Trio of Bellevue Financial Planners Debuts Smart Money Moves Book to Inspire Professionals Early in Their Careers to Make the Most of Their Money and Their Lives

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For Immediate Release

January 30, 2019

Three financial planners from Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC have released a new book for professionals early in their careers about getting on track and staying on track with their money, just in time for goal setting in the new year.

Smart Money Moves: Get On Track and Stay on Track Early in Your Career with These Tips, Hacks, and Strategies is now available for purchase at

“Money matters are top of mind at the start of a new year. Smart Money Moves is a perfect gift or resource for 20-and-30-something professionals to help them get off to a good start managing their money. It’s an easy read and a useful resource packed with hacks, tips and strategies to make the most of their money and their lives,” says Steve Juetten, CFP® , Founder and Principal of Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC.

When money questions come up around buying a car, starting a new job, or deciding to start a family or buy a house, while figuring out how to pay off student debt, Smart Money Moves is the book to turn to, Juetten suggests.

Co-authors Kyle Wilke, CFP® and Chelsea Hodl, MBA, are early career professionals who confer with and advise 20 and 30-something career professionals about money matters. That is refreshing for clients who prefer to talk to peer experts as opposed to advisors who are decades older.

Roseanney Liu, a nonfiction author and speaker from Los Angeles read the book and had this to say about it:

“Filled with eye-opening eureka moments was my experience reading Smart Money Moves. The financial advice shared with millennials and early career professionals is timely and on par with great wisdom that will help readers be on the right track to financial security and success. As someone with young children, I was pleasantly surprised by tips on the differences between pre-paid tuition plans and education savings plans and that bank accounts may be set to P.O.D. (read the book to find what it means) condition in order for beneficiaries to not pay estate taxes. It was interesting to realize the differences between credit freeze and a credit lock and they both can safeguard one’s financial identity. The advice about how to smartly research and choose debt consolidation companies is excellent for those seeking this avenue to pay down their debts. The explanation on how Bitcoin works and its risks are refreshing for me, as someone not well-versed on this digital wallet account works, and the advice is sound on why fee-only financial advisors and personal (not online) estate planning attorneys are best. Overall, Smart Money Moves is a wonderful, easy to understand financial advice book for millennials, and I look forward to implementing some things I have learned and sharing it with my children as it’s never too early to sow the seeds for one’s financial security.

About Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC

Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC is comprised of fee-only financial advisors who act as fiduciaries for their clients. This means advisors do not sell any products or receive commissions, and advisors always act in each client’s best interests. Clients engage for financial planning and investment management.

The Financial Foundations Program is a special division of the company that focuses on working with those early in their careers.  The Financial Foundations Program was started by Juetten Personal Financial Planning LLC. as a way for early career professionals to affordably obtain high quality fee-only financial planning. Early career professionals face unique challenges such as high housing costs, student loans and a dynamic workforce. Advisors focus on client goals and empowering clients to make smart money decisions. Purchase Smart Money Moves as a print or digital item at 


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Life Goes on Roadmap Co-Founders Announce Licensing Opportunity for Financial Advisers to Support Clients in Gaining Power, Access and Control Over Crucial Accounts

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The co-founders of Life Goes on Roadmap™ today announce that their system for personal financial information organization is available for licensing by financial advisers who seek to support their clients in getting their financial information and documents organized to give power, access and control for those moments in life when the moments matter most of all.

Early Adopter Pricing is in place through August 31, 2018.  More details can be found at



(Bellevue, WA – August 7, 2018) — Last week in Denver, Colorado, the Life Goes on Roadmap™ system for personal financial information organization made its debut before just shy of 100 fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals at the annual professional development retreat for the Garrett Planning Network to welcome new licensees, rave reviews and strong interest.

Created by CFP Steve Juetten and his wife Nancy Juetten, Life Goes on Roadmap is a proven, practical, engaging system for personal financial information organization that financial advisers can brand as their own to serve their clients more deeply, fill a gap that may exist within their own service offerings, set themselves apart as Life Goes on Roadmap™ preferred providers, attract referrals, and also make more money through inspired service.

The need to create this product came to light in late 2017 when Nancy asked her husband Steve to get her up to speed about all their passwords, account information, and other crucial documents and information so she would be empowered to drive life forward if something should happen to him.

