How to Upgrade Your LinkedIn Profile with Debra C. Mathias and Nancy Juetten

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How to make your VIRTUAL speaking gigs pay off with Nancy Juetten

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Watch this video to learn how to make your VIRTUAL speaking gigs pay off with Get Known Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten.

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This ‘Looking Back’ Exercise May Help Ignite Your Finest Hour of Service Still to Come

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Today I found myself reflecting on all the business reinventions I’ve done over the years. They were all ignited because of a major event that caused me to pivot.

1993 — The e Coli crisis hit at Jack in the Box Restaurants, taking the lives of children and causing horrible health consequences for so many. I was the local marketing manager for the Seattle areas at the time. Needless to say, that event brought the restaurant chain to its knees. No amount of local restaurant marketing was going to solve that problem quickly. It was heart-breaking to leave as I had worked proudly for that company for ten years.

1997 — My only son was born. Right away, I knew that doing the daycare shuffle wasn’t my favorite dance. I sold myself as a copywriter to some top Seattle area companies so I could make money and also spend time with my son.

2001 — The Twin Towers went down. Time to kick things up a notch and find some way to navigate a new world. I started a boutique public relations agency and got to work with banks, chocolatiers, and celebrities to prepare and share their stories in the media.

2008 — The Great Recession happened, My public relations agency crashed right with it. I wrote Bye-Bye Boring Bio on a dare from a friend to help folks get hired as consultants quickly since so many had been shown the door. That book saved my bacon at the exact time I needed to bring it home. Time to learn to speak from the stage, learn how to do online marketing, and bring the world to my internet front door.

2018 — Life hit the fan for me in a bunch of ways. Home burglary, illness in the family, friends divorcing, and so much more. Hubby and I created the Life Goes On Roadmap system for personal financial information organization to support other families dealing with similar things. LIfe is what happens while we are making other plans. No doubt about that.

2020 — Corona Virus hits. The world turned on a dime again. We are sheltering in place, working from home, and questioning what the new normal will be and when it will emerge.

New Ways to Serve.

It’s time for all of that and so much more.

‘Looking back’ is a good exercise to remind me that I’ve found ways to rise up from challenging times in the past.

I have found ways to reinvent so I can serve, grow, and add value as I make my way in the world.

If you haven’t done this ‘looking back’ exercise yet, that’s a good ‘work from home’ project to take on right about now. Look for recurring themes that remind you about your best work and how you can make a big impact in your own best way.

Your best next step may soon reveal itself.

That might be the breakthrough we all need to know about right now.

I’d love to hear about the new ideas that come up for you.

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[Celebrating 18 Years] Igniting Even More Courage for the Next Leg in My Entrepreneurial Journey and Inviting YOU to Ignite Yours!

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February 2, 2020 is my 18-year business anniversary. Such a magical date and what an incredible, ever-changing journey. This video about Igniting Courage feels fitting to share on this day.


The message is still so relevant today for me as I find ways to give Life Goes On Roadmap wings to fly and tend to other initiatives that bring me alive in my life and work.

I am aiming to live in the full color of Oz instead of the black and white world of dry, arid Kansas. How about you?

I Identify intention to create big Impact

G Create a game plan to make the dream real

N Name results in specific terrific detail

I Initiate inspired and imperfect actions

T Take tenacious steps to make it happen

E Express the message in action, word and deed

Wash, rinse and repeat at regular intervals, and want your result enough to fight for your result.

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Why did we wait so long to create a REAL website for our start up?

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[Click on the video to watch.]

I’ve been a Get Known Get Paid mentor for many years and have worked with many clients who are in start up mode.

What I’ve noticed is that clients have a bright idea for a new business and are super excited about creating an awesome website to serve as their internet front door.

The trouble with this is that sometimes, folks can spend months obsessing about their mission, message, purpose, products, programs/services and their bios — even before they welcome their first sale.

They spend lots of money scheduling branding photo shoots in exotic locations, hiring expensive web designers, and so on.

