Creating Lead Magnets that Convert – an Interview with Cloris Kylie and Nancy Juetten

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#1 Amazon Best Seller Smart Money Moves Makes a Splash with Early Career Professionals and Their Parents

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Smart Money Moves — a new book written by three fee-only financial planners — reached Amazon #1 best seller status this week as young professionals and their parents rushed to purchase their copies. The book is packed with tips, hacks and strategies to make good money decisions for a lifetime.

The book was written for professionals early in their careers about getting on track and staying on track with their money.  Smart Money Moves: Get On Track and Stay on Track Early in Your Career with These Tips, Hacks, and Strategies is available for purchase at

“Money matters are top of mind at the start of a new year. Smart Money Moves is a perfect gift or resource for 20-and-30-something professionals to help them get off to a good start managing their money. It’s an easy read and a useful resource packed with hacks, tips and strategies to make the most of their money and their lives,” says Steve Juetten, CFP® , Founder and Principal of Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC.

When money questions come up around buying a car, starting a new job, or deciding to start a family or buy a house while figuring out how to pay off student debt, Smart Money Moves is the book to turn to, Juetten suggests.

Co-authors Kyle Wilke, CFP® and Chelsea Hodl, MBA, are early career professionals who confer with and advise 20 and 30-something career professionals about money matters. That is refreshing for clients who prefer to talk to peer experts as opposed to advisors who are decades older through the firm’s Financial Foundations Program.

About Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC
Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC is comprised of fee-only financial advisors who act as fiduciaries for their clients. This means advisors do not sell any products or receive commissions, and advisors always act in each client’s best interests. Clients engage in financial planning and investment management.

The Financial Foundations Program is a special division of the company that focuses on working with those early in their careers. The Financial Foundations Program was started by Juetten Personal Financial Planning LLC. as a way for early career professionals to affordably obtain high quality fee-only financial planning. Early career professionals face unique challenges such as high housing costs, student loans, and a dynamic workforce. Advisors focus on client goals and empowering clients to make smart money decisions.

Purchase Smart Money Moves as a print or digital item at

“We were astounded to watch our book sales accelerate all the way to #1 on Amazon this week and know that every reader will benefit from the insights we share about navigating student debt, buying or leasing a car, planning for baby, and making the most of employee benefits — among other important topics.”

– Steve Juetten, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional and Principal of Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC.

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An amazing team is greater than the sum of its parts

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Have you ever wanted to be part of something bigger than what you could achieve on your own?

This is something I’ve longed for.

It started in the 1970’s while watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show on TV.  The cast of that show was just so magical, and together they were greater than any one cast member could be.

Is it any wonder this finale show was among the most viewed? The ratings that night were off the charts. This is a cast that caught the viewing audience’s hearts and minds, and the cast was well rewarded for it.  Even today, the YouTube video has been viewed over 9 million times.

Having worked solo for most of my entrepreneurial career, I am not the first to say that it can be a lonely road sometimes.

Late last year, when my husband Steve Juetten and two of his team members put their pens together to write a new book, I got the bright idea that this book could potentially be an Amazon best seller.

I started dreaming about it, thinking about it, and learning the HOW TO details about how to bring that result alive.

Steve’s team is comprised of top notch fee-only, fiduciary financial advisors who are exceptional at guiding clients to make the most of their money and their lives.

Is marketing their favorite thing to do?

Absolutely not.

The dream of best-seller status would not be denied so I offered to lead the team in doing my very best to create this result with their help.

Based on lessons learned from Author to Income Expert Tamara Monosoff, I drafted a plan, involved the team in executing the plan, and cheered the team throughout the process as we did our very best on launch day.

Yesterday, together with the support of our amazing team and the fans, followers, ezine subscribers, champions, and advocates that we all touch in one way or another, we achieved our goal.

Together, we made it happen.  We are an amazing team that is greater than the sum of its parts.  Each and every one of us knows this, now more than ever.

That strengthens our resolve to continue to raise the bar to do great work as a team and in service to all the clients we touch through our work.

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You Benefit from Special Rewards When You Buy Smart Money Moves on Wednesday, January 30, 2019!

Book Publishing, Life Goes on Roadmap, Measuring Results Comments Off on You Benefit from Special Rewards When You Buy Smart Money Moves on Wednesday, January 30, 2019!

