Robyn Spizman with Words of Wisdom about Media Relations, WOW, and Other Things

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I’ve been out of touch for a few days because I attended the eWomenNetwork International Conference & Business Expo 2008 in Dallas, Texas with about 3,000 other women business owners and a few men besides.

robyn.jpgcover_wheres-your-wow_hi-res.jpgRobyn Spizman, nationally recognized television personality, lecturer and author of dozens of how-to books, was among the top notch speakers at the event, and she offered a sound bite worth repeating. She said if you break down the word “media” into two parts, the first is “me” and the second is “do it again.” Her point was that consistency is key when sharing your story with the media. Keep at it, and great results will flow. She also made clear the importance of showcasing your WOW, just in time to bring attention to her own latest WOW — the book entitled “Where is Your WOW?”

Spizman says that WOW is that indefinable “something” that makes you really stand out. WOW happens when you and your business, ideas, and abilities exist in that very small zone called distinctive. You do something that’s so fresh, innovative, and impressive that you are memorable. And you make it look effortless.

She offered at least three ways to showcase your WOW.

1) Always ask, “How can I help you?”

2) Be the first to say “hello.”

3) It’s better to be interested versus interesting. Spizman credited this tip to Pat Burns.

Those are great tips. I can’t wait to read the book for even more great ideas.

What is your WOW? And, how are you sharing your story with the world?

I’ll share more highlights from the eWomenNetwork International Conference & Business Expo 2008 in the days to come. Stay tuned.

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Women Business Professionals (and a Few Good Men) Gather June 26 for Jazzy June

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rachaelcostner.jpgI am a big fan of connecting with other women business owners at networking events. It’s proven to be a powerful way to expand my dream team, learn new things, and find new ways to contribute. I’ll be attending Jazzy June at the Tacoma Convention Center on June 26 for the first time because I can’t wait to experience the event my colleague, friend, and 2008 SBA Women in Business Champion Rachael Costner has been bringing to market since 2002. Here is another link to make it easy for you to read more about it. In addition to owning Sands Costner, a Tacoma-based advertising and marketing agency, Rachael is the creator of the Women’s Resource and Business Directory.  This is a comprehensive online directory of businesses and resources for the community, business owners, leaders and those seeking direction, along with an online calendar of events and half-rate advertising opportunities for non-profit organizations.

I am pleased to announce that Rachael will be my special guest at the August 15 Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshop I’ll be hosting in the South Sound. Yes, I am taking the Publici-Tea™ beyond my Bellevue, WA backyard, and I can hardly wait. Rachael will offer plenty of small business marketing tips and resources to add tremendous value for every guest who attends. Why not make plans now to join us so you can get your DIY publicity machine in perfect order in time to earn fabulous results for fourth quarter? I can’t wait to meet you — at Jazzy June and at the August 15 Publici-Tea™.

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Office Gossip and Its Impact on the Workplace and Your Reputation

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Don’t miss this story in today’s Seattle Times about a topic that is bound to get you talking. Elaine Porterfield, the newest team member at Authentic Visibility, has written a provocative and useful piece about office gossip and its impact on the workplace and your reputation. This is a must-read piece to take to heart. And if you love Elaine’s writing, she’s now on the team and ready for action. Bring on the projects. We are ready to serve!

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Bob Burg’s Endless Referrals Live Program is Coming to Bellevue June 10

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My good friend Zita Gustin is connected to some pretty amazing people, and Best Selling Author Bob Burg is one of them. Burg wrote the book “Endless Referrals” which arms business owners with a system to gently and persuasively develop and cultivate relationships that result in a network of endless prospects and referrals.

Combining humor with hard-hitting bullet points of information, Burg’s programs offer event guests access to information to help them develop and cultivate win-win business relationships, master the art of positive persuasion, and dramatically increase their bottom lines. You can read all about and register for this 4-hour workshop taking place at Lincoln Square Cinemas on June 10 by clicking here. Enjoy savings when you sign up before June 3.

