A Glowing Word to the Folks at Apple and I-Pod Nano – This Product Takes a Beating and Keeps Groovin’

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Would you believe if I told you that my husband’s iPod made the journey through the washer and the dryer yesterday and lived to tell the tale?   It’s true!

When I found this item in the drum of the dryer, my heart sank.  How careless of me to forget to remove this valuable item from the pocket of my gym jacket before starting the laundry.

Miracle of miracles, Steve charged the iPod after its most unfortunate journey.  Guess what?   It still works and holds the scores and scores of carefully selected music within.

This my friends, is an alert the media moment.    Thank you Apple for creating a fabulous, DURABLE product.  My holiday miracle came early.  Hurray, whew, and amen.

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day: What stories can you tell about your cell phones, iPods, and other electronic devices defied the odds and kept working?  I know there are some amazing and amusing stories out there, which brings me to a useful DIY publicity tip.  One incident doesn’t necessarily a story make.  Two incidents starts to sound somewhat interesting.  Three incidents is what we call in the media business “a trend gathering speed.”   Reporters love to write about trends, so go deep and find three really great examples of how your idea is gaining speed. Then, position your own story first among the three as you make your pitch and offer a sassy sound bite to demonstrate why your story is timely, newsworthy, relevant, and interesting right now.   You could be on the right track to earning media attention.

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A Timely, New Take on “My Favorite Things” to Inspire Friends Everywhere – I Hope Oprah Reads This!

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I have to hand it to Betsy Talbot of Married with Luggage for walking her talk.  She and her husband Warren have been downsizing for the last couple years so they can upsize their lives.   They are less than one year away from taking their long-awaited trip around the world.   Betsy will be first to report that it is quite a process to de-clutter home and closets, save enough money to fund the trip, and work through the many logistical details associated with taking a journey like this.  (Oh, by the way, Betsy wrote an e-book that explains how she and Warren saved enough money to take a year or more to travel around the world, and you can get your copy for free at this link.)

To celebrate her 39th birthday last night, Betsy hosted a “My Favorite Things” reverse gift exchange party during which she invited her best gal pals to bid on 39 of her most treasured possessions.  If more than one guest wanted the same item, they had to do a “style off” so the rest of the guests could vote on who wore it best.  The guests then modeled their selections to the beat of  “You’re So Vain” and “Anticipation” by Carly Simon.  There were laughs and happy tears all around.

Betsy labeled all her favorite things with tags explaining the stories behind each item.  There were some pretty sassy, memorable stories, which I am sucker for — as you might expect. Sexy, high heeled black leather boots, a silk scarf from France, a red cashmere wrap from Italy, a multicolored evening jacket with Murano glass beads from Venice, and a perfect red wool beret were among the delights on display.   Every item went home happily with a new owner who will have a very personal keepsake to hold Betsy close to her heart as she travels around the world in less than a year’s time.

In this season of gift giving, I think Betsy Talbot has come up with a brilliant idea that folks around the world can enjoy, while bringing smiles all around. Thinking big and with some anticipation of my own, I venture to say that this is just the kind of gal pal gathering that Oprah Winfrey could celebrate as a new take on her very popular “Favorite Things” holiday broadcast.   I sense a new movement afoot in these demanding economic times that could really elevate Betsy’s reverse gift exchange to a worldwide stage.

(Featured in this photo are Betsy Moore, Nancy Juetten, Birthday Girl Betsy Talbot, and Debbie Whitlock.  The “ladies in red” have Betsy to thank for their purchases!   Photo taken by Karen Rosenzwieg)

When that happens, we’ll all have Betsy Talbot to thank.  In the meantime, I’ll snuggle up in my new red cashmere wrap and happily wear the lovely necklace and earring set I chose from among Betsy’s favorite things.  They are now my favorite things.

Be sure to visit Femme Finance, which is Debbie Whitlock’s blog, for her take on Betsy’s party.  Her blog post should be “live” by Wednesday, December 16.  She’s also got a new radio show by the same name that you can enjoy on the I’m Thankful Network.

(Both Betsy Talbot and Debbie Whitlock are Publici-Tea™ graduates.  They make me so proud.)

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Teaching Penguins to Fly …

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I told a story at yesterday’s Publici-Tea™ Express Workshop about teaching penguins to fly.   The idea behind the story is that it is possible under three conditions:

1) The penguins must believe they can fly.
2) The penguins must learn essential skills so they can fly.
3) The penguins must practice what they learn.

This story reinforces much of what I believe about DIY publicity and social media.  You have to believe you can do it, learn new skills, and get into action to enjoy the abundant rewards that await.

Just for fun, I did a Google search for “flying penguins” which was rewarded with some pretty amusing photos.  Flying Penguins Documentary Prank on BBC is one that made me grin.

The Flying Penguins Documentary hosted by Terry Jones, was a brilliant and well produced April Fools Day prank by the BBC to promote the BBC iPlayer. I hope you enjoy it and share it with others.

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day:
What new DIY publicity or social media actions will you take this coming week to bring your story to greater awareness so you and your story can take flight?  Please share.

