Ready to Build a Better Blog? Darren Rowse of ProBlogger Wrote the Book to Show You How

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When I searched the term “monetizing your blog” a while back, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger came up first in the search.  He is the leading authority in this area. He’s just updated his 31 Days to Build a Better Blog book for 2012. I highly recommend this book for a step by step approach that guides you day by day to build a better blog for your business.  Darren is offering a 25% off limited discount for the next two weeks.  This is a proven, helpful resource that has been used by tens of thousands of people already — me included.  Check it out.



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Don’t Let Your Blog Be Caught with Its Pants Down — Thank You for Timely Inspiration about Being Ready for Anything

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I am a big fan of being ready for the spotlight.  That’s why I am sharing a blog post that came my way via Darren Rowse’s that makes this point in a pretty compelling way.  Guest Blogger Joseph of Blog Tweaks advises, “Don’t Let Your Blog Be Caught with Its Pants Down.” I couldn’t agree more.  Read on, and you’ll get the message in a way that you won’t soon forget.

As Joseph’s post reveals, attracting the eyeballs of Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, and a great many of their fans and followers right with them can create a powerful impact — or not if you are not ready.  I’ll let him tell you the rest of the story.  It’s enough to have you reaching for belts of all kinds.

Just curious.  What would happen to your business right this very minute if an avalanche of new people came to your website or blog right this minute?  Would you be prepared to capture their interest, earn their subscription to your ezine or RSS feed, or invite a sale right then and there?  If not, take some action today to move fast in that direction.  You never know who might be reading your blog and inviting their fans and followers to pay attention to you.

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Got Questions about Your Client Attracting Bio? Now is the Time to Ask!

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If you have questions about how to makeover your bio to attract clients instead of snores, share them here at the blog or by email at  I’ll gladly answer them during tomorrow’s free teleseminar on the same topic.  If you haven’t yet registered, here is the link to make that easy.

If you are already a subscriber to my ezine, watch for it today because I am giving you early access to two really amazing offers that you won’t want to miss.  And I’ll be sharing them “live” during tomorrow’s call.  Believe me, these are not to be missed.

Speaking of asking questions, just yesterday, I asked an influential blogger that I admire tremendously if she would entertain a guest post from yours truly.  She agreed, and my post is LIVE at Nancy Marmolejo’s Viva Vivability Blog today.    It’s amazing what can happen when you just ask for what you want.

So, here is my request for you.  Visit my post at Viva Visibility Blog and see for yourself why this blog is one you should add to your RSS Feed today so you can benefit from another Nancy’s amazing wisdom.   She’s a rock star, as you will soon find out.  Please leave a comment on her blog so she knows you’ve stopped by — and everyone else does, too.  She plays with some amazing folks.  Why not join them!

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Blogger Link Up Delivers Impact for Dot Girl Products

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If you have a consumer product that stands ready to serve the world, what is a fast, effective, and influential way to get the word out without breaking the bank?

One great way to do this is to offer your products for review to bloggers who have influence to both review your product and influence their communities to be fans for it, too.   Blogger Link Up, created by Idea Lady Cathy Stucker, is a useful resource to make this easy and productive.  You sign up for the service for free.   Then, you can either respond to the queries that make sense for your business or post queries to invite interest in what you have brewing.   It’s a beautiful thing.

Just last week, I connected with Kathy Pickus and Terri Goodwin, founders of Dot Girl Products.  This company has created the Dot Girl First Period Kit that offers everything a girl needs for her first period.  They created this product because they want girls everywhere to have a good first experience with their kit as their guide.   Having experienced their own awkward moments as young girls, these two women are mission driven to make the transition more joyful and welcome for young girls and their parents everywhere.   I suggested they make a pitch to Blogger Link Up to offer their product for review.  The same day, they received 12 requests from influential bloggers who met their criteria and asked to review their product.  As Kathy says, “Not bad for one day of focused effort.”  Here is the query they posted:

The Dot Girl’s First Period Kit – everything she needs for her first period.

Name: Kathy Pickus
Blog or Website URL:

What type of product are you offering for review?: health/wellness product for tween girls and their parents

What qualifies a blogger to review your product?:

We are looking for bloggers who write for parents of tween girls – may write for moms or dads.  Bloggers who review products for the tween age group are most welcome.  Must be comfortable with menstruation topic (or
uncomfortable and willing to admit it!)

