Ever Wonder What Happens with Opt-Ins and Sales When You Host a Teleclass?

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Would you believe it if I told you that 26% of the people on today’s “LIVE” call about transforming boring bios from wallpaper to wow decided to take action and make a purchase today?  That was super encouraging news.  Being somewhat new to this process of sharing useful content by teleseminar, I can most definitely say that I was seen, heard, celebrated and COMPEN$ATED today.  And just under 200 people decided to become part of my community as a result of  having the opportunity to learn how to kick their boring bios to the curb.

I am really pleased with the feedback, the opportunity to build relationships with new members of my community, and to welcome sales to reward me for the effort put forth to share this information with a wider audience.  And, one new media interview invitation came my way as a direct result of the buzz created about this topic, and that interview takes place on Monday.

One good thing leads to another, and that is a beautiful thing — especially since I am in launch mode for a product that can ease the new client attraction pain that is deeply felt by so many who just struggle telling their own stories.

I’d love to hear from others who are offering teleseminars to find out the kinds of results they are welcoming.  Truth be told, this is a relatively new activity for me and having benchmarks about what to expect would sure be great.

In any case, so encouraged am I that I am extending the same amazing offers to those who elect to listen in on the REPLAY, which you can opt-in to enjoy via this link.

Offer #1: Nancy’s 10-10-10 Deal for a Great 2011

Be the first 10 people to treat yourself to the newly released 2nd edition of the popular and well-reviewed Bye-Bye Boring Bio program and you’ll benefit from a 10-minute laser bio feedback session with me to kick your best effort bio draft to a higher level of fabulous. The only catch is you must submit your draft to me on or before 12-10-10 so you can start 2011 with a new, rock star bio to serve as your ultimate client magnet.

And, the next 147 people to act — either by signing up for an upcoming Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshop or engaging me in an Extreme Bio Makeover — will benefit from the high value gift of 147 powerful etips to boost business and profits through the power of free publicity.

First, you have to PREPARE your story.  Then, you have to SHARE your story.  It’s really a step-by-step process that you have to keep taking to make progress along your journey to expert status.   The key is to get into action because when you do nothing, nothing happens.

So, listen in to the call that generated plenty of fan mail in real time and plenty of action on the parts of those who have declared NOW as the perfect time to attract more clients with a “rock star” bio that stands out and shines from all the rest.

And, if you are in a buying mood, just visit this link. The first 10 to buy get that 10-minute bio feedback session with me, and I am pretty good at this and will do my best for you!

Special thanks to Dan Janal, founder of PR Leads, for introducing me to his community of people who are serious about earning expert status and taking action to make it happen.   Welcome to the Authentic Visibility tribe.  It’s great to welcome you here!

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Ebook or Real Book? Our Survey Said …And Seth Godin Offers a Compelling Point of View in Perfect Timing

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Last week, I sent an e-blast to the customers within the Authentic Visibility tribe and asked them one question.  Given the choice between buying an e-book or a traditional book, what do they prefer and why.  I also posed this question at my business Fan pages on Facebook.

Within 24 hours, I heard back from 100 people who were happy to share their opinions.   Here is how the numbers have played out so far from the first 100 respondents:

  • 51% prefer traditional books to ebooks.
  • 34% prefer e-books to traditional books, especailly if the e-books are shorter than 50 pages.
  • 15% want the choice of either format.
  • About 10% expressed interest in purchasing books in a format that is compatible with a Kindle, Nook, or IPad.

Here are the most common reasons for the e-book preference:

  • International customers enjoy the immediate gratification of paying and receiving their product immediately. They also appreciate saving money and hassles associated with international shipping.
  • Others in the e-book camp said they consider an e-book an environmentally friendly choice that allows them to print only those pages they want and save the rest to their hard drives.
  • When an e-book is longer than 50 pages, however, they are more likely to buy the printed version.  Several respondents say it is too much of an inconvenience to print the pages, punch holes, and bind the content in a notebook.

