Invisible Fence Northwest Unleashes Visibility Opportunties, Many Paws at a Time via Doggie Drag Costume Contest

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Here is a DIY Publicity Success Story from Rebecca Murray from Invisible Fence NW that will bring a grin, especially if you watch the accompanying video.

“Shortly after seeing Nancy in action for the first time at a business development conference near Seattle, I contacted her for PR guidance. During our phone session, I shared that Invisible Fence Northwest would be participating in a community event in the coming days and we were helping organize a sure-fire festival highlight: a Doggie Drag Costume Contest.  But I wondered how to publicize our company name in connection with the event to promote a connection with the Capitol Hill community. I planned on creating a video to document the event, and sharing it afterward, but where there other opportunities?   Within sixty-seconds Nancy found the Capitol Hill Times  online and directed me there. Nancy explained that smaller publications are notoriously short-staffed and often welcome assistance with copy and content. She told me to call the editor, find out if they will be covering the event, then offer my help.   The following day I did exactly that. The editor said she had only recently found out about the event and on such short notice had no one to cover it! She was thrilled that I would share my photos and then asked if I’d write and event summary.  The end result was not only publication of a photo and article, but byline credit for myself and Invisible Fence Northwest.  Thank you Nancy for giving me the direction and support to seize this amazing publicity opportunity.”

Watch the VideoRead the Article.

Thanks Rebecca.   Way to get into action to welcome visibility for your company.  And if you want the kind of help Rebecca received to create leveraged visibility that puts your company in the spotlight, consider a Build YOUR Buzz Strategy Session with me.  Great results await.

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La Panzanella Earns “Growing Your Business” Story in June 26 Issue of Puget Sound Business Journal

La Panzanella, Local PR Success Comments Off on La Panzanella Earns “Growing Your Business” Story in June 26 Issue of Puget Sound Business Journal

So many of the people I meet day to day tell me that getting seen, heard, and celebrated within the pages of the Puget Sound Business Journal — or their hometown business journal — is high on their DIY publicity priority list.   The best way to earn a place in any of these media outlets is to make a practice of reading them.   If you don’t yet subscribe, let me know by sending me an email at  I’ll send you a special subscription form that will allow you to save big on your subscription and get a 2009 Book of Lists as a gift.

If earning a Growing Your Business story is a priority for you, here are some of the story criteria:

  • Your business must earn above $250,000 a year.
  • You must employ at least three team members.
  • You must have been in business for at least three years.
  • You have to have business lessons to share from which other business owners can profit.

My newest client, La Panzanella, was a perfect fit.  I pitched the food manufacturing reporter about the company’s journey to gourmet cracker success, and a wonderful story debuted in Friday’s Puget Sound Business Journal.  If you subscribe to the paper, you should be able to read the story conveniently online.  Otherwise, you can buy the paper at newstands around town or see the story online within 30 days.  Being a subscriber does have its rewards.

I am going to share the specific pitch I sent so you can mirror a similar approach when you target your story to earn editorial consideration.   The good news is that the reporter received the pitch favorably, connected with me within minutes of receiving the pitch, and followed through with a stellar story that included wonderful photographs and reinforced the key points that were important to my client.

Dear Steve,

We’ve worked together over the years to break food manufacturing stories from the likes of Fran’s Chocolates, Oberto Sausage Company, and TalkingRain Beverage Company.  Today, I come to you with a food manufacturing story about better crackers that hails from Tukwila, Washington.  The good news is that the business story behind this award-winning company has never yet been told, and there are some powerful lessons the owner has learned from which other business owners can most certainly benefit.   I am bringing this story to you first because I believe the readers of the Puget Sound Business Journal will want to know more about this local company and benefit from the lessons the owner has learned since taking ownership of the company in 2003.

The CEO and owner is Paul Pigott.  And the news hook is that this profitable company that enjoys national distribution of its award-winning Croccantini line of gourmet snack crackers is introducing a new line of spicy, artisan-made snack crackers called Fieri this June 28-30 at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York. This product line is sure to capture attention for its distinctive, spicy flavor profile and give food shoppers and grocery and special food buyers something delicious to cheer about and share with their customers and neighbors this summer and beyond as at-home entertaining continues to be a trend gathering great speed in this demanding economy.