When they completed that assignment on a rainy day in Bellevue, WA, they realized that families everywhere could benefit from the same system. They decided to first reach out to fee-only financial advisers in efforts to potentially reach the greatest number of families in the least amount of time.

Nancy explains, “Financial advisers guide their clients to save for retirement, manage their investments, mitigate their risks, and support them in making wise choices for the future.

However, many stop short when it comes to making sure their clients have power, access, and control over their most crucial financial information and documents for those moments when life takes a turn for the worse.

Life Goes on Roadmap™ bridges that gap to serve clients more completely.  We’ve also ‘gamified’ the process so this can be an epic journey of discovery instead of an administrative task that they keep delaying until another day, often to their detriment.”

Many a financial adviser has been challenged when clients share that their partner is ill and has a short runway to prepare for what’s coming next.

Applying time and effort to create a system to support clients in getting their practical paperwork and documents organized and in the right places may have been on the to-do list for way too long.

Friends and family members whose lives are touched by the urgent situations like these may be triggered to get their own acts together before life happens to them — while they are in the prime of their lives and looking forward to epic adventures still to come.

The Life Goes on Roadmap™ system for personal financial information organization meets this need in an engaging way that ignites powerful conversations as couples course correct to make sure both parties are on equal footing when it comes to having power, access, and control over their most important accounts.

Combining Nancy’s marketing and communications talents with Steve’s financial planning expertise to create this system has proven to be effective.

Thousands of couples have downloaded their 5 Blind Spots for Couples That Stop Financial Empowerment and How to Course Correct for a Smoother Journey special report.

Scores of special report subscribers have become clients of the Life Goes on Roadmap system in a short period of time.

With the endorsement of Sheryl Garrett, founder of Garrett Planning Network, and the raves of clients across the country who sing the praises of Life Goes on Roadmap™, the Juettens welcome conversations with financial advisers who want to brand this system as their own to serve their own clients in this powerful, engaging way.

An educational video that explains the licensing opportunity can be found at
Early Adopter Pricing is valid through August 31, 2018.

About Life Goes on Roadmap™

Created by CFP Steve Juetten and his wife Nancy Juetten, Life Goes on Roadmap is a proven, practical, engaging system for personal financial information organization that financial advisers can brand as their own to serve their clients more deeply, fill a gap that may exist within their own service offerings, set themselves apart as Life Goes on Roadmap™ preferred providers, attract referrals, and also make more money through inspired service.

The product is also available for purchase on an a la carte basis at this link.

Nancy Juetten says, “Life Goes on Roadmap™ is a great gift that shifts conversations from drama, trauma, and chaos to calm, ease, and peace of mind for those moments in life when the moments matter most of all.”





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7 Simple Steps to Create a Press Release Today

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Getting the word out about your expertise and latest news can be accomplished with a simple press release you prepare and then SHARE via your blog, ezine, social media, OR via the distribution service of your choice. This blog post intends to make it easy for you to create a press release for your latest news in a step by step way — quickly and with confidence.

1) Create a headline that showcases how you want to be known and something of note that readers will find newsworthy or noteworthy.


Joint Venture Coach Nancy Juetten Reveals How to Build Credible Influence Online That Pays Off

2) Create a short summary about what the news release is about.  Make clear the audience to benefit most from the news.  In this case, it is online business owners whose own programs are not yet done, proven, or perfected.


Long before creating a large and loyal list of newsletter subscribers, Joint Venture Coach Nancy Juetten listened carefully to the needs of her clients and made quality recommendations to solve their problems. In today’s online marketplace, the power of credible championship of other people’s programs pays off with a 5-figure revenue stream year after year, separate from income that flows from her own popular and proven Get Known to Get Paid training and private mentoring programs. Juetten’s success tips and mistakes to avoid serve online business owners blazing a similar trail who need to create a reliable bridge to revenue until their own products or programs are done, proven or perfected.

3) Write the news release.

Success Tips: Make sure the story has some human interest that relates to a trend or other angle that is timely, useful and relevant.  Include a quote from the expert to add perspective and personality. The news release should include information from which readers can learn something or benefit without having to make a purchase. Write the press release in the third person in a factual, journalistic style.