To me, it can be like putting the cart before the horse.

It’s one thing to have a beautiful website with all the bells and whistles.

It’s another to have a product, service or a program that has already welcomed sales so you can justify making the investment of time and money to create the site in the first place.

That’s why when it came time to give our newest start up wings to fly, we started FIRST by attracting sales, proving our concept, and further improving our product so we could feel even more confident around our mission, message, purpose, products, and services.

For Life Goes On Roadmap™, the last two years have been all about that.

Being a practical, fiscally responsible sort, I was inspired to create our new website for Life Goes On Roadmap™ myself, using the free and fabulous templates provided by Constant Contact.

In a few hours on a Friday morning, I was able to re-purpose images, content, sales pages, and more to create a brand new internet front door.

Over the next few days, I did some tinkering to make improvements.

What did we do before launching the website?

  • We used LeadPages to bring in leads for my new business. This page in particular has been working really well for us as we’ve used Facebook advertising to drive traffic and leads. The page converts from click to lead at 34%!
  • We found ways to make the website I had do ‘double duty’ for my existing business and the new one we were starting.  For example, we created sales pages that could live on my existing platform as opposed to starting something brand new before my concept was proven.
  • We delivered training via Instant Teleseminar and BeLive.TV to serve our growing subscriber base.
  • We connected with potential clients and licensees of our system at major trade shows where we could look into the eyes of real people to gauge how well our solution solves real problems that need serious relief.
  • We kept talking to clients and prospects in person as much as possible so we could find out which messages resonate and which ones that don’t. (And we keep doing that.)

With all that learning under our belts, creating the new website was surprisingly fast and simple.

New visitors are already flowing our way — just in time for holiday gift giving!

Check out the new site for Life Goes On Roadmap™. 

I’m glad we waited to debut this site until our message, offers, and systems were set up and proven with happy clients who sing our praises.

Now, we can see about expanding the reach of our message so we have the opportunity to touch and transform more lives.

Onward we go as we grow!


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Ghosts, goblins and other frights — plus some TREATS!

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Ghosts, goblins and other frights are stirring for Halloween, and it’s all in good fun.

Sometimes, real life can be scary, too.

When three women I love were faced with sudden disease, divorce, and death in the same week, their financial lives were undone in an instant.

I was stunned, shocked, and scared that I could be next!
That inspired me to take action to get my own act together.

My husband Steve and I spent a rainy day huddled next to our computer as we took turns entering important information that would give either of us power, access and control over our financial lives, just in case something random or crazy should happen.

We found answers to these questions and so many more.

How can I access the investment accounts?
Where are the passports?
What are the passwords?
Let’s inventory the valuables!
You want to do what when it’s your time to go?

The best part was the conversations we started about what we want the rest of our lives to be about and what adventures we can’t wait to take.

We were so inspired that we created a system and a structure to support other families to do the same thing.

Since April of 2018, Life Goes On Roadmap™ has helped thousands of families organize their important financial information and documents so they have power, access and control, no matter what tomorrow brings We’ve helped start a lot of very timely and valuable conversations.

And we have some timely, good news that comes in perfect timing to inspire you to do the same thing!

Special Holiday Savings are in place now through New Year’s Day 2020 so you can give Life Goes On Roadmap™ to yourself and your loved ones and enjoy the $50 savings. Whether you buy gifts at the last minute or plan ahead, the digital or physical version of our system are ready to serve you and those you love.

Our Ready Set Retire Quiz is available anytime for free to calm any fears you may have about whether or not you can retire from your corporate job within the next five years.

We have a brand new website that shares our story, just in case you want to learn more about the mission we’re fighting for and how you can play a part in it.

Let us be the resource you count on for getting your act together, planning for your abundant retirement, and holding you accountable for taking the right steps to get the job done so real life can be more of a treat than a fright. – Life Goes On Roadmap gifts – retirement quiz – our new website

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Dana Hall Kennon has a Bucket List Wish … Can You Help a Classmate Out Kennedy Cougars of 1979?

