CFP® Steve Juetten offers timely personal finance organizing tips for baby boomer married women and those who love them

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Certified Financial Planner Professional™ Steve Juetten’s wife Nancy asked an important question over the holiday season.

“What if you were hit by a truck tomorrow? What would I need to do to keep our household, finances, and assets moving forward, no matter what?”

Juetten responded by organizing their financial lives built over 30 years of marriage in a few sheets of paper and a password protected thumb drive that is now safely stored in the couple’s safe deposit box.

Today, he makes a portion of his system of personal finance organization available to Baby Boomer married women and those who love them as a free digital download so families across the nation can do the same thing.

Juetten’s clients often ask him to look after the financial welfare of their surviving spouses, should something happen to them. That is what fueled his creativity to come up with a solution that could be of service to families everywhere.

Juetten encourages users to follow the R.O.A.D.M.A.P. to achieve power and control, no matter what life dishes up next.

He says that organization offers peace of mind, while saving precious time and resources. Those are powerful benefits worthy of timely attention right now.

The Life Goes On Roadmap is a simple checklist that can be downloaded for free at to start the process of getting one’s personal finance information in order.


About Steve Juetten, Certified Financial Planner Professional:

CFP® Steve Juetten is the Principal of Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC – a fee-only financial planning company that guides busy professional people to make the most of their money so they have more time to do what they love. One division serves baby boomers. Another division serves early career professionals who want to get a jumpstart on using their money wisely to achieve their goals in life. He invites families everywhere to download the Life Goes on Roadmap to start the process of organizing personal finances today at

For Media Interviews, Contact:

Nancy Juetten – 425 641 5214

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Today’s Entrepreneur Woman Magazine Debuts Today — Why Not Share YOUR Expertise to Add Value?

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Cathy Alessandra debuted the premier issue of Today’s Entrepreneur Magazine today to much fanfare among the women entrepreneurs I know around the nation and beyond.   And, because I network often and pay attention to visibility opportunities where my particular brand of storytelling can add value, I am fortunate to have one of my own articles featured within this important first issue.   Here I speak my own truth about my journey of business reinvention which has certainly not been for the faint of heart, but well worth the journey.

Additional contributors include Catarina Rando, Jennifer  Bourne, Jessica Eaves Matthews, Lisa Suttora, Kirin Christensen, Joy Chudacoff, Lisa Cole, Nancy Drew, Nancy Newcomber, and others on topics ranging from speaking with impact, branding, legal matters, health and beauty, sales success, nutrition and more.

Check out the publication, add your name to the subscriber list, and review the writer’s submission guidelines to make your own article submission for a future issue.  Just visit the “Write for Us” tab on the site to learn the details.

You could earn a wide audience of new readers who will soon be learning about your particular brand of genius.  Some of them may very well turn out to be your best new clients.  And to Cathy Alessandra, congratulations.  Today is a big day for you indeed.    It’s not a small thing to launch a magazine.  Soak it in and enjoy it.

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Vrinda Normand Shares the #1 Secret to Make Your Website Irresistible and Magnetize Clients You Love

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I have met Irresistible Writing Mentor Vrinda Normand twice a big events in San Francisco.  Let me first say that is is a treat to meet people who turn their gifts for words into thriving businesses.   Vrinda has done exactly that.  And since Vrinda used to be an investigative journalist in the  Silicon Valley who was responsible for writing about breaking news, I respect her business savvy and her writing talent in equal measure.   That’s why I am pleased to share her guest blog post that covers a topic that is important to many of you who rely upon your website to make a compelling first impression to invite more of the right clients to engage.    Today, Vrinda offers tips to help you make your website irresistible, and she also extends an invitation to enjoy a scholarship to her May 19 special program.   Take it away Vrinda!

The best way to instantly draw ideal clients to your website is to offer them an Irresistible Gift they can’t refuse.  Think of your website as a relationship building tool. It allows you to connect with people and grow trust over time so they become paying clients. The first thing you must do is give your website visitors a compelling reason to stay in touch.

Your Irresistible Gift is a valuable educational resource your potential clients are hungry for. It can come in the form of a special report, article series, short video, audio recording or a combination of these. You offer this gift for free in exchange for your website visitor’s name and email address. The beauty of this strategy is…

Your website visitor gets a taste of your expertise so they see you’re the real deal. They get more awareness about their problem and realize they’re not alone – there is hope for better results! They also get useful, eye-opening tips they can use right away.