Here are the most common reasons shared for the traditional book preference:

  • Many of the respondents to my impromptu survey describe themselves as old-fashioned. They love holding a book in their hands, turning the pages to favorite sections, and writing in the margins.
  • Readers  enjoy the the convenience of being able to tuck a book into a purse or briefcase to read while traveling on an airplane or ferry boat or set that book on the night side table for reading before falling off to sleep.
  • Lovers of real books said that when they buy e-books, they often file them away without digging into them, whereas when they buy a traditional book, they are more likely to dig in and start reading right away.
  • Many respondents who prefer traditional books also mentioned how they enjoy sharing their books with others.

If you have a book in your future, consider this “back of the cocktail napkin” research good food for thought to help you decide how to proceed with your next project.  And, you might check these numbers against what is really happening in YOUR shopping cart.  For example, over the last year, 85% of buyers for the first edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio (a 52-page workbook) have selected the e-book as opposed to the spiral bound printed workbook.

Now that the second edition (to debut 9-8-10)  is approaching over 150 pages of articles, 10 Bye-Bye Boring Bio worksheets that make it easier than ever to prepare a rock star bio for the right situation, and abundant examples to inspire readers to tell their own best stories, I wonder how that will influence format preferences.   After all, what people say they prefer and what they actually do are not always the same thing.

I think I’ll tip my hat to my many years working in the quick service restaurant industry and find a way for my community members to get what they want in the format they love best.  As my friend, colleague, and mentor Alice Cunningham — co-owner of award-winning Olympic Hot Tub Company —  always says, “Make it easy to buy, easy to own, and easy to refer.”

Speaking of book formats, check out this post from Seth Godin on a related topic.  Among many thoughtful insights he shares, I like this one in particular:

“All a long way of saying that as the methods for spreading ideas and engaging with people keep changing, I can’t think of a good reason to be on the defensive. It’s been years since I woke up in the morning saying, “I need to write a book, I wonder what it should be about.” Instead, my mission is to figure out who the audience is, and take them where they want and need to go, in whatever format works, even if it’s not a traditionally published book.”  — Seth Godin

Authentic Visibility Follow Up Question about Pricing:

  • What factor does price play in your decision to buy either an e-book or a traditional book?
  • Do you expect to pay more for an e-book because your treasure the immediate gratification of getting what you want now and you love that environmentally friendly choice?
  • Do you expect to pay more for a physical product because it has more staying power on your bookshelves and more gifting power as you share your favorites with others?
  • Or do you want either choice to carry the same price?

I’d love to keep this conversation going, so please post a comment to the blog.   I’ll even offer a “pink spoon” so you can taste what the second edtion of Bye-Bye Boring Bio has to offer in thanks for your comments, provided you offer your email address in your post!   Can’t wait to hear from you.

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How Fast is Your Ezine List Growing? Are you Ready to Do Something About It?

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Have you taken the temperature to see how many folks are on your ezine list lately?  And, are you inviting the right potential clients to opt-in so you can continue to build a tribe of fans and followers who can benefit from your particular blend of talent, skills, and expertise?

Make today the day you do that.  Then, decide what you are going to do to grow your list, add value for your community, and reinforce your expertise and the go-to-person in your field.

All the internet marketing gurus say that true wealth resides within your list.  If you don’t yet have a list or have a list of a size that has great influence among your ideal clients, decide today to do something about it.

  • Do you offer a special report or bonus gift to entice your ideal prospect to share her email address?
  • Do you offer an ezine sign up box on every page of your website or blog to make it easy for people to do exactly that?
  • Are your ezines packed with 80% news your ideal client can use and 20% with a call to action to help him or her engage in the ways that make the most of everyone’s time, talent, and resources?
  • Do you post quality articles that inform your ideal prospects about ways to solve real problems in their businesses at least quarterly?
  • And does your article “bio box” invite readers to opt-in to benefit from your ezine, blog, and more so they can gain even more familiarity with how you serve?

