Nancy Juetten’s blog named among the Best Public Speaking Blogs 2017: Top Business Experts

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What a thrill for my blog to be named among the Best Public Speaking Blogs for 2017 in a wrap up created by  The wrap up debuted a couple of days ago to my complete surprise, and I am very excited to be recognized in this way.

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These Candidates for eWn’s North America’s Next Greatest Speaker Contest Need Your Votes

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Two graduates of the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series are in the Top 15 for the eWomenNetwork’s North America’s Next Greatest Speaker. Wow! Vote for Anne Palmer and Jen Mueller so they can broadcast your brilliance in a big way at the July event in Dallas! Here is the link to cast your vote.


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Announcing the Who’s Who Among Women in Ecommerce for 2012 So Reports WE Magazine

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Fort Lauderdale, FL (Tuesday, February 7, 2012) — WE Magazine for Women and Women in Ecommerce are excited to announce the list of 100 Women in Ecommerce for 2012. These accomplished women are as different as their professions and ages (from early 20’s to late 60’s). These 100 Women in Ecommerce™ represent their industries and professions as artists, astrologers, authors, internet marketers, photographers, coaches, consultants, manufacturers, clothing designers, inventors, event planners, personal trainers and everything in between. Some of the women have been in business for more than 20 years and others as few as two years. And what does each of these women have in common? They all promote their products and services on the Internet. Successfully. According the Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, “The women WE chose are considered to top in their respective professions and industries. Some are household names and some are known to a small niche of business owners and people they serve. Some were suggested to us by our readers and others we have been following online for years. We are delighted to showcase them to our readers and the world as the 2012
Who’s Who Among Women in Ecommerce for 2012.”  They are:

Nan Akasha, Betty Audish, Walethia Aquil, Ruthie Backenroth, Wendy Y. Bailey, Leesa Barnes, Melanie Benson Strick, Cathy Berger, Stacy Blackman, Toby Bloomberg, Ali Brown , Holly Buchanan, Karla Brandau, Rosana Santos Calambichis, Anita Campbell, Heidi Caswell, Stephanie Chandler, Claudette Chenevert, Shannon Cherry, Lorraine Cohen, Myriam Cohen, Danna Crawford, Louise Crooks, Debra J. “Debbie” Cunningham, Baeth Davis, Faith M. Davis, Nicole Dean, Elena del Valle, Marla Dennis, Jody DeVere, Yvonne DiVita, Sally Falkow, Andrea Feinberg, Dale Filhaber, Kelli Fox, Stacy Francis, Rosalind Gardner, Sabrina Gibson, Eva Gregory, Christine Guld, Donna Gunter, Penny Haynes, Sandee Hemphill, Jessica Herrin, Rebecca Herwick, Angie Hicks, Linda
Hollander, Kyra Howell, Mary Clare Hunt, Kristina Jaramillo, Marilyn Jenett, Nancy Juetten (!), Lorrie Kazan, Simone Kelly, Jessica Kizorek, Donna Kozik, Lisa Ann Krutzik, Charly Leetham, Diane MacEachern, Beverly Mahone, Nancy Marmolejo, Allison Maslan, Alexis Maybank, Shari McConahay, Sheri McConnel, Fay McLean, Stephanie Mulac, Marie, Myers, Andrea R. Nierenberg, Cindy O’Connor, Debbie O’Connor, Kelly O’Neil, Maritza Parra, Michele Pariza Wacek, Linda Pereira, Lisa Marie Platske, Ana Poirier, Rev. Anne Presuel, Morgana Rae, Giselle Rufer, Kerri Salls, Kate Sanner, Lisa Sasevich, Katrina Sawa, Michele Scism, Lynn Scheurell, Beth Schneider, Colleen Slater, Felicia Slattery, Faith Smith, Susan Wilson Solovic, Sheryl Stanton, Kendall SummerHawk, Karen Talavera, Ivana Taylor, Lynn Terry, Tracy Terry, Denise Wakeman, Maureen Whitehouse, Carrie Wilkersom, Alexandra Wilkis, and Daisy Wright.

Read more about these women in the latest issue.

About WE Magazine for Women:

WE Magazine is published by The Women in Ecommerce™ an organization
that has been helping women do MORE business on the WEB since 2001. To contact the publisher, write Heidi
Richards Mooney at P.O. Box 550856 ~ Fort Lauderdale, FL 33355-0856, call her at 1-954-625-6606 or visit:


Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

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Award Wins Pay Off for Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer Jerry Gay

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I read a fabulous article in New Spirit Journal about Pulizer Prize Winning Photographer Jerry Gay that should provide timely inspiration to get recognized for the great work you do in the world because you never know what wonderful doors may open next.

