Your biggest risk …

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  1. exposure to the chance of injury or loss; a hazard or dangerous chance: It’s not worth the risk.
  2. Insurance .
    1. the hazard or chance of loss.
    2. the degree of probability of such loss.
    3. the amount that the insurance company may lose.
    4. a person or thing with reference to the hazard involved in insuring him, her, or it.
    5. the type of loss, as life, fire, marine disaster, or earthquake, against which an insurance policy is drawn.

While attending a mix and mingle party last week, the guests gathered in small groups to answer deep questions and get beyond typical small talk.

There were little cards to review — each with a provocative question on each.  Our task was to answer the question.

My question was “What is the biggest risk you’ve taken?”

I thought about it and said that it’s been a big risk to walk away from the work upon which I have built my professional reputation since 2001 to focus on a new initiative that feels like it’s my most important work to do to date.

Folks said, “It hasn’t looked like a big risk to us. It has looked seamless and natural.”

That got me thinking.

My hubby Steve and I had quite a conversation about it.

He turned to a sports analogy.

Steve said that those divers who jump from the high tower to do all those flips, twists, and turns invest years and years of practice to make their dives look seamless and natural.  All that practice pays off in the clutch moments when gold medals are at stake.

When  Sully landed that plane with 155 passengers on board on the Hudson River, it was his 40+ years at a pilot he drew upon to make an epic decision in a dire situation to save every soul on that flight.

Since 2006, I’ve been creating information products, leading group courses, speaking live and virtually, list building, and copy writing in connection with my other business. It’s taken years to hone and practice those skills to create impact for clients and in my own balance sheet.

When I switched my focus to Life Goes on Roadmap™ this year, I applied what I had learned from all those prior years of study, practice, and action to the new initiative with extreme focus. What has been different this time is how many times I have said NO to other things that could have distracted me from my primary goal.

It’s been a huge risk to take nevertheless.

  • Walking away from being known in a certain way to blaze a whole new trail is a big deal.
  • Being resourceful to apply all the skills acquired over the years to start up and grow without taking on debt or betting the farm is a big deal.
  • Creating buzz and credibility for a new offering takes confidence, persistence, and moxie.
  • Creating something from nothing in collaboration with my husband less than a year ago to make an impact for clients and make money is a big deal, too.

If it looks seamless and natural, make no mistake.

There is a lot of paddling going on below the surface to make the dream work.

We are working it.

Every single day.

  • What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?
  • What have you learned?
  • What are you doing to work the dream and live the risk every day?

Comment below. Go ahead. Inspire me!








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[For Financial Advisors] Broken glass, four guns, drug stuff, and a pawn shop receipt …

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There we were, meeting and greeting NAPFA members at the Philadelphia Fall Conference, having a wonderful time … when we got a scary email from a neighbor from our hometown of Bellevue, Washington.

Our garage door was open, and there was broken glass near the front door.

While we were sharing how the Life Goes on Roadmap™ system for personal financial information organization could be a value add for fee-only financial advisors to serve their clients more deeply and bring more Good & Plenty for all, burglars broke windows and locks at our home and stole many valuables that they conveniently carted away with both of our cars.

Just imagine our shock and fear to receive the dreaded “We regret to inform you…” telephone calls from police officers and neighbors while we were 3000 miles from home, alerting us to our misfortune.

Here’s the thing.

Crazy, random, unthinkable things happen every day.

  • Sometimes they happen to you.
  • Sometimes they happen to your family members.
  • Sometimes they happen to your clients.

Situations like our home burglary and its dramatic and riveting aftermath — including finding four guns, drug needles, and a pawn shop ticket for thousands of dollars of stolen goods in one of our cars — strengthen our resolve that we must wave the flag so others get ahead of these kinds of things.

We want families everywhere to avoid some of the hardships that accompany dealing with an unexpected crisis or one of the three D’s — disease, disability or death.

Guiding clients to get ahead of “What If” and “God Forbid” moments before they become hardships is the underlying benefit of bringing Life Goes on Roadmap™ to a fee only financial planning practice.

Every compliance department who has reviewed it so far has approved it.