If you offer expensive services, you have to earn your way into decision makers’ hearts and minds over time.  A quality ezine can help you accomplish that objective.  Then, when people are ready to buy, you are at the top of their consideration list.

Since I have been narrowing my focus in my practice to highlight my “Bio Whisperer” passion, Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide, and my Extreme Bio Makeover services, I have been on the lookout for focused ways to share this message with more of the right people to benefit.

That is why when I was invited to participate in the Second Annual “Done for You Giveaway Sweepstakes” it was my pleasure to say “yes.”    Just this morning, almost 200 people have opted in to enter to win the five Extreme Bio Makeovers I will be giving away.   No doubt, thousands more are entering to win the $250,000+ in other “done for you” services from high integrity vendors who were hand-selected to participate in this event.

Speaking of which, you are invited to check out the 2nd Annual “Done for You” Giveaway of the Century.  It opened   TODAY, May 17, and you DON’T want to miss it. This giveaway is unlike any you’ve ever seen. Together with 30 amazing co-collaborators, we’re NOT giving away info products and downloads that you may never listen to. Thirty of my high integrity colleagues (and counting) have joined together to give away actual done-for-you products and services that you can use in your business but don’t have to create yourself.  I’m giving away 5 Extreme Bio Makeovers!

Starfish Girl

And here are just SOME of the other things being given away:

· Quickbooks set-up
· Opt-in page creation
· Ready-to-deliver workshops & teleseminars
· Custom Video production
· Website copywriting
· A full custom website
· Custom ezine templates
· Ready-to-give speeches
· Blog set-up
· Article submission services
· Shopping cart service & set-up
· Ready-to-go articles · Audio “logos”
· Newsletter service

And lots more!

This is the REAL DEAL. No hype, catches or gimmicks, but a TRUE giveaway. I know many of these providers, and they are top-notch…high integrity all the way.

Over $250,000 is services is being given away, so you’ll definitely want to check out what is on the menu and make your selections.    You can’t win if you don’t put your hat in the ring!  Don’t delay! Go here to sign up for your ‘done for you’ products and services.

By the time this event is complete, I’d love to welcome 1,000 or more happy new fans of my work.  To that end, please forward this email to your colleagues who can benefit from receiving “Done for You” products and services as part of the “Done for You” Giveaway of the Century!

I hope you win exactly the services you need to propel your business forward and make quality new connections to help you and your business grow.   I’ll let you know how well I meet your goal.   So then the question becomes what will YOU be doing to grow YOUR list?   Please share your successes!

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Take the Temperature about the Platform You are Building for YOUR Expertise

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One of the things I do every four months is “take the temperature” about how my influence is growing through the various ways I engage to share my message.

Ideally, your influence is growing, right along with your business results as you take quality actions every day to build your own expert status and build the buzz about the value you bring to the marketplace.

Use this checklist as a starting point to help you evaluate how well your influence is growing through your actions for the first four months of 2010.  If you have not done this before, consider today the day to take a reading so when you revisit your figures at the end of August, you can observe meaningful progress, based on your quality and consistent efforts to grow your influence every day.

  • Number of  Unique Blog Visits Per Month (Google Analytics can tell you what you need to know)
  • Number of Ezine Subscribers
  • Number of Followers on Twitter
  • Number of Facebook Fans on Your Business Page
  • Number of Guests Served through Your Workshops
  • Number of Clients Served by Your Products or Services
  • Number of Speaking Engagements
  • Number of Audience Members Influenced by Your Speaking Engagements
  • Number of Radio Interviews, Podcasts, and Webinars
  • The Names of the “Rock Star” Co-Collaborators Who Shared the Microphone with You
  • Number of Audience Members Influenced by Your Audio Messages (www.freeconferencecall.com call tell you a lot about your teleseminar audiences)
  • Number of Online Articles Submitted
  • Number of Online Article Reads  (www.ezinearticles.com provides free reports along these lines)
  • Number of Bylined Articles Published in Traditional and Targeted Media
  • Number of Media Mentions Earned
  • The Names of the Media Outlets that Carried Your Message, to Make Updating Your Bio a Breeze
  • Number of Networking Events You’ve Attended or Memberships Nurtured
  • Important New Relationships and Business Progress Noted as a Direct Result of Networking Events or Memberships
  • Your Ranking on Google for the Keywords You Want to Own
  • The Number and Quality of Outstanding Client Testimonials You’ve Collected
  • Revenue Growth
  • Other Metrics that Matter to Your Business