Gay was a 28-year-old young buck working for The Seattle Times who was inspired to enter a photo he took of firemen on a break at an early morning house fire in Burien, Washington.  He asked the secretary at the paper how to enter the photo in contention for a Pulitzer prize.  He entered, and he won.

“This reaffirmed for me that if you listen to your inner voice, believe in who you are, go forward and do what you’re meant to do, things happen.”  He says that he felt the Pulitzer was meant to open doors for him.  “Even years later, I would call someone to do a story and I would say, ‘By the way, I won a Pulitzer prize,’ and they would say ‘Oh, we’ll talk to you.'”

As you look to 2011, what award contests can you enter that could shine a light on the brilliance you bring to the marketplace?  Are you among the 40 Under 40 in your community who are making a difference and building a thriving business?  Are you writing copy that is worthy of celebration?  Are you — like Veronica Mayo of Veymaca — among the leading moms in business according to the voters at StartUpNation?

Being seen, heard, and celebrated for your winning ways gives  you bragging rights that can lend credibility and curiosity to what you offer, and that can often lead to a new stream of sales and other revenue generating opportunities.

How do you want to get seen, heard, and celebrated in 2011?   Think big, and start preparing your story so when your moment comes to put your hat in the ring, you are ready.   If you’d like to read one of my articles about getting ready for award contests,  here is a link to make that easy.

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Home Based Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips for Serving All Their Masters

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Home-based entrepeneurs wage a daily battle as they serve their families, their clients, and themselves. Here is a link to a compilation of 95 from-the-trenches tips that people swimming in that boat have discovered as they continue to navigate the sometimes rocky waters. (My tip is #5 on this list.)

My husband Steve and I both work from home, parent our son, serve our clients, make sure the dog gets a walk, and still find a few minutes for each other. It’s not an easy path we travel, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What are the tips you have discovered to help YOU keep the balance as you work AND live from home? Share your best tips here so the rest of us can benefit from the wisdom of YOUR experience!

Speaking of working from home, I’d be honored to earn your vote in the Start Up Nation 100 Home Based Business Contest. I’ve entered in the “Recession Buster” category. You can read my profile and post your vote at this link. I am all for getting seen, heard, and celebrated — with a little help from my readers! Thanks for your support.

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Run a Home Based Business? StartUp Nation’s Annual “Best Of” Contest Offers a Way to Get Seen and Heard

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Solopreneurs and mom-owned businesses have a wonderful opportunity to get seen, heard and celebrated in the StartUp Nation annual contest to identify the top 100 home based businesses.   It’s really a great vehicle to guide serious business owners in the art of building buzz and inviting interest in how they serve the world.

Those who are recognized among the top 100 certainly get the additional visibility and recognition that goes along with it.   That certainly makes it a whole lot easier to attract more perfect clients and fuel your prosperity. 

Those who enter should be engaged in putting their best image and story forward to touch the hearts and minds of those who are voting. 

Serious candidates should most definitely learn to be active commenters and posters in networking sites and blogs like StartUpNation and other communities where they can elevate their brands by providing value and all the while maintaining links to posts to their contestant’s profile, making it easy for others to vote for them.

It all sounds like a pretty darn good exercise to me.  That is why I put my own business in the ring in the “Recession Buster” category. 

Here are the other categories:

Most Innovative
Boomers Back in Business
Savviest in Social Media
Most Slacker Friendly
Most Glamorous
Highest Vote Getters

Consider if a “win” in one of these categories would be a favorable reflection on your brand and reputation and help to attract more of the right people to benefit from how your business serves the marketplace. If your answer is “YES,” enter your story and start your own campaign to build support for your candidacy.

You just might earn bragging rights that could open up a world of new opportunity for your business and the customers and clients you can potentially serve in your own backyard and well beyond.   But you can’t win if you don’t enter.

And, if you are so inclined to cast your vote for Authentic Visibility, I’d be honored. You can even sign up for daily email reminders to cast another vote. This contest continues through September 30, 2010. You can vote once each day. Thanks in advance for your support.

Oh, by the way, my colleague and friend PR Coach Pam Perry has entered her business in the social media category. You can cast your vote for Pam at this link. She’s so worthy.