You get the contact information for your potential clients. They are now on your email list so you can send them E-Zines and make them offers for your paid products and programs. Your visitors may not be ready to buy right away, but if you stay in front them on a regular basis, you’ll be the first person they think of when they’re ready to buy.

Your irresistible gift can also boost your credibility and make people much more EXCITED to buy your products, programs or services.

How to get started designing your irresistible gift…

Hot Tip #1: Your gift is a taste of your expertise – in other words, it should show off what an expert you are! It should give real value and provide important information people don’t already know. It’s okay to cover the basics so potential clients at different levels understand what you’re talking about. But your gift is not the place to just share your most beginning level tips.

Even though we KNOW our potential clients are struggling with problems because they’re probably still missing the most basic steps, you don’t have to solve their entire situation in your gift.  Think of your hottest, most surprising tips that make people go “Wow, I didn’t know that! This person can really teach me something.”

When you’re serving your clients, what simple but powerful secrets do you share that get the best response?  What tips make your clients excited and intrigued?

Hot Tip #2: Your gift should provide a small but DESIRABLE solution to an urgent problem your potential clients are aware they have. This is KEY – your visitors need to know they have this problem and they have to be hungry for the solution you offer.

Your irresistible gift is not a long academic style report to educate people in-depth on the processes or methods you use. You’re not training them to be an expert like you.  Your visitors care much more about valuable tips they can use in their lives and easy-to-understand strategies that help them start solving their problems.  You can’t change their whole life in one report, but you can give them a jumpstart.

  • What is the biggest specific problem your potential clients are struggling with?
  • Does this problem keep them up at night with worry?
  • What mini-solution can you provide that your clients are already thinking they need?

Answer these questions and you’re on your way to designing your irresistible gift.

Come learn more about how to write HOT content for your irresistible gift and website in my NEW teleseminar 5 Secrets to Breakthrough Your Biggest Writing Blocks. It’s happening in just a few days and you can reserve your Full Scholarship here.

Vrinda Normand is the Irresistible Writing Mentor.  Learn more about how women entrepreneurs transform, inspire, and  sell … with words by visiting her site.

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The Best Three Commenters to Share on This Blog Win FREE Tickets the Dream It! Launch It! Live It! Global Conference in Seattle Nov. 8 and 9

For Women Only, Good News Comments Off on The Best Three Commenters to Share on This Blog Win FREE Tickets the Dream It! Launch It! Live It! Global Conference in Seattle Nov. 8 and 9

If you want to attend the November 8 and 9 Dream It! Launch It! Live It! Global Conference for the Ladies Who Launch in Seattle, today is a lucky day for the best three people to post comments to this blog.

Tell me why you want to attend. Put your heart into it. I’ll choose the three winners based on the thoughtfulness of their comments. You must post by midnight PST on Wednesday, October 27, you win a ticket to attend as my VIP guest.

By the way, I’ll be speaking on Monday, November 8 at 1:30 p.m. My presentation is titled, “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Making a Living with Information Products:  Real Life Versus the Fairy Tale.”

If you’ve been wondering if creating information products is the right strategy to pursue as you build your business, you won’t want to miss this session. Event guests can ask me just about anything, and I promise to share what I know.

And, I will have just returned from Ali Brown’s SHINE – Discover Your True Wealth conference taking place November 2-4 in Las Vegas, so I’ll be armed with the latest best practices to share, along with my own hard-won lessons along my own journey to achieve success as an infopreneur.

So, who wants to join me? Post your comments here by tomorrow at midnight. The three comments that get to the heart of this matter will win VIP tickets. Winners are responsible for their own transportation to the Seattle Hilton and their own accommodations.

Ready? Set? Post!

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Join Me at the Jan. 19 Virtual Launch Party for the NEW Association for Online Entrepreneurs at 5 p.m. (PST)

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One of the benefits of getting known as an expert in your field is the doors that open for you to participate in expert panels and associations through which your knowledge can empower many more people in your own backyard and well beyond.   Not long ago, my DIY publicity expertise came to the attention of the founder of the Association for Online Entrepreneurs Brenda Rivas.  She invited me to serve as the online publicity expert for this online community, and I gladly accepted.

Read the press release that follows to learn more about this organization and its bold mission to empower online business success.  And, please join us at the Virtual Launch Party on January 19, 2010 at 5 p.m. (PST). You can learn even more about what AOE can offer to support your success and meet me and all the other experts.  Get all the call-in details at this link.