  • Visit this link to check out how affordable it can be to bring Life Goes on Roadmap™ to your clients to serve them in this value added way.
  • Discover how simple and easy it can be to engage your clients … just by bringing a Life Goes on Roadmap 3-ring binder to every get acquainted or client service appointment. The system truly sells itself!
  • Schedule a chat with me to get your questions answered and explore additional ways you can incorporate this system into your practice to serve your clients and be proud to do so.

Life really does turn on a dime. Getting ahead of these kinds of situations before they become hardships is a gift you can give to every one of your clients to guide them to get ahead of life before drama, trauma or chaos hit close to home.

Yours in service,

Nancy Juetten, Your Get It Done Accountability Guide

Steve Juetten, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional

P.S.  Special pricing is in place through November 18, 2018 for your lifetime license to brand Life Goes on Roadmap™ as your own.  Save $500 by making this wise investment by the deadline.  We’ll be standing by to customize your materials within a few days so you can share this system with your clients in 2019 and for the lifetime of your successful fee-only financial planning practice.

P.P.S. We’ve tested and proven this system to earn raves from hundreds of families and earned the endorsement of Garrett Planning Network Founder Sheryl Garrett, consumers, and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals around the world. Together we can wave the flag for a very practical kind of empowerment for the New Year that gives your clients an important win to celebrate that can bring peace of mind to all when it really counts.  Join us!

#CFP #NAPFA #LifeGoesonRoadmap #feeonlyfinancialplanner

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Need a sassy cover for your book? Check out this awesome resource!

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So you’ve worked for months (or longer) to create your next book to elevate your expert status and boost your authority factor.

Now it’s time to have the front cover designed.

My husband Steve and his team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals just wrote a book called Smart Money Moves: Get On Track and Stay on Track Early in Your Career with These Tips, Hacks, and Strategies.

He wanted an awesome front cover.

What did he do?

He used a service called 99  Designs, and within a few days, he had 175 designs to choose from created by graphic designers all around the world for $299.

Steve first created a brief to describe what he was looking for. Then designers from a global community responded with their awesome ideas. We were astounded by the speed, variety, and creativity. We were delighted by our choices.

We were able to create polls for our team to help narrow down the abundant choices to the favorite options.

Then, Steve was able to connect with the designers who made the final cut to make suggestions to refine them to be absolutely what he wanted.

Steve said the designers were incredibly responsive, courteous, and of service.

So within a few days from start to finish, Steve solved an important problem.   He wanted a rock star cover for his latest book project, and he got one.

Curious about the winner?

Here it is!

Now he’ll engage that designer to create the interior of the book so the interior matches the awesome cover.

Professional book cover & magazine design from 99Designs

By the way, Steve’s book will be available for purchase starting in late October. I’ll be sure to keep you updated about that.  This is definitely a great gift item for the young professionals on your holiday shopping list!

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Getting the YouTube Game On and a Resource to Help You Get It Done!

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Do you struggle taking on just one more initiative to get even more visible to your niche market?

Join the club!

When I find myself in that situation, do you know what I do?

I bring in the reinforcements!

I’ve known for a while that setting up a YouTube channel for Life Goes on Roadmap™ would be a good idea.

This week, I hired someone to help bring the channel alive and tend to the technical details that are absolutely not my jam.

Her name is Sue Ferriera of Wisdom to Wealth Mastery. Sue’s expertise is guiding women on the other side of 40 to push that red record button on their smartphones to bring their wisdom to the world.

Even if technology is not your thing, she can help make the tech piece so simple.

If you need more hand holding, she can provide it. That’s the option I chose.

Now, Life Goes on Roadmap has its very own YouTube channel where videos, webinars, video news releases, and EXPERT INTERVIEWS reside (and more are soon to come!)  The latest two interviews with me and Love Your Life to Death Author and Speaker Yvonne Heath are packed with insights and action steps.

I’d love for you to take a look at what we’ve cooked up there and click on the RED SUBSCRIBE button so you can be alerted when new videos post to guide you to get ahead of ‘God  Forbid’ and ‘What If” situations before they become hardships. I’d love to welcome 75 new subscribers so we can change the URL to a branded channel, and you can help me get to my goal and benefit from some great interviews and insights when you subscribe today!