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In about a week, 140 or so graduates of the 1979 class from John F. Kennedy High School in Granada Hills, Californa will gather for their 40th High School Reunion. I’ll be among them.

Right about now, guests may be trying to figure out what to wear that meets the ‘cocktail casual’ dress code or wondering how well the years have treated them by taking a careful look at their reflections in the mirror.

The memories of happy moments, team victories, important ‘firsts’ in life and so much more are spinning in our heads as we anticipate seeing people we may not have crossed paths with in decades.

Here’s what stopped me dead in my tracks and gave me a powerful wake up call.

One of my classmates is suffering from Stage 4 Breast Cancer that is now in her bones and metastasized to her lungs.

Dana Hall Kennon.

The chemo therapy treatments have her wishing her mom was by her side, feeding her good, old-fashioned chicken soup — the kind you get at a Jewish deli that comes with a matzoh ball.

I saw her post to Facebook that she is putting together a Bucket List of things she wants to do.

One of the things she wants is a weekend trip to Disneyland.

Here’s the thing.

With Stage 4 Cancer, Dana’s runway may be short.

Way back in 1979, one of the ways we got the word out to make a difference was by working together on the weekly school newspaper by the same name. The Word came out every Friday, sharing news, opinions, sports coverage, and feature stories about difference makers among us.

(That’s me — fourth from the left — kind of in the middle, wearing a cowl neck sweater.   Dana is in the front row, second from the right, dressed in white.)

Today, we have the benefit of social media, Facebook Live, and BeLive.TV to get the word out to invite action in perfect timing.

This brings me to a bright idea for the difference makers in our class who are poised to gather in a few short days.

>> What if every guest of the John F. Kennedy High School Class of 1979 reached into his or her pocket to share a “donate what you can” amount to make Dana Hall Kennon’s Weekend in Disneyland Bucket List Wish come true?

>> What if the dollars flowed generously via the ‘friends and family’ option to my PayPal account over the next few days so we can all take heart in coming together to make a Bucket List Dream come true for one of our own in perfect timing?

Reunions offer us all the opportunity to revisit years gone by, remember good times, reflect on lessons learned, and move forward with intention.

I keep coming back to this idea: “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

These last 40 years have been good to me.

I’m healthy, happy, and blessed with good work to do and friends and family to make the journey even better.

These last few years, however, so many people I know and care about have been faced with diagnosis, disaster, divorce or death.

It’s sobering to say the least.

What I know for sure, borrowing a phrase from Oprah, is that the time is now to put more life in our years.

Tomorrow is not promised.

Now is the time to make sure our legacies are alive TODAY by taking actions that make a difference for others in personal, practical and profound ways when timing really matters.

If we have an opportunity to grant a Bucket List Wish to a classmate with a dream and perhaps a shorter runway by which to achieve it, let’s embrace it.

Your Contributions Will Make a BIG Difference:

  • If you’re moved to reach into your wallet to make a contribution to make Dana Hall Kennon’s Bucket List Wish come true, send what you can via PayPal via the ‘friends and family’ option to I’ll use the donation to purchase a weekend pass for two to Disneyland for Dana and share any extra funds with her to use as she chooses.
  • You can also bring a check to the reunion and give it to me in person.
  • If you can’t attend and don’t have PayPal, here is my business mailing address to which you can mail your check:   Nancy Juetten, c/o Gateway Executive Centre, 109 E. Maple, Suite 109, Bellingham, WA 98225.

Won’t you join me?

Thank you!

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On Ice Cream Cones and a Day that Went Very Wrong …

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Here we are in the dog days of summer. Chances are you’re enjoying all kinds of adventures and maybe even tasty ice cream cones to beat the heat.

Sometimes I wish we sold ice cream cones instead of a tool to help families get ahead of life before life happens.

It would be so much easier.

And … here’s what I know for sure.

Ice cream is tasty, but the results of completing the Life Goes on Roadmap™ are far more lasting, personal, and profound.

