VIP Access to the Get Ready Get Known Get Paid Workbook

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Click on the image to gain access to the digital eWorkbook.

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7 Simple Steps to Create a Press Release Today

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Getting the word out about your expertise and latest news can be accomplished with a simple press release you prepare and then SHARE via your blog, ezine, social media, OR via the distribution service of your choice. This blog post intends to make it easy for you to create a press release for your latest news in a step by step way — quickly and with confidence.

1) Create a headline that showcases how you want to be known and something of note that readers will find newsworthy or noteworthy.


Joint Venture Coach Nancy Juetten Reveals How to Build Credible Influence Online That Pays Off

2) Create a short summary about what the news release is about.  Make clear the audience to benefit most from the news.  In this case, it is online business owners whose own programs are not yet done, proven, or perfected.


Long before creating a large and loyal list of newsletter subscribers, Joint Venture Coach Nancy Juetten listened carefully to the needs of her clients and made quality recommendations to solve their problems. In today’s online marketplace, the power of credible championship of other people’s programs pays off with a 5-figure revenue stream year after year, separate from income that flows from her own popular and proven Get Known to Get Paid training and private mentoring programs. Juetten’s success tips and mistakes to avoid serve online business owners blazing a similar trail who need to create a reliable bridge to revenue until their own products or programs are done, proven or perfected.

3) Write the news release.

Success Tips: Make sure the story has some human interest that relates to a trend or other angle that is timely, useful and relevant.  Include a quote from the expert to add perspective and personality. The news release should include information from which readers can learn something or benefit without having to make a purchase. Write the press release in the third person in a factual, journalistic style.


During the depths of The Great Recession of 2008, Nancy Juetten’s boutique publicity agency fell on hard times. She was among the many business owners who experienced a steep drop in revenues during tough economic times. Her business teetered on the brink of failure.

“One day, during my daily march to the mailbox to retrieve bills that I needed to find a way to pay, I received a check for $2000. It turned out to be a commission for a mastermind that someone in my community decided to buy at my recommendation,” Juetten explained. “That accidental check in the mailbox set me on a path to learn how to recommend quality products to serve the needs of others in my community for good and profit.”

Today, Juetten makes a practice of reaching out to the leaders of large tribes in the online coaching niche to explore how she can support their success through the power of her credible recommendations. In doing so, she has  created a 5-figure revenue stream year after year, separate from income that flows from her own popular and proven Get Known to Get Paid training and private mentoring programs. Juetten guides online entrepreneurs to create the same result with her JV VIP Day and other offerings.

Juetten says that among the biggest mistakes to avoid are arranging bad marriages from the start, fishing in waters of really big fish without being ready, and being too self-focused such that a potential partner cannot see the value of starting a relationship in the first place.

Among the most useful lessons she has learned along the way are:

  • Support others whose values and services are a good match without compromise.
  • Serve fans and followers well by bringing products that are already proven to deliver the desired result to their attention.
  • See the value in every relationship to lift others up along the climb to success.
  • Build influence through authenticity and integrity.

4.  Be clear about the call to action.


Learn more by downloading her ‘Avoid JV Mistakes Toolkit’ today or tuning in to the replay of a YouTube interview about building credible influence with heart and smarts without being a shark.

5) Finish with a “boilerplate” paragraph that offers brief background about the person being showcased in the news release.


About Joint Venture Coach Nancy Juetten:

Nancy Juetten is the Get Known to Get Paid Mentor and Joint Venture Coach who got introduced to joint venture partnerships in 2008. Today some of the biggest names in internet marketing and business coaching – Christian Mickelsen, Christine Kloser, Milana Leshinsky, and Rich German — call her by name, sing her praises, and proudly advocate for her products, programs, and services to their tribes as she returns the same or something better for them. This single strategy has added more star power to her brand and reputation and accelerated her impact, influence, and income than any other.

6) Include images with your news release to add visual interest.

nancy-jvtk (3)

7) Include contact information to make it easy for reporters and others of influence to get in touch for interviews, speaking invitations, or other opportunities.



Nancy Juetten, 425-641-5214 (PST),

Simple distribution ideas to reach your own loyal fans, followers, and champions include posting your news to your blog, showcasing it in ezine, or sharing across social media.  You can also use PR Newswire or prREACH to share your news with audience BEYOND those you already know.  This is highly recommended.