Oh by the way, we’ve got a special promotion running through 10-13-18 on Life Goes on Roadmap so you can get ahead of God Forbid and What If situations before they become hardships.

You and your family are cordially invited to join us for the next Life Goes on Roadmap™ Virtual Road Trip if you have not signed up already.

We’re going to hold your feet to the fire to get your personal financial information and documents organized so everything you need is where you can find it quickly and easily when life serves up a bump in the road.

This is among the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and those you care the most about, and you’ll never regret getting this done.

Say YES and use this PROMO CODE to save $100, provided you take action by 10-13-18:

JPFP VIP 10-13-18p

when you visit

You’ll get the digital AND the physical version shipped direct to the doorstep, including the encrypted thumb drive that will come in handy to safely store your crucial information off of your computer.

Your modest fee for everything is just $97 plus shipping. That is peanuts compared to the lost wages, missed revenue opportunities, drama, trauma and chaos that can result when life happens and you or loved ones aren’t prepared. I can’t wait for you to join us and invite your friends, too!

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10 Certified Financial Planner Professionals Sign On as Life Goes on Roadmap™ Licensees

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Ten CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional financial advisors have signed on as Life Goes on Roadmap™ licensees. Life Goes on Roadmap is a system for personal financial information organization that empowers families to gain power, access and control over crucial documents, accounts, and household operations before disability, disease, or death stop them. Endorsed by Garrett Planning Network Founder Sheryl Garrett, the doors are welcome for new licensees to come on board to serve clients in this practical, yet profound way.

Ten CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional financial advisors have signed on as proud Life Goes on Roadmap™ licensees this month, opening the door for thousands of families to soon be served by this powerful, practical, and simple system for personal financial information organization that is useful for today’s digital age.

Life Goes on Roadmap is a step by step, secure way to save and store personal financial information that gives users power, access, and control when life serves up an unexpected situation such as disease, disability or death.

Unlike old fashioned paper systems, Life Goes on Roadmap is suitable for today’s digital age. It offers a safe and secure way to enter, save, update, and share the information with the right people who have a need to know, along with a guidebook to serve as their GPS to success.

Another factor that sets Life Goes on Roadmap apart is that it approaches the important task of getting organized as a game to win instead of something to put off.

Now there is a secure system that makes it easy to enter, save, update, and share the information with the right people who have a need to know. This can save families hours of drama, trauma and chaos when life serves up an unexpected event such as disability, disease, or death.

Life Goes on Roadmap is endorsed by Garrett Planning Network Founder Sheryl Garrett. She says, “Financial planners and advisors are licensing these resources and personalizing them for their clients’ use. What a wonderful, out of the ordinary, but extremely practical and affordable gift. I think it’ll be a holiday gift for my extended family this year. Wonderful resource!”

All of the licensees have earned the prestigious CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional designation. The newest licensees include:

Skip Fleming – Colorado

Leisa Brown Aiken – Chicago

Jean Keener – Texas

Sheri Conklin – California

Clare Fazackerley – Ohio

Albert Teplin – Maryland

Pat Green – Florida

Kristin Rogers – Minnesota

Tresa Leftenant – Washington

Jack DiNardo – Canada

Created by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional Steve Juetten and his wife Nancy Juetten, Life Goes on Roadmap is a proven, practical, engaging system for personal financial information organization that financial advisors can brand as their own to serve their clients more deeply, fill a gap that may exist within their own service offerings, set themselves apart as Life Goes on Roadmap™ preferred providers, attract referrals, and also make more money through inspired service.

The need to create this product came to light in late 2017 when Nancy asked her husband Steve to get her up to speed about all their passwords, account information, and other crucial documents and information so she would be empowered to drive life forward if something should happen to him.

When they completed that assignment on a rainy day in Bellevue, WA, they realized that families everywhere could benefit from the same system. They decided to first reach out to financial advisors in efforts to potentially serve the greatest number of families in the least amount of time.

Nancy explains, “Financial advisors guide their clients to save for retirement, manage their investments, mitigate their risks, and support them in making wise choices for the future. However, many stop short when it comes to making sure their clients have power, access, and control over their most crucial financial information and documents for those moments when life takes a turn. Life Goes on Roadmap™ bridges that gap to serve clients more completely. We’ve also gamified the process so this can be an epic journey of discovery instead of an administrative task that gets put off for way too long and often to their detriment.”