If you’ve been watching these results over a period of time, you are in good position to evaluate what you should stop, start, and keep doing as you move ahead.   We all get the same 24 hours in a day, so move wisely in winning directions, based on real data.  And, when things unfold in a winning way, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

Authentic Visibility Truism for the Day: If you do nothing, nothing happens.  When you act specifically to grow your influence every day, you do.  Given the choice between one or the other, the decision about what to do next seems pretty darn clear to me.  How about you?

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Ever Listen to a Teleseminar and Come Away Disappointed? If So, Read This!

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Do you ever chime in to listen to teleseminars and come away disappointed?  That happens for me from time to time.  When I am invited to participate as a speaker, I try to go deep and add a lot of value because you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Last week, I participated in both the Small Business Telesummit with Practical Marketing Expert Stacy Karacostas.  I also contributed to the Virtual Launch Party for the Alliance of Online Entrepreneurs.  In both cases, my email box was rewarded with warms letters of appreciation from participants who really gained a lot of value from my contributions.    I confess,  I wonder from time to time if all the time I apply toward these activities is making a difference.  Receiving feedback warms my heart and keeps me motivated to keep on keepin’ on.  So, I offer this letter as shared by one of the callers who followed up for a deeper conversation after hearing me speak during the AOE Launch Party because it speaks volumes about how I work with passion to support others’ success.  I hope it inspires you to reach out and benefit as this business owner has.

Hi There Brenda,

I was on the AOE launch call when you introduced your 2010 panel of experts and while impressed with the background of all of the accomplished women on your panel, there were a few that made a memorable impression, Ms. Nancy Juetten being one of them.  I contacted several ladies on your panel, Nancy responded almost immediately, and a call was scheduled just as quickly. I suppose this would all be very typical except that Nancy is not at all typical.

Let me simply say that I’ve been on many a conference call hoping to glean some truly ‘helpful’ hints and unfortunately, more often than not I’ve been disappointed. Let’s face it, we all want to make money and promote our services, but helping one another whenever possible allows us to move forward together and if we don’t do that for one another, no one else will –  (I’m all about the ‘win/win’) That being said, my call with Nancy has been one of the absolute best! I say that because during these calls, one expects to simply learn about all the services provided and whether or not they can afford them. Therefore the call is quick, polite and often, not much is accomplished (other than feeling badly if you can’t immediately afford something that you’re now convinced your business needs.)

I was thrilled to learn that Ms. Juetten is NONE of these things – She is direct and clear without leaving you feeling as though there are one or two things she can assist you with and if you can’t afford it your simply out of luck. Rather, she is generous beyond measure in that she makes certain you walk away with some sort of knowledge that can immediately benefit your specific goals whether you’re able to afford her services at that very moment or not.

On a more personal note, I was very clear what I was looking for when I called and what excited me was the fact that the very expression I was looking for was exhibited through her words, personality and professional attitude on both her website and our call.  She spent more time sharing and discussing information with me than was at all necessary and I’m sure neither one of us had any doubt that we would most certainly be working together, regardless to what extent.  No matter how long the call may have lasted, I would have walked away with something of great value and I am genuinely thankful to have met  her!

I feel absolutely certain the information she’s already offered will make a significant difference and look forward to working with her more closely in the near future. If anything at all I’ve said resonates, I strongly suggest you contact Nancy Juetten as well!

With Much Appreciation to You Both!

Lauren S. Henry
With a Brush of Love, Inc.