If you are a blogger who influences parents, women, and their teen and tween daughters, I know Kathy and Terri would be honored to have you review their product for your readers.  And, if you just love the idea of this product and want to stock up for all the teen and tween girls in your community or suggest that their schools, Camp Fire and Girl Scout groups, and other youth groups do the same, please do.

What these two women are on a mission to deliver is important in a way that is priceless to describe.  I salute them

And if you believe Blogger Link Up has the juice to deliver the product reviews your product needs to grow in its marketplace influence, join and post your query.  Maybe you will be welcoming 12 new product reviews the first time you try and be that much closer to achieving your mission.   Good luck!

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This Publici-Tea™ Success Story Hits Home for CFP™ Steve Juetten

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My husband Steve Juetten is a Certified Financial Planner professional who is also married to a publicist.   He can’t escape my enthusiasm for helping him earn a wider audience for his expertise and commitment to serve others.  Yesterday, he shared a blogging success story that I am happy to pass along to you.  It showcases how one good blog post can lead to even better things to come.

“Here is a blogging success story I wanted to share with you because without your support (okay, nagging) I would not have started writing a personal finance blog in February 2009.  Earlier this week, I wrote a blog post about an idea I gleaned from the book Save Your Retirement that is co-authored by one of my personal finance idols Frank Armstrong, III. Frank is one of the top 100 Financial Planners in the U.S.according to Barron’s magazine.  I’ve long admired Frank through several personal finance and investment books he has written. Frank’s publicist read my blog post and contacted me. He offered to send me Frank’s newest book to review and to set up an interview with Frank. Of course, I jumped at the chance to review the book and talk with Frank. I’m scheduled to interview him in early December and am eagerly looking forward to this rare opportunity. The chance to create a personal relationship with a superstar in my field happened through the power of one blog post. Thanks Nancy.”

Steve Juetten, Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC
Helping you make smart financial decisions so you can do more of what you love!
Check out my personal finance columns at

Authentic Visibility Tip of the Day –– Whether you are blogging, speaking, or writing articles for the media, always remember that the rising tide lifts all boats.   Write about leaders and authors you genuinely admire.  Target publications for your perspectives that are prestigious and preferred by your ideal clients.  Aspire to speak to audiences that are comprised of the successful people with whom you intend to earn greater influence.   One step at a time, you’ll earn new followers, fans, and friends.  You’ll invite new opportunities to serve in powerful ways.  And, you’ll attract more opportunities to grow your own influence.

Authentic Visibility Challenge — What specific steps will you take today to grow your influence among your ideal clients?  Remember, all the planning and note taking in the world won’t replace the power of deliberate action.

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Want to Build a Better Blog? Read This!

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When it rains, it pours.  There are at least 10 clients I am working with right now who have just launched blogs and are serious about making their blogs great.  Every single one of them can benefit from paying attention to Darren Rowse.  He is the founder of Problogger. This is the fourth most popular site on the Internet today that is dedicated to helping bloggers monetize their blogs and make the most of every post.

Having participated in Darren’s “Build a Better Blog 31-Day Challenge” that launched in April of this year, I can say without hesitation that the very specific, actionable tips and strategies he advocates deliver results that can be measured in blog traffic, affiliate commissions, and beyond.

The key, like most things, is getting into and STAYING in action.  That can be as simple as reading his RSS feed daily or buying his Build a Better Blog in 31 Days Workbook.   Either way, you and your blog are golden.

Whether you have just launched your blog, are seriously pondering launching one, or just now getting serious about making it better, you should run right over to his site and start paying attention.   This is good stuff!

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Solutions to Blogger Butt – Inquiring Minds Want to Know

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Did you know that the Urban Dictionary actually includes a definition for a new affliction of the digital age? It’s called “Blogger Butt.”   The definition is —  Weight gain in the gluteal region which is directly related to spending large amounts of time blogging. I found out about this by reading Publicity Hound Joan Stewart‘s Ezine today, and it made me laugh.

Check out the treadmill desk Shannon Nicholson created for Michelle Tennant Nicholson at this link to help her get fit while blogging.  This just goes to show that there are extraordinary solutions waiting to address  common problems — if you just have enough ingenuity to figure them out. Best of all, there are media opportunities waiting for those who take advantage of them.  Michelle landed an interview with FOX News later today on the topic of how women can stay healthy while in front of their computers 14 hours a day. Now that the weather has turned cooler in so many regions of our nation and Halloween and holiday treats stand ready to tempt us all, the timing is certainly right to find suitable antidotes to blogger butt.