So, there you have it — 7 steps to create a press release about your expertise and your news.

Why not create one of your own and see how far the news travels and what opportunities it helps serve up to make more of your own best impact in the marketplace?

Ready. Set. Go!



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Get Known to Get Paid Lessons from the Wizard of Oz to Get 2014 Off on the Right Ruby Slipper

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This is a repeat of a prior blog post that seems timely to welcome and inspire a prosperous and rewarding 2014.  Enjoy!

The 75th Anniversary Edition of the classic film “The Wizard of Oz” brings to mind parallels from this film to the demands of getting known and getting paid for expert status.

  • Never underestimate the power of a really sassy pair of shoes to boost your confidence when pitching a story or doing anything that really matters in your life.
  • Thing big about what you want to accomplish, and take one joyful step at a time as you make the journey.
  • It takes brains, courage, and heart to make your message stand out.
  • Collaborating with a quality team can make a world of difference when making your approach.
  • If you want it, you have to be willing to put up with things that get in your way, like apples, flying monkeys, witches, and sleep-inducing poppies.
  • Before you make your big pitch, put your best dress on and your best face forward.
  • “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” You have more power to make things happen in your business than you ever thought possible. You just have to look in your bag of tricks to find the right tools and resources to the get the mission accomplished. And you have to use them.
  • Most of the coverage you seek that can make a powerful difference in your business can be found in your own backyard right now.
  • You don’t have to fly over the rainbow to get much of what you want.
  • There is no place like home. That’s where you and most of your customers live, work, and play. Start at home.
  • You can make a lot of magic happen if you just click your heels together and get to work.
  • Click on the images below for two powerful ways to get started today to say “Bye-Bye Boring Bio” and start along your rewarding journey to Get Known and Get Paid.  And, if you would rather work ONE ON ONE with me, check out the Blast Off Package.  You can save $300 when you say YES by January 7, 2014 when you apply “BlastOff300” as your coupon code.
  • Happy 2014, one and all.

   B4FindOutMoreImage       3-D binder small  (5)

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Personal Finance Lessons from Downton Abbey and CFP Steve Juetten — a Reprise Before the Ball Drops to Welcome 2014

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If you’ve got resolutions that relate to money matters, the Smart Money Rules from my husband Steve Juetten are just the ticket to get you where you want to go.  Access this powerful Little Green Book now via this link:

And, for Downton Abbey fans, this press release from a year ago might bring a grin and reinforce the learning in a way that makes you grin.


Success Tip: Issuing press releases to showcase your unique perspective can be a very credible and influential way to showcase your expertise before a wide audience of perfect potential clients who can benefit. If you are an author, consultant, or subject matter expert who is pondering getting the word out about your expertise in 2014, delivering Press Release Pizzazz is absolutely in our zone of genius. Budget for two or four releases to be DONE FOR YOU throughout the calendar year to keep your name and expertise front and center in a “Google” search. The results we bring about through our work give scores and scores of happy clients reason to celebrate. Most welcome between 100 and 300 online media placements within 24 hours of their news crossing the PR Newswire, along with top rankings for their expertise in a “Google” search. This makes it easy for their clients to find them and hire them. In our work with leading joint venture partners in the coaching world — including Christian Mickelsen, Justin Livingston, and Callan Rush — we have found that issuing a press release at the start of the big launch and once again on the “cart close” day can be very effective for reaching people beyond those the partner is already doing business with, while also driving clicks, opt ins, and sales.

We’d be honored to do business with you and those you know who can benefit.

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The Back Story Behind THIS Cover Story and a Tip: Get READY NOW — Bye-Bye 11th Hour Scramble!

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ExpertPreneurCover2013 Aspiring experts want to GET KNOWN  so they can GET PAID. 

Here is one really great tip that can pay off for you again and again. 

GET READY FIRST if you want to be able to take advantage of opportunities — even when you least expect them.

The “cover girl” situation on the debut issue of ExpertPreneur Magazine just happened for that reason alone. Yes.  That is me on the cover — Business Bio Expert Nancy Juetten.

Apparently, someone with a really big name had already said YES to being on the cover of the debut issue. For some reason, his team was dragging its feet to deliver the requested photo, article, and other requested information.

The publisher had a timetable to meet and was starting to get nervous. By some stroke of serendipity, she noticed me and my expertise on Facebook and reached out. She invited me to be in the magazine, and before the phone hit the cradle, she had my photo, my article, and an opt in page where her readers to access something of real value as a gift. Voila!