Many a financial advisor has been challenged when clients share that their partner is ill and has a short runway to prepare for what’s coming next.

Friends and family members whose lives are touched by the urgent situations like these may be triggered to get their own acts together before life happens to them.

The Life Goes on Roadmap™ system for personal financial information organization meets this need in an engaging way that ignites powerful conversations as couples course correct to make sure all the parties are on equal footing when it comes to having power, access, and control over their most important accounts.

More details about how to use Life Goes on Roadmap™ in a financial planning practice are posted to Those interested in licensing can get in touch with Nancy Juetten at to learn more.

About Life Goes on Roadmap™

Created by CFP Steve Juetten and his wife Nancy Juetten, Life Goes on Roadmap is a proven, practical, engaging system for personal financial information organization that financial advisors can brand as their own to serve their clients more deeply, fill a gap that may exist within their own service offerings, set themselves apart as Life Goes on Roadmap™ preferred providers, attract referrals, and also make more money through inspired service. Life Goes on Roadmap can also be purchased on an a la carte basis to serve as a gift for a loved one. Nancy Juetten says, “Life Goes on Roadmap™ is a great gift that shifts conversations from drama, trauma, and chaos to calm, ease, and peace of mind for those moments in life when the moments matter most of all.”


Nancy Juetten






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Are you loving your life to death? This interview provides a wake up call!

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This interview about Loving Your Life to Death with Yvonne Heath may provide a timely wake up call. We talk about how to JUST SHOW UP for ourselves and each other so we are empowered and resilient when it counts. Feel free to share it with others.









# LoveYourLifeToDeath

# IJustShowedUpMovement


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Making the Most of Your Guest Interviews to Raise Your Voice and Make Big Impact

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Let’s say you interview a guest by video?

>> WHAT DO YOU DO to make the most of that conversation in service to your tribe?

I gave that some thought this morning, and I thought I would share what I do and ALSO invite you to chime in your suggestions. There are experts here who have bright ideas in this regard, and the rising tide always lifts all the boats.

>> Please comment below and add your very valuable two cents!

Here are some of the steps I consider.

1) I want to make sure my tribe knows the interview is even happening so they can make plans to enjoy it right on time and live!

2) I’ll find a way to use my personal Facebook page to give friends a ‘heads up’ about the interview and share a link so they can save the date and join us. I may even create a Facebook EVENT and invite my friends to join in.

3) I’ll schedule my Facebook LIVE Broadcast using Be Live Dot TV to occur on the right Facebook page for a specific date and time. I typically do my guest interviews from my Facebook business page.

>> Visit www.BeLive.TV to sign up for an account. It’s super affordable and easy to use. There is a free trial you can take for a spin. Try it. You’ll like it.

4) I’ll ask my guest to provide her short bio, the topic we’ll be talking about, interview questions, and the call to action AHEAD OF TIME so I can get familiar with the flow of the content and do any homework if necessary. Knowing what we’ll be talking about ahead of time helps me communicate WHY my tribe would want to tune in and actually make it a priority.

5) I’ll use my ezine or a solo email to give my tribe a heads up to save the time and date and get them excited about tuning in.

6) I’ll set intentions to serve my tribe and my guest with the best mindset possible so value is delivered as we share great rapport during the interview.

7) After the interview, I circle back to reply to comments are questions so folks know that they’ve been heard. I re-purpose the content in as many ways as make sense. For example, I can share a ‘screen shot’ from the interview and the interview replay link in an email to my tribe. I can SHARE the interview in my Facebook Groups I lead if the content is relevant to the members. I can share the interview on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, using relevant hashtags to make it easy for folks to find the interview in the first place.

8) If I want lots of people to see the interview because it is JUST THAT GOOD, I may consider using Facebook Ads to bring more viewers to enjoy the content and benefit from the call to action.

Please, chime in your ideas and let’s see if we can all learn something new!

I’ll be interviewing Yvonne Heath from my Life Goes on Roadmap Facebook Business Page on September 26, 2018 at 9 a.m. Pacific.

She is the author of Love Your Live to Death and the creator of the ‘I Just Showed Up’ Movement.

