All That Good Press for Hot Tubs Compelled Me to Buy My Own “Think Tank”

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Juetten Hot Tub DeliveryFor the last two years, I’ve told a lot of stories to the media about the value of hot tubs to support the buzz building interests of my client Olympic Hot Tub Company. During that time, lots of major media have told pretty compelling stories.

Oprah did a story about happiness earlier this year, and the winner of the happiness survey attributed her life satisfaction to the fact that she and her husband take time every morning to soak together and talk in their hot tub before the hustle and bustle of each day begins.

The Wall Street Journal did a story about how dual career couples in demanding professions struggle with “the dead zone” which is that empty space between partners when they return home from tough days and have absolutely nothing to say to each other. A reader wrote in and suggested folks buy hot tubs to solve that problem.

Just a week or so ago, the New York Times did a story about “push presents.” These are fabulous gifts husbands buy their wives for giving birth to their children. One father of three reported that he purchased a hot tub for his family after the birth of baby number three because he knew they would be house bound for a few years, and they might as well enjoy their home and garden as much as possible.

And, finally, Bob Greene, Oprah’s fitness trainer, says that people everywhere should reward their weight loss and fitness efforts with experiences rather than food. All the more reason to consider a hot tub because the results of your efforts — one way or the other — are immediately apparent as you are soaking while wearing very little.

Olympic Hot Tub Company Co-Owner Alice Cunningham has been telling me for years that some clients consider their hot tubs their “think tanks” because it is while soaking that they get their best ideas to earn twice the money with half the effort.

Since more success with greater ease in every aspect of my life is a big area of focus for me for the New Year, all these stories really resonate. As a result, the good folks at Olympic Hot Tub Company delivered my “think tank” on December 13.

OHT Makes a House CallThe electrician hooked it up on December 15. And, my husband Steve and I took our first soak on Saturday morning while listening to the soothing holiday music of Chris Botti in our SpAudio system. We had a fabulous conversation. It was wonderful to feel the crisp Seattle morning air and the heat of the swirling water. And, we both got some great new ideas that just came to us effortlessly while soaking.

OHT Doing the Heavy LiftingAnd, it was a fun experience to have the hot tub delivered. The delivery team wore Santa hats and jolly smiles while doing all the heavy lifting. They even put a big red velvet bow on our new bundle of comfort and joy, while posing for photos. And, they explained how to operate the hot tub and keep it running fabulously . They really do make it easy to take it easy at Olympic Hot Tub Company.

So, if you are in the last dash of holiday shopping and are compelled to add one more fabulous gift to your list this year, why not consider a “think tank” for your family and business? Let me make it easy for you to learn more. Visit Olympic Hot Tub Company’s website today.

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