When you buy the book on January 30, 2019, you can enter to win valuable prizes to help you get your financial act together!  We’ll draw 25 winners who’ll each receive Life Goes on Roadmap™.

This is an engaging and fun way to get your personal financial information organized so you have power, access and control — before life serves up a bump in the road.   This digital ‘experience product’ is a $97 value for 25 winners!

We’ll draw 1 winner to receive a Kindle Fire Tablet to read the Kindle version of Smart Money Moves! This gift is a $49.99 Value!

You’ll receive a bundle of 3 bonus goodies to make the most of your money and your life when you buy Smart Money Moves on January 30.  Everyone who supports our launch can receive these!

Bonus #1

Slay Your College Debt Special Report: Does My Student Debt Make My Butt Look Big and Other Personal Finance Questions and Answers for Young Professionals 

It’s a great resource — especially if slaying student debt is high on your priority list.

Bonus #2

Check the health of your finances quickly and start taking actions to improve, starting right now! Download yours at

Bonus #3

Request your complimentary ‘get acquainted’ session with Kyle Wilke, CFP® to explore how to add fuel to your money success plans by adding a fee-only financial planner to your success team. You’ll learn something new and smile as you consider the value for your modest investment.

Make your request by emailing

Here’s How to Enter to Win:

Email your receipt to with your name, email address, and Amazon order number to trigger the distribution of all three bonuses and enter to win our awesome launch day prizes!

Thank you for supporting the launch of Smart Money Moves and sharing the good news with all your friends.

Bright Idea — Buy the book in sets of 5 to have on hand for graduation, birthday, and holiday gifts!

We can’t thank you enough for cheering for our success.  The future is bright.  Wear shades.






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Progress from a Lean Start Up Called Life Goes on Roadmap™

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What if you left behind what you used to do and went ALL IN to create the product, service, or offering that felt like your most important work to do?

What if you applied your 100% focus to that new endeavor and let the cards fall where they may?

What then?

These are the questions I have considered most of 2018 as I did exactly that.

After spending years creating a platform as the Bye Bye Boring Bio expert and Get Known Get Paid Mentor, I set it aside to put my focus almost exclusively on Life Goes on Roadmap™ in January of this year.

Life Goes on Roadmap™ is a system for personal financial information organization that I felt called to co-create with my husband Steve to meet a very important need. I wanted power, access and control over our most important financial information and documents in case something should happen to him.  I also wanted to have the peace of mind that I could drive my life forward with confidence if it should come to that.

Once we got my own needs met in this regard, it occurred to us that families everywhere could benefit from what we created. We decided to go ALL IN and offer our ‘experience product’ for sale online.

Decisions We Made Early On

  • Operate as a lean start up and fund every initiative from cash flow.
  • Measure success by lessons learned and progress made, in addition to sales.
  • Earn social proof of the product and media credibility through the power of publicity and outstanding virtual training delivery.
  • Make it easy for potential clients and licensees to find us in a Google search, even as a new offering.
  • Forgo a fancy website in favor of a simple opt in page and a sales letter for consumer sales that promises powerful benefits.
  • Focus on three niches:  consumers – Prime Timers in particular, financial advisors, and real estate professionals.
  • Have a presence at two of the most relevant industry conferences that serve fee only financial advisors and seek out connection opportunities with real estate professionals, starting with people we already know.
  • Create special web pages to serve financial advisors and real estate/mortgage professionals to answer their questions and showcase the benefits of licensing our system as their own.


  • We got a bright idea that inspired us to create a new ‘experience product’ quickly.
  • We had zero ezine subscribers.
  • We had zero endorsements from people of influence.
  • We had zero sales.

April, June and October

  • We hosted three Life Goes on Roadmap™ Virtual Road Trips for clients after promoting them by webinar, BeLive.TV broadcast, social media, and ezine. Our aim was to earn proof of concept and feedback to make our product and delivery even better, while testing various price points to determine which resonated most with buyers based on their purchase decisions.


  • We decided to offer our product to financial advisors to license and brand as their own as a means to touching more lives and making a bigger impact.


