial Planner code of ethics.  His is running a business that is based squarely on trust, and building his credibility in a clean and ethical manner has always been a high priority.
  • Since potential clients will search for someone with his expertise using key words such as “Bellevue, WA Fee-Only Financial Planner” or “Certified Financial Planner Professional, Bellevue, WA,” Steve has made a point of emphasizing those words on the “home page” of his website and on blog posts he writes.  And, he also knows clients serious about engaging his expertise will often do an internet search of his first and last name to learn more about him.  
  • Since he has been issuing press releases and commenting to the media about financial planning topics for years, the credibility around his expertise is very solid.  One article that ran in the Seattle Times years ago still comes up quickly in an internet search for Steve’s name because he is quoted by offering stellar advice.  Time and time again, clients say, “I read your comments in the Seattle Times article, and that helped me know that you were the adviser I wanted to meet with.” 
  • Once Steve meets with the clients, his listening skills and gifts at enrolling clients to his services take center stage. 
  • In the internet marketing world, some experts elect to use press releases to reach potential clients who have not yet become part of their email subscriber communities.  While this does not contribute significantly to a huge wave of new opt in subscribers in my experience, it DOES contribute a “cool quotient” and additional credibility around their expertise. For experts who have achieved a measure of meaningful success, the recognition associated with being seen in this way is hard to calculate and meaningful at a very personal level.   The email notes of appreciation I have received time and time again reinforce how very true this is. While some people say business is business, experts who have worked long and hard for their success consider GETTING PRESS very personal.
  • Some clients are reluctant to take center stage for whatever reason and don’t want to put themselves on video.  The advantage of a video news release is that the expert’s perspectives and call to action can be highlighted, while an attractive news reader delivers the information.
  • People learn in different ways. Video engages people with sight and sound, enhancing the likelihood that the message will be received and ignite some action. Video is highly relevant in today’s video crazed, “let me watch it on my i-phone” culture.

These are just the tip-of-the-iceberg results that can unfold when experts, authors, consultants, and speakers make an ongoing use of press releases — video or traditional — to build buzz about their expertise and invite visibility, credibility, and — of course — profitability.

I’ll be speaking more about press releases and the potholes to avoid during an interview Tuesday, May 26 at 10 a.m. Pacific. Join me and Christine Kloser of the 2015 Transformational Author Experience to listen in and benefit. The replay will be made available for 24 hours without fee.

Nancy Juetten

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Client-Getting Expert for Coaches Christian Mickelsen Shares Hot Spot Report to Find and Get High Paying Clients

Business Success, product publicity Comments Off on Client-Getting Expert for Coaches Christian Mickelsen Shares Hot Spot Report to Find and Get High Paying Clients

SAN DIEGO, August 14, 2014 — For millions of new and thriving business owners around the world, Labor Day is a time to get serious about creating big results to finish the year strong by connecting with more of the right clients in perfect timing. 

FSTS-Report-Hot-Spots“The real problem stopping most people from connecting with a coach who has the skills to change their lives is that most coaches don’t know how to find their ideal clients so they can start a conversation,” says Client-Getting Expert for Coaches Christian Mickelsen.  “My Hot Spots to Find High Paying Clients special gift report makes that a whole lot easier.  It is available for free download through August 25, 2014.

In working with thousands of coaches from all over the world, Mickelsen’s proven methods involve the coach delivering a powerful free coaching session and then explaining how their personal brand of coaching will help change the client’s life. That, he says, is “the key to filling a coaching business.”

Since 1999 Mickelsen and his team have trained thousands of newly minted coaches to create six-figure coaching businesses using his breakthrough system Free Sessions That Sell. That would be impressive in any industry, let alone one in which most professionals never manage to make a full-time living.

Mickelsen invites aspiring coaches to use his simple three-step action plan to start working with clients:

Step 1: Create Awareness

This can happen by simply posting on social media, building an email list of people who want help in a particular area like weight loss, sales, or business-growth, or by speaking and networking. Coaches can use his ready-made email templates, blog posts and social media posts to get people to move to step two.

Step 2: Offer a FREE Session

This is where the coach offers a potential client a valuable coaching session for free. This will empower the client to step up to their dreams and 2014 goals, uncover their challenges and explore how the coaching will make a difference. The Free Sessions That Sell program gives a 7-step process that coaches can follow, word-for-word.

Step 3: Get Hired

Coaches are often very shy about asking clients for the money. Coaching only begins when a client steps up and emotionally commits by hiring the coach. Mickelsen recommends that coaches work with clients for at least a year so they can support them all the way through to actually achieving the results they want.

“Often, a one-month, money-back guarantee is a very easy way to get clients to make a commitment to coaching,” says Mickelsen. “It gives them the opportunity to try out coaching to make sure it’s a great fit for them.”

About Client-Getting Expert for Coaches Christian Mickelsen


Christian-MickelsonClient-Getting Expert for Coaches Christian Mickelsen is the creator of Free Sessions That Sell — the best-selling program that has consistently helped coaches create full practices and six-figure businesses. His perspectives have been featured in Forbes and MSN. Mickelsen has three #1 Amazon best-selling books including “Get Clients Today: How To Get A Surge Of New, High Paying Clients Today And Every Day.”