Since the “Growing Your Business” features within the Puget Sound Business Journal typically share useful lessons from which the readers can profit, here are a few to capture your interest:

  • It pays to narrow focus and apply focus to a high growth potential product, while never compromising on quality;
  • Attention to production operations management and manufacturing best practices delivers powerful dividends for productivity and  profitability;
  • New, well maintained production equipment beats repairing old equipment every time.
  • Focus on distribution.  Earning “yes” decisions from quality specialty food retailers and national grocery store decision makers lends powerful fuel to achieving national distribution.
  • When you have a winning recipe, extend the line and offer the consumer choices for  quantity. Today, Croccantini  comes in nine delicious flavors. They include original, rosemary, sesame,  black pepper, garlic, fennel, whole wheat, tomato oregano, and onion. The product comes in 8 ounce and 5  ounce portions at retail and five pound bulk or foodservice Croccantini Bites in six pound bulk packaging.
  • Welcome international distribution when the timing and opportunity are right.  Today, about 5% of the company’s sales flow from Canada.  Pigott believes that the new Fieri line of snack crackers – with its  spicy flavor profile – is likely to earn loyal buyers from France, Italy, Mexico, and Asia.
  • Create new  product lines to reflect changing tastes. The new spicy Fieri line is coming  to market in June of 2009.  A  dessert cracker is in development for holiday gift giving and entertaining.  Smaller crackers  are in development to satisfy consumers who want the same great taste of Croccantini in a smaller, more consistent shape to adorn their artfully arranged trays of h’ordourves.

Steve, I have a backgrounder to share, a bio and photo of Pigott, and a press release to share to offer even more details to support your potential reporting.  These elements are so new that they are not even yet posted to the company’s online press room.

Can I compel you to read more and set up a meeting with this local business owner who is successfully growing his company, even during these daunting times?  I will follow up with you by phone in a few days, unless I hear from you first.  Thank you for your consideration. Looking forward to taking the next step.

DIY Publicity Tip: How can you fram your business story for a Growing Your Business feature within the pages of the Puget Sound Business Journal?  Can you demonstrate quickly that you read the reporter’s work and know that your story is a perfect fit?  Follow the example above and make your pitch on a Thursday morning to the right reporter.  You can find the right reporters by following the work of those who write about your industry.   I also have a “Guide to the Newsroom” that I’ll happily send you if you make that request here at the blog or via my email at   Thursday is the best day to pitch because the newspaper “goes to bed” on Wednesday, and Thursday marks the beginning of a news gathering week for the next edition of the paper.   If you need more tips in this regard, let me know.

And, if you are looking to add some sassy, spicy flavor to your summer entertaining plans, look for Fieri gourmet Italian snack crackers and Croccantini snack crackers in the deli departments of better grocery stores in the Puget Sound and well beyond.   They are simply delicious.

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Alert the Media! June is Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month — What is Your DIY Publicity Action Plan?

Blogging Basics, Event Promotion, Local PR Success Comments Off on Alert the Media! June is Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month — What is Your DIY Publicity Action Plan?

Did you know that the Chase Annual List of Events proudly declares June to be Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month?  Bloggers the world over are finding ways to bring attention to this important event at a time when it has never been more timely or relevant for business owners to roll up their sleeves, learn new skills, and make their marketing and public relations dollars work harder than ever to build the buzz and invite the right engagements to their doors.

Here are a few examples that also include sassy contests and empowering ways to get involved:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

What is your action plan for June to acquire new skills, deploy new tactics, and make some noise in the marketplace on a DIY basis?  If you need some helpful and timely DIY publicity suggestions and tools, I’ve got plenty brewing at Authentic Visibility to keep you in action.