  • Life Goes on Roadmap™ has sold and served 140 families around the world to rave reviews.
  • We’ve earned 3152 opt in subscribers — thanks to creating a Facebook ad that has converted consistently. The list grows every day, and the Facebook ad has been shared 161+ times and invited 65+ comments so far.
  • Our product has earned endorsements from influential industry experts and groups, including Sheryl Garrett, NAPFA, and video bloggers to prime timers in Canada and Australia so far.
  • Our product has been approved for use by the compliance departments for LPL, GIA, and others, opening the door for thousands more to easily sign on.
  • We are proud that 11 licensees from across the USA  with one in Canada have branded our system as their own to support their clients in getting their acts together.
  • Families have become “I’m Ready for Anything Road Trippers” who are ready for whatever life serves up next, and they sing the product’s praises on social media, to their friends and family, and even produce YouTube videos to share the value.
  • We’ve refined our message as we’ve talked to thousands of people by webinar, teleclass, private and public Facebook messages, BeLive.TV video and more.
  • We’ve refined our fulfillment systems to be simpler and more efficient.
  • We’ve welcomed five figures in sales so far, and new licensees and consumers come on board every week.
  • We’ve funded our progress 100% from cash flow.

Resources that have Supported Our Progress

  • Chris Flett – Ghost CEO – business coaching on the licensing piece in particular
  • An amazing virtual assistant – Jacki Opferman
  • A talented graphic designer – Victoria Vinton
  • Facebook Faucet Training –  Tammy Lane
  • 123rf – royalty free images for Facebook Advertising
  • Copy coaching with Nancy  Tierney of Firecracker Communications
  • Web page design – Tina Walker of Delegation Divas
  • Our fulfillment house – Vervante
  • 1 Shopping Cart – online sales processing
  • LeadPages —  easy to create opt in pages that convert
  • Every online course, coaching engagement, webinar, or event I’ve attended since 2010 has played a role to acquire the know how and confidence to execute on every initiative.

Lessons Learned So Far

  • Focus matters. It’s possible to make bold progress on an inspired initiative when you declare it to be your top priority and let everything else be a distraction.
  • Think bigger from the start.  Aim high right out of the gate. We’ve been focusing on earning credibility and compliance approval among credible associations and organizations that serve hundreds or thousands of financial advisors. While it has been a slow and steady effort, we’ve gained meaningful traction in the early going with several influential organizations. This should set us up well to accelerate our results and impact in the New Year.
  • The message matters.  Listen carefully every day to what people say and respond with refinements that make a good effort even better.
  • Connect with potential clients in person — either by Zoom video conference, across the conference or dining room table, by sponsorship/exhibit table at the right ventures, or BeLive.TV. It’s a lot more effective than pounding potential clients by email.
  • Measure what you treasure and make smart decisions and take wise actions based on the numbers.  
  • Make a habit of reflecting on progress, honoring mis-steps and  mistakes to get the lessons, and celebrating wins, big or small.  It’s a long distance race, and it growth happens step by step and sometimes in a leaps and bounds kind of way.
  • Keep a positive attitude to help navigate the rough spots.
  • Make new friends along the journey.  Every conversation with a new person of influence in this new marketplace offers the opportunity to create a new relationship, be of contribution, and to receive ideas and support to fuel whatever may be coming next.  Be arms wide open to welcome the abundance with trust that it’s all good.

2019 is still to be written, and we intend to continue this journey and see what additional magic we can make.

Stay tuned for future updates from this lean start up known as Life Goes on Roadmap™.


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[Case Study] What you measure gets treasured … Open rates increased from 21% to 24%

Life Goes on Roadmap, Measuring Results Comments Off on [Case Study] What you measure gets treasured … Open rates increased from 21% to 24%

You spend time obsessing about the right words to use in your autoresponder sequence to nurture new leads to become clients.

You set them up in your shopping cart to do their job.

But do you ever circle back to see how those emails are working for you?

If you are getting lots of sales, chances are, you know things are working.

Good for you.

But if sales are lackluster, what then?

Well, one thing to check out is how well your audience is opening and clicking on the links you provide.

My shopping cart makes it easy to monitor these kinds of things, and my virtual assistant runs reports so I can check the status over time.

I’ve been watching a particular follow up sequence over the last 60 days to notice open rates and click rates, and I’ve been making adjustments every 30 days to see about improving my results.