To access the Hot Spots to Find High Paying Clients, visit this link by August 25, 2014.


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Dot Girl First Period Kit New Product News and Tips Land on and Beyond

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Oh the thrill of seeing news about a worthy product travel far and wide and in perfect timing.   I love that.

This morning, news about the Dot Girl First Period Kit landed on and quite a few other news outlets, just in time to serve last-minute back-to-school shopping needs for young girls who may soon be experiencing their first periods unexpectedly at school.

Here’s the lead paragraph, which I had a lot of fun writing:

SEATTLE, Aug 23, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — With the news from Pediatrics about puberty coming as early as seven years of age for girls around the world, Kathy Pickus — co-founder Dot Girl Products ( — says parents and their daughters should take a lesson from the Boy Scouts when it comes to back-to-school shopping: Be prepared. Pickus recommends that parents stock backpacks with one additional item so girls are not caught with their pants down, not knowing what to do when they see red.

You can read the full release as it appears this morning on at this link.

This release “piggybacks”  on major news that broke earlier this month about puberty coming early for young girls.  It also “piggybacks” on the timeliness of the  back-to-school shopping season that is now in full swing.   Most importantly, it offers timely tips and information to guide parents and their daughters to navigate an important time in the lives of those young girls.

I can’t wait to learn what happens with respect to new website visits, inquiries and sales of the new product, and additional media pick up about this timely news.

If you have a young girl at home who is anticipating the first day of school, follow the tips Kathy Pickus recommends in this release and be prepared.  And, if you are a mommy blogger or journalist who writes about parenting topics and prepares product reviews, Kathy is happy to chat with you and offer even more useful information to serve your readers.

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Blogger Link Up Delivers Impact for Dot Girl Products

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If you have a consumer product that stands ready to serve the world, what is a fast, effective, and influential way to get the word out without breaking the bank?

One great way to do this is to offer your products for review to bloggers who have influence to both review your product and influence their communities to be fans for it, too.   Blogger Link Up, created by Idea Lady Cathy Stucker, is a useful resource to make this easy and productive.  You sign up for the service for free.   Then, you can either respond to the queries that make sense for your business or post queries to invite interest in what you have brewing.   It’s a beautiful thing.

Just last week, I connected with Kathy Pickus and Terri Goodwin, founders of Dot Girl Products.  This company has created the Dot Girl First Period Kit that offers everything a girl needs for her first period.  They created this product because they want girls everywhere to have a good first experience with their kit as their guide.   Having experienced their own awkward moments as young girls, these two women are mission driven to make the transition more joyful and welcome for young girls and their parents everywhere.   I suggested they make a pitch to Blogger Link Up to offer their product for review.  The same day, they received 12 requests from influential bloggers who met their criteria and asked to review their product.  As Kathy says, “Not bad for one day of focused effort.”  Here is the query they posted:

The Dot Girl’s First Period Kit – everything she needs for her first period.

Name: Kathy Pickus
Blog or Website URL:

What type of product are you offering for review?: health/wellness product for tween girls and their parents

What qualifies a blogger to review your product?:

We are looking for bloggers who write for parents of tween girls – may write for moms or dads.  Bloggers who review products for the tween age group are most welcome.  Must be comfortable with menstruation topic (or
uncomfortable and willing to admit it!)

If you are a blogger who influences parents, women, and their teen and tween daughters, I know Kathy and Terri would be honored to have you review their product for your readers.  And, if you just love the idea of this product and want to stock up for all the teen and tween girls in your community or suggest that their schools, Camp Fire and Girl Scout groups, and other youth groups do the same, please do.

What these two women are on a mission to deliver is important in a way that is priceless to describe.  I salute them

And if you believe Blogger Link Up has the juice to deliver the product reviews your product needs to grow in its marketplace influence, join and post your query.  Maybe you will be welcoming 12 new product reviews the first time you try and be that much closer to achieving your mission.   Good luck!

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Christmas in July? You Bet! Editors Share Product Publicity Tips

product publicity Comments Off on Christmas in July? You Bet! Editors Share Product Publicity Tips

Publicist and Holiday Gift Guide guru Margie Zable Fisher is hard at work on her Holiday Gift Guide product publicity pitching.

Yes, for publicists, it really is Christmas in July.  That’s when many of the major magazines start looking for products to feature in their fourth quarter monthly publications.  Many work on a four- to six-month lead time, and deadlines for product submissions are generally in the summertime.

Margie has gotten hundreds of product P.R. placements, in media outlets including O Magazine, Real Simple, Daily Candy, People StyleWatch, Good Housekeeping, the Today Show and more.