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day: What are your plans to get known as an expert in your field in 2010?   Can you write at least four articles for the media that matter for your message?  Can you speak to at least four professional groups as a workshop leader, keynote speaker, or expert panelist to share your message on a one-to-many basis?  Can you respond to media queries that offer timely and relevant opportunities to share your expertise with a much wider audience?   “Yes” is my favorite answer to these questions.  What I know to be true is that these efforts DO pay off.   It’s just a matter of getting into action.


Contact: Brenda Rivas, 888-691-1114,

A new online empowerment community designed to help women start and grow profitable online businesses, now available at The Alliance of Online Entrepreneurs

(Miami, Florida – January 12, 2010) — “The Alliance of Online Entrepreneurs is a community that empowers women to embrace their knowledge, passion and desired lifestyle and leverage those elements into profitable online businesses,” said founder and online business development expert Brenda Rivas. “The AOE also goes beyond being a resourceful business community. We strongly believe that a woman with evolved mindsets is a woman of power and determination. Therefore, bringing women the resources to break through limiting beliefs is of equal importance at the AOE.” Read the rest…

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Women Entrepreneurs: Want Success Faster? Read This!

Business Success, For Women Only Comments Off on Women Entrepreneurs: Want Success Faster? Read This!

Here’s to Upstart Smart Founder Amber Riviere Singleton for gifting the world with her new e-book entitled, “One Entrepreneur’s Journey.”  This compilation of 26 interviews with women entrepreneurs from all over the USA takes an up-close-and-personal approach to showcasing the most powerful lessons each has learned along her journey to business and life success.  Check out the names and companies of the women featured, and I am sure some of the names will be familiar to you:

Betsy Talbot of Married With Luggage
Stacey Kannenberg of Cedar Valley Publishing
Dawn Martinello of Monday Morning VA
Pema Teeter of Ink Street
Nancy Juetten of Authentic Visibility
Corey Colwell-Lipson of Celebrate Green
Pam Ivey of My Creative Assistant
Valerie Fitzgerald of The Valerie Fitzgerald Group
Josephine Geraci of My Mom Knows Best
Erin Lozano of Green Sherpa
Pearl Mattenson of
Shannon Laackmann of Psychic Cowgirl
Jill Hart of Christian Work At Home Moms
Shama Kabani of The Marketing Zen Group
Anastasia Chomlack of
Lynda Monk of Creative Wellness
Alison Rhodes of The Safety Mom
Pam Kapoor of
Debbie Whitlock of Sound Financial Partners
Traci Bisson of The Mom Entrepreneur and Bisson Barcelona
Donna Santos of
Jaime Almond of
Jen Spencer of Jen Spencer Coaches
Regina Perata of Restoring Power
Maggie Miller of the DiscoverHope Fund
Amber Singleton Riviere of Upstart Smart

This e-book is free. You can download it at this link.   While you are at Amber’s site, check out her very helpful tools, support, and her popular Upstart Smart Game.  All are designed to help you on your way to becoming a successful solopreneur.   At Upstart Smart, you’ll learn how to improve your business as a solopreneur, while gaining the work-life balance you always hoped for back in the days when you worked for someone else.  Treat yourself and those whose success you support to a visit to this helpful site.

Authentic Visibility Tip of the Day: Why not share this site and Amber’s free e-book with every women business owner you know so she can advance faster on her journey to success?   That would be a lovely way to thank Amber Singleton Riviere for her tireless and inspired effort to create this inspiring, helpful tool — just in time to guide us all to achieve more success with greater ease in the New Year.

I extend my thanks to Betsy Talbot for introducing me to Amber in the first place.   Hail to the power of quality introductions and networking in cyberspace  to bring wonderful opportunities to all!

And I’ve highlighted Betsy’s blog and Debbie Whitlock’s site  in particular because both of these women are Publici-Tea™ graduates and inspired entrepeneurs about whom you will be well served to learn more.  Learn plenty by reading Amber’s free e-book.

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Strength-2-Strength Conference — a Must-Attend Session This Friday, October 9!

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I’ve cleared my calendar to be in attendance at the Strength 2 Strength Conference at Champions Center in Bellevue this Friday, October 9.  Do yourself a favor and visit the site to learn about what the conference organizers at KB Women have brewing to guide to to take your business to new, inspired heights.