During the depths of The Great Recession of 2008, Nancy Juetten’s boutique publicity agency fell on hard times. She was among the many business owners who experienced a steep drop in revenues during tough economic times. Her business teetered on the brink of failure.

“One day, during my daily march to the mailbox to retrieve bills that I needed to find a way to pay, I received a check for $2000. It turned out to be a commission for a mastermind that someone in my community decided to buy at my recommendation,” Juetten explained. “That accidental check in the mailbox set me on a path to learn how to recommend quality products to serve the needs of others in my community for good and profit.”

Today, Juetten makes a practice of reaching out to the leaders of large tribes in the online coaching niche to explore how she can support their success through the power of her credible recommendations. In doing so, she has  created a 5-figure revenue stream year after year, separate from income that flows from her own popular and proven Get Known to Get Paid training and private mentoring programs. Juetten guides online entrepreneurs to create the same result with her JV VIP Day and other offerings.

Juetten says that among the biggest mistakes to avoid are arranging bad marriages from the start, fishing in waters of really big fish without being ready, and being too self-focused such that a potential partner cannot see the value of starting a relationship in the first place.

Among the most useful lessons she has learned along the way are:

  • Support others whose values and services are a good match without compromise.
  • Serve fans and followers well by bringing products that are already proven to deliver the desired result to their attention.
  • See the value in every relationship to lift others up along the climb to success.
  • Build influence through authenticity and integrity.

4.  Be clear about the call to action.


Learn more by downloading her ‘Avoid JV Mistakes Toolkit’ today or tuning in to the replay of a YouTube interview about building credible influence with heart and smarts without being a shark.

5) Finish with a “boilerplate” paragraph that offers brief background about the person being showcased in the news release.


About Joint Venture Coach Nancy Juetten:

Nancy Juetten is the Get Known to Get Paid Mentor and Joint Venture Coach who got introduced to joint venture partnerships in 2008. Today some of the biggest names in internet marketing and business coaching – Christian Mickelsen, Christine Kloser, Milana Leshinsky, and Rich German — call her by name, sing her praises, and proudly advocate for her products, programs, and services to their tribes as she returns the same or something better for them. This single strategy has added more star power to her brand and reputation and accelerated her impact, influence, and income than any other.

6) Include images with your news release to add visual interest.

nancy-jvtk (3)

7) Include contact information to make it easy for reporters and others of influence to get in touch for interviews, speaking invitations, or other opportunities.



Nancy Juetten, 425-641-5214 (PST),

Simple distribution ideas to reach your own loyal fans, followers, and champions include posting your news to your blog, showcasing it in ezine, or sharing across social media.  You can also use PR Newswire or prREACH to share your news with audience BEYOND those you already know.  This is highly recommended.

So, there you have it — 7 steps to create a press release about your expertise and your news.

Why not create one of your own and see how far the news travels and what opportunities it helps serve up to make more of your own best impact in the marketplace?

Ready. Set. Go!



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Common Questions about Press Releases and Their Results

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Clients ask me time and time again what actually happens with their visibility, credibility, and profitability when they issue press releases. Many good things often happen, and here is a partial list of what can and often does happen for those who are serious about getting known through the power of good press in the traditional or online media.

Even if it has been a long time since you actually held a real newspaper in your hands, do not underestimate the value of having your expertise showcased online. It makes it easier for your ideal prospective clients to find you and decide at first glance that you truly are the right expert to engage to solve their urgent problems.

Note: All Images are Clickable to Make It Easy to Read or Watch the Press Releases.

  • Clients who feel invisible to their ideal clients appreciate the visibility and credibility they welcome when their expertise is more easily found in a Google or other internet search engine investigation. The transformation from invisible to visible feels really empowering to experts who for one reason or another have been hiding out in obscurity for way too long.
  • Sometimes, one media placement invites others to fan the flames of visibility to create a firestorm of interest in the expert being featured.  For example, remember when the PBS series “Downton Abbey” was at the height of popularity? My husband — Bellevue, WA Certified Financial Planner Professional Steve Juetten —  and I crafted a press release about the financial lessons inspired from the halls of Downton Abbey. That press release  opened the door for follow up media placements on the PBS blog,,, and many other prestigious media outlets. This effort resulted in excellent and prestigious visibility and it also delivered 300 new opt in subscribers who were interested in the Smart Money Rules gift booklet he was offering at that time in exchange for their name and email address.  Steve says a number of those new opt in subscribers subsequently decided to invest in his personal financial planning and investment management services.