There may be lots of big names out there with GREEN ROOM attitudes who dilly dally delivering what is needed in perfect timing. That’s where the “Seabiscuit-like” experts who are ready to rock can step right in and run for the roses.

So, my best advice is to GET READY for opportunity before it knocks. That means having your materials together — a professional quality head shot, a relevant and timely perspective to share, and access to a compelling free gift that can serve the readers. I want you to have your “sassy sound bites” in your hip pocket.  And I want you to be able to  deliver them on demand and without rehearsal. Be a pleasure to deal with in every way and one good media opportunity will absolutely turn into more. It’s relationships you create that can pay off and lead to even cooler and more prestigious placements and invite more of the right people to be excited to do business with YOU. So, get ready now.

If you would like to explore if your expertise is a fit for ExpertPreneur Magazine, here is a link to learn more.  And, as always, it is BEST to read the magazine before you make your pitch so you can demonstrate that you understand what the publication is all about and showcase a specific way your expertise adds real value. I have found that SUBSCRIBING to the publications I most want to be seen, heard, and showcased within always pays off.  You can subscribe to ExpertPreneur Magazine, so consider that another tip for inspired action.  I believe the DEBUT issue is free so there is no risk.

If getting ready is high on your priority list, I invite you to work with me one-on-one.  Here is a link to the GET READY to Get Known and Paid Blast-Off Package.  With me as your word wizard and guide, together we’ll get the job done with pizzazz.  You’ll be in super READY position to rock your 2014 and make the most of your expert status with results you can see, hear, and celebrate as you attract clients who can bring in the welcome compensation.  No more “11th hour scramble” for you.  You’ll be ready to take your place in the spotlight to make your impact. Based on my own experience and results, that is a powerful place to be when opportunity knocks.

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Want to Be a Media Darling? Here’s a Blog Post to Show You How – Thank You Susan Harrow

Media Savvy 101 Comments Off on Want to Be a Media Darling? Here’s a Blog Post to Show You How – Thank You Susan Harrow

2012PhotoSusanHarrowSusan Harrow’s clients have appeared on Oprah, 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, Larry King Live, and national radio, TV and print. Do you want to get on TV and make your appearance count? Join us for the FREE webinar: 5 Ways to Double Your Income With Media Appearances in the Next 90 Days.

Once you have registered for the webinar by clicking on the link above, review this blog post and dig into Susan’s juicy content right away:


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Can You Share YOUR Story in One Paragraph or Less? I Dare You!

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I am a big fan of the media query service known as Help a Reporter Out.  Every day, I find out about reporters, bloggers, and other people of influence who are seeking commentary or perspective from experts like me and YOU.  And because I want to get known for my expertise so I can get paid, I make a habit of replying to those queries that are a perfect fit for my own story.  You can visit the site, join for free, and start receiving queries in your in-box right now. I highly recommend it.

In my experience, the keys to standing out among a sea of replies are to follow the directions noted in the query, meet or beat the stated deadline, and put some personality into your pitch.

Several of the queries from last week asked for a one-paragraph summary of my story, and I was able to reply within minutes because my story was already on paper. And I was delighted to receive replies from both that my story was exactly what they needed. Coverage should follow very shortly and in perfect timing.

  • If you were to share YOUR story in one paragraph or less, what would you say? 
  • And are you ready to share it at a moment’s notice? 

If you want to get seen, heard, celebrated, and COMPENSATED for the expert status you own today, you have to step up and out so the right people can find you. Responding to a HARO query is a great way to get the mission accomplished.

Here is my one-paragraph example.  My challenge is for you to write one for your own company and to start sharing it with the media outlets and query posters for whom your story is a perfect fit. Come on.  I dare you!

It’s Your Story. Tell It Well. Start Today.