She regularly speaks with the media, and shared some tips from her recent discussions with Holiday Gift Guide Editors on getting product publicity:

  • Pitch your newest products, or products in colors or combinations that are new to the market; Editors always want the newest products, especially if the products have not gotten major press – they want to be the first ones to report on a product.
  • Exclusive discounts for readers are big this year; don’t lose out on P.R. placements because you are unwilling to offer discounts.
  • Low-cost products, especially under $50, are a continuing trend this year; even if your products are generally higher-priced than that, provide a smaller size or gift option in that price range, to qualify for P.R. placements.  The goal is to get customers to your Website, and once they get there, they’ll have a chance to see your other products.

You can learn about Margie’s Holiday Gift Guide pitching program, and get more product publicity tips, in Margie’s free report, “10 Tips to Get Your Product Covered in Holiday Gift Guides,” available at this link

Thanks Margie!

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Discouraged Former Real Estate Investor Finds Riches in Sassy Novelty Item — It Takes Balls to Golf

PR in Action, product publicity Comments Off on Discouraged Former Real Estate Investor Finds Riches in Sassy Novelty Item — It Takes Balls to Golf

The media loves a rags to riches story, and I had the opportunity to work with a new entrepreneur last week with a very timely, relevant and entertaining story to tell.

Who among us hasn’t been impacted by the challenging economy?  Doug Baker, a former real estate investor, was discouraged when his house flipping business was turned on its side as a consequence of the dramatic changes in the real estate market.  Discouraged and dismayed, he followed advice his wife Sandra gave him.  She said, “Follow your heart.  Figure out a way to make a living doing something you love.”

As it turned out, what Doug loves is the game of golf.  One morning, he woke up with an “aha” moment to create “My Sack.”  Today, the company is on track to generate $1 million in revenues.    Read the press release below for more details and inspiration that anything is possible, if you just allow yourself to think creatively, act decisively, add value to the marketplace — and have a little fun.   And, if you are looking for a playful and affordable gift to share with the golfer in your life this Valentine’s Day, MySack could be just the ticket!

By the way, if you need help turning your “aha” moment into a media opportunity, check out the “Rent Nancy’s PR Brain” service.   That’s what Sandra and Doug Baker did, and they are smiling now.


Contact:   Sandra Baker or Doug Baker,  801-391-7515 or

(or call Nancy Juetten, 425-641-5214 or send email at if Sandra or Doug aren’t available.)

My Sack Has “Cutest Gift for Men” in the Bag, According to Hallmark Buyers at Altanta Gift Show

Discouraged Former Real Estate Investor Finds Riches in Sassy Novelty Item

(Atlanta, GA – January 14, 2010) — A new novelty item for golfers took the January 2010 Atlanta Gift Show by storm when “My Sack” came out of the bag in a big way, Founder Doug Baker quipped today.  Baker is founder of My Sack, the original ball holder (

Gift buyers from Hallmark stores and beyond called ‘My Sack’ the unexpected darling at the gift show,”  Baker said.  Gift buyers from Hallmark and scores and scores of boutique chain retailers and gift stores are placed orders valued at almost $70,000 in sales in a single weekend at this show.  Based on the sales momentum achieved since the product first debuted in July of 2009 at their first Atlanta Gift Show, Baker is optimistic that “My Sack” is on its way toward achieving $1 million in sales for 2010.

“That is great news for him as well as for women everywhere who are looking for the a show-stopping gift to delight their golfing husbands this Valentine’s Day. The picture tells the story about what this item is quite well.  Within the sack are two logo-adorned golf balls and the message, “It Takes Balls to Golf.”

MySack is crafted using high-quality, ultra-suede fabric and industrial-strength stitching.  It has a heavy-duty velcro enclosure and sturdy clasp which are both double-stitched to ensure longevity.  All logos are embroidered (except custom-ordered corporate logos).  MySack was designed to ensure laughs and durability for years to come. My Sack retails for $14.99.

Prior to launching ‘My Sack,” Baker was in the business of real estate investing and flipping homes.  When the market fell out, his business did, too.  Discouraged and dismayed, he searched for inspiration to create a new way to serve the marketplace.  An avid golfer, he woke up one morning with his “aha” moment.  Why not create a useful ball holder that could also lift spirits for those hoping to swing the club for a win next time.”

Baker said the product was in four stores in June of 2009.  In August, MySack was in 36 stores.  By December, 120 stores were carrying the product.  By January, well over 500 stores are carrying the product.

Baker said, “My story offers timely inspiration to those many thousands of Americans who are discouraged, underemployed, or out of work.  You really can live your dream if you just set aside your disappointment and let your imagination take flight.  You just might find a hole in one.”

Baker also offers an extraordinary guarantee for this remarkable product.  He says, “I am so confident that MySack will be a hit in your retail store, as it has for others, I will guarantee that if you are not pleased with the sales of MySack after days, I will buy back the display and all unsold items from you.  I can only do this because of the history and success that we have seen so quickly with MySack.”

This guarantee applies with purchase of the $39.00 display which includes three free MySacks (retail value $42.00) to offset display cost.  Call or email us for pricing info. Doug Baker is available for media interviews.  Call Doug at  801-391-7515.  Reporters and bloggers seeking product samples to feature in Valentine’s Day Gift Guides are encouraged to get in touch, request samples, and share the news with their followers.


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