If what Lauren Henry writes resonates with needs you have in your business. keep in mind that my Rent Nancy’s PR Brain by the Hour service is one of my favorite ways to add value to your business in bite-sized chucks that pack a punch of value and results for you.  Read more about this at this link, and get in touch if you’d like to benefit as Lauren has.

Thanks Lauren for the very public shout out.  You have made my week.  And, for those of you who are parents of children with ADD/ADHD, autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, visit Lauren’s site to learn how With a Brush of Love Inc. can make a powerful difference for your children and the quality of their lives.

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Curious About Early Results from My HARO Ad? Read On for the Good News

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I am really pleased to report how well the HARO ad for Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide is delivering so far. I got to break even on my advertising investment within 12 hours of the ad going “live.”  Blog visits have escalated dramatically.  Opt-ins for the Authentic Visibility ezine have escalated, too.  And three prospects have already booked meetings to explore engaging my Extreme Bio Makeover and other publicity services. I have high hopes that more orders will flow to www.byebyeboringbio.com as people catch up on their emails and decide that now is the time to upgrade their boring bios at long last. This advertising investment is delivering quality, targeted exposure to the right potential clients and offering me the opportunity to earn new fans and followers.   That is just what I was hoping for.

If you have a product, service or idea that would serve the subscribers of HARO, check out the advertising opportunities available for 2010.   You can visit HARO to learn more.  I am sure Peter Shankman will be happy to hear from you.

By the way, anyone who mentions HARO in the “comments” section of their online order form for their very own copy of the popular and well-reviewed Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide will also enjoy two Authentic Visibility Publicity Tips eBooklets that offer 147 powerful tips to boost business and profit from free publicity as a high value gift, provided they buy by 12-31-09.

I’d be honored to earn your business and guide you to create a bio that makes you sound like the rock star you are.  It’s holiday time.  Treat yourself to a gift that will return results to you and your business every day of the New Year.

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day: If you have advertised on HARO, what has been your experience and what results did your company enjoy?  I know the readers of this blog would love to hear from you so they can have even more support to guide their 2010 decision making.  Please share!

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Red Slice Founder Maria Ross Shares her HARO Advertising Success, Plus Branding and Advertising Tips

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This blog is about DIY publicity.  However, publicity combined with other ingredients can create a powerful success recipe for whatever you have brewing in your business.

Help a Reporter Out is a fabulous and free media query service created by Peter Shankman that now boasts over 100,000 loyal subscribers who are interested in getting seen, head, and celebrated in the media.   HARO also offers advertising opportunities to reach these loyal subscribers, and the success stories I’ve read about are certainly compelling.

I wanted to talk to HARO advertisers to get the skinny on what really happens with HARO advertising as the secret sauce.   As luck would have it, Maria Ross, founder of Red Slice and the author of Build Your Own Brand Strategy in 10 Easy Steps — And Why You Need One Now, is a colleague of mine here in the Seattle area.   I asked her to share her success story as a guest blog post.  This blog post is longer than typical, but it is well worth your time.  And, you just might want to link back to it so everyone else in your community can read it, learn from it, and benefit from it.

I wrote my  eBook, How to Build Your Own Brand Strategy in 10 Easy Steps, to

1) help small business owners who couldn’t necessarily afford my consulting services, but needed guidance when embarking on branding to launch/refresh their business and

2) help educate and inspire business owners about what brand really means and help them create good, authentic brands in a sea of mediocrity.

My mission with Red Slice, my branding, marketing and communications consultancy, is to help businesses engage, inform and delight their target audience and keep them coming back for more.

The premise of the eBook is not only to offer a bit of Marketing 101 terminology and clarity, but to explain that brand is the core, the essence of your company. It’s more than just your logo.  That would be like judging a person’s entire complex personality based on their shoes. Your brand is how your receptionist answers the phone, how you price your products (the quality of your products), how easy or difficult you are to do business with, how your store is laid out. It’s not just the visual “logo and website” elements or pretty pictures; it’s the mind share you occupy in people’s brains. What parts of their brains light up when they hear your company name or think of you?