RSR BC ad with weblink

  • When using prREACH – a video news release service that is part of a Press Release Pizzazz done-for-you service I offer, placement reports demonstrate that 370 or more outlets run the news as presented. That is a lot of potential “eye balls” of potential clients who can make the wise choice to take the call to action noted within each release to learn more.
  • Often experts will welcome speaking gigs and invitations to contribute commentary to podcasts, teleseminars, and other high profile opportunities to share their expertise with more of their ideal clients. For example, Sara Harvey Yao — an expert on executive leadership and presence — took advantage of the epic win of the Seattle Seahawks in a championship game to bring her expertise to the top of the search engines fast.  When she shared the media coverage that resulted from this effort with her most important client, she was booked for two paid speaking engagements almost immediately.


  • New Author Dr. Susan O’Malley was excited to share her new book with the world, yet her own author platform had not yet grown to a size where an email to her list would make a lot of noise. She took the opportunity to debut her book about working hard for success around the St. Patrick’s Day holiday to make her point that success is not to be left to chance.  The visibility came at the perfect time to draw attention to a book signing event in her home town of Connecticut.  And the “cool quotient” associated with the video news release also made it easy and fast to share the good news across social media.


  • The World’s Leading Relationship with Money Coach Morgana Rae reached out to get press for her expertise. One of the most amusing results of that effort was that Siri — the voice of the i-phone — returns her website as the result when you ask “Who is the world’s leading relationship with money coach?” It’s hard to quantify the value of that, but when it is you who is showcased by Siri, you’ll immediately feel the impact.


  • Christine Kloser has seen fit to use press releases to promote the Transformational Author Experience.  Here is the release from the 2013 event.  The media placements earned as a direct result of this are now proudly posted to the home page for the 5th annual event.
  • Media logos from placements can be showcased visually as demonstrated by this image of yours truly. As a Facebook profile image, this clearly sets my profile apart in a credible way that reinforces my “media savvy” expertise.

nancy-2013-with-logos (3)

  • Clearly, my husband  of 28 years Steve is my longest standing client. I am a huge champion for his success.
  • In his business, the use of testimonials and the sharing of commissions is not allowed by the Certified Financial Planner code of ethics.  His is running a business that is based squarely on trust, and building his credibility in a clean and ethical manner has always been a high priority.
  • Since potential clients will search for someone with his expertise using key words such as “Bellevue, WA Fee-Only Financial Planner” or “Certified Financial Planner Professional, Bellevue, WA,” Steve has made a point of emphasizing those words on the “home page” of his website and on blog posts he writes.  And, he also knows clients serious about engaging his expertise will often do an internet search of his first and last name to learn more about him.  
  • Since he has been issuing press releases and commenting to the media about financial planning topics for years, the credibility around his expertise is very solid.  One article that ran in the Seattle Times years ago still comes up quickly in an internet search for Steve’s name because he is quoted by offering stellar advice.  Time and time again, clients say, “I read your comments in the Seattle Times article, and that helped me know that you were the adviser I wanted to meet with.” 
  • Once Steve meets with the clients, his listening skills and gifts at enrolling clients to his services take center stage. 
  • In the internet marketing world, some experts elect to use press releases to reach potential clients who have not yet become part of their email subscriber communities.  While this does not contribute significantly to a huge wave of new opt in subscribers in my experience, it DOES contribute a “cool quotient” and additional credibility around their expertise. For experts who have achieved a measure of meaningful success, the recognition associated with being seen in this way is hard to calculate and meaningful at a very personal level.   The email notes of appreciation I have received time and time again reinforce how very true this is. While some people say business is business, experts who have worked long and hard for their success consider GETTING PRESS very personal.
  • Some clients are reluctant to take center stage for whatever reason and don’t want to put themselves on video.  The advantage of a video news release is that the expert’s perspectives and call to action can be highlighted, while an attractive news reader delivers the information.
  • People learn in different ways. Video engages people with sight and sound, enhancing the likelihood that the message will be received and ignite some action. Video is highly relevant in today’s video crazed, “let me watch it on my i-phone” culture.