And, while you have your planning calendar at hand, decide now to join me for breakfast on June 6 at the North Seattle Community College. I’ll be talking about how to create a fabulous local publicity basket by picking the low hanging media fruit. You’ll leave with names and numbers of media people who will be thrilled to receive and report on your news. You won’t want to miss this. Register at this link.

And, to Zita Gustin, happy birthday to you. I am very glad you were born.

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Save June 12 to Learn Why Making Your Products and Services Easy to Buy, Own, and Refer is Essential

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alice-cunningham-50smaller.jpgBusiness owners and managers seeking to build a powerful army of advocates for their products and services are invited to make plans now to attend the Thursday, June 12 lunch meeting of Marketplace Ministries in Auburn to hear from 31-year, award-winning entrepreneur and multi-unit hot tub, spa, and home sauna retailer Alice Cunningham. Cunningham is co-owner of Olympic Hot Tub Company ( This is the oldest spa and hot tub company in the Northwest. Cunningham is responsible for sales and marketing for the company, which has annual gross sales of nearly $11 million. An accomplished public speaker, Cunningham was named one of the Puget Sound Business Journal’s Women of Influence in 2006. Event guests will learn proven tips to:

  • Help their own customers become strong advocates for their products and services;
  • Spend less on advertising and reinvest the funds back into their companies;
  • Ensure that customers continue to do business with them and recommend them to others.

Date Thursday, June, 12, 2008

Time: 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Location: Copper Falls Restaurant on the Auburn Golf Course

29630 Green River Road SE

Auburn, WA 98092

(253) 876-1957

Cost: $20

Register:  Online registrations are preferred – visit this link — or call (253) 859-0832, extension 309.

Questions: Ask Marketplace Ministries Contact Bonita Cooper or send email to, or visit the website.

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Alert the Media. The May 16 Publici-Tea is Coming to The Village Bellevue. The 1st 4 People to Register Will Receive a 30-Minute Power DIY Publicity Call with Me.

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I had a revelation last month when I tried to fit 13 business owners around my dining room table for the Publici-Tea Half-Day Workshop. This event has grown too big for my house. That is an alert the media moment for sure.

I am bringing the Publici-Tea™ to a new shared workspace called The Village Bellevue on May 16 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. The Village Bellevue is a members only workspace and meeting place for professionals that offers first-class facilities and services — and plenty of free parking. It boasts a generous conference room that can comfortably accommodate groups of 12-15 people.

If your business has grown beyond what your home office can hold, do yourself a favor and visit this well appointed facility that offers everything you need to do business successfully away from home. For me, The Village Bellevue is a powerful answer to a problem I’ve been struggling to solve in a way that makes sense for my business and my event guests. That’s why I can hardly contain my enthusiasm in recommending it to others.

And, here’s a special offer for the first four people to sign up for the May 16 Publici-Tea™ as a result of this post. Register today and mention “Village Bellevue” in the comments section of your registration form. In return, you’ll receive a 30 minute do-it-yourself publicity phone chat with me as a special bonus. Folks rave about the impact my publicity suggestions have had on their DIY publicity success, and you can join them when you sign up for the May 16 Publici-Tea today.

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Does “Spray and Pray” Work at the 11th Hour for Big Events? Probably Not.

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May I vent?

I received a voicemail message from someone that really got my goat. She said something like, “A very important celebrity is coming to Seattle within the next week. It’s incredibly important that we fill the room with people. We don’t have any budget to get the job done. Of course, we thought of you.”

Yikes! If that is the message my efforts are sending, I need to do better.

I have done a fair amount of event publicity and have a track record of “getting the butts in the seats.” But I sure as heck don’t accomplish those results with an 11th hour effort and without appropriate compensation. You can bet I made that message crystal clear when I returned the call. And, I don’t need to “try out” with this important celebrity project in hopes that I might earn the assignment in a future year. Either I am in or I am out on the merits of my talent, experience, and results. But I don’t try out.