The eBook is a labor of love to help save the world from bad marketing – and to help small business owners save thousands of dollars when working with designers and writers, as well as on investing in the right marketing tactics and opportunities. I constantly see people trying to communicate things visually with their logo, their website, etc. without giving poor designers a clue about WHAT they are trying to communicate and TO WHOM. Also, nothing about what they want visually  – or what marketing tactics they want to do – is consistent with what they offer or the company personality.

Without a map, every road looks like the right one. A $250 booth at an event attracting 5000 people is NOT a bargain if none of those people will buy from you – and I hear that kind of thinking all the time.

I heroically completed the eBook while recovering from brain injury and a long hospitalization, so it was hard work to finish. So once it was up on my website, I knew I had to drive people to it and not waste that effort. I had been subscribing to HARO for awhile, making note of the ads at the top.  I loved that Peter Shankman had a tone similar to my tone in the book and how he personally crafted the ad to endorse the product.  This email list is extremely targeted to small business owners and marketing/PR professionals.  I knew these people were the exact audience for my book – if you are subscribing to HARO, it means you are most likely trying to get press opportunities yourself, which means you need to save money, which means you have smaller budgets, which means you must be a small business owner in many cases (or know someone who is).  Bingo! A ripe audience for this eBook.

The ad was pricey, I won’t lie, but the CPM is very cheap for (at the time) 75,000 targeted members with a reported 90% open rate.  He probably has an even larger list now. Take it from me as a marketer: that is an unheard of open rate in email marketing. I personally know I usually open all his emails and scan them for opps, so I don’t doubt this number.  He also sent over testimonials to show the effects the ads had on people’s businesses.

As of April 2009 (he may have changed), he offered four types of sponsorships:

NON-JOBS (Company/Client email) – most of the product/service ads

JOBS (Jobs/Hiring) – for job postings only if you are a firm who is hiring

HARO Gift Bag Product List – This list hits 30,000 “product” people – people who run companies that have products to donate to gift bags, people who want to get their products in front of celebrities, and the like. Virtually everyone on this list is also on HARO. if your company works in corporate events, this is a great one for reaching Event Planners and finding items for auction or goodie bags.

WHOH (What’s Hot on HARO) – 2-minute video-cast that goes out every morning, highlighting what’s hot on HARO for that day. You get a mention in the video, and a link from his blog below the video on that day. That link stays up forever.

Armed with this info, I purchased my ad (he requires payment upfront) for two months out, which was the first time he had inventory. He offers a morning, noon, and evening edition and I got to choose. I sent him a write up on the product, told him the points I’d love for him to emphasize, and set up a HARO discount code for $10 off. I calculated how many books I needed to sell to break even– everything after that was profit.

I can’t say enough good things about this ad – if this is the target audience you need to reach. My email started lighting up the day the ad ran, with PayPal alerts about all the new transactions.  I got some great monetary rewards, as well as future marketing opportunities.

  • The four months before the ad, I sold about 3 eBooks. Within four weeks, I sold 45 eBooks from the ad. Some sales trickled in much later.
  • I got two paying clients directly from the ad  – in Pennsylvania and the Netherlands!
  • A very-well connected marketing consultant in California saw the ad and absolutely loved the eBook  – she started following me on Twitter and we met when she was in Seattle. We might be partnering in the future.

And I will be using HARO again for other products targeted to small business owners and marketers.

Rules to Follow:

Make sure this is the right audience. Make sure your product appeals to the target audience of small business owners, PR or marketing professionals or it will be a waste of money.

Offer some HARO Love: Offer a HARO discount code for dollars off or a freebie. Not only is this a good incentive to entice conversion, it seems to be the standard on HARO ads. This is a very loyal, tight-knit community.

Know there will always be a bad apple. One woman demanded a refund, saying my eBook was just a huge ad for my business. I got pretty bent out of shape about this, especially since I wrote the eBook SPECIFICALLY for people who did not want to purchase my services and I gave lots of useful and unbiased marketing advice and information. She also really thought Peter was endorsing the product and that this was not a paid ad. But I got so much other great feedback, I had to let it go. Peter assured me there is one in every bunch – so make sure you don’t take this personally.