  • Any minute, my new “Get Over Your Fear of Blogging So You Can Build the Buzz and Grow Your Business Now” special report will be added as a NEW special bonus when you sign up to receive the fabulous and free Authentic Visibility ezine.  If you are already a valued subscriber, send me an email at, and I’ll gladly send the report to you by email.  It’s my gift to you, and I’d be thrilled if you shared it with everyone you know who can benefit.
  • Publici-Tea™ workshops are scheduled for June 12 in Portland and June 24 in Tacoma.  Make your DIY publicity action plan a priority and make plans NOW to benefit from this high value workshop that consistently earns raves.  Here is the link to sign up.
  • By mid-month, the new “Bye-Bye Boring Bio eToolkit” will be ready to help you finally get your bio in shape on a DIY basis in a way that people beyond your mother will notice. This isn’t a thin, content-shy report that leaves you with more questions than answers.  It’s a 60+ page e-workbook that dazzles with content, examples, worksheets, and resources to inspire your confidence and guide you to create a winning bio that will attract ideal clients and make you beam with pride.  If you want to be among the first 20 people to PREVIEW this engaging and comprehensive toolkit that shares just about everything you need to know to create short blurb bios, speaker sheets, social networking bios, alternative format bios — including handy-dandy worksheets to make the process fun, efficient, and rewarding — send me an email at, and I’ll tell you how you can contribute.
  • Finally, make a comment here at the blog about why the Authentic Visibility Publicity eToolkit is exactly what you need to get started along your journey.  The most inspiring comment will win the eToolkit as a prize.  You must comment by June 5 to qualify.  This is a $97 value, so think big, go deep, and comment to earn your chance to win.
  • Action is the key to your success during Entreprenuers “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month — and every day.   Go forth and make magic happen in the marketplace on a DIY basis.  You’ll be glad that you did, and your business will be better for it.

DIY Publicity Tip: Subscribe the the Chase Annual List of Events, and use it as inspiration to find the appropriate story hook to bring your expertise into the media spotlight.   With publicity, timeliness and relevance are essential recipes to be newsworthy.  With some advance planning, you could find yourself in the media spotlight for taking advantage of an event opportunity you never prior knew existed.

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The Vern Yip – Seattle Design Center Coverage for Eye on Design 2009 Keeps Coming

Local PR Success, Seattle Design Center Comments Off on The Vern Yip – Seattle Design Center Coverage for Eye on Design 2009 Keeps Coming

I am happy to report that winning editorial coverage for the Vern Yip/Seattle Design Center Eye on Design 2009 event continues to roll in AFTER the event.  Here is the latest story by Yoon Park in ColorsNW magazine.

Seattle Design Center invested meaningfully in paid advertising to bring attention to Eye on Design 2009.  The modest investment in my publicity services has delivered prominent, compelling, accurate, and favorable coverage leading up to and following the event for a fraction of the price of paid advertising.  And the story links to all the great coverage will reside online indefinitely.  I love a good media mix as much as the next marketer, but you sure can’t beat the bang for the buck that publicity provides.

Speaking of which, are you interested in learning how to use free publicity to drive buzz for your business?  The next Publici-Tea™ Workshop in Bellevue takes place on May 15.  Four seats are still open at the table.  Shall we set one aside for you?  Read more and register at this link.

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Are You Thankful? This Video is Timely, Now More than Ever

Local PR Success, PR Beyond the Backyard Comments Off on Are You Thankful? This Video is Timely, Now More than Ever

The media would have us believe that the sky is falling and there is nothing to look forward to as we all watch with worry and wonder about what is going on with the financial crisis and what will unfold with the upcoming presidential election.

Sue Lundquist, a local author and parent, was featured on KING 5 news about how she turned her own challenging life experiences into a powerful tool to reinforce the importance of gratitude among young people.  Now more than ever, gratitude is essential.  Treat yourself to this brief and compelling video, and spread the message.  Sue earned this media placement, thanks to the power and impact of do-it-yourself publicity.  She’d love for her message to carry around the nation and the world, now more than ever.

The purpose of the I’m Thankful™ Journal is to provide an opportunity for parent and child to communicate in an highly effective yet simple manner. The series of questions throughout the journal are easy to adapt and can be used any time of day and for many situations. Teaching the benefit of thankfulness and compassion even in the little things is a priceless value. It’s the little things that are infinitely the most important in life.  Kissing your child good night. Hugging a dear friend hello. These are the types of memories to cherish and be thankful for. All will benefit.  It is a win-win. To learn more about Sue Lundquist’s “I’m Thankful” journals, visit this link.

Sue will be joining a host of equally inspired business owners at the Grande Sized Publici-Tea™ Workshop taking place October 17 from 12:30 – 5 p.m. at the Mercer Island Community Center.  If you still want to claim your place, there is still time.  Visit this link right now.