In the darkest days of the Great Recession, my boutique publicity agency (launched in 2001) fell on hard times. After a brief stay in “Pity Party Hotel,” I wrote a book called Bye-Bye Boring Bio: The Solopreneur’s Ultimate Action Guide to Get Seen, Heard, Celebrated and Compen$ated for Expert Status. A friend dared me to write the first draft and share it as a gift to the guests who had paid to attend a do-it-yourself publicity workshop I was leading in Portland, Oregon at her invitation. I created the first draft in three weeks because I desperately needed to find a new way to serve the marketplace in a daunting economic time. Making boring bios better for client attraction seemed like a timely way to guide others in trouble to a much-needed outcome. Today this well-reviewed and popular workbook is the foundation behind the Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Worldwide Virtual Workshop. This virtual training earns raves and results in powerful story transformations for the hundreds of action-takers who participate from English speaking nations around the world. It is also among the useful training elements in the Get Known Get Paid Success System and among the tools that clients in my Get Known to Get Paid PRIVATE Mentoring Program enjoy. And, just this week, I debuted a new GIFT BOOKLET called Heal Your Boring Business Bio Now – The Bio Doc Offers Tips and Story Makeovers to Show You How, and it’s available for free download between now and Dec. 31, 2013. A shiny New Year is fast approaching, and there are plenty of bios that still need healing for optimal client attraction. The bottom line is that my interest in better business bios saved my bacon at a time when I really needed to bring some home. The bounty continues, one book purchase, workshop, training system, and mentoring program at a time. The lesson from all of this makes me grin. When the world dishes up lemons, find a way to make lemonade. Let the healing for boring bios begin because “The Bio Doc is In.”


“OMG! Nancy’s book is a GOLDMINE of ‘bio brilliance!’ What’s especially delightful about this immensely helpful book are the before/after demonstrations of bios that go from ‘meh’ to magnificent under her tutelage. Well done, Nancy!”

 —Linda Claire Puig,


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True Story about Suiting Up and Playing Baseball — One Media Interview at a Time — Especially if Media Relations & Publicity Haven’t Been Your Tools of Choice …Yet

Measuring Results, Media Savvy 101 Comments Off on True Story about Suiting Up and Playing Baseball — One Media Interview at a Time — Especially if Media Relations & Publicity Haven’t Been Your Tools of Choice …Yet

Steve Juetten CFP™Hubby — Steve Juetten — was interviewed for an article in the Alaska Airlines in-flight magazine about social security. When the article came out, only one “sassy sound bite” made the final article. That can happen when editors pull out their red pens. And, that single “sassy sound bite” compelled the reader to call me when she touched down to ask if the expert was my husband AND to search Google for my husband’s name.

Turns out she was looking for a fee-only Certified Financial Planner in Bellevue, WA. She found one — from ONE LINE OF TEXT in an in-flight magazine and a couple of follow up phone calls. She must have liked what Steve said. Steve has been serving as an expert resource to Sharon Baker, a freelance writer, for some time. And interview by interview with her and others, he is getting known and getting paid for his expert status.

All this is to say that media relations is a bit like baseball. Not every hit is a home run. And it takes a lot of singles to round the bases and score. Suiting up to play is where it all starts.

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Press Release Delivers Business Bio Expertise to Bloomberg Businessweek

Media Savvy 101, PR Beyond the Backyard Comments Off on Press Release Delivers Business Bio Expertise to Bloomberg Businessweek

It’s thrilling to see your own name and expertise showcased in a highly credible way. That was my experience this week. I wrote a press release that was timely, newsworthy, relevant and of service to my ideal audience. With the support of Dan Janal’s Press Release Sender service, the information crossed PR Newswire. And below is among the most powerful media results among the 225 that flowed within 48 hours, putting my expertise front and center.


If you want for yourself what I am having, I’d be happy to be of service.

Engage me for Press Release Pizzazz.

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How to Spice Up an Online Profile and Finally Get Noticed, Plus Media Relations Tip

Be Heard, Media Savvy 101 Comments Off on How to Spice Up an Online Profile and Finally Get Noticed, Plus Media Relations Tip

In mid-February, I received a semi-urgent request from Dawn Klingensmith — a feature writer for a magazine called Job Week.  I had served as an expert resource to her in the past, and she was tossing a “hail Mary” pass at the 11th hour to get my take on some of the blunders folks make with their online profiles. 

I dropped everything to respond to her email and request to speak by phone because I just knew her story could reach far and wide and help a lot of people.

On March 31, the story ran in a wide range of media outlets, including The Oakland Tribune, the San Jose Mercury News, and online.  I’ve been receiving cards and letters in the mail from folks who were happy to read the article and congratulate me on the good press.  Dawn, if you are reading this blog post, thank you so much for reaching out to me, and let me know how I can help you going forward.