Price Right: Make sure this is a decent price point that is not too high. These folks are all over the country and may not know you from Adam, so you may have better luck with products priced between $10-50. That’s the price point I typically see on his ads for physical or digital products. Make it easy for people to respond. If you are merely advertising your services and they are thousands of dollars, I’d suggest creating a Starter Kit or Trial Package priced at $100-200 and make it a HARO exclusive.

Have a goal in mind. I knew exactly what my goal was for this ad, and anything else – the clients, etc. – was just gravy. Are you trying to sell a certain amount of product? Are you trying to get more names for your email list? Are you trying to encourage people to sign a petition? Clearly state the call to action – the action you want people to take – in the ad. Don’t just say, “Hey, Look at my Business. We do cool stuff. This is not only not measurable (except maybe web hits?) but they have no incentive to act AND targeted email marketing like this is not meant for branding and awareness – it’s meant for direct, action-oriented marketing.

Negotiate – Fairly. Never just pay the Rate Card price without seeing how flexible they can be on price.  Once you get the rate card, try to negotiate down closer to your budget. I did this and got to a fair number for both of us (although it was still pretty high).  Be sure to make a reasonable offer back in good faith and hopefully you can meet somewhere in the middle. If the ad is $1500, then $100 is not a reasonable offer so use your best judgment and think about how you would want to be treated.

Thank you, Maria Ross, for sharing your favorable experience as a HARO advertiser so the loyal and growing readership of this DIY publicity blog can profit from the wisdom of your experience.

Maria’s ebook is really, really good.  I invite you to check it out if your brand strategy needs improvement.

And if advertising your business to this targeted audience of marketers, business owners and PR professionals is a perfect fit for your business, connect with Peter Shankman at HARO to arrange for your ad in perfect timing with your needs.

DIY Publicity Tip for Today: If you are serious about growing your business and inviting meaningful results at the cash register, remember that DIY publicity — combined with other high powered advertising ingredients — can pack the punch you are seeking.  As Maria writes, PR is just one aspect of promotion.  It is about making sure the truth of your story surfaces clearly and is heard.   She also writes,  “PR cannot just come along and — poof — make you thinner, prettier, or more popular if the fundamentals are not there — if the BRAND is not there.”

Here’s a red apple for Red Slice Founder Maria Ross, who taught us a few valuable lessons today.  Delicious, and so good for you and your business.  Love that.

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Do a Six-Month Review of DIY Publicity Action and Results Before June 30

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Now that June is here, the timing is right to look back at the last six months of DIY publicity activities and business results to determine which of your DIY publicity activities have been delivering the greatest good for your brand, reputation, and your business results.

Ask yourself about the five most powerful lead generation strategies you have employed and consider how consistently you have applied them. If you are falling down on the consistency piece, commit now to do a better job in that regard. Nothing fabulous typically happens with a one-time effort.  Most successful people in the world work with passion, consistency, and purpose over a long period of time to achieve lasting success.

I really believe that Jack Canfield writes in “The Success Principles.”  He says, “Practice the Rule of 5.  This simply means that every day, do five specific things that will move your goal toward completion.”  How are you doing in that regard?    Now that June is in full swing, there are six more months to 2009 during which you can bring more passion, tenacity, purpose, and consistency to your DIY publicity efforts and everything else you do to build and grow your business.

We can’t control what goes on in the economy, but we certainly can influence the factors under own own control to fuel our own prosperity.  Learn new skills.  Connect with a powerful potential partner.  Share your expertise with a new audience.   Make some magic manifest.  If not now, then when?

Speaking of learning new skills, today is the last day to register for the June 12 Publici-Tea™ in Portland, OR.