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Tacoma News Tribune Profiles Olympic Hot Tub Company

Local PR Success, Local Publicity Comments Off on Tacoma News Tribune Profiles Olympic Hot Tub Company

Check out this link to a story in today’s Tacoma News Tribune about Alice Cunningham and Olympic Hot Tub Company. This story resulted from a story pitch to CR Roberts that made mention of how Cunningham continues to reinvent how she connects with customers and prospects, even as she celebrates her 31st anniversary of doing business. She recently launched a blog as a means of connecting with a broader demographic, and that gave our team something to talk about that was timely and perhaps even more interesting than the celebration of the business anniversary. CR did a great job telling Alice’s business success story, and there are some good lessons within from which business owners can most definitely profit. Read on!

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One Good Thing Continues to Lead to Another — for Rent-a-Brain Client, Column Readers, and Me!

Local PR Success Comments Off on One Good Thing Continues to Lead to Another — for Rent-a-Brain Client, Column Readers, and Me!

The day got off to a great start today with glowing feedback from a variety of sources. I heard from one of my Rent-Nancy’s-PR-Brain Clients this morning, and here is what she had to say:

“I have had so much success with the work you and I did. I have 6 radio interviews lined up this week, so just go ahead and let your network know this…you are a superstar!

— Bea Fields, President, Bea Fields Companies Inc.

Receiving feedback like this is very rewarding. Bea and I first met at the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Forum in March of this year. She was the morning keynote speaker — addressing the topic of Managing and Motivating the Net Generation — and I was one of the breakout session leaders — talking about the power of DIY publicity. We both had the benefit of hearing the other’s presentation, and we connected by email to see how we could work together. She has since applied a number of my DIY Publicity tips to her benefit. She reported today that she has six radio interviews scheduled for this week! She is really delighted with how well her speaker sheet is delivering the engagements for her. It’s all good.

And, Amy Spain, the programming director for the Snohomish County Tourism Bureau, wrote to me this morning to share glowing comments about my June 10, 2008 presentation to her audience of 50 guests. She learned about me by reading my former column in the Snohomish County Business Journal.

“Nancy Juetten is a refreshing, energetic, and knowledgeable speaker. she lends her tips for improved publicity to small business owners in a captivating way. All of our program attendees walked away with concrete ways to implement or augment their own campaigns. Very relevant information!”

And, to make things even better, another programming director for still another quality local professional organization read my Puget Sound Business Journal column from last month, offering publicity tips to be learned from American Idol. He wants to talk with me about speaking before his trade group.

Speaking at events, writing columns for prestigious business journals, and connecting in person with engaging people are all powerful ways to build buzz and invite new opportunities to be of service. These are the things I advocate that you do to build the buzz about your business. I am not kidding when I say great rewards are waiting. To lend more support to this claim, I hosted another sold-out Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshop last Friday, June 13. Just for fun, I asked the 13 special guests in the room how they learned about the event. Here is what my guests reported:

  • Heard me speak at the Women Business Owner event last year – 1
  • Heard me speak at the North Seattle Community college on June 6 – 2
  • Heard me speak at the North Seattle Community college last year – 1
  • Learned about me and my expertise by viewing my articles and profile at – 1
  • Saw something about my products at the website for the radio show – 1
  • Met me at a recent meeting of the eWomenNetwork – 1
  • Got acquainted as a result of a blog post that invited interest and comment -1
  • Saw a meeting notice posted in the Seattle Times business calendar – 2
  • Heard me speak at a teleseminar and wanted to learn more – 1
  • Registered as a result of reading about the event in the Authentic Visibility ezine -1
  • Came as a result of the recommendation of a prior Publici-Tea™ guest – 1

Every guest came as a result of a publicity tactic I put in place to build the buzz about the event. I didn’t buy any ads. I didn’t mail any post cards. I just “alerted the media” and my own best customers and prospects via my ezine, the blog, and beyond. People came. And they raved about their experience. Best of all, one of my guests from a prior event just invited me to host another Publici-Tea™ in Tacoma, Washington to empower her extended network of small business owners who crave more buzz for their businesses this August 15. I’ll be putting the details of that event in place shortly and will be certain to share them with you so you can benefit.

All this is to say that one good thing does lead to another. When will you jump into the DIY publicity pool with both feet? Come on in. The water is just fine.