She’s on a mission to empower compassionate communities and professionals to live life to the fullest, learn to grieve and support others, and to have “The Talk” about end of life … long before it arrives.

I’ve read her book twice and found myself moved to good tears. If this topic resonates with you, I know you’ll love her perspective, her suggestions, and her amazing spirit. I know I do!

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Two Chance Meetings with Breast Cancer Survivors are Proof Positive that from our Deepest Wounds Come Our Greatest Gifts to Share

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Jeffrey Van Dyk was once quoted to say, “From our of our deepest wounds in life come our greatest gifts to share.”

When I heard it first,  I knew that powerful truth was spoken.

Since then, I have seen this truth come alive many times through the powerful contributions I see others make in their lives and work.

Beverly Vote

For example, recently I talked with a woman named Beverly Vote who was diagnosed with breast cancer decades ago.  When she beat the disease, she went on to create a magazine for breast cancer survivors and an annual cruise for them, as well.

I met Beverly the first time a couple of years ago, just days after my own doctor told me that I would need a biopsy for an abnormal mammogram.

All I could think about at the time was what my life would be like if my diagnosis was cancer.

She and a group of inspiring women from her breast cancer survivor community had so many encouraging words for me that came at just the perfect moment.

I have never forgotten that late night in the bar in Carlsbad, California.

Suffice it to say, I returned from the event in San Diego to my home in Bellevue, WA to have that biopsy and worry and wait for my results.

Fortunately, no cancer was found, and I dodged a bullet that time.

Not everyone is so lucky.

Who among us has a sister, niece, mother, aunt, co-worker, neighbor, or friend whose life has NOT been touched by breast cancer?

The truth is that we are just one mammogram away from that scary news.

Beverly told me that when she was diagnosed, she felt a deep desire to get control over SOMETHING since her life at that time was overtaken with medical treatments related to her diagnosis.

She decided to get her affairs in order, and that felt very empowering to her.

Beverly Vote has created many gifts for those surviving breast cancer.

It all stemmed from her own personal experience with breast cancer.

No doubt, she has more still to give to make her best impact in the world.

I can’t wait to see what shape that takes.

Another woman I met years ago turned her breast cancer experience into a non profit organization called Northwest Hope and Healing Foundation.

Northwest Hope & Healing provides immediate financial assistance to women undergoing breast or gynecologic cancer treatment at Swedish Cancer Institute who are struggling to meet their basic needs.

Studies show that cancer can be financially devastating to women and their families. Financial grants pay for necessities such as food, utilities, and childcare so that women can focus on healing.

I met the founder in a memorable way.

Christine and I were both undressing in the locker room at the Bellevue Place Club.  It must have been 20 years ago now.

Her sons were playing “Cowboys and Indians” in the locker room, and her breast prosthetic was the toy they were playing tag with! I heard her calling their names trying to calm the chaos.

Recognizing that something was amiss, I came to her aid.

I caught one of the boys red handed with the breast prosthetic in hand.  Gently, I asked him to give it to me so I could return it to his mom.

Relieved and maybe a little bit embarrassed, Christine Smith and I started a conversation while in varying stages of undress.

She was in her 30’s.  Being diagnosed with breast cancer at such an early age came as a complete surprise.  So heartened was she by the kindness of friends and family who helped her manage childcare and other essentials during her treatment, she created a non profit organization that does that for those who are diagnosed today.

Our of her greatest wound came her greatest gift to share.

I was so inspired.

After that chance meeting, I started sending Northwest Hope and Healing Baskets to friends and family when their lives were touched by breast cancer. It just felt like a lovely thing to do to show that I cared about them.

When people are suffering, you can’t take the suffering away.  You can be present. You can be thoughtful.  You can find a way to demonstrate that you care. Life sometimes takes a turn.

As Yvonne Heath of Love Your Life  To Death often says, you can just show up.

That is a beautiful thing in those moments when words fail and care is what is most needed.

All is well one day and not so well the next.

That’s why I continue to advocate for getting ahead of life before life happens.

Yvonne has often said , “Grief is enough without having to crack codes and figure out how to live on your own.”