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day? What solutions have you found to counter blogger butt?  My favorite solution is working out regularly with a heart rate monitor, eating mindfully, and drinking lots of water.  It’s not a particularly newsworthy answer, but it works for me — and the skinny jeans fit.  How about you?   Inquiring minds want to know!

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Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Strikes Again with Tips Why Women Entrepreneurs are Taking the Lead

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Women business owners flock to the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur to share their tips, not just today but on an ongoing basis.  Mike Michalowicz knows how to build community and how to see, hear, and celebrate others.  He posts queries to Help a Reporter Out.  Women business owners reply.   What happens next is that those whose tips are featured share the link to the tips with the people they know, and word spreads all over the world about the tips of the day.   Is it any wonder that his site gets so much traffic?

There is a lesson in that for all of us.

To see today’s post, offering the reasons why women entrepreneurs are taking the lead, click here. Why not chime into the conversation and comment with your thoughts on this matter?  Be part of the community.

By the way, my tip is #48, which includes a shameless visual plug for the “Anytime, Anywhere” Publici-Tea™ Express Digital Download.   This product bundle includes an abundance of value, including the “review copy” of the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action eGuide, for just $49.  This offer expires 8-31, so act quickly to benefit.  Join the community of buyers who have already made their purchases and are extremely glad that they did.   Such a deal.

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Mom Entrepreneur Tips Earn Top Ranking on Google

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I got a fun email from Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz this morning regarding his blog post from yesterday offering a compilation of success tips from mom entrepreneurs.  He reports the following:

“I typed in ‘mom entrepreneur success’ and whamo we are on the front page, 1st spot in Google.  Feeling a little bold (the coffee helped) I tried ‘mom entrepreneur success strategies’, ‘mom entrepreneur strategies’ and this was a little crazy ‘how mom entrepreneurs manage it all’.  Hot dog!  All of them front page Google.”

That is good for all the moms who contributed tips to the post because that makes it easy for people interested in learning from these moms to visit their websites or blogs to see what they have brewing.  Since I am one of them (Tip 68), that is certainly good news for me.

From a blogging standpoint, I say “Brilliant” to Michael.  He involved his blog readers in sharing their useful tips.  He chose 107 of them to be featured.  No doubt, most of them blog, Twitter, participate in social networks, and have other ways of spreading the word.  I am venturing a guess that just about every one of those 107 mom entrepreneurs shared their message with their followers, which explains why this post is earning such powerful attention.  And Michael’s blog traffic is likely escalating in an even more powerful way.

If you are a blogger, can you model a similar kind of post to serve your readers?   Based on the impact Michael has had with this post, that certainly offers powerful food for thought.   Tribes are powerful, so Seth Godin writes in his best-selling book by the same title.  Moms as a tribe rock for building community and making things happen.  It’s a beautiful thing — especially when the tips they share can help others advance along their own journeys to the sweet success they seek.  How can you enlist the interest and action of your tribe to make magic manifest for an idea, product, or service that captures your attention and the attention of Google?  With some brilliance on your part, great results await.

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Happy 3rd Birthday, Media-Savvy-to-Go Publicity Tips Booklets

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July 12, 2006 was a big day.  I took delivery of my first shipment of Authentic Visibility Publicity Tips Booklets with high hopes that small business owners everywhere would buy them and that big businesses in service to small business owners would buy they by the boatload.

The first part of that dream has come true.  The second part is still a work in progress, yet my hopes and expectations are still very high.  Why?  Because the economy has proven more demanding than most of us would have thought possible, and the need to share the useful information within the tips booklets to empower others’ success has never been more timely. For the $10 investment, the 147 powerful ways to build business and profit from free publicity continue to be an extraordinary value.  People who apply the tips are having fabulous success.

Here is a link to preview example tips.

Here is a link to read the real life testimonials from happy customers in my own backyard … and beyond.

And, with high hopes, here is a link to learn about quantity purchases and booklet customization requests.

Why not share Authentic Visibility Publicity Tips Booklets with your small business customers as a way to support their success and invite their gratitude to you for unlocking a powerful way to build business and profit from free publicity.  It’s a client appreciate gift that will return abundant value to all.

Finally, if you didn’t read Darren Rowse’s blog post today about how to build credibility, this one is a must read.   Rowse is the powerful blogger behind ProBlogger, and his wisdom is priceless beyond measure.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Authentic Visibility Publicity Tips Booklets!   May you have many, many more and may everyone who applies the tips to their buzz building advantage have all their dreams come true.

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