 RSS Updates   |    Email Updates Reporter Comes Calling Again, Resulting in Big Ink for This CFP™

Local PR Success Comments Off on Reporter Comes Calling Again, Resulting in Big Ink for This CFP™

steve-juetten.jpgMy husband Steve Juetten, a Certified Financial Planner™, was delighted to get interviewed for a story on a while back. It turns out the reporter thought highly of his expertise and commentary because she called a second time to enlist Juetten’s commentary about another timely topic that is giving folks a run for their retirement accounts. When she called, she asked for an appointment. He said, “I know your time is valuable and deadlines are always looming. Would now be a good time for you?” What a wise question to ask. The reporter was thrilled to earn Juetten’s immediate attention, and the result of that conversation is a second story that you can read at this link.

Juetten’s commitment to be of service to the reporter, honor her time commitments, and provide stellar input for her story on the spot made her job of reporting much easier. Now, people everywhere who are raiding their retirement accounts to cope with today’s economic woes can benefit from Juetten’s sage advice, thanks to the fabulous reach of this article on

One good media placement can lead to another when you treat each conversation like a relationship you have the intention to build over time. Juetten’s “ink” on is proof positive of that. Now, with media momentum on Juetten’s side, perhaps coverage on MSN Money will soon follow. It has happened before, and I believe it can happen again.

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Free Publicity Saves the Day — and the Life of Daisy Mae

Local PR Success Comments Off on Free Publicity Saves the Day — and the Life of Daisy Mae

itsallaboutdaisy.jpgI am a sucker for a good dog story, and I was moved to tears when I heard the story of Daisy Mae. This pup was born with a spinal problem that made it tough for her to use her hind legs. She was abandoned and later taken in by Rescue Pup, a relief agency. A few days ago, I received a desperate email from Rescue Pup that Daily Mae needed a new home or donations to sustain her special care. The letter asked for people to alert the local media to bring Daisy Mae’s plight to greater attention.

When you ask, you get. KOMO TV 4 did a news feature about Daisy Mae that aired the other night. Today, I received a letter with much better news.

Hi everyone. I wanted to say thank you to all of you for writing in to the TV stations with our plea. It worked! Daisy was on Channel 4 as most of you know, and we had an amazing response. Daisy met a wonderful family today…..has two families meeting her tomorrow….and two more on Sat. Then we move on to the next 15 who would LOVE to adopt her! I just knew if we could just get her on TV the public would respond…..and they did. I am so thrilled for her. Daisy will finally get the loving family she so deserves. She is such a “people” dog that she so needs that one on one attention. A sanctuary (though they are a great resource) just wasn’t a good fit for her. In her new family, her spirit will thrive. I will update everyone when her new family is chosen. What a great problem to have — so many families who would adore to adopt her. When I went over to be with her tonight, I told her all about what’s in store for her soon. Every night when I tucked her in bed it broke my heart. It was a long and exhausting five months while she was being boarded, but I would do it again in a heart beat. She was a champ and hung in there. So with a sad heart that we will so miss her. My heart is full that Daisy will finally have that family who will spoil her and give her all she so deserves. Thanks to all of you and all your support.”

Now, I am reaching for the Kleenex for happy tears. A good dog story with a happy ending will do that for me every time. And free publicity is the hero in this case, along with the many generous, loving families who have stepped up to the plate to invite Daisy Mae into their homes.  Love that.


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Trying to Retire in Turbulent Times? This Story Started with a Quick and Compelling Reply to a Media Lead

Local PR Success Comments Off on Trying to Retire in Turbulent Times? This Story Started with a Quick and Compelling Reply to a Media Lead

You never know when your comments will travel from one media venue to another to reach a huge audience of potential clients. Certified Financial Planner professional Steve Juetten woke up to a treat this morning when his comments about how to retire in turbulent times were featured on MSN Money.
A few weeks ago, he responded to a media lead from a reporter from seeking experts to speak on this topic. Since Steve read the book on the importance of responding to reporters in a timely, compelling, and helpful manner — and he happens to be married to the author — he jumped at the opportunity to be of service. Juetten’s comments ran prominently within the story.

That the story was picked up by MSN Money today was a huge bonus to building the buzz about his reputation and expertise among the many readers of this authoritative site, offering proof that one good thing can lead to another. Those online story links at MSN Money and will reside online indefinitely, making it that much easier for potential clients to learn about Juetten’s philosophies when they search for his name or expertise online. That will, no doubt, help many make the decision to engage Juetten as their Certified Financial Planner.

Are you having similar do-it-yourself publicity success? If so, please share your stories with me here at This blog enjoys wide readership, and you never know how far and beyond your successes can travel when the right people have access to your good news.

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