Everything is testing, testing, testing. We can always improve and find leaks in the “lead faucet” that need to be plugged.

I decided to accelerate the sequence of emails because the prior sequence was taking a bit too long to deliver.

Over the last 30 days, open rates for my sequence improved by about 3% — going from 21% to 24%.

That’s progress!

I noticed that one of our emails in the sequence (the last one) has been particularly strong the whole time because a ‘spike’ in open rates has been apparent.

That sure reads like an URGENCY opportunity for action to me!

However , two of the messages leading up to that final message have been considerably weaker by comparison.

What did I do?

I deleted those messages from the sequence because I want readers to be engaged with every message at the highest level.

I also want them to be inspired to take the next step and consider taking that next step to be URGENT as a way to get a real problem solved.

We’ll see how these adjustments play out over the next 30 days with improved engagement, clicks to the call to action, sales for the featured product, or get acquainted sessions with the fee only financial planning team.

>> As a result of reading this post, are you inspired to find a leak in your ‘lead faucet”?

If so, share what you find out and how your actions to make the most of what you learn pay off.> Are you inspired to get your personal financial life organized before life serves up a bump in the road?

>> Take the new and improved message sequence for spin and see how well it serves you and the people you love.

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Local Publicity Pays Off in “This Or Something Better” Kinds of Ways

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If Facebook Advertising isn’t your lead generation tool of choice and strategic partnerships (or joint ventures) feel premature for your new offering, what can you do to build the buzz?

Try local publicity!

My husband and I each have mature businesses doing what we do.

This summer, we’ve been building the buzz for our newest initiative — Life Goes on Roadmap™.

Local publicity has been paying off for us. Last week, three sales came in for Life Goes on Roadmap™ as a direct result of local publicity. Two came as a result of reading a feature about us in Bellevue Club Reflections Magazine. One came as a result of reading a cover story about us in Somerset Neighbors magazine.

3 Ways PR Delivered Unexpected and Welcome Opportunities

Good publicity is one thing. And it’s the “this or something better” outcomes that can be the best outcomes of all.

Example #1

I met the most amazing woman at a live event last weekend who was inspired to make a purchase and also create a rather compelling video testimonial about the value of our offering.

The credibility of Sue Ferreria’s delivery is very persuasive, and plenty of comments are already posted from viewers who are speaking up about how a product such as ours is so deeply needed by so many. Watch and post a comment if you are so inspired.

Example #2

I was a guest on The Money Hour radio show with Tina Mitchell and Keelan Harvey last week. I’ll share the link to the rebroadcast in a few days as I had quite a few sassy sound bites to share.

My favorite: “Without this GPS, you could be SOL.”

While networking with the hosts and two other guests in the studio, one of the hosts mentioned he knows people in high places at an organization that would likely be interested in Life Goes on Roadmap™. He offered to follow up with me this coming week with an introduction.

You never know what magic can unfold while waiting for your turn to take the microphone. Be open to those kinds of magic moments of opportunity.

Example #3

3) Friday, my husband Steve and I delivered a practice management case study by webinar about Steve’s firm, while also weaving in a mention about our done for you licensing opportunity for Life Goes on Roadmap™ to the members of the Garrett Planning Network. This invitation came after the founder, Sheryl Garrett, endorsed Life Goes on Roadmap™ after reviewing it per our request.

(We’ve been aiming high, right out of the gate.)

Garrett Planning Network is a professional organization comprised of 250+ fee only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals.

The members are now are considering how Life Goes on Roadmap™ can support them in serving their clients more deeply, filling a gap in their serving offerings that can help them make more money, and setting themselves apart from other advisors who don’t offer this benefit.

Yesterday I was invited to attend a women-only networking event where I’ll get to connect in person with decision makers who may find our system to be a good fit to support their client service and growth goals. This invitation would not have come my way if we had not been invited to deliver that webinar.

Several financial planners have already reached out to learn more about how they can participate as licensees of our system.

If this interests you, we have a link to visit that shares more about that.

A Request

We believe we have a message that needs to be heard and seen by millions, and we’ve only just begun to make our best impact.

That’s why local and national publicity opportunities are a priority for us.

We are looking for all the “this or something better” outcomes that publicity provides.