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Publici-Tea™ Graduate Todd Martini, Founder of Alex’s Coupons, to Appear on Good Morning America

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Read all about it here.

The Get Away with GMA Contest rewards individuals who have done something extraordinary for their community, making friends and neighbors thankful for the effort. As a winner, Todd will receive a trip for two aboard the November 19, 2009 pre-inaugural sailing of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas including round trip air transportation. Todd and the other winners will be in the audience when Good Morning America broadcasts live from the Oasis of the Seas on Friday, November 20, 2009.

Todd  Martini is one of 15 nationwide winners, and KOMO TV 4 News — the Seattle affiliate of the ABC television station — will be interviewing him in connection with this story.

This just goes to show that responding to national contests that are well supported by the media can bring abundant rewards in your own backyard and well beyond.

Congratulations Todd Martini for getting into action and making something really fabulous happen for your business and everyone around the nation who can benefit from what you offer to consumers through Alex’s Coupons.

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Shawn Johnson, Kris Allen … and Other Personally Significant Wins in My DIY Publicity Practice

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For all the reality TV show fans here and beyond, the big wins this week have been something to see.  First, Shawn Johnson wins “Dancing with the Stars.”  Then, Kris Allen wins “American Idol” in what will no doubt be considered an amazing underdog victory over Rocker Adam Lambert. Oprah crowned the most talented kids in the world, many of whom delighted and amazed viewers with their remarkable singing, dancing, and musical prowess.

And here in the DIY publicity trenches, I’ve been blessed with some wonderful customer reviews. I received a hand written ‘thank you’ note that brought happy tears to my eyes:

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for an amazing training on Friday!!!  It was beyond my expectations, and I look forward to implementing what I’ve learned!  The testimonial for your website is coming, too!!  More thant that, I want to thank you for your generous heart, your humility, your integrity, and the impact you bring.  You are a rare gem and I am so grateful to have you on my team!  May you be blessed richly!

Shannon Bruce, CPCC, Inner Wisdom Coaching Services

And, a new blog post by Seattle PI Reader Blogger Trisha Nerney makes me beam with pride.

To make a good week even better,  I got word earlier in the week that a proposal I submitted earned a new, perfect client to add to my full service public relations practice.  And, this engagement could not be better suited to my skills and passions.

I had a boss once (thank you Mike Sick, wherever you are) who said to celebrate the good days when they happen.   Today has been a very good day for lots of reasons.  I am grateful.

Enough reality TV for me.  I’ve got plenty of great work to do, and I can’t wait!

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Moms Everywhere Can Be Mom of the Year with This Free Video

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I received a video clip this morning that celebrates me as Mom of the Year.   It made me laugh out loud.  The better news is that you can customize this video for your mom, your sister, or your best friend.  Check it out!

This video has the potential to spread faster than a Susan Boyle singing performance or perhaps the flu at elementary schools across the nation.  It will bring smiles all around.  Of this, I have no doubt.

Heck, we all want to be seen, heard, and celebrated in our own backyards … and beyond.   And this is sure a fun and free way to deliver that gift to the moms in your life with the power of what appears to be national media coverage.

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Seattle Chocolate Company a ‘Top Sweet’ Winner in March Issue of Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

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It’s definitely good news when one of Seattle’s most beloved and well-read lifestyle magazines celebrates the top sweets worthy of their affection on the cover.  The even better news is that Seattle Chocolate Company earned first runner up honors in the milk chocolate and chocolatier’s choice competition for its Meltaway Mint and Perfect Peanut Butter Truffle Bars, respectively.  Here is a link to the press room to make it easy for you to read the rankings and all the other great press for Seattle Chocolate Company.

If ever you wondered “What Happiness Tastes Like™,” the timing couldn’t be better to put these delicious and beautifully packaged delights in your shopping basket so you can taste and experience what all the fuss is about. Even during these challenging economic times, premium quality chocolate is an affordable luxury that lifts the mood at a price that makes good sense.  Who among us doesn’t need a some of that?

DIY Publicity Tip – When a local magazine calls to ask for samples of your delicious and beautifully packaged items for their taste test, be sure to ask for the submission deadline and deliver your goods in perfect condition to their judges well in advance of the deadline.   When you win, your product could be sitting very pretty indeed for everyone in your own backyard and beyond to see. What awards and recogntion have you or your products or services won lately?  And how have you leveraged your wins to earn even greater favor among your perfect clients?  Let me hear from you so others can follow your example.

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