These are just the tip-of-the-iceberg results that can unfold when experts, authors, consultants, and speakers make an ongoing use of press releases — video or traditional — to build buzz about their expertise and invite visibility, credibility, and — of course — profitability.

I’ll be speaking more about press releases and the potholes to avoid during an interview Tuesday, May 26 at 10 a.m. Pacific. Join me and Christine Kloser of the 2015 Transformational Author Experience to listen in and benefit. The replay will be made available for 24 hours without fee.

Nancy Juetten

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Joint Venture Experts Milana Leshinsky and Rich German Share the 12 Reasons Power Partners Say “No” in Their Revealing New Report

Joint Ventures, PR Beyond the Backyard Comments Off on Joint Venture Experts Milana Leshinsky and Rich German Share the 12 Reasons Power Partners Say “No” in Their Revealing New Report

12-Reasons-Report (3)FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

LAGUNA BEACH, CA, March 13, 2014 /– Client attraction, list building, and joint ventures are high priorities for coaches and consultants around the world who are serious about growing their businesses now.  Figuring out the specific how-to details to create those results fast is a source of serious frustration for many.  That is why Milana Leshinsky and Rich German, co-founders of JV Insider Circle, LLC, have released a revealing new report to bring in the relief, the education, and the support for a limited time only – March 13 – March 28, 2014.

Breaking the JV Code: Top 12 Reasons Joint Venture Partners Will NEVER Promote You! explains the specific, road-tested lessons that coaches, consultants, and experts can apply to unlock this influential strategy to their expert and bottom line advantage, starting now.  Within this ebook, Leshinsky and German define and explain what not to do and the right ways to proceed to initiate and nurture lasting and rewarding strategic partnerships.

“The truth is there are 12 major mistakes new joint venture partners make that lead to potential disappointment or disaster,” Leshinsky explains.  

They are:

1.     Making a pitch without creating a relationship first

2.     Suggesting irrelevant offers that aren’t a good fit

3.     Offering a generic program that fails to solve a specific problem

4.     Failing to put the partner’s needs front and center

5.     Not putting enough juice in the reward package

6.     Failing to establish trust

7.     Forgetting to ask for reciprocation

8.     Winging it instead of being ready with quality communications and support at every turn

9.     Extending confusing offers that fail to inspire action

10.  Talking too much, writing too much, and not getting to the meat of the matter fast

11.  Boring a potential partner with an invitation that is blah-blah-blah and boilerplate instead of compelling, controversial and epic.

12.  Showing up with unprofessional, unremarkable marketing materials that scream “So what?” instead of “Wow.”

Leshinsky and German run million-dollar coaching and information business empires from home offices on the East and West Coast. They credit joint ventures as their leading strategy and are now sharing their best lessons for success with the world.

“Our new ebook elaborates about each of these points so we can guide action takers around the world to earn joint venture success right out of the gate,” Leshinsky explains.  We share what we’ve learned from the trenches as top performing joint venture partners for luminaries including Robert Allen, Loral Langemeier, Bob Proctor, Alex Mandossian, Mary Morrissey, Christian Mickelsen, Lisa Sasevich, Kendall SumerHawk, Callan Rush, and others.

Wealth Through Workshops Founder Callan Rush says this report is eye opening, educational, and empowering.  She says, “We’re constantly reminding our clients to focus on these types of profitable relationships… Breaking the JV Code will empower thousands of business owners around the world, starting right now.” 

About JV Insider Circle Co-founders Milana Leshinsky and Rich German

Milana Leshinsky operates a million-dollar coaching and information business empire. As the creator of Recurring Revenue Revolution and the author of “Coaching Millions,” Milana has been called the MEGA Coach of the coaching industry. Today she works with entrepreneurs and service professionals to help them uncover hidden profit centers, maximize their existing revenue streams, and create businesses that support their lifestyle. She came from Soviet Ukraine 20 years ago as a classical musician with zero knowledge of the business world, reached six figures within three years, and runs her  million-dollar business from home, while raising two children.