We want you and your family to have the peace of mind that comes when you get your act together before an ordinary day turns into anything but.

The Today Show aired a compelling clip yesterday about an ordinary day that went horribly wrong for newscaster Sharon Epperson.

Please watch and let this message bring you back to the task of completing your Life Goes On Roadmap™ if you have not done so already.

Steve and I will be leading another live virtual Get It Done Day on Saturday, October 19.

If you’re the kind of person who needs extra expert hand holding and support to get the mission accomplished, please save the date.

We are forecasting rain for that day, which makes staying inside to complete your own roadmap during the 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Pacific window a very wise choice.

Join us!

P.S.  If you know of people who can benefit from Life Goes on Roadmap™, please forward this post their way today. A free gift to start the financial empowerment conversation can be found right here:


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What if you got the bitter surprise that you were written out of the will?

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What if you found out you were written out of the will after your last surviving parent died?

Can you imagine the betrayal, the hurt, and the surprise?

It could be enough to derail any sibling relationship or create rifts in the family that could last for generations to come.

This is just one of the stories Senior Care Home Owner and Life Transition Advisor Annette Pang shared during this interview.

Click on the image or this link to tune into this conversation.

When you do, you’ll:

  • Learn the bitter consequences that can unfold in families when important conversations about care go unspoken;
  • Hear real and riveting stories from the elder care trenches to get you thinking differently about the future you want for yourself and your loved ones; and
  • Discover a new way to start conversations across the generations before challenges become hardships to save drama, trauma and chaos and welcome peace, calm, and presence to deal with life united as a family.

If you haven’t yet started the process of getting your act together, here’s my advice.

Buy Life Goes on Roadmap™ right now. Then, commit to completing the three most important sections that would give you or your family the biggest run for the money in case something strange or random should happen to you.

At the very least, make sure your beneficiary designations are up to date so there are no surprises later.

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What if you don’t want grandma’s dining room table?

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A senior care center owner and I were talking the other day. Annette Pang has worked closely with adult children and their parents and extended families for years. I asked what kinds of conflicts come up, and I got an ear-full.

> Who gets to decide if mom gets a new recliner or a new bed?

> Who gets grandma’s dining room table?

> Who disposes of dad’s ashes?

> Did he want to be cremated in the first place?

> How will we divide the family trust?

> What did mom or dad really want at end of life?

> Extraordinary measures or palliative care?

She told me that these kinds of things have caused huge rifts in families that have taken hours or years of coaching and support after the fact to attempt to heal.

Having served as a life transition coach for families who are in the aftermath of the grief that is their reality when these things are not discussed, Annette is the first to say that this is not easy work for any of the parties involved.

When I asked what the alternative would be, she said to talk these things through ahead of time.

It would be far less expensive and save everyone costly emotional heartache.

Amen Annette.

Maybe talking through things like this isn’t on your priority list in this moment.

I get it.

And when I think about the consequences of not doing it, that shifts my perspective.

Making the choice to move a family member into a senior care home means that the family is going to have to pow-wow about whether mom or dad or grandma can afford it in the first place.

That means having a handle on the bills that need to be paid, the resources available to meet those obligations, and so much more.

Kids don’t look forward to talking to their parents about this kind of stuff.

Parents may be reluctant to share.

Still, these conversations need to start and important information needs to be compiled because life turns on a dime.

Everything is fine and dandy, until it’s not.

That’s just real life.

Life Goes on Roadmap™ is a playful, empowering toolkit that guides you and your family to get your acts together before life hits a bump in the road.

This is more about LIFE than death.

That’s a refreshing take to make starting these conversations even easier.

Here’s one thing I know to be true.

In the end, it’s never about grandma’s dining room table.

It’s about being seen, heard, and understood.

Make sure your wishes are known and you’ve created a roadmap to find everything your family needs, just in case they have to step in on your behalf or keep driving somehow without you.

If this message can serve someone in your life in perfect timing, please share it. Thank you.

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