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It Must be a Slow News Day When Michelle Obama’s New Do Grabs the Headlines

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Summertime and the living is easy … or darn quiet on the news front.  That could be why Michelle Obama’s new hair style is grabbing the headlines.   Now is the time to pitch stories that can earn attention while so many people are on vacation.  If Michelle Obama can change her hair style and earn attention, what do you have brewing to do the same?  That’s something to ponder on your next trip to the salon or wherever your summer errands take you.

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Moms Everywhere Can Be Mom of the Year with This Free Video

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I received a video clip this morning that celebrates me as Mom of the Year.   It made me laugh out loud.  The better news is that you can customize this video for your mom, your sister, or your best friend.  Check it out!

This video has the potential to spread faster than a Susan Boyle singing performance or perhaps the flu at elementary schools across the nation.  It will bring smiles all around.  Of this, I have no doubt.

Heck, we all want to be seen, heard, and celebrated in our own backyards … and beyond.   And this is sure a fun and free way to deliver that gift to the moms in your life with the power of what appears to be national media coverage.

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Susan Boyle Proves You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover; She Turns Snickers into Wows

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If you need a lift today, treat yourself to a viewing of this YouTube video, featuring “Britain’s Got Talent” Contestant Susan Boyle, who wowed the judges with her rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” from “Les Miserables.”   Mary Jordon of the Washington Post writes, “Before YouTube, Twitter and Simon Cowell, Susan Boyle’s angelic voice might never have been heard outside parties and church services in her tiny Scottish village.  But now, thanks to a digital flash flood in the media age, the unemployed woman who claims to have never been kissed suddenly is a global sensation. Read the rest of the newspaper story here.  If you watch the video or read the story, you’ll be smiling — and reaching for the Kleenex™ tissue besides.  Susan always dreamed of singing in front of a large audience.  Mission accomplished.  Very well done.   Dreams do come true.

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Media Relations Lessons from American Idol Unfold

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Last year, I wrote a fun column for the Puget Sound Business Journal that offered media relations lessons we can learn from American Idol.  Now that Season Eight of this popular talent contest is in full swing, millions of viewers are still tuning in for the drama, the intrigue, and the guilty pleasure.  Chances are good that even more useful lessons will continue to emerge as the season unfolds.

Here are two lessons that immediately come to mind, based on last night’s broadcast.  When you get your moment to shine in the spotlight, choose your songs carefully.  There is only one Sting and only one Michael Jackson.  Find your own authentic voice to stand out in a winning way.  And, by all means, don’t wink at the camera.   For more commentary from the American Idol site, click here.

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Catch Obama-mania by Turning Your Photo into an Obamicon

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Visit this site and create an Obamicon of your own.  Post it on Facebook or elsewhere to show your spirit for the new administration and whatever else you are working on to make only the contribution you can make.  Special thanks to my colleague Cynthia Flash, who shared this information with me after hearing about it on the KIRO News Radio this morning. Have fun!

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Happy Holidays from Snowy Seattle

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Happy Holidays to All Who Visit This Blog!

These photos were taken of my backyard and my dog Shadow over the last few days of very snowy weather in the Seattle area.  We haven’t seen so much snow in 20 years!

Thanks for reading.  Keep coming back for more DIY publicity inspiration, tips, resources, and ideas.

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“The N List” Debuts at the DIY Publicity Blog to Help You Make the Right PR Moves

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I’ve had the good fortune to benefit from some fabulous professional services and products while running my PR and DIY publicity information products business through the years.  Today, I proudly debut “The N List” — which notes a few of the products and services I think are just great.

If you are wondering the best resources to learn about free publicity, how to figure out your unique selling proposition, discover if tips booklets are the right approach to sharing your expertise with the world, need a fabulous media query service that makes “more publicity success with greater ease” as easy as opening and replying to email, or want to learn how to invite Oprah’s attention in your products, services or cause, you’ll want to check out this list.  I’ve already tested out these services and found them to be extraordinary in many ways.  Your own “wins” with each are yours for the taking.

This list also includes two of my favorite products — Affirmawraps from Affirmagy and Zook Hook purse  hangers.  I’ve been fortunate to assist with the media pitching and storytelling about these two fine companies, and I just love their products and use them every day.

Speaking of which, allow me to offer this important tip.  If your publicist isn’t passionate about your products or services, look elsewhere for the storytelling you need.  With the ever changing nature of the media, the last thing you need is a complacent publicist!

Kristen Marie Schuerlein, founder of Affirmagy, will appear on QVC on December 2 within the 7 – 10 p.m. time window to share her personal affirmation blankets with the world.  If you’ve been looking for the perfect “comfort and joy” gift items to share with others, be sure to tune in and get just about all your holiday shopping done right then and there.

And Zook Hooks are the perfect hostess gift or stocking stuffer to add just the right amount of “bling” for any purse, while protecting your investment from dirt, germs, and other ills.  You can even use them to hold up your holiday stockings over the mantle!  So fabulous.  So affordable.  That’s a great recipe for success right about now.

Enjoy these recommendations.  Use them to your advantage.  Enjoy more success with greater ease, sooner versus later.

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