Since 1999, Rich German has conducted over 18,000 1-on-1 coaching calls. He started his own company in 2008 and has taken the world of coaching coaches by storm. He has written two best-selling books and founded the Epic Coach Academy. He has built a list of over 56,000 people using the exact joint venture techniques that are taught in the JV Insider Circle. He is also the founder of the Gen Why Project that supports the 1.6 million homeless children in the US. Rich works from his home and on the sand in Laguna Beach, California.

Leshinsky and German welcome speaking engagements, interview requests, and free downloads of their new report, Breaking the JV Code.


Media Only


Nancy Juetten


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Press Release Delivers Business Bio Expertise to Bloomberg Businessweek

Media Savvy 101, PR Beyond the Backyard Comments Off on Press Release Delivers Business Bio Expertise to Bloomberg Businessweek

It’s thrilling to see your own name and expertise showcased in a highly credible way. That was my experience this week. I wrote a press release that was timely, newsworthy, relevant and of service to my ideal audience. With the support of Dan Janal’s Press Release Sender service, the information crossed PR Newswire. And below is among the most powerful media results among the 225 that flowed within 48 hours, putting my expertise front and center.


If you want for yourself what I am having, I’d be happy to be of service.

Engage me for Press Release Pizzazz.

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Solopreneurs, Want to Make a Pitch the Media Can’t Resist? Tune In Thursday, 9-22 at 11 a.m. Get Inspired to Create Your Own Economic Recovery

Event Promotion, PR Beyond the Backyard Comments Off on Solopreneurs, Want to Make a Pitch the Media Can’t Resist? Tune In Thursday, 9-22 at 11 a.m. Get Inspired to Create Your Own Economic Recovery

During this call, you will hear from two business owners who were “newbies” to publicity just two months ago who have since taken bold action to earn decisive, stunning results in the media.   You’ll learn the nitty-gritty details about how they did it and the lessons they applied to be so effective so fast.   I’ll share some useful tips to guide you to make a pitch the media can’t resist so you can have what these “newbies” are having as soon as possible.   And you’ll learn more about the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series starting up again on October 5, what sets it apart from other virtual workshops, and why it might be the ideal training to guide you to get seen, heard, celebrated and compensated for your expert status.  It’s going to be time well spent, one and all.  Here is the link to register so you can get the call in instructions.

It’s always best to tune in live because you never know what special treats might be shared that are valid just for those who show up LIVE. And, yes, the call recording will be posted within 24 hours.

By the way, I don’t just talk about preparing and sharing stories to stand out in the media,  I practice what I preach.  Did you see the press release I sent that landed on scores of major news media sites this week, including CNBC? Check out the story that offer tips to create your own economic recovery — especially if you are a solopreneur or independent business consultant.

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Media Placement Success Worthy of Global Celebration — 191,000 Placements So Far for Mona Lisa Code

PR Beyond the Backyard Comments Off on Media Placement Success Worthy of Global Celebration — 191,000 Placements So Far for Mona Lisa Code

Today I received an email about media placement success that is so exciting that I just have to share it.  It came from Elizabeth Venturini.  She writes, ” I just received a phone call from PRWEB.  This is the news agency that I used to send out the release about the Mona Lisa Code.  The guy that spoke with me said he was red flagged by his manager that our release generated 191,000 placements!  He said it is trending very high on Yahoo news right now. He said PRWEB has NEVER I repeat NEVER received this many placements on a single release.  The guy asked me, “Tell me again who are you? And what does your husband do?”  He was stunned that we made the number one news agency in Italy.”

Elizabeth learned her media relations lessons well as one of the students enrolled in the group webinar series that is gearing up to start again on October 5.  Before enrolling in this course, Elizabeth didn’t know how to write a press release, write a story pitch, or respond to a reporter query.  She hesitated to invest the $497 to enroll, but she took the plunge to see what she could learn and apply to her benefit.  Now she is very glad that she did because the media placement results around the world have put her husband’s expertise on the map in a big way.