And, I am taking an abbreviated, high value DIY Publicity Workshop and Q&A Session for a spin in Tacoma, WA on Wednesday, June 24 from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. with my co-host Tammy Redmon.  Premium ice cream for all will be provided by Cool Cycles Ice Cream Company! You can read all about it and register at this link.

These events give you the opportunity to connect with other, like-minded business owners who share your desire to get seen, heard, and celebrated in the media and have an open mind about new ways to build the buzz to advance prosperity.  Treat yourself to some time away from the work-a-day details of your busy life and business, and learn some powerful, lasting skills to keep your business in the media spotlight. The price for the Tacoma workshop ($40) is a huge bargain for all the high-value , actionable information and special bonuses that are yours to enjoy. I’d love to meet you and be a partner in your DIY publicity success.  Register today.

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Making Sense of DIY Publicity Results with Google Analytics – Part 2

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Today, Jason Shindler’s posts about making sense of DIY publicity results with Google Analytics by offering two more advanced ways to benefit from the information.

Have a Goal in Mind. When you invite visitors to your site, you should have a goal. For example, get them to sign up for your mailing list, have them buy a product, or have them send email your way. Each of these goals can be tracked in Google Analytics, and you can generate meaningful statistics. For example, you could find out that 23% of your visitors signed up for your mailing list or that your latest advertising campaign cost you $30, while delivering $500 in sales. To read more about how to set up goals in Google Analytics, click here.

Know your Audience. As a group, what do your website visitors look like? Do they have fancy computers with fast connections? Do they all speak Swahili? Knowing more about who visits your site might change the choices you make. For example, realizing that all of your users have slow connections might make you more mindful of the time it takes to load each page. You can find all of this in the “Visitors” tab. Key stats to look for are connection speed, screen resolution, and flash version (if you use Flash on your site).

What have you put in place to learn from and create winning results as reflected by your own Google Analytics? Let us hear from you. You can respond here, or read more about Web site development at Jason’s blog.

Thank you Jason Shindler for contributing two useful posts to help demystify Google Analytics.

If you have content expertise that is on target to serve the publicity-seeking needs of my readers, connect with me by email at nancy@nsjmktg.com to suggest how your content can make a difference here.  In return, you are welcome to reprint with attribution any and all of my DIY publicity articles in your blogs and ezines to guide your followers with my DIY publicity expertise.  Here’s an easy link to my Ezine Articles Inventory so you can find the perfect fit article to add value for your readers.

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Making Sense of DIY Publicity Results with Google Analytics – Part 1

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I met Jason Shindler through our involvement at BizNik. After chatting on the phone and meeting in person at the recent Village Bellevue Net-Linking Event, I knew he had value to contribute to readers here.  Here is Part 1 of two posts intended to guide those who are a bit unclear about how to read their Google Analytics to make sense of the results they are enjoying at their websites as a result of their do-it-yourself publicity efforts.

Jason is the owner of Curvine Web Solutions, a Web site development firm in Bellevue. The company develops websites for small to medium-sized businesses. You can read more about Curvine Web Solutions by visiting this link and its blog.

Jason writes:

So you have listened to Nancy’s great advice on how to use use public relations to build buzz for your business, right? As a result, customers, clients, reporters and other people are visiting your website. Now, it is time to take action and evaluate what has occurred and decide on future PR strategies.

Using Google Analytics, you can see who is visiting your website and take action based on the information. In this post, I’ll  present two related ways to improve your PR using the information found in Google Analytics.

Quality versus Quantity. People tell me all of the time that there site gets thousands of hits. But what does that mean? Did you get 2,000 people who weren’t interested in your services and products?  Or were there lots of people who were very interested in you and what you offer? You can determine this by visiting the dashboard and reviewing the number of pages per visit. People who visit one page are generally not interested. People who visit 10 pages might be more interested. There are no universal rules to how many pages per visit is normal, as the structure of a site, the technology used and the type of content make every site different.  However, higher pages/visit is typically better. Note that many people get confused between hits, page views, and visits.  A great piece on the difference between these confusing terms is located here. Read the rest…

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