I’m doing my share of reaching out to the right people. My arms are wide open to hear from those who find our message about financial empowerment for couples to be timely and of service.

If you host a podcast, radio show, TV show or want to invite me to do a Facebook Live interview about the needs Life Goes on Roadmap™ meets and why it matters, I’d love to hear from you.

Just send me an email at with “media interview request” in the subject line, and I’ll gladly reply.

Inspiration for YOU!

If you have a new initiative that needs wings to fly, I D.A.R.E, you to go for it.

Decide what you want to achieve.

Ask for what you want, apply yourself, while always aiming high.

Resist the temptation to quit.

Execute — because nothing happens without inspired, imperfect action.


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Celebrating 2018 Ezine Open Rates of 31% – 33% So Far …

Measuring Results Comments Off on Celebrating 2018 Ezine Open Rates of 31% – 33% So Far …

I did something really bold late in 2017.

With the help of the folks at Constant Contact, I identified who had not opened my ezine in a very long time. In an instant, I deleted those names from my list — just like that.

I didn’t save the names to one day re-target via Facebook ads.

I just deleted them. Clean and neat.

(Some might say that was reckless or worse.)

The truth is that ezine open rates were hovering between 8% – 10% for quite some time. In my gut, I felt and still believe that it is far better to serve those who open and read my ezines than kid myself that a big list is more important.

For 2018, my focus has been on delivering massive value to my engaged subscribers by offering content and perspectives that invite “opens” and “click throughs.”

What are my results so far?

For the first ten ezines for 2018, my open rate has hovered between 31% and 33%.

The click rate has hovered between 1% and 8% with the average being 3%.

I am corresponding with far viewer subscribers and getting some good conversations going that are absolutely leading to great results for my newest clients and welcome results in my shopping cart.

And because I am doing my part of deliver massive value to my community, my own ‘DELETE KEY’ is getting a lot more exercise. I am not spending time or diluting my focus by opening emails packed with hype. That is a very good thing.

This leads me to ask questions about how you are using email to serve your audience in the best possible way.

>> Are you paying attention to open and click through rates?

>> Have you found ways to engage and serve that are paying off for you?

Please post in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

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20 minutes of stage time can turn into thousands of dollars — It just happened for me!

Be Heard, Business Success, Get booked as a speaker, Measuring Results Comments Off on 20 minutes of stage time can turn into thousands of dollars — It just happened for me!

What if you could turn 20 minutes of stage time into thousands of dollars?

What could happen for you?

Last Friday, I was fortunate to take the stage for 20 minutes at a live event that was attended by aspiring speakers up to big things.

There were 36 people in the audience of whom two were already my clients. When the talk was over, 31 of them had rushed to the back of the room to make a purchase from me.

31 buyers from 34 potential clients represents a 91% conversion rate!

This was the right audience for my message about making your speaker one-sheet rock. BELOW is access to a clip from the 20 minute talk I gave from Mark Grainger and Shannon Law’s Big Impact Speaker event.

I brought my full, quirky essence to their stage, delivered content that served a specific need for their audience, and was fortunate to be introduced in such a powerful way that the audience was set up to fall in love at ‘hello.’

I hope this inspires you to take stages in service to your perfect audience so you can welcome results that delight you, while boosting your confidence big time.

This brings me to a few questions for you.

>> What specifically are you doing to get yourself booked on live and virtual stages?

>> Are you reaching out to decision makers?

>> Are you hosting your own live or virtual events?

If you do nothing, nothing happens. And when you ask for what you want and take action, amazing things can unfold for your audience, for you, and also for the marketplace.

What is it going to be for you?

If you’d like to learn more about how to make speaking rock for your best audience with your best message front and center, I’ll be interviewing Shannon Law via BeLive.TV on July 11 at 3 p.m. Pacific from my business fan page.  Join us and bring along some of your speaker and expert friends!  The more, the merrier!

This is a generous clip from my talk from Mark and Shannon's Big Impact Speaker event from last Friday. The way they introduced me touched my heart in a big way and the audience enjoyed my talk. It cuts off near the end because my phone storage was at capacity. That is a lesson learned for the next time. >> Check phone storage before recording the next big gig. Oy!