Bottom Line:  Elizabeth jumped in to learn her lessons well, and the media results have been beyond her wildest expectations and those of the top brass at PRWeb.   Today she told me a query she made has resulted in an invitation for her husband Scott Lund to appear on a radio show — — that is ranked the number 4 top radio program in the country, averaging eleven to twelve million listeners daily, and  heard in over 200 plus markets.  Segments of the show are often replayed on fox news; cable’s number one news channel.  The interview is slated for Wed. September 14, 2011.

Below is an example of how she made her approach.  If you want to learn these lessons to your own benefit, enroll in the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series by 9-23-11.  The course packs a punch for empowering your success in preparing and sharing your story, and the results Elizabeth has shared are powerful proof. Read the rest…

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Press Release to Grow Your List? It Can Work, and Here’s How

PR Beyond the Backyard Comments Off on Press Release to Grow Your List? It Can Work, and Here’s How

In today’s internet age, there is a great deal of buzz about list building. The bigger your list, the greater your wealth. That is why you hear about so many courses to help you learn how to build yours.

Experts say — and I agree — that  you should offer a free gift in exchange for joining your ezine in the first place.  You can write articles for online article directories that invite readers to opt-in to your list.  You can create auto-responders that invite new followers on Twitter to join your list.  You can host teleseminars and webinars that require listeners to opt-in to benefit.  You can stage a contest next time you speak live and collect business cards by permission to enter to win (and join your list.)   You can create networking business cards thatq entice new people you meet to visit your site, enjoy your free gift, and benefit from your ezine.  And, you can joint venture with like-minded partners who have established communities of people who can benefit from your subject matter expertise.  All of these approaches work to grow your list.  All of them are among the strategies I employ.   My list size has doubled since January, so the results are measurable and clear.

However, if you are early on in your business and don’t yet have a big list, it can be slow going to attract joint venture partners. The big players with the big lists are likely going to be reluctant to invite you to play with them because you haven’t yet earned the influence to make an impact that they can feel in their online shopping carts.

So, with all that said, what is a business owner to do when the desire is to attract lots of interest when your own list is still small?

One idea is to issue a press release over a wire service to enjoy widespread distribution of your news. This press release should offer information that is timely, newsworthy, relevant, interesting, and remarkable as opposed to a “buy this service or product now” kind of message. If, for example, your company has something to offer that is timely for the “back to school” theme, tell that story, offer tips and information to inform the reader, and offer a way for the reader to learn even more — by opting into your ezine list to benefit from your free gift that offers a check list of everything you need to be ready for back to school with ease.

And, if you were to create a schedule of compelling news releases — perhaps once a month — to share your unfolding news with the world, readers would have additional reasons to visit your website or blog, opt-in to benefit from your ezine, and get even more familiar with the products and services you offer.   Once people join your list, you can send them a series of auto-responder messages that generously share tips and resources to guide them to enjoy success with your company as a trusted resource.   In short order, many of these new subscribers just might make the wise decision to become your paying clients or customers.

Does it cost a few bucks to send a press release over the wire?  Yes.   But look at it this way.   The lifetime value of one perfect client is more than enough to achieve return on that modest investment.

I have had excellent success inviting media interviews and new ezine opt-ins by sending press releases over the wire.  That is why I can make this recommendation to you with confidence.  This service does a great job for me.  Check it out to share your news, grow your list, and invite more perfect readers to get excited about what you have brewing.

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St. Patrick’s Day Timing is Perfect for Those Who Need More Green. CashMap App for iPad Shows How to Get It

PR Beyond the Backyard Comments Off on St. Patrick’s Day Timing is Perfect for Those Who Need More Green. CashMap App for iPad Shows How to Get It

In the world of publicity, timing is everything.   That is why March 17 was the day to announce a new personal budgeting application for iPad to the world.   You’d have to be living under a rock not to know that the iPad 2 is the shiny bright object of the moment, and that opened the door for my client Dennis Williams to “piggypack” on that news to bring his own new release into the spotlight.

With a little help from Dan Janal’s Guaranteed Press Release distribution service, Dennis’ news about CashMap is showing up at and Consumer Electronics Daily, among scores and scores of additional and relevant media outlets.  You can even take this new personal budgeting application for a spin for free.   For those for whom green is in short supply, this is cause for celebration.  Read the press release for all the details.

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