Oh, by the way, event guests will enjoy the Authentic Visibility Tips Booklets that offer 147 powerful ways to boost business and profit in the event swag bags, along with plenty more useful and inspiring tools and tips to guide success.

If you’ve been lamenting that you need a lift to get your motivation and purpose in better gear to achieve what you know is possible for your life and work now, this is a must-attend session.    And, to put it another way, what is it costing you to stay home?

I’ll look forward to seeing you there.

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Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Strikes Again with Tips Why Women Entrepreneurs are Taking the Lead

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Women business owners flock to the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur to share their tips, not just today but on an ongoing basis.  Mike Michalowicz knows how to build community and how to see, hear, and celebrate others.  He posts queries to Help a Reporter Out.  Women business owners reply.   What happens next is that those whose tips are featured share the link to the tips with the people they know, and word spreads all over the world about the tips of the day.   Is it any wonder that his site gets so much traffic?

There is a lesson in that for all of us.

To see today’s post, offering the reasons why women entrepreneurs are taking the lead, click here. Why not chime into the conversation and comment with your thoughts on this matter?  Be part of the community.

By the way, my tip is #48, which includes a shameless visual plug for the “Anytime, Anywhere” Publici-Tea™ Express Digital Download.   This product bundle includes an abundance of value, including the “review copy” of the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action eGuide, for just $49.  This offer expires 8-31, so act quickly to benefit.  Join the community of buyers who have already made their purchases and are extremely glad that they did.   Such a deal.

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More Mamapreneur Tips Debut at Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Blog Today

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Check out this useful compilation of tips provided by moms who are also business owners.  Their tips for success may help you find more success in your own backyard and beyond.

Mike Michalowicz compiled an abundance of tips from mamapreneurs all across the USA resulting from a query he posted to HARO.  If you are not yet subscribing, why not?

Did I submit a tip? Absolutely. I don’t just preach this advice. I apply it, too!

68. Best Solution And Value First

How Mom Entrepreneurs Manage It All: Clients and customers want the best solution for the problem at hand at a price that makes good sense with service that meets or exceeds expectations. Period.

Focusing on how you deliver in that regard is the key to anyone’s success — mommy entrepreneur or not. That has certainly been my strategy since launching my company in February of 2001 when my son was three years old, and it has worked very well.

Thanks To: Nancy Juetten of Authentic Visibility

Like I often say, action is the key for success with DIY Publicity or anything you do.  When will you get started so others can see, hear and celebrate how you contribute?  How about today?

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Learn about DIY Publicity and More This Sunday at the Sammamish Women in Business Event

Event Promotion, For Women Only Comments Off on Learn about DIY Publicity and More This Sunday at the Sammamish Women in Business Event

What are you doing this Sunday, March 22, 2009 from 1 – 4 p.m?  This is my invitation for you to join me and several other fine presenters at the Women in Business Event sponsored by the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce. We’ll be on hand to offer useful tips and resources to help you thrive during these challenging economic times.  Whether you need guidance navigating the small business lending landscape, tips to achieve exquisite self care, straight talk about your retirement plans, or actionable ideas to get seen, heard, and celebrated in the local media, you won’t want to miss this event.

Here is the link to the story in the Sammamish Review to tell you a bit more.  And here is a bit about what I’ll be talking about.

Publicist Nancy Juetten is fiercely committed to helping business owners everywhere get seen, heard, and celebrated through the power of free publicity without spending a fortune or spinning their wheels. Through her Do-It-Yourself Publicity Blog, she shares tips, resources, inspiration, and success stories almost daily to keep you engaged in your own DIY publicity efforts so you can achieve winning results under your own power. During her presentation, Nancy will share three things you can do tomorrow without spending a penny to have your story heard. You can attract more perfect clients.  And, you can enjoy more success with greater ease with DIY publicity as a well used tool in your marketing tool chest. It’s just a matter of getting in action.

All you have to do now is register to benefit from the quality information, inspiration, and networking with other fine business women.  Please do.  Tickets are just $25 and are available for convenient online purchase at this link or by emailing

By the way, every guest will receive as a gift an Extreme Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar from Seattle Chocolate Company. 100% of the net profits from the sale of these delicious and exquisitely packaged delights is donated to women’s cancer charities.   That is all the more reason to stock up the next time you are at your local grocery store.

Looking forward to meeting you this Sunday from 1 – 4 p.m.

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