Posted by Nancy Juetten on Tuesday, July 4, 2017

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[Replay] True Confessions about Leading Groups — Starting with 11 Students and Growing From There

Event Promotion, Joint Ventures, Measuring Results, New Audio File to Support Your DIY Publicity Success Comments Off on [Replay] True Confessions about Leading Groups — Starting with 11 Students and Growing From There

My first group program delivered with a partner enrolled 11 people.
My second group with the same partner enrolled 33 people.
The third group program delivered solo enrolled 65 people.
My fourth group program enrolled fewer people, and I had more fun.

What Works:

  • Keep focus always on growing your list. The more people who are your fans, followers, and believers, the greater the likelihood that they will enroll in your programs.
  • Become a fabulous host of content-rich teleseminars so your message can extend far and wide to more of the right people.
  • Be crystal clear about WHO your people are with great specificity so you can be strategic in inviting the right co-collaborators.
  • Host your own teleseminars or webinars.
  • Contribute to the events of the right “hubs” where your content can add real value without being in competition.
  • Foster strategic partnerships through which your partners are delighted to introduce you to their communities.
  • Give before you get. Be the kind of partner who is a joy to work with in every way, who meets and exceeds commitments, and shows up as the kind of partner YOU would love to welcome supporting your most pressing business initiatives.
  • Make your partner commissions generous enough to invite enthusiastic participation.
  • Make it easy for partners to promote you by offering a promotional packet that gives them everything they need to deliver your good news, including solo emails, Tweets, Facebook Posts, articles to showcase in their ezines/blogs, and images of your program to turn heads and invite interest.
  • Plan in advance so your partners have adequate time to plan around your event and can give you “full court press.”
  • Capture compelling testimonials on a systematic basis so your offers are packed with powerful proof.
  • Adapt this approach as your own and see how it can lend strength to your marketing and guide the right people to say YES to what you have to offer.
  • Create a compelling opt in page. And track conversions. You want at least 50% of the people who visit to opt in. If your numbers are less than that, you have to improve the look and message you share to make it an easy YES.
  • Create an equally compelling sales page for your offer.
  • Promote the call two to three times before the call with solo emails.
  • Allow sufficient time during the call to make an offer you feel is so compelling that even YOU would make the wise choice to invest.
  • 70% of your sales will happen AFTER the preview call. So you absolutely need to create and send an after-the-call email sequence to everyone who opted in to invite them to take a closer look and invite action. Tell a story with each email you send to bring about greater commitment and urgency to take action.
  • Track your sales conversions so you can set the bar higher each time you launch your program.
  • Set big goals and reach high to achieve them. Don’t set the bar too low. This takes work, and it must pay off.
  • Express thanks to your strategic partners by paying them on time and with great appreciation.
  • Consider turning your live group program into a digital information product so you have “an irresistible down sell” to offer for those who can’t make your live session dates.


  • Choose partners wisely. Make sure style, brand, message and values are well aligned.
  • If your program is truly a signature program, deliver it solo with guest experts as opposed to delivering it jointly. Why? Because when it comes time for folks to make a decision to go deeper in their work, they don’t have to make an uncomfortable choice.
  • Make sure your curriculum makes crystal clear the value packed within.
  • Offer payment plans to make it easy for clients to say YES to what you offer.
  • Add a private group forum or private Facebook group so people can connect and create new relationships to support their success.
  • If your ideal client still has a “real job” consider stretching out the schedule so they can avoid that feeling of overwhelm.
  • Find fabulous partners who can offer enticing bonuses that are relevant to your offering and add remarkable value.
  • Offer a guarantee that is fair to your participants and to you.
  • Set boundaries around your availability and expectations for folks to meet deadlines for participation, homework review, etc.
  • Recognize that the journey is as important as the success destination. Keep on making improvements to your program. Keep listening for ways to serve differently and better. Tune in to your own needs and make sure the program is a fit for you and for your clients.

There is so much more to learn on this topic.  That is why I interviewed Group Training Expert Michelle Schubnel this morning about her best observations from having coaches thousands of coaches to group coaching success.

“Insider Secrets on Running Transformational Group Coaching Programs that Maximize Your Visibility, Impact, and Income” is her topic.

Access the Replay!

Title: [Private LIVE Interview] Maximize Visibility, Impact and Income with Groups – Nancy Juetten and Michelle Schubnel


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