This free gift report is one to share with those who find themselves inspired to get their acts together and course correct for a smoother journey, regardless of their circumstances. It may start conversations around power and access over important documents and personal financial information that need to happen right now to bring some much needed control before life hits the fan.

It so smart to start now, before disease, disability or death get in the way.  And so empowering, too.

#LifeGoesonRoadmap #NWHopeandHealing #LoveYourLifetoDeath #BeverlyVote #ChristineSmith

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A gentle way to lend support to a family dealing with Alzheimer’s disease

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1 in 10 Americans over the age of 65 has Alzheimer’s disease.

Every 66 seconds, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s.

1 in 3 seniors dies with some form of dementia.

These are alarming statistics with serious consequences for family members and caregivers.

As mental capacity diminishes, the day to day management of daily life becomes a serious challenge.

Practical considerations such as how to gain access to investment and bank accounts, remembering passwords and security questions, and having access to important contacts for support take center stage.

If someone in your family or circle of close friends is diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s, it’s crucial to start conversations to capture this information before the disease stops access in its tracks.

What is a gentle way to start the conversation, while lending a hand at the same time?

One suggestion is to share a gift report that can ignite a conversation about getting personal finances organized before life gets more challenging than it is right now.

Visit to download a special report and checklist called The 5 Blind Spots that Stop Financial Empowerment and How to Course Correct for a Smoother Journey.

Sometimes, the practical steps we can take to gain control are hiding in plain sight. This report can ignite important conversations within families and inspire actions that can bring about clarity at a time when it is deeply needed.

Please share this out if it can help those you love.


#alzheimersdisease #dementia #lifegoesonroadmap #caregiving #retirement

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Estate Planning Basics Inspired by the Music of Aretha Franklin

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When Aretha Franklin — the Queen of Soul — died without a will, she joined a long line of entertainers who also died without leaving a clear path to divide their worldly goods.

Other entertainers who passed away without a will include Prince, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Sonny Bono and Kurt Cobain.

Perhaps the most notorious case of an entertainer who died without a will is James Brown. It’s been 11 years since he died and not a penny of his estate has been distributed yet. There is no end in sight to the chaos of his estate.

With Aretha’s passing in mind, here are smart tips for estate planning to ponder that are inspired by among her top song titles and performances.

  • A recent study shows that over 60% of American adults don’t have a will. Show a little ‘RESPECT’ to your heirs and get organized now. Think of your estate documents like ‘A Bridge Over Troubled Water’ to help those who survive you to get through the tough times and move on.
  • Recognize that ‘A Change Is Gonna Come.’ Even though we don’t like to think about the end of life, it’s going to happen. Rather than just ‘Day Dreaming’ about creating estate documents for your heirs, get started by finding a good estate attorney. Ask friends for referrals or look at the State Bar Association website for a list of estate planning attorneys. Consider engaging a tax adviser for complicated estates.
  • Take inventory of your assets. Then ‘Think’ about what you want to have happen with assets accumulated over time. Sit down with an estate attorney to make sure wishes are put down on paper in a legally binding way.
  • Once you are gone, you want your wishes to be ‘Rock Steady.’ It’s too easy for your assets to be mishandled by a ‘Chain of Fools.’
  • Everyone needs four estate planning documents: a will, durable power of attorney, medical power of attorney and medical directive. These documents are your ‘Freeway of Love.’
  • As you think about who you want to inherit your property, be ‘Willing to Forgive.’  Many times clients regret the passing of a relative. Be forgiving of family issues before it’s too late.
  • Finally wills and estate documents are not just for the rich. They are for ‘Everyday People’ including young adults — especially if there are children involved.

Once you’ve committed to creating an estate plan, it ‘Won’t Be Long’ before you have it all together for your heirs.  That’s a more complete option than just ‘Saying a Little Prayer for You’ and hoping for the best.

Keep in mind that estate plans may need to be adjusted over time as circumstances change.

As Aretha sang, these are ‘Ever Changing Times’ and your estate documents need to keep up.

Steve Juetten is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional and the Co-Founder of Life Goes on Roadmap™.   

This is  system for personal financial information organization that gives couples power, access, and control over their most important financial documents and accounts so either party can drive life forward, no matter what life serves up next.  Learn more at this link.

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