An Up-Close-and-Personal Opportunity to Learn What I Do Well and the Alternative — A No Holds Barred Opportunity to Hear Me Speak My Truth

2:17 pm Business Success, Event Promotion

Alison Marks of 6 Figure Home Office interviews entrepreneurs about how they run their successful businesses, and she has a knack for getting at the tender underbelly about what folks do well and not so well.   This is the kind of truth-telling that I find very refreshing.  It’s part of my own “authentic visibility” brand to show up and speak my own truth.   She is interviewing me at noon on November 15 to pull those kinds of nuggets from me.  I’d love to have you listen in.  Here is the link to opt-in so you can get the call-in details.

I’ll be giving way the gift of Bye-Bye Boring Bio PLUS! to those who post comments to this blog about the 11-15-11 interview, so please listen in and post a comment.  You must post your comment by Friday, November 18 at midnight to qualify for the drawing.  I’ll choose the winner randomly from those who post.  Good luck!

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7 Responses

  1. Cheryl Sylvester Says:

    Great interview — lots of solid, practical ideas. Appreciate your daily priority system thoughts and transparency. And thanks for your thoughtful answer to my question about different audiences and how to profile my services across diverse audiences!

  2. Frances Says:

    Love your enthusiasm! Look forward to using “daily priority planner” sheet idea-simple but profound!

  3. Miryam Gordon Says:

    I liked your stories the best, and how you told why you use those specific eight steps due to having experienced less than satisfactory results in those specific areas.

  4. Jamie Says:

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing your “secrets” to success with us. Your enthusiasm, passion and experience shine through brilliantly!

  5. NancyJ Says:

    Thank you Cheryl, Frances, Miryam, and Jamie for your lovely comments. So glad you enjoyed today’s interview with Alison Marks.

    I hope you are inspired to do at least one new thing to get closer to the success you seek.

    I’ll be drawing the winner on Monday, 11-21-11, so stay tuned.

    And if you are game to listen to another call with me, chime in to the Monetize Your Message call I am doing at 10 a.m. that day. Details are noted at This call is going to be even more revealing than the one today.

    Authentic visibility, here I come. Come on along. The water’s fine.

  6. Alison Marks Says:

    Nancy! Thank you for bringing yourself so fully to share so many goodies with my folks. A few of my favorite things you said: your 8 easy affirmations, “If you don’t do anything, nothing happens. Bold actions create bold success,” and “Move the big rocks first.” All great wisdom!

  7. Linda Says:

    Loved your comments about how being prepared and ready to be of service can put you at the top of the list for your JV partners and others. Just makes common sense. Thank you for reminding me that going the extra mile does pay off.

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