The bigger idea for you is how quickly can you respond in a very compelling manner to urgent reporter requests and be of service so YOU are the resource reporters come to again and again to benefit from YOUR commentary.   Being ready for opportunity is an important ingredient, especially if sharing your message with a much wider audience of perfect people to benefit from your message in high priority.

If you’d like to read Dawn’s article, here it is:

How to spice up an online profile and finally get noticed

By Dawn Klingensmith

A challenge to writing your bio is to determine what you have done with your skills and experience that sets you apart. Imagine if Batman had a LinkedIn profile. It would be impossible for him to have a boring bio. He has established a brilliant personal brand as the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight and theWorld’s Greatest Detective, and a formidable list of accomplishments despite lacking a superpower.

ONCE YOU START considering your accomplishments, you may be able to distill them down to something akin to a superpower — or, at any rate, a special ability that sets you apart — and you can lead with that. While no one in business is as awesome as Batman, there’s no shortage of superstars whose boring bios diminish their marketability.

They may have saved six companies from bankruptcy, raised $ 10 million for a nonprofit agency or developed the product that a decade from now will drive Apple out of business, yet their bio won’t stand out from all the rest. That’s because professional bios tend to follow the same dull format: title and employer, expertise and experience, previous employment, education and training and maybe some personal tidbits.

Instead of taking that predictable route, “Wow readers from the start by highlighting something really fantastic and then work your way down, inverted- pyramid style,” suggests Endrea Kosven, founder and CEO of the Los Angeles- based marketing firm EDK & Company. Picture an upside- down pyramid, with the widest part at the top representing the most substantial information— something that makes people take notice— and the tapering lower part representing other relevant material in order of diminishing importance.

One way to approach bio writing is to list your skills and experience, as you would for a résumé, and then acknowledge that it’s possible that someone else, or several people, possess the same skills and background. So the challenge, Kosven says, is to determine what you have done with your skills and experience that sets you apart. In other words, what have you accomplished? Once you start considering your accomplishments, you may be able to distill them down to something akin to a superpower— or, at any rate, a special ability that sets you apart— and you can lead with that. Maybe it’s a sharp eye for how businesses get bogged down in inefficiencies, and how you consistently reduce their operating costs by 30 to 50 percent.

*** “Start with stunning results in specific terms,” says Nancy Juetten, whose “Get Known to Get Paid” mentoring program addresses the importance of business bios. As a whole, in succinct story form, an effective bio tells others “who we are and who we serve and what we do,” she says. To that end, “One of the most important elements is a headline,” which, on LinkedIn, comes up right alongside your name, Juetten says. “The headline helps busy people understand more quickly what you’re about.” 

A simple descriptor or job title is sufficient, such as “customer service specialist” or “Boston- based certified financial planner.” “Content over cute is better, because you have to consider SEO,” or search engine optimization— how easily people can find you when searching the web, she says.

Clever, unconventional job titles are common in certain industries and “fun for personal branding,” says Juetten, “but it makes you hard to find.” People are likelier to type in “social media strategist” vs. “social media rock star.”

Keeping a goal in mind when writing the bio will help keep it focused and concise. What do you want to be known for? Make sure everything in the bio supports that goal, Juetten advises. Interview yourself. How did you get where you are? What are you known for professionally? What do coworkers or clients say about you? What are you praised for in performance reviews? What problems do others come to you for solutions? What have you done for past employers? What aspect of your work is most satisfying?

“Be crystal clear about results,” Juetten says. “No one’s looking for a bundle of credentials. They’re looking for someone who makes things happen.”

You can include some personal information to spice things up and set yourself apart. On her website’s “about” page, Juetten quotes the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella; mentions her cockapoo, Champ; and reveals she’s just under 6 feet tall in her bare feet. ( That’s almost as tall as Batman, who’s pegged at 6 feet 2 in the DC Comics Encyclopedia.)

Avoid words like world- renowned ( if you truly were, you wouldn’t need to say so) and award- winning ( just list any awards that are sure to impress), and don’t start every sentence with “I.” Don’t just write your bio and forget it. Update it as necessary to reflect current accomplishments, Juetten says.

When a bio is accompanied by a photo, the image should be appropriate for the platform and audience. For LinkedIn, use a professional headshot and dress as you would for an interview, Kosven says. Twitter photos can be more casual and reflective of your personality.

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