Big events that are coming to town require more than a week’s notice to communicate. Anyone serious about building buzz should at a minimum allow two full weeks to alert the “business calendar” notice folks in the local and Internet media. And, if earning attention in the glossy magazines is a priority, allow even more time to deliver the news.

Earning big “ink and air” requires careful planning and focused story pitching. That means allowing adequate time to deliver the goods. The old “spray and pray” approach doesn’t typically deliver the goods, especially with just one week left to go until Event Day.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. And, if you need event publicity, never lead with the telephone message this person left for me. That is the perfect way to end a conversation before it ever has the chance to begin.

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How You Ask for What You Want Matters

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Every now and then, I get a call from someone who needs PR in the worst way and asks for it in an even worse way. The conversation starts something like this: “I really need your service, I don’t have much budget to work with, and I need help right now. Can we talk?”

Oh boy. I can’t wait to continue this conversation.

I get calls like this more often than I’d like, and I just scratch my head. How you ask for what you want matters. Starting a conversation in this way reveals volumes about you — and the story isn’t a good one.

No matter what service you are seeking, remember that service providers want to work with great clients who value their time, see value in the products or services they offer, and have the resources to pay for them. If you reveal otherwise with the first sentence you utter, what are the chances that you will attract and engage the right resources to solve your problems? Consider that food for thought on a Tuesday morning.

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Are You Ready for Inspired Action in 2008? Save Jan. 19, 2008 for an Inspired Event.

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I had the good fortune to do the media relations for the Mental Journey to Millions 3-day training event earlier this year. Through a combination of media relations, networking, and viral marketing, our team was able to compel 1,000 people to attend the event at the Seattle Westin in June of this year. The audience absolutely raved about the content and the experience.

Now, Matthew Ferry and Thach Nguyen, have scheduled a NEW event, taking place on Saturday, January 19 at the Seattle Convention Center. They call it the Inspired Action™ Workshop. In this action packed, one-day workshop, you’ll leave with a clearn understanding of what it is you truly want most in the ten key areas of your life. You’ll discover and learn how to tap into your greatest passions. You’ll make fundamental decisions, build a plan and begin to act upon it, while creating strategies for sustained momentum. All in one day. Guaranteed.

Just by working with these fine people and being exposed to their powerful material, my life and business took off in powerful ways. I would wish the same for you when you participate in this January 19 event. You can read more about it at Look for the January 19th event in Seattle, click on “Event Details.” Then, click on “Register for This Event.” You’ll be glad that you did. The event runs from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Just $99.

And, one final thing. One of the unstated benefits of attending an event like this is the opportunity you have to connect with other like-minded people who share your intention to have an inspired 2008. Sandra Yancey, founder of eWomenNetwork, says that your success is limited by the people you have not yet met. Fabulous people with intentions to make a contribution in the world will be in attendance, and you need to know them. And, most importantly, they need to know you! See you all there.

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Women’s Media Summit Podcast is Available Now

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Did you make the Women’s Media Summit a priority? And, if the answer is “no,” are you wishing you could listen in after the fact? I am writing today to report that you can! You can access all of the podcasts from this event that featured some of the nation’s leading publicity experts for just $57. You can visit to make your purchase.

And, if you want to listen in to my presentation about the deadly sins of media relations, here is that audio file for your listening pleasure:

The length is about 1.5 hours, and there is a lot of useful information within this presentation to support your quest for do-it-yourself publicity success. The last half hour or so is questions, answers, and feedback from the audience, and the feedback was very positive.

This is the first time I participated as a speaker in a webinar of this type. There was new technology to manage. It was an interesting experience to speak into a microphone and visually monitor the text messages from the audience participants to address their questions in real time. Best of all, the exchange gave everyone the opportunity to authentically connect and earn trust among and between the parties. Technology does really unlock the nation and the world for all of us, provided we take advantage of opportunities to get in the game. Special thanks to Heidi Richards, the CEO and founder of Women’s E-Commerce Association International ( for inviting me to contribute. This organization helps women do business on the web, and it is a beautiful thing.

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